4D chess isn't real, they said

4D chess isn't real, they said.

Jill "Porky wifi should be a crime" Stein strikes again

what the fuck is she doing?

can ANYONE explain?

She's attempting to draw attention to the conflicting narratives presented by the bourgeois media, and/or attempting to expose the fraudulent practices of the American "election."

Everybody can now shit on Clinton after she lost, so why can't she?


Guys, I know this violates the left-wing ethos of avoiding sectarianism and trying to stay together despite our differences, but I can't help but feel that Jill Stein is kind of embarrassment for the Left.

Go back to Holla Forums false flagging antisemite!

it's called attention whoring

The "green" parties in the west are usually a joke and only relevant in worst case scenarios where there's no good alternative

Don't know about you, but she definitely isn't a embarrassment for my D, if you know what i mean.


She's as much of an embarassment to the left as Castro is, and for much the same reasons. She says and does some stupid shit and some important shit, and the media only ever reports the stupid shit, plus some extra bullshit that they pull out of their ass, like calling her an anti-vaxxer.

Take this for example. Her position on Wifi in schools was: "There is a study that suggested low level radiation in the frequencies used by wireless internet increased the incidence of certain rare cancers in mice. As I am not a scientist, so I don't think I can make a proper judgement as to its accuracym, but I do think that in the face of this evidence, further study of potentially dangerous technologies is warranted and United States regulatory agencies aren't doing enough to investigate potentially harmful technologies."

It's a far cry from the "Jill Stein says wifi should be illegal because it gives children cancer" headlines that the media ran with.

Yeah she's a total lightweight. Still bang her tbqhfam.

Even worse. When ever they gain any kind of power they immediately bend over backwards for porky at the first opportunity. I have absolutely no hope for the American green party.

Green Party US seems a bit more radical and a bit whackier than all the others tbh. The Greens here in Brazil are totally on board with the wider neolib agenda.

Yeah absolutely. The fact she's so old but still decent-looking makes her very hot imo.

chessmaster mommy~

Mommy can play all the chess she wants

A lot of the leftt leaning women from her era seem to have an intense sex-appeal even as they age.

I don't think so the Australian and German greens were wacky and radical too. Arguably more so then the American greens have ever been and they're a bunch of corporate ass kissers now. I just think Jill is trying to jump on the anti-capitalists bandwagon. I looked on their site after their supposed shit to socialism and outside of the one amendment. It looked like their platform was standard social democrat stuff.

what the fuck is her problem? is she retarded or what?

That's exactly the the situation. Greens are socdems that jumped on the Bernie/socialism bandwagon to bring people into their dead end party. Unsurprisingly the Bernie mouthbreathers here have been shilling them.

Eve worse, she is a greenie.

It's really sad seeing the demographic shift in Holla Forums. I remember before the bernie crowd swarmed here. How often people would pick apart the green's platform. Now everyone here seems to think that Jill Stein is some revolutionary political figure.

I really hope the recount leads to a constitutional crisis and blood in the streets. Best possible ending for 2016.

B-but muh critical support for bourgeois elections!

Is there any other well-known left-wing gilf? I'm asking for a friend.

I don't know. I was actual speaking from personal experience. I've had a few left wing professor around her age that were crazy sexy.

Just gotta keep pointing out the fact that they're opportunists and that reformists have always betrayed us.

Nina Harley is pretty sexy if you want a good older porn star but I think she's a liberal.

It doesn't really matter. The green supporters are usually convinced that the greens are genuinely socialist and that the government in it's current state can be reformed. I've mostly given up on this place. I only usually post on weekends now.

I want to fuck basically all of my female professors, even the late-middle-aged ones. Jill Stein gets me going in the same way.

Is this a shameful confession?


No smart is sexy.

I know this feel too fucking well, too bad I'm beyond autistic when it comes to interacting with people

I don't think it's very plausible to get laid with a professor. I think it would violate the professional student-teacher relationship for most

That's what makes it hot.

fuck, I know that feel comrades. some of my older women professors are very adequate physically, and listening to their lectures and asking them questions after class makes them hot.


Even if she raises enough to recount Wisconsin, trump won PA by like 70,000 votes. So she'll probably spend a little on Wisconsin and then pocket the other 4 or 5 million. There was never a single chance the election outcome would change. She's not doing any kind of chess, she's just scamming people.

These Jews have the libtards on a short leash.

I had one phil professor with a totally banging body for a 50-something, blonde leggy intellectual type. It broke my heart to hear she was married.

Holla Forums go home

Just pointing out the obvious fact that a certain group of people are always using their "progressive" ideas to fleece people out of money

At least their getting money from the people, rather than corporate actors or hostile foreign nations.

No that's even worse. At least they weren't taking money directly out of your pocket before they fucked you in the ass like the Greens and other "progressive" political groups.

Not since Papa Wolff joined them we haven't, you're spreading disinfo.
We were critical of Sanders, not the greens. All complaints I remember were related to science.

It's 30 dollars you stingy kike, you think that isn't worth avoiding war?

Not sure plenty of people criticized their stance on idpol and economics even after they supposedly adopted an socialist stance. There was just an influx of reformists shilling for the Greens after wards. As if they'd ever accomplish anything of value.

There's been a massive influx of SocDem "Scandinavian Socialist" type of posters (probably from reddit) to the point where it's almost surprising to see an actual socialist viewpoint anymore.

At least we're fucking doing something.

Where are you referring to? It certainly isn't this board. If anything in the past few months we've seen an influx of tankies/they've gotten much bolder.

Yeah, furthering entrenching the capitalist state and stripping workers of even more autonomy.

I'm pretty sure most of the tankies are just Holla Forumstards

Uh, no?

That really does sound awful. Happened to me a few times, even more in high school. Some of those teachers are *hot*.

That's a retarded position. Wifi is no different from any other kind of radio transmissions. To think that we need to study anything is bullshit. She only said that because she wants the psycho crowd to vote for her. I know she knows better than that. That makes her a fucking retard.

Wifi is making people retarded indeed.

Wasn't there a leaked podesta mail that said something like "we don't need to show Jill Stein is anti-vax, just have some articles published with titles like 'there are some unanswered question about Jill Stein's position on vaccines'"? If you think Jill is anti-science then literally kys.

If there is I'd love to see it. I don't remember anything like that.

I don't think I've known(known them well, like at least acquaintance) a straight guy who didn't want to fuck an older woman. I've only managed to do it once but I'd defintely do it again.

That sounds pretty similar to the weasel argument that Gary "just give me the negro dick" Johnson uses.

My last girlfriend was twelve years older than me. She was mature, responsible, had a career, and loved the D.

Christmas cake best cake

Susan Sarandon

Earning yummy donation shekels for the Greens.

My cousin was dating an older successful business women. She was a female chauvinist and he had to eventually break up with her. She wouldn't let him work or leave the house. She just wanted him home cooking and cleaning and ready to fuck when ever she wanted. She basically wanted a 1950s style housewife in male form.

Don't you have some black cocks to download?

So… now.

She makes her views on evolved plant labeling rather explicit

KEK is this filter just to buttsmash the greenies?
I'd have said "transgenic crops" if I'd known

uhh, can you get me in contact with this lady, fro reasons…