E-Celeb containment thread

Stop shitting up every thread talking about Mook or Ravel or whatever youtuber/twitterer/podcaster takes your fancy this week

Keep e-celeb discussion here

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why do they all look so beta?


i want to fucc schnitz

why live?

kek, I like this name


Ah, you mean tripnigger gulag

it's al the same to me comrade

There is only one tripnigger on this board!

there's that guy, and lares, and rebel, and more

Who else?

dunno cant bring em to mind

So had Muke stopped using Leninhat now?

Is he finally a full on trot?

Also, why is Rebel able to get away with tripfagging all over the place? Did people just give up on calling him out?

i convinced muke to stop flagfagging :^))

rebel only gets away with it cos he has good banter

we dont like it, we tolerate it

"Tripniggers" are often also the few people who effortpost, you faggots are jealous.

What the fuck is wrong with his eyes?



RARE muke he looks bretti cute in this

He looks like a genie coming out of a bottle.

Will he make your wish come true tho


What is that?


yes, hence the >5 minutespart

rubble obscurity

So will we ever get Muke nudes? Satan showed her titties, least Muke could do is share some shirtless.

he would never

Guess we'll have to make it a communal decision then


I heard he already did.
Why else did that thread get deleted, hm?

i-i dont know comrade


What thread?

What did he mean by this?

Who hasnt, tbh.

i'm 5'7", i have a small dick, and i am absolutely worthless

shocked and flattered to be talked about as a muh e-celeb tho

How big is it though?

I thought there already was one:

This thread was actually made first.

I have a small dick too, let's be friends
boxers or briefs?

Oh God.. That turtleneck lmao. Whoever that is, they need to not ever do it again. If he wants to get laid.

Prove it. :^)
You're adorable, Muke. If I weren't married I'd legit holler at ya.

Holy fuck, you ARE 5'7"


poor doggo :^(

When did Mook coin the term libertarian Leninism

I had thought it up even before I started by channel though I only started talking about it ~2 months ago