♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Jewish Hegemony Edition

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Vote Shiro 2016


You shared it. Thus relinquishing your right to cry.

No worries
How far did you get in Median XL?

o-oh my god


Diablo-user, if you have any questions about PoE, I know everything :3


D-did I say something wrong?

A 6ft drop should be sufficient for an average person. Anything too low will result in suffocation (which sucks) and anything too high will result in decapitation (which is a bit rude tbh).

There are no time for tears.
Not when there is an election to be had.

Vote Yan

(freindly america user)
*snuggles tight*

you said everything right~





Rei is gutter tier

I got called a yanarchist
That's for the middleclass shitposters


Steam came back but then it died on me again...

boo 2016


Only completed the first quest, honestly. It was amusing for a while, but now I'm getting bored with the new skill tree real fast. I miss my old skills!

I'll be playing it soon! I just need to get some dinner going here.

If you've been thinking about these things for a while, that's not a good sign.

Daaaw. Don't let it get you down too much. We'll find our calling in life soon.

You can tell me the # on FB or Steam.


When are you going to join me and become an Aztec Master of Gains?

lol grim would be that one that died first


Probably when I eradicate laziness from my body's vocabulary

qotg ResidentSleeper

Now to do everything right

Every day for the last few years. Now it's just a postcard pinned up in the back of my mind.

Night folks.

If you don't have a build in mind then you may have to submit to the fact that your first character will be an "experimental learning experience", and probably won't do things once you reach high levels



This one is funnier



I wonder if this information will ever get filtered out of my memory.

I found pally, barb, and necro to be the most fun. I can see where you are coming from tho
Did you ever play D1?

Who would I be?

No worries tho leagu is pretty nice
I still watch tournaments on twitch occasionally

The majority generally does.

Murder would be Kars.
Lenko would be Santiviego.

only rule of animus
DO NOT give luka money

That's true. I'm just struggling to understand why my brain is holding on to "how to become an hero" but won't remember to have breakfast until 1 in the afternoon.

I'd give Theseius money.
if I had money to spare.

Like moving together~

Think about the good times and the high life.

Of course. Like all new game I play, I like to experiment first then play seriously once I know what I'm doing.

If only we could hang irl.

I did, but not all the way through. I played it a long time ago when i was 10, and I only got as far as the butcher and quit there. He scared the crap outta me.

Couldn't even if I wanted to. I am a peasant.

good thing god decided to make you poor so you couldnt make such a dumb decision
everything works out for a reason

that sucks.
luka's the moneygrubbing whore of the thread
very nasty guy

You find that information more important.


sooo far away ;~;
at least we have here~
what games do you play!

I don't have any real desire to be dead it just comes up in conversation a lot and I happen to know how to achieve optimal results with minimal distress.

Fuck yes Wamuu is best
Didn't even know those guys lifted. Any proof? lol
Nah I actually don't care
How's your Overwatch been going today?

Holy fuck yes I played D1 in the 3rd grade and it scared me. Always played it in the dark. Still have the best OST ever imo

I must be more amused by being that guy than I thought I was.

kinda glad you don't have any money tbh

Pretty great

that is exactly what im implying
clearly god is tired of luka's shit
and doesnt want people dumb enough to be able to give him more 'food money'

natural selection bruh


civ was worth it in the end... those times we spent together~

Oh, what, you think I still want to use the information myself?

what emotion/disorder is she supposed to be again?


I'd play again.



Mostly open world RPGs. I like the freedom and power they provide.

I should buy my own copy sometime and relive the horrors of my childhood...even if it will suck because the characters walk slow as shit.



and that one

i would too

i like Multiplayer Online Battle Arena's


What rank is your reaper?

Nah you can do it tho. Super fun and easy

I replayed it a few months ago
The fucking horror of how hard it actually is. Friendly fire, no mana pots ever, and poison spitters camping room


Diet is gonna be the hardest part

I love food s:

*cute overload*

some times being commanding is powerful
giving them directions~
and other times its awkward...


Luka makes me want to not post anymore

Luka makes me want to not pay taxes anymore

Luka keep posting

kinda scared

m-my heart


Luka makes me want to be lewd

[email protected]!!!

Desu makes me want to cuck him by stealing Subtle from him

Eh dieting isn't that hard actually
There is a ton of taste for that's actually healthy for you. Once you start most junk food will taste horrible. Cheat meals are amazing tho

already am fam

Don't do drugs, kids.

Tell the spooks you know a crazy Canadian who doesn't afraid of anything.


I feel safe now

we have to riot to them

she looks pretty!

Better steam servers or riot!








Election for new steam admin



these random cross species encounters always feel like dayz or dark souls interractions





i hope you die in your sleep

Rest well!
Dream sweet!

You really don't remember what you ate yesterday?


I can't tell you because I have stalkers here, and I'm studying art

I'm going to an art school in another state

Keep driving and teach me when I come to visit you

I knew you didn't shoot anything....



Welp Blood-chan is back
Time to leave



What's up?

