Tfw no dominant and manly tankie bf who bullies me


just find a Nazi boyfriend. they'll treat you the same and act the same way and there's about 100x as many of them


you're looking for trotskyites fam

remember the SWP

That's because tankies are largely submissive and effeminate. They're the ones who pushed femdom into being the most popular fetish on this board after all.

Tankies are pretty feminine in general tho.

Just go to Texas.

not surprising since the stalinist ideal is that of the perfect servant

bitch, you change your ideology every time you are having your period

Eh? When did I change it last?

it's your job to track your period, not mine

But you've clearly tracked it enough to make that statement. I can't imagine someone making a claim without having a good argument!

Rebel, how do you deal with all the salt that goes your way?

How did this even happen in the first place?

I can confirm this.

1) idk, guess I just don't care about what people think

2) because leftypol likes to meme

Once I'm done bashing the fash
I'll make sure to bash your ass

yeah, but we're not having sex anymore so there's no longer a point in tracking it

i'm still of the opinion that you need more jouissance and less arguments


Is that you Kate?! Drink bleach.

tfw no qt anarcho-bf to cuddle and spank until he reads lenin


>tfw no leftist gf to hold down and bite while pounding her ass then cuddle and talk about books with

How does it fell to know that dominant women are really uncommon?

I want to fuck Rebel

I bet his lips will feel amazing around my dick

I'm flattered

Is this Rebel? What a qt.

But even so, fuckmuir is way more cute, handsome and adorable and so on

feels bad man

It really sucks

Not that bad since I`m not interested in seeking out any sort of romantic relationships in my life at least in this point and time. I do confidently believe that this social dynamic where dominant women are less than the 3% of total female population will change over time as socialism will prevail.

post pic

This person kind of reminds me form my HS bully.

Why were you bullied, user?

how does fuckmuir look?

nice trips


Continental europoor. I`m not going to add more.

Don't worry user, I won't bully you. I couldn't hurt a fly if I wanted to. Very frail.

Fuckmuir is a really cool guy, doesn't give a fuck about anything lmao

post some feet pics, Rebel

No ty. Btw now that I think about it fuckmuir looks kinda east-euro, maybe Romanian. Can we ask him if he has any east-europe blood?

My feet are tiny, like a girl's, it's embarrassing.


Stop teasing me

he looks like a fucking chink or steppe folk

Romanians don't look like that

>you will never toss Rebel around like a little girl and fuck him while he wears a dress

Those eyebrows and cheeks are distinctly Romanian tho

Maybe Hungarian?

wut? you mean mongol?

I think muke is aesthetic

if he ever decides to read_ and becomes a philosopher he'd look great, even more so in black and white photo


Ive read Lenin, hes still shit


if only he didn't radiate beta-waves

where are the qt girls on here? post pics ladies

This is 97% male space comrade. Don`t you follow the latest Holla Forums polls?

Hey you know for the record I've been reading a lot more recently.

I've almost finished Revolution at the Gates - I've finished all the Lenin at least - and as I felt like I needed a break from Zizek because, tbh he's quite difficult to read, I got through Value Price and Profit in under a week and soon I'll have finished Wage Labour and Capital as well. Maybe I'll read Critque of the Gotha program before I go back to Revolution at the Gates, but anyway.


You shouldn't even attempt to read zizek without having read hegel, heidegger, freud and lacan.

Well yea I didnt buy the book for the Zizek tbh, but I figured I should read the afterword of the book to better understand all the Lenin I had just read.

I can be your manly and dominant bf OP

Lenin should only ever be read like you would read the anders breivik manifesto.



The implication being that Lenin was a deranged zealot high on his own spooks of which the writings can only serve to understand the farce of the soviets.

t. someone who has never read Lenin

t. someone who has a fetish for soviet imagery and build everything around that

I have a fetish for dicks and twinks. My whole life is built around just these two things.

Ah, because no one who likes Lenin could ever be willing to look forward from the 20th century and adapt Marxism to the modern context, in the same way Lenin did for his time.

No one like that could exist.

Ah, the Lack

Lenin's adaptation was in fact a retardation

Lenin did literally the best he could with the material conditions out of his control.

Let me guess, you think Makhno's style of 'socialism' would of been better? He wasnt even a leftist tbh.

If I'm wrong there though, please tell me what Lenin should of done instead.

Lenin did not adapt Marxism for the 20th century, he was a politician the sized political power and killed the workers revolution.

He could have not set up the revolution as a hierarchical campaign

Say what you want about Makhno, but he didn't implement capitalism. Unlike Lenin.

He was implementing Feudalism.

The workers revolution died with international revolution. Lenin salvaged what was left, and quite well at that.

Actual revolution its self requires a hierarchy. To assume otherwise is literally the most naive thing next to saying armies dont require hierarchy.

If Lenin didnt implement the NAP, many many people would of starved to death. The NAP was a response to the material conditions they were faced with.



I wonder who could be behind this post!


