Why is Holla Forums so upset about his death...

Why is Holla Forums so upset about his death? I thought Cuba wasn't real socialism and that real socialism has never been tried.

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Because he's a symbol of anti-imperialism.

Because he was a sincere revolutionary who did his best with the material conditions he was given and the historical context he found himself in. He helped to improve the lives of the vast majority of Cubans, sent aid to struggles around the world, and has stuck his middle finger up to the US for 60 years. He wasn't perfect but he was a comrade.

Exactly. Shrugging revolutionary struggles, despite their flaws, off as "state capitalism" or "not real socialism" is not productive or respectful.

american anarchist armchair revolutionaries can shitpost all they want, this is the truth.

He killed innocent people and let his own people starve to death, is he that good?

He's a shitter. Only tankies like him.

Holla Forums will either denies those things happened or say they were for the greater good.

If you were a Stalinist you would believe that Cuba was socialist.

I'm getting conflicted messages here.

Because of hero worship.

Holla Forums shits on Stalin now but would have sucked his dick if he was still alive.


anarkiddies will shitpost these lies

it is a socialist movement, they just haven't achieved socialism.

What about China and NK?

you mean fascists who starved people?
Proofs? Its kind of hard to feed your population if the united states of america cuts of all trade and prevents you from aquiring resources required for monocultures.

Innocent people die all the time under governments around the world. If that's your barometer to judge politics you're going to have a bad time.

That's a funny way of saying the countries major trade partner collapsed and was under embargoe by the world's remaining super power which essentially locked the country out of the majority of global markets.

You are the cancer.

Este aqui

Real life and real people aren't painted in black and white.

no u

Go back to cuckchan, you autistic lolberg.

Okay, Holla Forums

Because Holla Forums is not a hivemind where everyone agrees on everything.
Some people liked Castro. I didn't.
Some people are sad he's gone. I'm not.

It's that simple.

Why not?

I'm not Holla Forums, dimwit.

I'm Brit/pol/
You should have listened to us
Enjoy dying a slow death


Look at the flag

We really need a British flag for Brit/pol tbh

A plain red flag? What kind of homosexuality is that?

You see why I left Holla Forums?

He was a dictator who nationalised the means of production instead of democratising it and giving it to the people. He was okay as far as tyrants go, but ultimately he was an enemy to those who desire liberty and socialism.

Well, you are clearly a huge faggot, so it makes sense that you would leave.

Socialism is a spook.


Enjoy your LARPing circlejerk, you autistic nigger.


Tbh you're more fucking irritating than the average Holla Forumsack so if it was suggested I'd shill against it, hard.

t. Brit

Hi cuck/pol/. Still cucking for imkampfy I see.



What did he mean by this?

do you think we'll just give up and start buying stocks and bitcoins if you shitpost enough

They're not as bad here, actually. They're not that good, but they're nowhere near as bad as Holla Forums.


Not really, they mismanaged more than enough farmland and fisheries to feed Cuba 10 times over.

What is it that you think you are doing that you think my shitposting won't stop?

fuck off Holla Forums


capitalists destroy the planet on a whim and fill landfills with junk food: not a word
socialists fuck up slightly while working with extremely limited conditions: EVIL DICTATOR KILL HIM

All you've done is prove my point. All the right wing brits on this board are unfunny, bullshitting little cunts.

Isn't there a Corbyn thread for you to falseflag as a leftist and ramble about stuttering? Or have you already been BTFO in the latest one in the catalog?

Typical Holla Forumstard logic.

yes almost every jezza thread has a "I'm a socialist but Corbyn has to go" fag.

Being a sovereign political actor capable of exerting your own will upon this world is not liberty?


Sounds like fascism to me, mate.

There is nothing wrong with fascism.

Bowing down before a great leader and letting yourself be subjugated by a hierarchical state is the opposite of what I just said

pic related.

It's one guy, he doesn't even change his replies every thread. He probably will now he's been called out for it a few times, mind.

It's literally
Stutterfag is the only person I've seen accuse Corbyn of stuttering, it doesn't crop up off site and he will ignore countless replies asking him for a short clip of Corbyn stuttering.

