What is Holla Forums's view on Muslims, be that terrorism, immigration, their penchant for rape, etc...

What is Holla Forums's view on Muslims, be that terrorism, immigration, their penchant for rape, etc? It seems to be less of an issue in America since it's mostly wealthier, secular Muslims that manage to emmigrate there, but in Britain and European countries they seem to be shitting the place up a lot. I know the general view on crime and poverty is viewed as a vicious cycle type thing here which I can agree with, I.E:
The given image is just an example but imagine I posted the usual Holla Forums paraphenalia of shariah law fluff and so forth.

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Sums up my views pretty damn well.

While I don't like the Ideology of Islam, being heirarchal and what not, I do support muslims who preach reform and the ones in Rojava that are fighting against Isis. I don't have any views on Muslims as a whole, as I believe judging people as individuals is a better way of dealing with problems rather than putting them in tribes and strawmanning them etc.

That being said, I am not in favour of mass immigration of Muslims, considering that there Muslims who have snuck in with refugees to spread Islamism and so on.

There is hope however. I'm talking to a few t*rkish communists and the general consensus amongst the Muslim is youth is that they are adopting more Liberal/ nominal beliefs regarding gays (not necessarily in support of it, but wouldn't throw them off roofs and would grant them rights, etc).

I believe that the best way to deal with the crisis is not mass immigration, so that they can be exploited and used for cheap labour, but foreign aid in helping economies recover and prosper and their people to recieve medical aid and the like.

Islam like all religions is deeply and an enemy of the left. Why shouldn't be out right hostile to them but it is quite clear that our vision of society is incompatible with thiers

Islamic terrorism is used by the bourgeoisie in order to destroy socialist governments around the world, this was especially pronounced in the cold war. Remember that in operation cyclone the United States with the help of Saudi Arabia and its allies put millions into funding the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan against the secular Soviet backed government there. The Saudis, the Ayatollahs, and the other rulers of Muslim countries are all compradors who exploit their own people, cooperate with imperialism to oppress the masses, and they use Islamic fundamentalism as a tool of control.

spooked, but just like any other cult nothing wrong as long as they don't impose hierarchies

Islamo-fascists will meet the same fate as other ascists tho

Sufism is pretty cool, besides that as a religion its fairly lame, but I am mostly indifferent to its adherents as people unless they actually support theocracy. Hezbollah and the Houthis are fairly competent and respectable military forces against imperialism/Whabbism in the region, but I would rather those groups were more secular and left wing.


honestly, what do the Rape Crisis Centres and kiddy fucker spots have to do with the locations they're in? aren't those just major urban areas? I feel like that'd be more of a commonplace in areas like that, regardless of immigration

Like Christians a thousand years ago when Muslims formed the secular, enlightened, progressive society that was colonizing and civilizing the savage European Christians, Islam is a loathsome regressive force of fundamentalist superstition, totalitarianism, and bellicosity.

Muslims are distinguished among most other religions overall or in most regions today for their broadly held harsh beliefs, and unique among any religion for still punishing atheism and religious conversion with death in many of their theocracies.

Though the majority of the blame falls on the downfall of their trade network and the slow rotting corruption of the Ottomans, substantial blame also goes both to radicalization of the Arabs during the oil boom by Christian colonial powers, and to NATO backing of radical fundamentalists to topple secular social-democratic Muslim regimes that were sympathetic to Warsaw Pact influence.

In spite of, like us, centuries-long periods of stultifying regression, many periods of intellectual and social exultation, both ancient and recent (literally no further back than the Cold War, even the "feud" between them and Jews goes back no further than WWII) exist.

This. What these maps highlight are simply the most urbanized areas. I'm not saying a backward culture (be it Muslims in London or Christians in Mississippi) can not contribute to social ills like violence towards women or homosexuals, just that the infographic doesn't prove anything in and of itself.



No one asked what you think.

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Go back from where you came from and don't forget to pick up your infographics on the way out, you dumb fuck.

What do you think on this matter?

What "matter" are you even talking about?

They are Shia bros and I wish them victory

You forgot the most important map tbh.
What about material conditions of these ppl?

this one


Most of the maps in this thread are per-capita, so that's not really very relevant, unless you're implying that cities should all be firebombed, those who dwell in them should be executed en masse/sent for years of reeducation in the countryside, and all their buildings plowed into the earth.

yeah but more densely populated urban areas have higher crime rates even when adjusted for density

the houthis are hilarious to me

these khat chewing goat herders just casually destroying the multi billion dollar, super well equipped saudi military


Islam is a cancer that needs to be annihilated by secularism and the enlightenment. Then it needs to be reborn as the kind of barely religious cafeteria version that christianity and judaism have become. Liberals need to openly recognize that this needs to happen, and christians and jews need to openly admit that this has happened to them.
Muslims are equal tho and deserve all the same rights and freedoms and protections as anybody else.

demonizing muslims in the uk play the same part today as a propaganda aginst the jews of east london (jack the ripper scare etc.) played 120 yrs ago.
eg. scare the shit out of the other working people so they will not revolt.
this is why crime is kind of tolerated and they meddle with sharia law too, this is also the reason why they parade scum like anjem choudary and islam4uk in the media.

as your material conditions improve you will naturally be less prone to extremism

you see this even with Iran. despite being an Islamic governed country, they populace still pretty secular because Iran is a stable and well developed country.

