We're all gonna die

We're all gonna die.

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That dip is for just the past 3 or so months. You can see it's been pretty level for 35 years or so.

Then BAM -4 anomaly and huge drop in sea ice.

It means we're about to be fucked by sea levels, basically, our shitty energy usage is taking its toll. We'll probably hit a massive crisis if this trend continues, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop.


Hooray for capitalism!


when does this deluge of fun begin?

It's going to release all those farts from the ice as well.

Fresh as a daisy!

the beauty of it is that it can happen anytime now from 1-5 yrs

this is only the beginning

major governments will release sulfur planes into the atmosphere to clot out the sun and attempt to reverse the warming trend (this will lead to millions of asthma deaths across the world, but mostly third world nations without access to epinephrine will be impacted). the third world nations will have to agree or face the evacuation of their economic heartlands in many cases.

as I've said in these threads before, people will die, and in your backyard. the people who control you will do nothing to stop it. It will be rationalized away, as so many tacit realities of modern life are.


I don't by the sea levels thing. I thought that wasn't supposed to take noticeable effect for over 100 years

Gee, I wonder what other place could have loads of sulfur in the atmosphere. Let's take a look and see how it's doing, shall we?



As it turns out, there's been no accurate way to predict when things would happen until they're pretty much right about to, and this is right about to happen.

just take a look at the sea ice graph again. Take a look at the percentage drop in sea ice. Then google "amount of sea ice". Then do the calculations, assuming all the lost sea ice becomes water in the ocean.


Brings a whole new meaning to "Trump"

it is actually the past week or 2

everyone can look at other graphs here


The message basically meaning that the planet is getting tired of our shit.

About time tbqh.
Humans were a mistake.

this is a good one here

But - amounts of ice aren't always the issue….
Get a glass of water and put some ice in it. Draw a line on the glass where the water level is. Now allow the ice to melt and check the line again.
No change.

Sea temperature is the important factor (water will swell slightly as it gets warmer) - not so much the amount of ice that's present.

Aha but thanks to global warming all the excess water will just evaporate and rain on land, making everything greener and thus more apt at reducing CO2.

Crisis adverted thanks to capitalism, Check mate green bastards.

the loss of the arctic does not mean catastrophe you are correct. It is still a good indicator that this year some shit will start to happen and also losing the arctic is a pretty big deal anyway.

Saturation, niqqa

I agree - losing the arctic would be a massive deal.
Not cataclysmic tho - I don't have to move home further inland yet!

Shut up you godless green commie godless gay bastard.

I think ocean acidification is a much more pressing issue.

Not me BTW.

What about the methane?

Yer shitpostin' be terrible matey.

I agree something's got to be done about climate change, can we not be panicky about this?


"Notice (04/21/2016): On 04/05/2016 a change in the solar panel position to shade the nitrogen tank on board the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) F-17 satellite was made. In doing so, the integrity of the vertically polarized 37 GHz channel (37V) of the Special Sensor Microwave Imager and Sounder (SSMIS) was compromised. This is a primary channel used in the NISE processing. On 04/13/16 an additional change in the solar panel position was made. This change had improved the problems we were seeing in the 37V GHz channel for data from April 13 to April 19; however, on April 20, the 37V GHz channel started to produce bad data again. Thus, data from April 20 onward should not be used until further notice."

In other words, the satellite used to measure the data referred to ITT is producing bad data, due an instrument malfunction.

You replied to both though.

You're right - ocean farts are going to get us all :)

all three of them actually*

we were all gonna die anyway, hate to remind you of your own mortality, but you're just a squish blood bag slowly rotting.

I'm reminded of tha piece of Dialog between the elder god and Raziel in Soul reaver 1 about how "the earth quakes to shake off the stench of Kain's empire" or something.

But now instead of quaking, it's gonna fart.


Quite right - something's gotta get you… might as well enjoy stuff until it does!

There is LAND under the Arctic you retard. Do you realize…? Half a nation is beneath the Arctic!

When you slide ice from an opposing surface into water, what happens to the water? The water is displaced. Now, what will happen to the Earth's oceans when Greenland melts…?

It's less panic and more just concern.

It's less of death and more 'life will be really shitty' which is worse. Death maybe fine for some, but running out of your favorite things is harder to except. For me it's things like pizza and the internet.

To me, it's panicky.
Even if it's just concern, it's based on bad data from as-of-yet malfunctioning observational instrument.

Maybe magic sky daddy can fix it, eh?

Well for one, theres virtually no snow where I am, and there's usually a foot of it at this time of year, which isn't helping. First world where we are will probably just get a little shittier, meanwhile there's eventually going to be mass migrations.

I guess we'll see if we get a snowy porkmas.


Food is going to be shit expensive tho.

life will always be shitty, life is, at best, shit going relative well until something fucked up happens ad at worst shit being all fucked up with little glimmers of hope.

Just get high, eat all the food, masturbate/fuck to your hearts content and wait till you have a fucking brain aneurysm.

steal it

What happens when it runs out? I guess Soylent green will be a thing.

I've been thinking. This shit will end up being good for capitalism, won't it? It'll make food more scarce, thus meaning more labor, and thus more surplus value extracted from workers.

Or something like that…

Sounds interesting, where did you get this info from? Are you a chemist or something?
Considering we've polluted the majority of our lakes and now get water from the soil and reservoirs this sort of remedy to profit-guided fuck ups is completely plausible.

Speaking of which:

Islamic gommunists, what do you think about this passage? Do you think capitalism is connected to the anti-christ?

The problem with Venus isn't sulfur; it's a lack of hydrogen.

Not neccessarily. It depends on the timing of things. If everyone has already had their wallets emptied then they'll just have to give food away in order to keep a workforce.

How soon should we expect food lines[spoiler]In Canada?[/spoiler}

What is the anarcho greenie's thoughts on this?

Greenland != sea ice


No, really. That wasn't my ENTIRE ARGUMENT.

we're fucked, basically

Kinda figured. How long until death?

Venus is close enough to the Sun to be in the so-called "Goldilocks Zone" for creating life forms. At one point in time, it and Mars might have had microbial life, simple but hardy.

One might me too cold and away, one might be too hot and close, but that doesn't mean life wouldn't be possible in far past aeons.

Venus is facing million years global warming in a similar way to us.

Perhaps we had neighbors once before we existed, that fucked themselves too.

unironically made me think

Yeah, of course. Did you think we will live forever, dumbass?

What's the life expectancy where you live? Subtract from that your age, and voila.

That is funny.

I'm a time traveller from 1960 and I want to tell you guys your models are completely wrong. We're about to enter a second ice age right about… now.

The Great Filter is real and we, as a species, need to accept that we aren't going to make it through.

Starting to look a bit like a flatline

Food lines when?.

I find it odd that people are afraid of oil and coal depletion, when global warming is the more extreme constraint.

AGW will fuck humanity's financial centers, and resource depletion will fuck humanity's industries.

Between a spiked dildo or a barbed dildo, which one is more pleasant to get fucked by?