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Many such cases. Anybody else experienced this?

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Yes. Told them to read Engels and they screech about how I need to condense it down into an easy to read meme.




I remember that.
I may have made that post.

lmao, christ

Well in all fairness if you are in the middle of an Internet argument you don't want to have to literally read a whole book before the argument can continue.

But what's the point arguing with these types?

They just screech and ignore

True, I'm just saying it's not unreasonable to ask somebody to summarize a long source instead of reading the whole thing.

i made the post to bait people

I swear to Christ between you and me half of the Nazi posters on here other than nogf Nazi must be falseflagging leftists trying to see how far they can take Poe's Law.

Yeah but doesn't everybody do that

You literally can't tell with Nazis and ancaps

kek I used to post as an extremely autistic nazi and fill up Holla Forums mod's report queues with bullshit reports too. it was a great way to ruin the board.

nowadays it's way easier to troll nazis and promote leftism by making commie threads on cuckpol. the mods can't delete it there, and the Holla Forumstards are incapable of ignoring bait.

Why can't you explain you cuckold. Do you not understand the ideas of Marx/Lenin well enough?

read mein kampf

Why would you read a translation (all translations are shit) of a book that's shit, born from a language that's shit


i don't have to explain it, i read it

read mein kampf

I didn't really like "feels > reals: The Book".

watch the video

I did
literally the most boring and trite garbage I ever read
It felt pointless and rambling

you don't understand hitler

Hilarious how some people actually agreed with a satire video and/or weren't sure who the video was making fun of.

are u sayin hitler is 2 deep 4 me…

it completely BTFO's feels faggots like hitler

reading hitler is like reading derrida

it looks like trite if you aren't intelligent or an analytical

Yeah. I've been accused of not understanding the sources I provide or cite. I guess because they don't read they just assume no one else does either.

This. It's like the libertarians on /new/ all over again