Hi, I'm the ex volunteer of /r9k/, HipToBeSquare...

Hi, I'm the ex volunteer of /r9k/, HipToBeSquare. I was wondering if anyone wanted to ask me some stuff after the shitshow that went down there some time ago.
This is QnA, ask me whatever you like, I'll answer to the best of my knowledge.

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What happened? What was the shots how?

*shit show

What's the weirdest thing you've masturbated to?

I heard there was a very Holla Forums heavy presence on the board for quite some time, but post-election, a lot of the Holla Forums rhetoric has been driven out. What are your comments on this?

What shitshow?

I go to r9k occasionally to lurk, but what happened? I don't keep up with volunteer stuff.

A lot happened. Let me make it short.

The main change was confining the 3 subjects that were spammed the most into 3 cyclical threads. There was a politics one, an LGBT one for all the gay and trans posters and a meta one because the complaint threads were getting out of hand. People complained that the politics thread was an infringement on their freedom of speech while at the same time seeing the LGBT thread as some kind of mod endorsement of "degeneracy", even though there were like 8 gay threads before that I got rid of. I got little constructive criticism, instead I was just accused of being, among other things: a freemanson, a hillary shill, a freech infiltrator, a jew and so on.
People actually bought that, which was even funnier.

Any part you want specifics on?

Are you, dare I ask it, our guy?

I have pretty vanilla tastes for the most part, does Monster Girl Quest count?
There is one really weird porn vid I know though. It's about a horse fucking a chicken. youtube.com/watch?v=zEZL4ult9n0&index=401&list=WL

Not sure what you mean by this. I was the one that attempted to drive them out and they shitposted my board to death for it.


Oh, I've been accused of being that many times. Let's say it this way, I certainly hate Holla Forums and disagree with them on almost any issue. I do browse Holla Forums, it's a pretty nice place sometimes. But I'm not a full blown communist, I'm still unsure of my political allegation and reading a bunch of philosophy on the topic, I can see your points but am unsure about your suggested solutions.

This is the /sudo/ thread that was made complaining about us. The screenshots you see are mostly me shitposting with my capcode on but they are being treated like evidence of how evil I supposedly was.
Check out those screencaps if you like, they kept underlining random passages and quote mining me. The whole claim of corruption was completely diffuse, I was rarely told what the actual problem was supposed to be.

I used to go to /r9k/ from time to time when I was depressed, it was a nice place.
When I visited a month ago it was pretty fucked, I even saw a Holla Forumsyp spamming something about jews and cultural marxism and saying /r9k/ was always a reactionary board.
Holla Forums really fucked any part of this site that wasn't killed by josh last year, even the gamergate threads were less shit this time last year at least they were talking about fucking videogames instead of just being Holla Forums with double the circlejerk

The part where they bought the conspiracy seems fun.
Holla Forums is going to use this thread as irrefutable proof you are a cultural marxist CTR jew-goon from Holla Forums and use it as a justification to spam /r9k/ until Holla Forums dies

I used to post a bit 4chan's /r9k/, I liked the comfy feels threads but there's too many Holla Forumsacks


What I and Pantsu (The board owner and global vol) did was play along with what people believed we were for a time. We planted evidence of a vast all encompassing freech conspiracy that we were just a tiny part of. We made outrageous claims that most of the top 25 and most of the alternative boards were compromised by freech and that it was all some long game to kill Holla Forums.
Of course our actions were entirely contrary to this, I talked about how freech was a bogeyman many times, but some people bought it and it all turned into the usual Holla Forums moderation conspiracy shit with codemonkey and Jim as super evil guys that were following some devious plan.

Being an Holla Forums mod is really annoying. You want to make your users happy and let them have good discussion but their own decisions ruin them. I've talked with codemokey before, he is a really nice guy. I was the one to recommend him his current policy of non engagement which has worked well. When you are a popular mod like Hotwheels or Pantsu, that popularity can quickly turn into hate. Codemonkey is running things from behind other people, doing his software work while not engaging with the userbase, which is is why he hasn't burnt out yet. I really appreciate his work in a thankless place like this.

