Hi guys

Hi guys
Is anyone noticing a reversal trend among the youth from the past 200 years?
It seems rich upper/upper middle class kids are far more left and working class kids are more right/skeptical of far leftism.
I dont know why this is, the porky kids are going against their best interests and so are the working class kids.
I know this from experience being a teacher and noticing the trends around the youth.

Don't know where you are, but Sanders consistently won working class families in my area and Trump won upper middle class families whose taxes were raised under Obama.

All the rich kids seem to lean more to the left whereas all the working class families are indifferent or more right leaning.
Vastly different to the history of demographics, almost a complete 180

Bit odd. I'm in Aus, and I have working class families who are somewhat left-wing/ right wing. Upper class people are Liberals (favourites of the centre-right party of Australia) though I live up north of Sydney

Where are you stationed m8?

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Not necessarily the parents, more the future generations - i.e current youth
The richer kids seem to lean more to the left then the working class kids.

Working class people are attracted by leftist economic issues and repulsed by leftist social issues.
The Bourgeoise are attracted by leftist social issues and repulsed by leftist economic issues.

Guess which one the Left has been catering to for the last three decades.

Nihilism is the status quo

It's not a break with historical trends

This could explain a bit,
I feel people in AUS vote alot more based on social issues then economic ones - our major two parties barely differ economically - both are keyniesean.

Sydney, so I'd dare say there's more diverse opinions.

To be fair, most of the left wing parties here are shit, and I'd dare say only labour is the good party

Let me guess, the one that fucks over the working class.

Your country is upside down. That's why.

This is a stupid myth, projected onto the working class.

I went to school with richer kids than me, they were mostly racist and reactionary, and generally the few exceptions were closer to my working class status. Loads of them expressed sympathy for the BNP.

Id of agreed with this until I saw it first hand.
Alot of edgy upper middle class social democrat type of kids then theyre are working class kids who get trades/become mechanics etc who dont care about politics or just want lower taxes etc

Its called neoliberalism.
Unions are broken down, class rhetoric is removed from the major party platforms not to mention that they replace it with idpol.
Meanwhile many who study arts are from better backgrounds financially.
With that being said, I know a lot of working class liberals.

"Social" "Issues" aren't social or issues.
They're Idpol and legislated morality derived from the same Idpol.
Idpol has long been a tool to divide the working class and disrupt class consciousness and that's what it's doing right now, both from the right and from the "left".

Now regarding actual politics it's mostly due to the representative left's failure to assist the working class as their living standards are lowered by economic forces they don't control and part of that failure is due to how capitalism operates outside of the nation-state at this point so politicians really are mostly powerless. Right-wing politicians benefit from the state's failures anyway so they have no reason to change their rhetoric or policy in any major way.

also this.

Dunno, can't say, I'm broke as fuck and all my jobs have been max labor, min wage, usually in the hot sun, and I'm a goddamn commie red and proud of it.

I realize that's anecdotal, but the statistic is built off anecdotal so I guess that counts as something.

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Because the richer you are the more connected to the establishment you are and the establishment these days is left wing. Even with the Trump victory the left wing still control all the media and own all the major companies. The rich have investments in many of these companies and are on good terms with the establishment therefore they mirror it's political view whether it be left or right.

I am working class and a politically active Trot, my local branch is made up entirely of working class people, electricians, warehouse workers, postmen, builders etc, and I work as a bartender. All working class people whose views on politics I was aware of were either left leaning or apolitical, with a handful of racists. The only conservative I've ever really gotten to know was very much upper middle class. These are backed up by the election stats, working class areas in my country pretty much without fail go to the left wing party. America is an exception to the rule in having a large portion of the working class be right wing.

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If this were true they would be co-ops, not porky AF capitalist enterprises

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ah, well exactly. they're reformists who don't care about socialism beyond getting free university

My experience is that the vast majority of people are either apolitical or "gunz n gayz" political illiterates that just blindly accept all the tenets of some major political party or movement based on some virtue associated with them without really thinking. Democrats are "tolerant", Republicans are "moral", Libertarians are "free" and it's somewhat rare to find a person who has a single legitimate thought beyond that.