Non issue. I have more fear for let's say…Goldman Sachs than one million ISIS soldeirs dressed with bombs and armed with AK's.

Mass immigration europe is caused by capitalism and imperialism. It must be fixed.

The immortal dialectic of Marxism-Leninism-Kaczynskism will win

this thread is encouraging

sometimes Holla Forums veers so hard away from idpol that it gets borderline reactionary


I accept that Islam is largely antithetical to enlightenment values, and that Marxism is at its essence the continuation of the enlightenment, but I'm skeptical of this notion of ideas in themselves struggling for dominance and prevailing against each other in some kind of "market."
While the way christians and jews ignore or gloss over the complete, ground-up redefinition of their ideologies since the middle ages is insulting, I'm not sure their acknowledging it is actually necessary for solving the muslim question. The christians lacked any real template for this process, it was a largely organic evolution spurred by changing material conditions.

Muslims are criminals because they are godforsaken mudshits. The poorest and most uneducated whites become beggars who roam through trash, because to them eating trash is better than becoming a criminal.
The godforsaken mudshits on the other hand shit up everything no matter how rich and educated they are. They are a cancer that must be removed from white society.

Crackers are criminals because they are godforsaken cumskins. The poorest and most uneducated whites become beggars who roam through trash, because to them eating trash is better than becoming a left com.

The godforsaken cumskins on the other hand shit up everything no matter how rich and educated they are. They are a cancer that must be removed from global society.

Isn't that a given?

Radical Islam is an affront to the left and must be challenged wherever it rears its ugly head

however the immigration issue is exaggerated and the actual problem is the corrupt theocracies in the middle east, not random muslim immigrants looking for a job and a place to live.

As a britbong it feels like my government is scapegoating the issue to distract people away from the failures of our dominant ideology and increasing censorship of the internet.

It has even resulted in some working class people supporting things that go completely against their interests, such as wanting to privatise the NHS because "muh immigrunts shouldnt get free healthcare"

Brits are more than capable of fucking up every single part of their country by themselves.

Neither did anyone ask you.

Do you have no self-awareness at all?

Individual Muslims? No problem

However Wahhabism needs to be utterly smashed, and staunch secularism implemented, though they can practice in private of course. I'm not a fan of the way some of the left panders to them on things like the burka, segregation, halal etc.

Read orwell

Nothing wrong with people being religious so long as they aren't imposing it on others.

The radical left is doing more to fight radical islam than anyone else by fighting against ISIS in Kurdistan.

The imperialist west enabled the theocratic regimes in the middle east and elsewhere during the cold war as a bulwark against communism and have since started wars in Islamic countries that further drove people into the arms of the Islamic far right.

Nazi's talk tough about defending Europe from "islamisation" but never do anything more than beating up women and old men for being muslims.

this. cowards.>>1092487

this. also they worship russia and le based Putin despite it being 15% Muslim lol

Hitler once famously said that "[Islam] would have been much more compatible [with Nazism] than Christianity".

kek brits are so retarded lmao

Religion is an infantile delusion used to comfort people from the unpleasant reality they face. Doesn't mean all religious people are bad people.

yep, and lot of Muslim Bosniaks and Croats served in the SS

but these days Nazis are in love with the idea of a pan-European pagan nation

Explain to me why other immigrant groups with the same material conditions, who experienced the same amount of discrimination are way better at integrating that Muslim immigrant groups in Europe.

The only thing that is reactionary is supporting a patriarchal iron age death cult founded by an imperialist war lord.

Here's a picture of bosniak women covering jewish woman's yellow star with her burqa

We have 3 million in the US and the ones committing violent acts in the name of religion are either mentally ill or had bought into online propaganda. I live in a state with a lot of Somalis and most of them are very nice people.

Europe makes no attempts to integrate people because they either go conservacuck assimilation or do nothing, and right now the latter is popular. In the US you can be who you want as long as you follow the law and get used to our civil ethics, and there is no problem.

Funny how the country that blames Muslims for every foreign political issue is better to them than capitalist liberal paradise.

Theirs nothing wrong with religion. People will always have irrational beliefs and a desire for some kind of spiritual connection.
Without religion you end up with a bunch of paranoid tinfoil mongs with no morals at all and no idea of how to conduct themselves.
Take a long hard look at the west right now.
You might want your sisters liberated so they can get bukkaked every night because you sincerely believe that's good for them. Good luck to you.
I don't and I won't.

burkas are disturbing though.


