Marx would be rolling in his graves by now if he knew his followers would one day embrace stirner

Marx would be rolling in his graves by now if he knew his followers would one day embrace stirner

Engles was the first to embrace Stirner then pull a 180

I'm pretty sure that most people here only follow Stirner ironically.


is Holla Forums Marxist or engelist? If it's the former, this statement is irrelevant even if it's true

This guy is cooler than marx, has a nicer beard, gets more bitches, and can write like a non-autistic person, and can do sick tricks on his sport bike.

TBH my reading of him is that socialism is usually what best pleases the ego. Its just another way to say socialism is good for me. But of course if its good for everyone its good for me.

It kind of goes without saying if you are a socialist that's the thing

Holla Forums is a clusterfuck

and is an evolutionary scientist, a respected one

that logic can be used to defend literally anu ideology regardless of how spooked it is. nazis can say fascism is in their favor and their embracement for nationalism isnt spooky but is simply in their best interest and they prefer to live in an ethnically homogenous society. there doesnt have to be a logical or scientific rationalization for them since they can just drop the "my ego likes it" argument

Yeh but for anyone who isn't part of the elite or their protected group, which is usually most people, it sucks.

who knew?

We also have everyone else Holla Forums hates, because, of course we do.


Most of Holla Forums are anarchists, not Marxists.

Intellectuals have a handicap of being control freaks once their ideas get exercised.
Stirner was probably an element, in Marx`s mind, who he couldn`t let go and gain traction or else hes work was in jeopardy(he was probably aware of his meme magik(even if it wasn`t called that back then) way before a lot of others).

No, every time someone tries to poll this they make retarded polls and the outcome is skewed to one side.

Not in their minds, as long as there are no muslims and blacks and there's welfare for them, they're good.


TBH stirner probably had a bigger following while Marx was still alive.


Stirner was known by like under 100 people in his life time, most of the people who would have even read his work he personally knew

He was mostly unknown during his life but there were periods when he was somewhat popular.

Marx and Engels pretty much tried to rip off Stirner though….

Marx was only good at critizicing capitalism, he was a stubborn cunt at anything else, jut read the critique of gotha

This thread is a spook. Stirner is God.

Why should it matter which one we are regardless of whether we are or are not? That's like saying that taking evidence from another source is irrelevant if you don't follow that source's particular ideology.

Also most people consider Engels' work an extension of Marx's. They come in a package, basically.

Marx has far worse things to roll in his grave over

Nope, our fierce individualism will help keep the next revolution from falling into dictatorship or state capitalism.


Marx is gargabe. Class is a spook.

Kill yourself.

Marxist-Stirnerism is the only true path towards socialism, and it doesn't matter how tsundere Marx was.
Fight me.

Can you retards please stop forcing this "meme" as a shitty substitute for social influence?

All you're doing is subtly shoehorning spiritualism where it doesn't belong.