Lumpenprole tears ITT (in this tweet)

Lumpenprole tears ITT (in this tweet)


one can only hope

They aren't, Trudeau is a neoliberal praising Cuba for free press.


In terms of policy Trudeau is basically Harper with a fresh coat of paint.

And everyone is fucking falling for it.

I hate Canada.

There's a difference between pandering to proletarian struggles and actually acting on them.

Fucking Canadians are classcucked as fuck. vancouver is the worst

Cuba has always been the softest socialism, a regime any leftist can praise, counterculture movements are currently part of the mainstream and that soft socialism was a big part of them.

In fact the amount of liberals expressing contempt and rejection towards Fidel is worrying. If this were the 90s there would be massive demonstrations in favour of him.

why do you think it's the case?

In what way are they communists? Is supporting policies that have resulted in the greatest expansion of corporate power and greatest disparity of wealth in history communist?

cuba is barely even socialist as it is, but that's besides the point

I don't want to be a part of this country for much longer tbh

Alberta is much worse desu

I hate to say "le idpol xDDDD" but honestly that ideology has implanted within liberals the most moralistic and christian mindset imaginable. So even if all Castro did was swat a fly sometime back in 1957 that was violence and therefore unjustifiable. Plus they will defend the centrist establishment if they can be convinced that its tackling race and gender issues but if Castro didn't fix every single race and gender related issue in Cuba as president then he's #notmycomrade and pretty much nothing but a big pile of poo.

Is Canada really that bad? It seems like a nice place to live considering how classcucked and batshit crazy burgerland is.

It's hell trying to find a girlfriend here. Everyone is so materialistic.

do you well and truly believe that the neoliberal establishment wishes to abolish capitalism?

He's Harper + SJWism, worse than the conservatives.

That would imply he has any principles beyond those he's told to regurgitate by the Liberal party bureaucracy. He's about as substantial as a mannequin in the window of the Bay.

This is the current year in Canada, where "leftism" means Obama-style neoliberalism with a and I hate this term - SJW face.

I know the term SJW is overblown and we're all really sick of it here, but we have to make an exception for Trudeau. Just look at his twitter, literally every single post is some form of idpol cheerleading.

It's not and we're not, but yeah.


our dollar is worth half to every other country, and .74 to burgers

same thing in toronto, big cities are cancer

It's analogous to Bush=Obama. It's happening elsewhere in the world as well.