Because the type of immigrant that went to North America and Europe differ enormously. It's pretty easy to celebrate 'multiculturalism' if you have one of the most selective and strictest immigration policies in the Western world but don't call it that way like Canada. Also, the number is quite small and there is not critically accumulated number of immigrants that caused the kind of ghettos you see there.

Lmao, it's the complete opposite. North America has a mainly assimilating approach. Just one example:
in countries like the Netherlands immigrant communities are allowed to found their own government funded faith schools that have the same status like public schools there. Completely impossible in the US.

If you look back at home immigrant communities in the US (like the Germans) the it was sometimes done with oppressive means.

they are, but pretty much no muslims wear them aside from a few crazy afghan women

Have you been living under a rock during the last 30 years? Due to Saudi influence they have become increasingly populare in more in more Muslim communities all around the world.

think you're talking about niqqabs bud

So are you gonna force people to be rational at all times and not have any spiritual beliefs? I've seen what most atheists are like and it's far from rational, let alone civil.

This isn't true.

k, for some reason different langauges use the different expressions for the different kinds of covering styles.


The hijab is ok, the others not so much

Because you don't need stupid liberal policies that alienate people to have a multicultural society. And Muslims in limited quantities are still Muslims. Conservatives still say there are far too many and that they will genocide the whites.

You really think it makes no difference if a child of Muslims parents is one out of 10 at a public school contrary to go to a school where most other students are the same in a ghetto or even a faith school where all other students are like this? Seriously?

Mind retyping this with more punctuation? And presumably less rage errors?

Sorry, English is not my native language.

Do you really think it makes no difference if a child of Muslims parents is one out of 10 at a public school, contrary to an all-Muslim school? Like faith schools and schools in ghettos.

My entire point is that I do. Reread.

What is wrong with that? Any proper leftist should be radically militant. Islam is an inherently political activist religion, especially Shia. This is one of the things where Islam surpasses other religions.

Biggist reactionaries around.

Will only fight if they can push Islam or to defend their country, the best bit about this is they are all poor as well 0 class awareness, Sikhs tend to be cool and I think a lot of them would fight in a revoulation.

t. Europoor in city with almost 40% Muslim population


Jihad is on a whole another level.

Because it's scary? Nationalistic Jews think non-Hebrews are literally subhumans to be trampled on and Christians fetishize suffering to the point where it's ideologically correct for them to inflict it. Same shit, different orifice.

No, because of its theological content. Of course you will find terrorists in every religion, even among Buddhists, that's not the point. In Islam fighting for social justice militantly (none of that "turn the other cheek" bullshit) is the core, you don't need some subgroup to modify/distort it, it's already there.

Even so, there is nothing inherently reactionary about this attitude, even if what it is applied to obviously is. Islam has clear rules of warfare that terrorists have never cared about because zealots are literally incapable of seeing their own actions as unjust. It is ultimately a matter of psychology.

The only thing bad about jihad is that it is in the name of religion.

islam is a dark age relligion.
however, contrary to Christianity, islam in its core rule is unchangeable.
its supposed to be valid in for every place and every time.
clerics can't do anything about it.

what you end up with is a bunch of people who still live by dark age rules.

sure, not all muslims are like that, but thats because they're not being truly muslim.

now lets talk about immigration.

like OP said the US has tighter immigration policies so they're not much affected by the trashy one (altho they should worry about homegrown trash, its important not to let that shit spread)

the EU however is verry different.
they've been accepted pretty much everyone for the past 40 year.

there are two type of muslim immigrants in the EU (exuding refugees)

the educated ones, people who have degrees, and immigrated because they're skilled workers

and you have the trash, basically the illegals and their fam.

people with no skills, who end up criminals because thats all they know.

there is also the homegrown case, its mostly in France.

back in the 60 ~ 80 porkies needed low wage workers with verry little to no skills at all.
they brought them from north Africa and parked them in towns to live among themselves.

some of them and their kids succeed, got their shit together and managed to fit in.
but most didn't, mostly because they're too dumb and have been living in a cultural bubble inside France all their lives, those immigrants town didn't help to blend in.
they feel as outsiders.

Bosnia ?

islam is like one of those head eater from half life.
it will suck your brain and turn you into a mindless drone.

they don't care about art, politics, science, etc…
everything they need to know is in their book, this life is meaningless.
they're here to be good muslim and die. thats it.

not user but it's Macedonia (39.3%)

islam is a form of fascism

I could say the same of pretty much every religious person that isn't reactionary tbh.

Don't get me wrong, Islam is spooky Bronze Age bullshit, but the idea that Christianity is so fundamentally different is a meme by Westerners that only follow their religion insofar as it is a mouthpiece for their arbitrary cultural values. Islam is literally Christianity 2.0, Muslims consider Jesus of Nazareth to be a prophet.

Hate it when I agree with trots.

Niqqabs are smexy, burqas are dumb.

No, it is not. Stop using "Fascism" so loosely, it dilutes the term's meaning.