At least you are all united by a common hatred of white people.

You know Murdock is a communist, right?

We only say this so we don't have to have a conversation about the flaws of socialism, I thought you would have figured that out by now.



So you finally admit it.



Never forget the heinous crimes of Rupert Murdervich, ruthless head of the NKVD. Under his stewardship they were responsible for the deaths of 100 million Liverpudlians.

First sensible post in the thread.

And that includes my posts which were not sensible

………..will leftypol ever recover………………….?



not mourning his loss or anything, but he stuck it to the empire at his doorstep

I love that the right is so hungry for a real "masculine" 90's action star leader that they shoop them holding guns while in actuality these bourgeois clowns are pampered, soft bodied geezers who would probably faint before firing a gun in anger.

wew lad

Trumps got a conceal carry license at least.

But your right about Farage. Here in the UK we are cucks when it comes to guns.
Ive only ever shot a small bore shotgun.

you're a living meme m8

The people of his nation are celebrating his death. When will you idealist man-children grow up and accept human nature and evolution for what it is instead of what you wish it was?

So according to your image if I was American I should have voted Clinton because shes more manly?



Yet when Kim Jong died the nation cried for hours on end.


So, what, you support Juche now?

Juche is usually translated as self reliance.

I think thats an idea which should be supported.

Move there anytime you want then, they formally renounced leftist thought decades ago so don't come crying to us when you see what it's like.

Wrong. I know you faggots get off on being wrong, so I'll say it again:

Wrong. They are celebrating in Cuba right now. Maybe if you faggot losers had even the physical ability to get your heads out of your prolapsed anuses, you'd see that.

I can't wait to kill some of you. I am so fucking excited. I'm not joking. I get erections at the thought of torturing some of you.

Its not that easy. You cant just emigrate to best Korea.

I guess that explains why they are far more technologically advanced than Cuba despite not having all the oil and resources that cuba has.

Because they knew if they didn't they would be executed.

REEEEEEE CAPITALIST PIGS. Grow up. I know it's a lot to ask of the left since their ideals promote man-children, but please try.

If you love the capitalists so much you should enjoy burning with them as well.

I'm deeply sorry about your caretaker's burden.

This is an impressive level of contrarianism I'll admit.

Wow you sure told me m8

Thats all I wanted to hear.

Love to see some video of that fam. Source?

Look at all these nonarguments.

Do I really need to argue that nature is a reality and that everything socialism and communist is, is a Jewish creation? These are facts. Grow up.

I would honestly like to see you try. It sounds funny.

what a dumb fuck.

Grow up.

>Marx was baptized jew-hating jew
how much doublethink your ideology require?

Grow up.

Is that it? I expected a real argument.


I've read the first few paragraphs and skimmed the rest. Can't see anything relevant to Zionism or Marxism. If anything it seems quite anti-Jewish and neutral to pro Christianity. Not that I advocate for either. Is there a specific region of the document I should examine?

not that I don't expect 'marxists.org' to be anything other than Jewish propaganda

The point is that "Marx was a Jew" is a supremely retarded argument when he wasn't even remotely raised Jewish and openly made fun of Jewish culture and its adherence to bourgeois, pro-capitalist sentiments. More generally, most Jews in leftist movements were only ethnically Jewish; the left wing in Israel is the one that is constantly yelling at them for being racists and terrorists and using the Holocaust as an excuse.

In other words, stop believing everything you read on Holla Forums.

Memes for brains tier.

Oh it's so bad when it's your own people but when you're killing foreigners it's okay.

So what am I missing out here? I'm sure there's a lot more to the story but with the amount of bullshit flowing it's hard not to just write criticisms off as wealthy capitalist propaganda

Does this not perfectly describe the left-wing in white nations? Of course the Israel's right-wing is the mirror image of the left in white nations. This should be inherently obvious.

I'm not going to defend retarded LARPing skin-heads but if you can understand that breeds of dogs and a plethora of other sub-species of animals can have certain behavioral dispositions and then your brain shut downs when this is applied to humans then maybe you are the autist.

Yay! Here we go. Baby's first genetics.

