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If this were a just world, 13 facts would be etched on Castro’s tombstone and highlighted in every obituary, as bullet points — a fitting metaphor for someone who used firing squads to murder thousands of his own people.

●He turned Cuba into a colony of the Soviet Union and nearly caused a nuclear holocaust.

●He sponsored terrorism wherever he could and allied himself with many of the worst dictators on earth.

●He was responsible for so many thousands of executions and disappearances in Cuba that a precise number is hard to reckon.

●He brooked no dissent and built concentration camps and prisons at an unprecedented rate, filling them to capacity, incarcerating a higher percentage of his own people than most other modern dictators, including Stalin.

●He condoned and encouraged torture and extrajudicial killings.

●He forced nearly 20 percent of his people into exile, and prompted thousands to meet their deaths at sea, unseen and uncounted, while fleeing from him in crude vessels.

●He claimed all property for himself and his henchmen, strangled food production and impoverished the vast majority of his people.

●He outlawed private enterprise and labor unions, wiped out Cuba’s large middle class and turned Cubans into slaves of the state.

●He persecuted gay people and tried to eradicate religion.

●He censored all means of expression and communication.

●He established a fraudulent school system that provided indoctrination rather than education, and created a two-tier health-care system, with inferior medical care for the majority of Cubans and superior care for himself and his oligarchy, and then claimed that all his repressive measures were absolutely necessary to ensure the survival of these two ostensibly “free” social welfare projects.

●He turned Cuba into a labyrinth of ruins and established an apartheid society in which millions of foreign visitors enjoyed rights and muh privileges forbidden to his people.

●He never apologized for any of his crimes and never stood trial for them.

In sum, Fidel Castro was the spitting image of Big Brother in George Orwell’s novel “1984.” So, adiós, Big Brother, king of all Cuban nightmares. And may your successor, Little Brother, soon slide off the bloody throne bequeathed to him.

top kek

kek, this just means "I have no idea if Castro ever did anything really bad, but let's just assume he did"

Wish I could parse out which of these is true and which of these is propaganda.

The fact that at least half of the crimes on this list have been done my capitalists in the US.

The fact that you omit that context makes the list suspect


This is fucking infuriating considering pre-Castro Cuba was a segregationist country as far as it came to racial issues, so Castro was the one to abolish an apartheid-like system in his country. But oh great, now he's blamed for it

The Absolute Madman

Literally every US President, ever, this is just asinine.

The fact that other countries engaged in similar if not worse behavior does not absolve Castro of his sins, and does nothing to address it.

this is true, americans did much worse

No, but it doesn't make his worthy of nore either.

None of castros critics ever concern themselves with crimes caused by capitalism, which are far numerous.

True but without context you can't moralize your argumentments. If you care about human rights so much then you should be even more pissed about Iraq, which castro critics never are which makes their criticism very suspect

nothing about how he played an integral role in breaking apartheid's grip on Africa and was a great friend of Nelson Mandela, who we also so adore

True, but holding him up as someone to be admired falls flat if you look at him objectively.
Yes he did some good, (arguably even great) things.
But he did some downright evil shit too, and that should be included.

Iraq was a clusterfuck that should have never happened, and the horrors wrought there and in Afghanistan should never be forgotten.
And I will be there to mention them whenever Bush and Blair kick off and some partisan hack writes anout them in glowingly moronic terms.

And nothing about the Cuan medical missions which saved thousands of lives throughout the world, and nothing about the US-backed terrorism directed against revolutionary Cuba.

yawn. Western lies. I don't believe any of that crap.

these uncounted thousands huh

no precise numbers but many thousands huh

absolute trash libshit list, full of slander and half truths

Dear diary, today OP was not a faggot

When will pick up the book and read the golden rule?

There is a huge difference between a country who does these things all over the world just for fun/to consolidate power/enrich wealthy buddies, and a tiny state that is basically under constant external political and economical attack.

Not really.
The only difference is numbers.
People still suffered and died, the fact that relatively fewer of them were in Cuba as opposed to the rest of the world is simply a matter of scale.
I will decry the needless suffering of people wherever I see it, and I won't give the perpetrators a pass just because "someone else did more/worse".

get out.

Oh but my sweet user don't you see? they where following the golden rule. Counter revolutionaries and reactionaries wish to set up a dictatorship to impose there capitalist views upon the populace. And if the 26 of July movement would have failed, you could bet on all of its leaders (along with anybody they suspected of collaboration) would be tortured or killed. The execution of reactionaries in a revolutionary movement is not an infringement on the golden rule, it is simply the rule being enforced.

tbf in Cuba there are still many political prisoners are being held without trial in dehumanising conditions, being regularly tortured

all in guantanamo bay