Lenin failed at implementing socialism and the USSR failed at establishing it permanently. What we got are several reactionary states and Capitalism with red flags in China. Leninism failed badly and all we got out of it was a few decades of shitty socialism and some meme material.

Lenin actually did implement Socialism in the main cities of Russia right after he came to power in 1917. It was only after the bureaucracy set in, which was inevitable and would of happened no matter who was leading the USSR, did this worker control get taken away.

I know that.

I'm saying that Lenin failed and attempting to defend what he did is stupid while attempting to emulate it is suicide. The same applies to every other failed socialist project of the 20th century, Makhno and CNT-FAI.

Well ok if you wanna argue that Lenin didnt bring about world wide Communism, sure, you're right, but I would argue that was impossible no matter who was leading the revolution at the time.

My argument is that the methods of the 20th century failed and attempting to recreate them will also end in failure. We can sit around and circle jerk all day about who was ideologically pure or who was most practical but at the end of the day we're squabbling over the autopsies of rotten corpses.

God! Lefties are such useless faggots that can't take criticism.

Anyone here want to have normal healthy straight heterosexual sex?

Can I have a normal healthy relationship without sex?

Yea that's a very good point, that's why we only need to take from Lenin the way that he applied Marxism to his time, not the actual conclusions he drew that are no longer relevant.

Read Zizek tbh.

"i don't care what people think"
wewwwwweeeeeeee you are the biggest saltboy tripfag
make videos again tho


don't worry rebel, nobody dies a virgin. life fucks us all

I don't want life to fuck me, I didn't give consent!

life's going in dry!

=( Trips confirms

There's no such thing as consent in nature. Rape is natural and fabulous.

actualy i pluck my eyebrows to avoid immense poortuguese caterpillars. it's hard being half-subhuman

sounds hot

fabulous is the epistemological opposite of natural.

Read rousseau! xDD

Natural boobs are fabulous. You're argument is invalid.


I'm brown beyatch

The polite term is "shitskin".

So what, faggot?

woops wrong image



Yes, just not a romantic one. You need fucking to have a good romantic relationship, in addition to other things.

I have and do seeing as he's still writing articles and books.

Lenin done goofed and the russian revolution was doomed, as was Mahkno's anarchist territory and the various other failed revolutions because they done goofed too. If the left is to move forward and make revolution, we have to drop the hero worship and romanticism that plagues every strain of leftism besides leftcoms, who are irrelevant and won't do anything anyways.

So what?

Sub grills are best grills.

This is why I can't take female leftists seriously.

are you a FtM trap?


That and your low test levels

>>>Holla Forums

No one wants to have sex with one of those

Found the fattie


no, I hate fat cunts

fuck off

oh wow

how did you infer that exactly, genius?

I don't care about being a "wimp"

That's fortunate for you then you repulsive dweeb

tfw apolitical but sympathetic to the struggle bf
tfw kharkov is dumb

no way there is a leftypol larper who is also gulasch

Gender is a spook. Why do you discriminate against trans males or males who aren't dominant or manly?

Fuck off back to tumblr you cunt

Whats with the brocialism in this thread? Feminine liberation is an important part of the struggle.

oh am i ruining your safe space?
aww poor widdle user >>>/r9k/

damn he's hot

you're an annoying cunt like all women. a bullet up the cunt is the solution

No it's not. Totally irrelevant and not my problem.

why can't leftists meme?

Too busy making all the good guitar music and reading.

you're a walking advert for artificial insemination, unlike most men. real men. contribute something for once - blow your brains out.

Yeah, it is

And you're going to have to deal with it


Prove it.

No I'm loyal.

thanks for proving women should all be gassed and that feminism is just an excuse for attacking men who don't fit your standads


Honestly can't wait to torture a woman


Just show them your posts.

is this the sort of thing femboys think when they look at women?

my standards being the type of person who doesn't think all women should be gassed.
not exactly a high bar but you still fail.
aah you always do, don't you :^)


I'd do more than that


Maybe. Usually I just get envious and insecure though.

Nah you clearly hated me prior to saying that. Only reason I say that stuff is because I'm tired of being treated like shit.

:( aww i'd cuddle you right now

oh dear, it sounds like you get treated like shit a lot. what a shame.
well clearly everyone is to blame except you, and your behavior has nothing to do with it at all.

I don't act like this towards people IRL. Even when I was younger, happier and carefree women hated me, so at this point I've no qualms about hating them.

the memes got to you comrade

is rape human nature then?

anfem btfo

Economic relations were basically built around wandering warlord and peasants that paid him tribute.

I call it Feudalism.


You ever asked yourself why?

Hey that is not theory

Why are you all such mean people?


This thread is hilarious. The best are the feminist catlady freaks (full of shit up to their ears) and the poor mentally ill fucks desperately trying to plead them

Please don't change, leftards

I was treated like shit long before I became bitter

This thread is a riot, I can't even follow the discussion anymore

Says who?