Do you want some behind the scenes stuff on how our moderation powers work?

I wouldn't have done my job as long as I did if I didn't see some glimmer of value in /r9k/. Depressed people should have a place to vent and communicate, that is not the issue.
But /r9k/ has developed a strange culture of victimhood. People there tend to regard themselves as victims of these construct people, chad and stacy. You constantly hear about how all women are worthless and the like, I have a whole folder with "inforgraphics" I collected on that topic during the time I worked there. It's similar to the Holla Forums hatred of jews, the enemy group is behind everything and able to keep "us" down but they are also worthless and inferior to us in every regard.
Do you want some /r9k/ infograph wisdom?

Sounds interesting.

You like Huey Lewis and the news ?

That sounds horrifying but coming from /r9k/ should not be surprising


Okay, here are a few examples, I have many more

Chirpy isn't porn, nigga, Chirpy is art. You have my props if you j/o'd to it, though.


They mean paper route?

I sometimes get angry at women but mostly I just hate myself tbh

I really want to be sympathetic to men's issues but shit like this makes it impossible. Same with how critics of modern Muslim culture just want to restrict personal freedoms to feel safe.


Here is my entire collection, I think uploading all the images here would derail the thread but you can look through it and experience the autism yourself if you like: my.mixtape.moe/afwavj.7z

Do you honestly think that anyone that managed to cum to this shit would admit it?

I don't get it either. This stuff is pure madness.

Because half of your pics are "women are literally fucking evil" and the other half are debunking muh privilege bullshit that no one even really believes anymore.

You can also probably imagine why this board would have a problem with the "women are socialist" picture.

What happened, do you have autism and if so, has it helped you in your moderating career?

How? I'm just pointing out how men get a raw deal. Given the choice I'd rather be born a woman. Nothing to with good or evil.

It's not like there isn't anything to get angry at. Many women disgust me with their behaviour but they are mostly the slutty uneducated leech type. What's important is to not hate an entire group, based on some bad examples.

You can be sympathetic to mens issues without being part of the cancerous scene these pics originate from. Just do your part in calling out women behaving in ways that men would never be allowed to, just like you would criticize a racist in your vicinity.

I think that you can't solve existing issues by creating group antagonism, you are right in disliking the "all women are evil" narrative in these images.
I'm pretty sure that very few women actually want men to frequently kill themselves, if their behaviour is partly responsible then they might simply not be aware. Educating instead of antagonizing seems to be the solution here.

Good taste my friend.

I've never met any women that care about men's issues. They want the benefits of chivalry and feminism. Still expect to be rich, dominant, attractive, tall etc

Your images are certainly not as bad as mine. As long as you just want to improve male lives instead of being a woman hater, you are okay in my book.

I already posted about what happened here but you can ask me to elaborate on stuff if you like.
As for autism, I'm pretty neurotypical, extrovert even. Of course that didn't do much to increase my popularity.

Really? Really? Come now.

Then you end up with some equally fucked up inverse of "teach men not to rape". These are all purely the result of economic circumstance, i.e. white women being the recipients of the overwhelming majority of affirmative action.

so is Holla Forums dead or /r9k/?

Normie get out.

I'm not quite sure what the fuck happened though, I dont keep up at all with board drama of other boards.

How close in line would you consider your views to be with the stereotypicial red pill mra r9k views?

lmao fucking sissy. get back in the kitchen

That isn't what I said. I didn't make the graphs the OP posted

Addendum: I don't care about robot drama so I didn't know the pics were supposed to be fucked up. My bad.

I guess it depends on where you live. I've met a bunch that were sympathetic and even called out sexist feminism but they were all educated college types, not your run of the mill woman.