I just wanted to keep you from leaving.

Oh I wasn't going to really leave

Get out, Shiro

Curses, foiled again.

Shut your beautiful face up
Omg I love you x.x

Ah sorry I'm a horrible person

Hey everybody have you heard about Blood-chan's HUGE dick?




It hurts my soul knowing this man exists


I was half expecting those stupid webcam "scare" animations. Honestly it would've been better

i like 2ch's stuff. Plenty of stuff to save.

2ch isn't bad and has some interesting boards. I just have no idea what they are saying

I smell popcorn, is that not like a stroke thing?

Blood chan come back

I just stick around all their webm threads.

Yeah, but it's gone now and i don't have half a limp face

Drive me and my friends to the movies too


You wanna see.. ?

I never left

Probably won't click on or save them
I sorry

You were my favorite swed

gimme nice things in return.

l'm living forever
If you would call it living

circuit board too brain with prolonged electric change


Really depends on your definition of living

Doing homework or cooking?
You shoudl readd me on skype. I just installed it again
Also any plans for the weekend?

I have no proof, but i'm working on a unified theory that you nor me are living yet
we're going to be born soon

That's one of the few interesting concepts I've heard in a long time. Are you just working it all out in your head?

yeah, i have nothing to base it on, but if i work hard enough it will come true

ay casper

I'm just here falling asleep.
I think I'm gonna try to go to bed super early.
'night tread peoples.


Yes, this is Casper

Hmmmm most concepts and what not are based off of no proof. Hard to say what happens after you die if you aren't dead right?

Nini Rin
Sweet dreams~


People from the state of Georgia sound weird.

YEAH, BUT ON THE FLIPSIDE THIS is not about what happens when you die, but what happens when you are truly born

Are you enjoy Mei bae?

Hmmmm do you have an idea what happens when you are truly born?

Holy shit

they can't stop LeBron

No, i have not seen it, but i believe when i am set free and born again i will be gifted a town with 0 inhabitants

you get kisses and finger bangs!

-rolls around on your lap-


What kinda scenery would surround your town?

*gently pets* Careful now~

no plans this weekend, i usually just let my friend drag me out of the house

What do you 2 normally do? I always end up watching a movie and drinking with friends. Kinda cool, but when I'm with my best friend we roll way harder. Gym, clubs, everything

This weekend I have to pick my motorcycle up from the shop and get to clean and repaint the shop I work at for an up coming audit

In the end it is up to me, i will have all the time i need
How i visualize it is like BOOM everybody dissapeared on the spot sort of deal, tables set and everything, that would be bliss to walk around and explore.
Theorycraft what the people were like and such.
But it would get boring after a while, maybe when i've been there a couple of hundred years or so i'll be tagged out by other exploring ghasts


fingers...? wha...

Who bought you Overwatch?

Kinda reminds me of the Hulk: Last Man on Earth comic. Exploring an empty world would be neat.

Have you played any matches or just practice?

Luka buy me Overwatch

I'm hungry :(

You write a lot...

It's a game we're going to play when we're alone

Trying to be more interesting and involved in conversations instead of small talk


Yeah, this truly born thing is something that stems from my alter-ego thing i'm cooking up.
it's all in my head tho, i should get to writing some of it down so i can laugh at it when i'm older

do u have sauce on the japan

not telling
you people just to like make drama about it anyways.

im level 11 yesterday!


yay! games~ ^_^


I think its that one teacher at a HS who secretly traps and like one of his students found out and he got all popular

lemme try to find him

You're so pure -hug-

I think this is a compliment?

you make me smile sometimes!

*licks your neck* o.o

Writing it down would actually be a good idea. Not even to laugh at in the future.
However, I did find a super old journal from I was in the like 2nd grade and holy fuck it was soooooo bad

Ah have you gotten a potg yet? ^^



It might not be that same guy but damn dat teacher tho

What'd you have to do to get him to buy it for you?

I found old accounts from diffrent communities with written profiles
deleted it all in a heartbeat


Oh god I had a friend link me a Gaiaonline account one of my exes made me make. Purged everything

back in beta though... i got 2 potg with mei


wow jesus
i want to fuck

Is that me and you

No that's a cartoon

Have you ever thought about not being an urchin and begging for shit constantly?

play dota ?

Yeah, it is neat how things change. I used to think i was done. but i am never done.
I should write down staples about this tho, if i ever get into writing i would like to make a modern fantasy story on it.
But fuck writing


Type it out then man. Can't say fuck typing when you thread all the time :3

Going to sleepp soon ^^

I've gotten a few but I'm pretty over it already after 2 weeks of solo que

oh my god..

Subtle Im scared
Im going to wear my Subaru cosplay without my glasses but Im like so fucking blind without them

Gonna be kinda spooky, I kinda do this weird squint where it looks like Im mad when I dont wear them

I barely post tho, i never had ridicolous posting, but i did use to post more


AX is in 2 weeks
Its too late for that lol

You're long-sighted, close objects appear blurry?