They don't want to admit the USA were spiteful shitbags for the last 57 years who wanted to make Cubans suffer to "prove" that communism doesn't work.
It's embarrassing for America as it's really Goliath bullying David for the sake of it.
So - for reasons of national pride - the truth is twisted.
It's just like the way the MSM wouldn't criticise the Iraq war until it became untenable, it's nationalist brainwashing, and a continuation of the easily digestible but wrong narrative that America and it's posse are the good and everyone else is evil.

I think you've replied to the wrong poster because I was replying to some smug, menstruating twat who was changing the subject, not talking about anything you've written about.


Not an argument. I don't try and speak to babies as if they're ready to talk like adults.

Also not an argument.

ooh wow a conceal carry license.
my hero! *swoon*

Grow up.

I addressed all who questioned? If you can comprehend english than you will see it is myself who was ignored. Believe what you will man-children, I must go and work. Probably won't check back here. Hopefully you all grow out of this nonsense and start becoming worthy beings of which ever nation you belong to.

All lies.

dude you're literally a nazi. What have Nazis done since WWII except jack off to Hitler and LARP in SS uniforms. Get outta here

what have communists and socialists done since WWII except jack off to marx and LARP in soviet uniforms? and also continue to prove it doesn't work?

LARPers arguing with LARPers about which costume is shinier

The Marxist-Leninist revolution in Cuba brought about an end to American imperialist rule and uplifted millions of Cubans from dire poverty. If you're to look at Cuba's accomplishments since then, it's stunning what they've been able to achieve with so little, both economically, technologically, and culturally.

Winning the majority of the space race, dragging two seperate povvo countries to second place GDP, building all that shit around you that you thank capitalism for because you bought it, rustling millions of burgers.

Yeah, are you saying your citizens do not come first?


Ideology, that's about it. M-L and Tankies' out of pure ideology, will love him, everyone else will wither hate him with good reasons and be called idiotic children by those above. The same fuckers that wine the Ba'thists or DPRK the USSR are comrades will same the same about the Cuban revolution all in the name of anti-imperialism or pure ideological fanaticism.

He had plenty of flaws, but that doesn't mean we should write him off. Literally every historical or political figure has plenty of flaws. It's really fucking rich how reactionaries and conservatives (in the sense of "status quo is good") will lambast anyone with the socialist label for the horrors they're responsible for while ignoring the (far worse) horrors of their beloved capitalist system.

It's like if a bunch of jihadists take a group of hostages with the intent to blow them all up, and one person fights back and kills half the jihadist and sends the rest running, but some random other hostage took a stray bullet in the process, and then because everyone's so scared (and used to) the jihadists that they think the he's the real villain.

Every capitalist country lets its own people starve to death, and the ones that don't kill capitalism's enemies have that luxury because the US does it for them.

"Like" is not the same thing as "respect."

Almost fpbp.

Human life has the same value everywhere.

I still love him because of ideological fetishization and he looked really cool

some pigs are more equal than others

Even if that human life wants to kill all your citizens?



Tony Blair reduced poverty.

Self defence is of course legitimate. But you can't use that excuse to deliberately starve 500,000 Iraqi kids to death, actually laugh about it on tv then criticise Castro as if he intentionally caused a famine out of malice.
Newsflash - you're not hated for your freedoms. You're just cunts.

x country is not real socialism because the workers don't own and operate in common the means of production

in one of the richest, most developed countries in the world, that had the full support of the global superpower and wider international community. what an achievement

Ownership is just a spook, matey.

material relations aren't a spook idiota

>Ownership is a spook
confirmed hasn't even read the title of Stirner's most famous work

How Is It Not A Spook?

No more questions, my property.

By virtue of the excercise of power of what is owned you damn imbecile.

So long as I assert myself unchallenged over something, I own it.

Because he has merit.

So can I assert myself over other people and make them my slaves? Is that allowed under communism?

You definately need to be thrown off the helicopter before anyone else on this site

Hello autism!

He almost nuked amerifats

That was pretty cool

But they did, dipshit

what a surprise, a tankie being wrong

'cept for subhumans right?