Is there a more effective way of shutting down a protest than adding white people to the mix?

Is there a more effective way of shutting down a protest than adding white people to the mix?



racial nationalists go back to r/socialism

If thats how you want to put it.

Either way, what does this mean for standing rock?

Sound like the media trying to inject idpol to me. Those white people could be doing anything for all we know.

If they convince that natives that it's le evil white man's fault and not the oil companies, they might have a shot at dissolving the movement.

That literally ruin everything, fuck

He who pays the piper calls the tune.


It has very little to do with race but everything to do with ideology. The same thing happened at Occupy.

Sounds like a fake story.

I'd say that, even given historical tendencies of such movements, this one has greater potential to actual see outcomes. Major protest movements like Occupy fundamentally failed because, right from the start, there wasn't really a concrete goal that the demonstrations were trying to achieve: it was just a vague notion of "we're angry at the 1%." Standing Rock isn't just an abstract venting of frustrations born out of capitalist exploitation. Instead , it's a specific reaction to a specific event and calls for a specific action. That action is the cessation of the pipeline construction through the native lands and pushing to ensure that encroachments like this do not happen in the future.

The sad reality of the matter is that, as it goes for virtually all disadvantaged minority groups, they are incapable of entirely liberating themselves when working alone. Not because of any individual deficiency necessarily, but simply as a matter that only the mobilization of the masses at large can stand against the capitalist-state apparatus that exploits and oppresses them. In a sense, while many of the people that are showing up to the demonstrations right now are just DEEPLY ideologically indoctrinated liberals looking for a cheap thrill, those actual organizers of the demonstrations can't really afford to turn the influx of people away. They need those people, even if there's only a small chance that they will actually stand by the native people when shots are fired and the police brutality intensifies.


Progressive stack.

Whats that? The people who didnt give a shit about the pipeline when Obama was signing it off might be a bunch of part time tossers doing it for the likes on instagram now it's cool?!
well colour me surprised.

The natives should tie up the white people and use them as human shields between them and the police.

hi, liberals, you are not needed, thanx

It means non-violence and inaction need to be denounced loudly.

I was wondering how long it would take before the MSM started gaslighting the water protectors.


Black, white, yellow or brown, liberals like to treat protests and movements as some sort of personal spiritual journey of inner growth rather than whatever the movement is actually about.

Doesn't even matter because the Army Corps of Engineers are shutting down the camp on the 5th.

Psyops like this are what tore apart Occupy.