How will we make sure the next revolution doesn't go to shit like in the past?

How will we make sure the next revolution doesn't go to shit like in the past?

Don't use a state to try and achieve stateless communism under the pretense it will just wither away :^)

Global in scale, capitalist saboteurs put down early on and with greater democratic oversight.

extreme, unrelenting vigilance and discipline

It will. Sorry. The general population seems to be getting more irrational by the day, and also more adept at fucking shit up.

But what if the majority want to use the state?

What if some revolutionaries want to do it in one country

I guess my overall response to these is how will you unite the revolutionaries in one common method to overthrow capitalism

wait for post scarcity fam

Daily self brainwashing.

then the majority can have fun being purged for being counter revolutionary when the state takes power away from the workers themselves, as has been the case every time its been tried :^)

These are not arguments

they are, your just shit :^)

Do you expect every fucking thing to be an argument?
Sometimes things are not attempting to be an argument.

These are simply shitposts


Do you think that this is funny? Why do you present no arguments?

Realise that marxism falls apart at the meta level and that the failure of the revolution already exists in it's inception.

Avoid making the same mistakes and structure our structure of power in such a way that you shouldn't need to rely on an immortal Castro to prevent a stray Stalin.

Having some representation amongst the masses would be good, for starters. The bolsheviks had to worry about all the peasants who would vote them out for the social revolutionary party.


Gonna need a source

destroy repressive machine - police, courts, prisons. Exterminate anyone, who tries build new.

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