Have you played NG+. That mod might even be better than the base game, the fights are certainly more intense. Fuck fighting Sylph with no spirits, unlocking her secret H scene that way was hell. Would you believe that she is the strongest boss in the current build?
Have the shilling text.

Thanks for proving my point.

Shitty thread and attitudes like yours put me off the left. Can't fit in on the right either

there's trap boards you'll fit right in

see for a lot more fucked up pics

Pantsu nuked /r9k/ but it's already back under new leadership. We are just out of it now, better that way.

I'm not trying to be rude but please read the thread, I posted it there. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

Are traps gay?

I haven't played shit. I just watched monster musume and jack off. I should really get around to playing that but i currently live at home and my parents and sister are always home, so I dont have much time to play eroges or anything like that.

Would you recommend I play it?

Your political convictions really shouldn't be based on if people say nice words to you. Hell, being a hard left commie means going against the mainstream and getting hated 24/7 by everyone who isnt left, everyone who hates "brocialists" and even everyone on this board for not believing in their special snowflake version of socialism.

Not much of a specific question really. Just trying to make convo.

Does it matter?

Trap's aren't gay.

I don't want to be a trap

I don't care if people attack me for being a socialist. I believe it in for my own reasons. I won't accept personal attacks though and I'll happily crowbar anyone.

Monster Girl Quest is an interesting specimen. It's surprisingly good, the fighting system grows from super simple to surprisingly complex, the characters get good development and it has some sweet music.
The game works on a quantity over quality approach to porn, you encounter a ton of monster girls that go from sexy to disgusting. You only fuck most of them when you lose so get good at spamming Daystar or enjoy pic related.
Still, you should really play it. As for NG+, it's a kind of fan made sequel, you travel back in time and redo the game but there are more choices, other enemies and a different story.

The short version is that we tried to contain Holla Forums spam and that resulted in the entire board hating us. In the end, my boss simply did scorched earth and left.

Isnt being a socialist part of you. I would say that if I had to give myself an "identity" it would be socialist.

I don't really identify as one because I don't like most socialists and I don't give a shit for some portions of socialism.

I'll be taking a nap, if the thread is still there tomorrow I'll respond to any new inquiries.


Man, Holla Forumsyps truly have the touch of king Midas, but with the opposite effect; everything they touch turns into shit.

Every single boy I've ever met bar none. More time spent on the internet the worse it gets.

i think you'll make a great trap. a beautiful trap, one of the best traps anywhere in the world.
go for it.

women are far bigger slobs than men in private

Holy shit, another monster girl fan who leans left? Nice.

And your point is…? Where did I mention being a slob? Also unless your only bare witness to your mother, we actually have to groom. Some of you probably have ass hair that falls down to the height of your testicles.

"Uneducated leech type" is the same thing as a slob. Women are utterly disgusting, more prone to being messy and create hassle.

Nobody is forcing you to groom, that's just what you tell yourselves to feel better.

When was the last time your ass bare witness to any kind of shaving

When was the last time you took a shit

I'll wait poop bitch

Never. That has nothing to do with what we're discussing and I like body hair. Rest assured I'm hygienic as fuck though

So let me get this straight. You've never shaved your ass, washed your ass, and like most human beings shit a lot,

And you are calling me a slob

I just want to make sure I'm getting this right.

There is literally not a hygenic way to have an ass forest to begin with btw

Not him but I have both shaved & washed my ass and do the latter on a regular basis.

However when you shave your junk and the hair starts coming in again it's literally the worst feeling and so I can't fault anyone who doesn't do it, male or female, if they keep it in check.

tbf not everyone has a forest growing out of their ass.

I'm just saying :)


Honestly? Anyone who talks about women's subservience, and gets off to politically talking about pregnancy; they're a damning reminder of the Reagan administration's dismantling of American mental health care.

i've met a few that are very sympathetic to the cause and plenty that maybe never considered that point of view but show sympathy as soon as you are able to phrase objective issues without sperging out.

