Noam Chomsky is a liberal sympathizer

Why is he praised by anarchists again? He is literally Liberal sympathizer.


The only reason why anarchists like him is because there is no other respectable anarkiddie out there.

Chomsky is the definition of a tribal.

Chomsky is long since past his prime in regards to insight on anything politically related. Like Zizek, his comments are to be valued per instance rather than deifying the individual.

Their are plenty, you just don't bother to know about them because most of them don't concern themselves with name recognition.

The only reason you know about Chomsky is hes a prolific writer, a famous linguist and a world famous academic that's been in the left-public spotlight for years.

i don't know what makes chomsky so certain that clinton would have actually addressed climate/environment issues. according to chomsky, obama was also the lesser evil, yet in 8 years what has obama ever done about the environment? seems like chomsky's just taking clinton's lipservice as a guarantee of future action

You're never gonna agree with someone on everything. He's still entitled to his opinion.

Holla Forums would say that both sides are bad and that you should therefor not make a choice

quite a lot actually. more than you I'm guessing.
fucking hell do you expect him to stop global warming single handedly?

chomsky is a fucking idiot sometimes

It's time to stop.

is that why chomsky is constantly saying that it's probably too late to stop impending catastrophe? maybe he should make his mind up
wow. you mean the most powerful man on earth has had more impact on the world than some irrelevant loser on an internet message board? really puts me to shame

Well a large amount of his base are disillusioned white workers who beat the shit out of people they don't like, who also sometimes shout "hail trump" and quote nazi German speeches, but im sure thats nothing to worry about.

Chomsky's right but it doesn't mean Obama did fuck all. Unless that's what he also said. In which case Chomsky's wrong.


as opposed to the peaceful paid counter protests of Fraulein Hillary


Bookchin is superior. With him dead I suppose Apo is the leading libertarian theorist


Chomsky is just a retard LARPing The Day After Tomorrow coming any day now

Anyone who believes this shit can be solved by slapping a bunch of regulations on stuff is fucking delusional. The only solution is to actually invent technology that properly solves those issues, like an energy source that doesn't have greenfaggots pulling their hair out, or the various designs to manual cool the planet, or this shit the germans invented recently which absorbs CO2 many times better than plants do.

Obviously that doesn't mean we should ignore regulations but this autistic fearmongering as if Republicans are LITERALLY killing the planet as we speak is just cringeworthy. Yes, there is SOME truth to that claim but it's also obviously fearmongering. The regulations that exist don't make that big of a difference.

And for anyone who wants to argue that Chomscuck isn't a LARPing fearmonger, he also believes that nuclear holocaust is some genuine threat that is possible any day now…

Also I fucking hate how he looks these days, stupid birdnest haired ugly fuck.

this, also hes a gatekeeper and a fag and im going to pay someone to shit on his private beach**id do it myself but im pretty sure im on nofly list

check your western liberal priviledge sinner, Id join the ivans out of pure spite even if id probably be getting a shit deal and/or fishhead soup in siberia for a few years

this isnt 1940 though nigger, trump was by far the better alternative even if hes a lout

You still did not explain how is he fascist you illiterate fagshit without theory.

Why don't they have mouths?

It's largely because of the damage that he think's Trumps administration might cause to the environment he is in no way suppporting Clinton here.