"All cops are criminals"

"All cops are criminals"


He's pretty much there

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I knew a cop who used to brag about how fun it was to beat the shit out of protestors and used to always show me videos and shit of the training they did (lots of ancient rome shit), he basically viewed himself as a modern day legionarre.

So yeah, Jimmy isn't wrong.


Kill All Cops

what the fuck is wrong with burger cops? The one's in canada aren't anywhere near as cancerous.

Most people in the US that want to be police offers only care about the implied power and respect. Many of them couldn't be public defenders even if they wanted to; quite a few people have been killed because of cops that lack the discipline to do their jobs.


Police departments specifically hire thugs with just enough intellect to swing a stick and follow orders. Combine that with a culture that lionizes anyone that puts on a uniform and the "hero cop" archetype from movies and wrap it all up in military surplus from the bloated American military industrial complex and you have modern American cops.

I remember said police officer having legit mental problems tho, and posting about them on her blog, but I can't really be assed to search it again.

Is the Jimmy awakening?

Should we try emailing him again? He responded before - maybe if we start off this time with asking for a chat some time about leftism instead of asking, then looking for people for a week, then wondering why he didnt respond when we were ready, we might have a better chance of getting the foot in the door.

If we could just get the basic ideas in his head - worker control, class conflict ect then he's set. He's already ready to accept them. Point him in the direction of Richard D. Wolff as well, he would like him a lot.

That is the simplest thing

Get Jimmy into the Wolff.

Let that spread to TYT.

Let it spread to all libs.



Same here om Norway. Sure, the asshole ratio among cops is way way way above the general population, but jesus christ, it seems most american cops are full blown psychopaths.

I think if you're a cop, you're either a thug or horribly naive enough to think that you can honor your role as a "public servant".

Probably has something to do with the level of poverty. A lot more poor and alienated people in the US than in Canada and Norway. And really, once the riots start, all cops are bastards.

They are just asserting themselves unchallenged, ya spook.

why are cops so hated among the left while soldiers get off lightly?

Poverty in Detroit is caused by niggers. A city of niggers would be shit no matter what economic system it has.

You have to go back.

I expect the cops to start cracking down on people a lot more since Toronto is being gentrified to hell and back right now.

Back where? I was born here.

in america criticising soldiers and the military is still a major taboo. the reaction is often so extreme than even leftists are hesitant to do it

You need Jesus

Because soldiers are as much victims as many others. They're literally being sent to die to uphold Porky's interests.

Besides, quite a few veterans are lefty.



People join the military for a number of different reasons. It's not uncommon for it to be the case that the individuals in question simply don't have a lot of other alternatives, and the military offers decent benefits long-term.

Sure, you have plenty of hypernationalist psychopaths who join the military, but statistically the military (at least in the US) isn't what it was back in the mid 20th century: conservatives and blatant reactionaries are not in the majority. Regardless of ideology or background, they're sent off to go fight and die for wars that they have no stake in. Soldiers are to be pitied more than anything.

Outer Heaven when?

Gotta love that progressive capitalism.


Contrary to popular politically active high school student belief, this is not true. The manufacturing industry died, so did Detroit.

It's very simple

When industry dries up it's always the fault of the other to the least intelligent among anyone with strong opinions politically. Who are often times not economically succecful themselves.

If they were being conscripted then fair enough. But pretty much all of them willingly join these days, knowing full what the army does, at least in imperialist countries like the US and UK.

I just don't understand why on earth I should sympathise with them more than cops. Both use violence to defend capitalism.

Jimmy "pull the trig on every pig" Door

A lot of soldiers join because they're poor and have no other options, whereas cops are just psychopaths. That's not to say the military isn't reactionary - it very much is. I don't buy into the "le respect your vets!!!" meme but the military has more potential for class consciousness than police.

You don't have to, soldiers are mostly scum. But they're are a lot of vets who are poor and alienated and join to give their lives "meaning" - mostly victims of porky propaganda.

The cops didn't use a concussion grenade to blow off her arm stop spreading lies

Jimmy is so fuckin based

Thank you for the unbiased source.

Journalist named Unicorn Riot found remnants of a stinger grenade at the protest. unicornriot.ninja/?p=11191

I'm well aware of the propane tanks that were removed from the car. If they were using propane tanks as explosives, there would be charring on here clothes or arms - which there wasn't. Cops used concussive grenades on Vets at Occupy Wall street - this is a key part of their protocol. The cops blatantly lied about the water cannon (but your "article" apparently doesn't address that), saying they were only using a mist to put out fire when video evidence blatantly shows them hosing people down in freezing cold water, and witnesses (including medics) said this went on for four hours. There are also plenty of videos of protestors putting out fires that are started - the fact that your source buys the cops story about the "arson fires" deprives it of credibility.

I do legitimately think leftypol has shills now, considering how fervent "certain posters" have been over the Dakota Access Protest. If not, you're just unbelievably moronic.

they're already privatizing our highways too now. Toronto is libertarian paradise tbh

Actually, Cuba is alright because the Cuban people are generally alright. Detroit is shit because Basketball Americans are generally shit.

shills for whom and what?


Jimmy has the best reaction faces

That's an oxymoron in Amerispeak TBH.

It's like everywhere has to be a depression before people realize Capitalism a shit.

what makes you think it isn't an influx of redditors, Holla Forumsyps, and halfchanners? We're getting more popular now, and anything remotely left wing on half/pol/ is now synonymous with us.

We're bound to see more reforms before anything lad

honestly it's probably both



They honestly think that anyone critical of the police force just hates cops, most police stations are under staffed, and they are conditioned to think we are in the middle if the worst cringe wave ever and everyone wants to kill them when in reality it's never been safer to be a cop

Soldiers are overwelhmingly drawn from the ranks of the poor. The army is full of ghetto and trailer park kids who enlist because there are no real options for them.

when does police genocide actually occur though?

lol it was niggers

Jimmy's getting pretty bold but I think he criticisms need to become a little bit more intellectual and evidence-based. He can't sustain this level of rage otherwise without people eventually stopping taking him seriously.

Guest appearance by Richard Wolff fucking when?