Do be fair, deinstituionalization was a long time coming and the institutional model of mental health care was altogether nightmarish, it just kind of sucks that advances in pharmacology (specifically in antipsychotics) that allowed for deinstituionalization happened to coincide with the advent of neoliberalism and cutting of fucking everything public.

Serious question, how does a neurotypical guy end up in charge of /r9k/?

Also how much of /r9k/ is people with mental health so bad that wouldn't be able to funcition on their own in society? I'm talking about people who aren't able to shop for groceries without panic attacks/paranoia. Sometimes I think SOME of the tales that get posted there are just creative trolls, right?

I wash my ass a lot. You seem rather interested in butt hair anarchfemanon

The sweeping generalization about women are ridiculous but the feminism stuff is mostly valid the majority of mainstream feminists are casual misandrist looking to line their pockets. They could give two shits about equality between the genders.

I don't "sperg out". It's not my job to spoonfeed them though either


checked for good topic starter:

Many of us here shit on the feminists for double-dealing with capitalist liberals with stuff like Sheryl Sandberg lean-in bullshit while paying lip-service to identity politics issues while disregarding actual class issues like better pay across the board for workers and building a communist society where the means of production are distributed to all for benefit of the people vs a private elite.

This problem is systemic to women due to their status as split-subjects where they have no problem commodifying themselves for their own gain. Recognition of women as split subjects is part of Marxism, and Marx threw out some feminists specifically for the usual special-snowflake bullshit they like to push. This isn't new.

Nah this is just you.

From a bona-fide faggot himself

Dammit missed trips

I don't know why useful idiots think every board should be Holla Forums lite.
It's ridiculous because then half of the board becomes their spam.

I don't know where the fuck you came from but it obviously isn't here.

>>>Holla Forums

Pick one and go back there. This place is not for you. People are allowed to criticize feminism here.

Nope we criticize feminism all the time here. Always have. We're well known for it.

Stay butthurt kiddos

I'm good friends with Pantsu and he was the board owner, although I did most of the moderation usually. He can be pretty autistic and is probably more what you would expect from an /r9k/ citizen, although he isn't some hikki neet.
He needed some help back in the days when freech was raiding everything so he got me on he team and I stuck around.

The denizens of /r9k/ are usually at least depressed or suffer from anger issues. I think it isn't really wide spread autism that makes them like they are though, but social isolation. You have to learn your social skills like any other skill and if you get pushed into a corner by bullying all your youth, you don't get much chance for that. It gets bad when those bullied kids stumble upon /r9k/ and are taught there that it's all the fault of Chad and Stacy because then they stop even trying and blame everything on other people.

To elaborate on that, the kind of woman I can't stand tend to be the pretty ones in fact, at least some of them.
One of my worst encounters was with this girl that kept bragging about how she was taking all her boyfriends earnings and buying new clothes with them.
Then there was this girl that openly talked about how she would cheat on her boyfriend if someone with a bigger dick came along.

The whole idea of seeing shopping as a hobby is pure cancer, anyone that is so deep in the materialism trap should just be put down.

Men can be like that as well though, so you have a point there, miss Anfem. No idea where you live but if most of the men around you act like that it must be a hellhole.


I was there and you guys folded at just the slightest amount of pressure. Instead of just moderating the board you throw a tantrum, come crawling back begging forgiveness then throw another grand tantrum nuking the board just like the previous owner.

Ironically I was also there when the board first changed hands and the previous owner even warned you guys about this exact kind of thing happening. And oh how you wrote him off and arrogantly boasted that you would do better.

Well, great job guys. You lost control of and gave up on one of the slowest moving top 50 boards on Holla Forums.

I love how the /a/ mods keep the Holla Forums away. Most other boards have fallen to the Holla Forums menace now and I don't browse a bunch of places I used to like anymore.
Worst example might be Holla Forums, the place always had it's issues but now it's just a screaming vortex of cancer. You aren't even allowed to like things anymore without being called a shill or being accused of being from some other website.


