Take the redpill

What do you call this kind of thinking where complexity is reduced to all-encompassing ideological figures?


It reminds me of when I read 1984. Instead of actually talking about why things are wrong, you give them a bad name or associate them with the bad name.
In Holla Forumss case they don't use "wrongthink" because that word is too obvious, instead they use meaningless concepts like cultural marxism and fun.

Most of the other stuff you posted is actually /r9k/ terminology and that hellhole if further gone than even Holla Forums.

it's easy to make models of how the world works when every actor can be essentialized as a stereotype

you forgot "beta"

Dogma? Cultism? Scapegoating?


/r9k/ is ripe for revolutionary potential

Cultural marxism is not a meaningless concept, you don't like it's meaning because it attacks your personal identification with marxism.

If you want some perspective on how shit that place is, feel free to let me tell you

Cultural Marxism is a very real thing, yes

gultural margsism as Holla Forums uses it is just a term for anything you don't like and has very little to do with actual tradition of cultural marxism

Capitalism kinda means the same thing, as everything Holla Forums doesn't like is blamed on capitalism.

the problem with that is,
name a problem and we can make a coherent argument as to why capitalism perpetuates that problem. Even when we're wrong, it still makes more sense to blame things on material reality than a secret cult trying to destroy america, or the west, or christianity, or white people, or whatever interpretation they have
wheras cultural marxism is made up. No one they cite as being "cultural marxists" ever wrote anything like what is accuesed

It's just a misnomer for a school of anti-marxist thought among "left-wing" academics and activists after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Falling to the same fallacy in a more sophisticated manner doesn't make an intrinsic difference.


No, it's entirely different. One can find a correlation between capitalism and the problems that it creates. Is there an economic incentive for capitalism to protect the environment? What about an economic incentive to improve the living conditions of the poor?

Easy answers that avoid the complexities necessary for any sort of coherent discourse about current events appeal to the aut right that is mortally afraid of reading anything more complex than a comic book.

It is not literally meaningless, but it IS a conspiracy theory. We don't like its association with Marxism because this association is a fabrication by the Nazis and later the John Birch Society.

Capitalists objectively exist and control the means of production as opposed to a shadowy cabal of secret jews who brainwash everyone into interracial gay marriage.




You treat capitalism as a concept with agency similar to the much ridiculed "invisible hand of the free market".

Jews who propagate gay marriage exist too.

That's great, but are they a shadowy cabal who control the world in secret?

market dynamics and laws of competition exist, the invisible hand can just be mocked on the basis it's used to justify ignoring persistent problems caused by those same dynamics with the hope the market will fix it

whatever the lingo, if you are dropping 3+ buzzwords when trying to explain something, more often than naught, it'll come off as autistic. personally though, as a ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€Holla Forumslock๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€, I put popular words/hashtags/slogans in the Rhetoric folder. The populous falls much more easily for an idea in snappy words and bullet points, not puritanical debate.

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