Darwin has a 2 inch mohawk and 20 inch penis.

It takes less than a week for them to arrive after your doctor orders them.

Wear you glasses and take them off for picture
I've had to do that before

Near sighted and some pretty bad astigmatism

My eyes are so shitty

I am planning on doing that
Hopefully i dont get too fucked up and break em


my tummy feels weird I think I is because I skipped two dindins because too sleepi

Your poor asshole.


I believe in the power of you to not break them

remember youre a grown man typing like this

get last minute laser correction in an alley

nnn you are mistaken

Pretty sure you're like incontinent at this point from that.

*huffs the cute little neru*

metalpigmented paint works better

Yeah, man.
Because you're both two grown dudes acting like little girls on the internet.
That's not sad at all.

Out for the night
Gotta relax and take care of some stuff
Have a good day/night everyone

its downright pathetic


It just makes you wonder how they ended up that far from reality.
I'm just going to assumed they were molested at a young age.


Just assuming you were speaking firsthand.

Do me next!

i will do you personally

Ithink I will have to go full snek and compensate with more dindin tomrow

I do snek a lot

the person in this video reminds me of you

i'm always top

Are they deaf?

What the fuck is this even?

It's like a mentally retarded dude just making retard noises.

ai bun bun bun ai bun bun

ayy baybay


b-but i just got a penta neru! luf me pls

do not talk to me like this


Do you say the same to the old people you beg money from in the park?


You ever think about what it would be like to fuck one of those things? I think about it a lot ..

mfw 2 drunk to post in the most recent thread l0l

me on the right

Well you made it.

tim to tootbhrsuh

this is hard

I even made a thread and I did laundry.

Hella productive for being intoxicated.

I'd be impressed if I wasn't drunk as well, currently.

I made a new thread in a thread where I saw Casper and thought he'd be here too. Kinda the slow-crew here atm and it's even murrica time

2300 isn't quite my time. Usually asleep at the time.

How responsible

I mean yeah, sure. Always blamed me being old for wanting to sleep all the time


I didn't call you old. Age supposedly enhances ones ability to drink provided that habit was nurtured through the years

I would kill for a Chicago style pizza right now

Out of practice, currently.

at 12 shots of 101 turkey and already drunk as hell. So embarrassing.


What are those injun long peppercorn things called?


I'll throw the towel in the arena now
lates dawg


Now I have to sleep.

what the cunt
are you murricans that good at going to bed early?
i miss Wish

Easy there, Grim.

is bedtim I finished toorbhuhrhhh nana =w=

nana ♥

that post was a total mess from rapid takka takka without thinking

*Rapid takka takka*




I love subtle

No you don't.
He's just another "tummy" to kiss for you.


I will never love another human

Kill yourself.

No other human would love you so it's k.


hi red how are u

Heya, threaders~


hi welma

that sounds okay, I prefer yuck though

Hey, what's up? How goes your evening?

It's meh. I was going to meet my friends boyfriend, but she told me he "changed his mind" and "wasn't up to meeting new people" or whatever the fuck. Kinda shite but whatever, we're just gonna meet up monday.
Went swimming n shit with some friends, ate too much and trashed some shit.

What was the occasion to meet him?

Elaborate on trashing some shit.

i find yuck to be very boring, but all right

None really, me and her just haven't seen each other for a long ass time.

Well, we went into this junkyard by my dads house and found an okay lookin car, we smashed its windows and jumped on it till my friend opened up the glovebox and found a beehive. I ran as far as I could from that bitch.

I'm overwatch

Well, I suppose if it was already junk to begin with then no "harm, no foul" would apply~

Ah, I see.

In one sentence, trigger as many animus posters as you can

"Nezi should be admin"



What color?

Oh? Then what might you recommend?

wow, literally overwatch?

Yup, it was fuckin sweet.
What about you, what the fuck is you doin?


"Sci is a quality poster and should be admin"


yes i'm THE overwatch

"you guys are all a buncha jerks!"

i thought overwatch was a game tho

Just got home from work and having a couple chicken tendies again cause free.

I went "grocery shopping" before work, but it's in quotes cause I only spent 12. Money's wicked tight for a bit which is why I'm taking advantage of leftover work food from when we close x_x

Ooh, I see. Wait, your hair is falling out in clumps or what?

I'm getting my hair overhauled in a couple weeks. I like having cosmetologist frands ^~^

haha pogs

Somebody was trying to sell those on my local FB yardsale group. Kinda wanted them for a bit of nostalgia.

I get played all the time.

shit nigga you get free tendies? how the fuck?

God damn, what the fuck did you buy? Rice and water?

No, my hair is fine but the consistency of the dye was such shit that I've been sitting in the bathtub for the last half an hour

That's sad dude, sounds like you need to wise up.

Well, yeah... It's all gonna go into the trash otherwise.

I just got some ramen and soups. A bag of chips and some juice. I'm pulling a total Luka atm.

Oh, I thought you actually bleached it and you left it in too long. I'm scared to do that shit myself lol

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