You see it as blowing a tantrum.

We decided on nuking the place very calmly in a private chat some time before I temporarily took over. At that point we had both lost all hope for the place and I honestly don't think that you have much hope for it either.

Hey dumbass, you and pantsu literally owned the board.

If you didn't want Holla Forums shit you should have flat out said that politics was off limits and then dished out bans for it.

That is literally it. Throwing tantrums and giving half-assed apologies and compromises isn't the way to run shit.

Throwing a 'calm' passive-aggressive tantrum is still throwing a tantrum.

Was it really that fucking hard to click a few buttons to delete threads/posts and ban shit disturbers?

Taking the m00t approach to board culture management makes you look like a tool.

moot nuking Holla Forums and /new/ was the best thing that ever happened to the site.

Holla Forumsype ideology is cancerous, thats why they get silenced on other websites.
once they achieve critical mass they can do some nasty shit.


There were like two or three people spamming the same low-tier Holla Forums images in every thread, derailing every real thread, starting bait threads and attacking the management in bad faith any way they could.

It was obviously a contrived effort by a small group of people who wanted to destroy/disrupt /r9k/ for some reason.

The fact you talk about it as if it was some kind of problem with the general population of the board is very suspicious.

t. regular /r9k/ poster for a year

possibly even one dedicated person and he even said once that his goal was to prevent the outcasts of /r9k/ from even finding comfort among eachother by ruining the board

I think it's important to have your identity made up of many different things, so if for some reason you lose one of those things, your whole life doesn't fall apart. There are people whose political opinions are their entire life. They're feminists, all their friends are feminists, all they talk about all day is feminism, and the only thing they read are feminist blogs. They get to this point where their entire identity is feminism, and suddenly any criticism of feminism, no matter how mild, personal attack and elicits an enormous, disproportionate emotional response. Politics becomes so close to their ego that they lose their ability to think rationally about it. I used feminists as the example because they're the group who do it the most, but it can happen with any ideology.

Anyway, it's for this reason that I try not to "identify" as a socialist.

moot not straight up nuking Holla Forums before he left was the worst thing to happen to 4chan.
And I mean it literally.

the graphs in the 2nd pic seem totally unbelievable.

They were made around the end of the elections.
Holla Forums is still 2000 PPH over Holla Forums right now.

it's more like "Holla Forums - random" now

Really nigga?

Moot nuking Holla Forums (n/new for all you newfags) caused the creation of 4chon then Holla Forums. 4chon creates some of the worst trolls and shitposters to plague the net. 4chon gets destroyed. Hotwheels creates Holla Forums which takes in the 4chon and 4chan refugees then becomes Holla Forums the website. Meanwhile moot realizes that he lost a huge chunk of his userbase and comes crawling back with his tail between his legs offering a half-assed apology (sound familiar?) and recreates both pol and r9k.

You can kill the board but the users will always find elsewhere to go. Ironically enough m00t also decided to ax /r9k/ for the same reason he axed /n/. People seem to forget that even in it's original form there were those who thought r9k was cancer because it wasn't the normalfag social circle jerk that it is today on 4chan.

Pretty much. And neither the board owner or his volunteer/mod could control their autism enough to just stop feeding the fire with drama and half measures.

But oh well, looks like v9k (aka wizardchan 2.0) has stepped up to take it's place.

They will do that anyway because they have such a severe persecution complex that it is effectively the basis of their political views. They're literally children, all they care about is shit testing people until they can find someone that will give them everything they want and never make them consciously aware of what faggots they are being. Freedom of speech is always the crux of their argument when no one wants them around, yet they ban dissent and disagreement on any site they control and demand that everyone on 4chan share their views.

They are unironically a political clique based on internet trolling. Paying attention to them is how they thrive.