What will happen to entrepreneurs when socialist and communists take over?

What will happen to entrepreneurs when socialist and communists take over?

Forced reeducation through labour

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Go look up market socialism.

It's easy for me to see somebody coming up with a good idea but still giving that idea to others who are capable of helping make that idea a thing. Sharing the capital and means of production with the people who helped the person.

They'll have to work, i.e. nothing unless they own a big business.


Well, most likely not much at all, unless they own a business so large that they barely contribute work hours to it.

They won't exist, but will help build management systems, though those will already be largely automated by the time communism comes. See: blackstone. They have such a system and it works right now under capitalism.

They can work as elected managers in socialism

They will lose their property (which they won't need anymore) then live a peaceful, wealthy, happy productive life in a classless society like everyone else.


If anything, they get more money and better laws with less demands from bank and not as restrictive bureaucracy.

We are talking about actual entrepreneurs, aren't we? People that work, not people that own.

force them to become farmers or else

Everyone is "farmer or else" user. So I guess your point is to force them for the sake of forcing them. Why?

We will kill them all.

Part of the point of communism is to escape this "management" obsession.

feels good tbh

Depends on the system.

Planned Economy would result in the death of entrepreneurship since you'll hardly be able to do anything without state approval.

While under market socialism they can exist like they do now but the only structure they can form is CO-OPS.

This pic contains so much ideology, I almost got blinded by it.

They will have to get a real job.


They'll be workers.

For who?

southern slavic languages (ex-yu countries), it might that way in other slavic languages as well. come to think of it, this meaning of "entrepreneur" is probably due to socialist traces left in parts of our everyday language.


For themselves and their comrades.

For society in a larger sense.

You know, you can always expand language, there are slavic countries a little north of you with separate words for them.

Why, they actually mean littertally the same thing, but one sounds shittier.

Yes, we do have separate words, and the meaning is not totally identical, but the connotations are very similar between capitalist and entrepreneur.

well, word "bourgeoisie" in russian language sounds not so pretentious and forced as in english

and it's short form is a pretty fucking dope swear word, it feels natural to call your boss bourgeoisie, lol

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Central Planning does not prohibit personal initiative. Primary concern of Planning is infrastructure and heavy industry.

And don't try to use USSR as an example. Over half of Soviet population until the 60s was not working for the state.

They never existed.

The whole concept of entrepreneurship, much like the ever shifting "middle class" are memes created by porky, a long game of Motte and Bailey argumentation.

The middle class is whoever the politicos want to promote themselves with , or whoever they want to ideologically "lift" from poverty.

The entrepreneurs are at large the well connected, powerful or rich extending their reign among friends and family, yet the Motte of their argument entices the commoners tot hing they too can join the ranks of the very rich.
The most you can aspire , and the most entrepreneurs actually aspire to is to create a big hot air balloon of hype and vaporware long enough that one of the big business who , until then , tolerated their existence, dismissively lobs a truckload of money to buy them out of competing or innovating.

probably die of starvation, along with a bunch of commoners when the system fails again

hopefully you'll be among them

They will be part of management in planned economy. In market socialism they create and lead worker owned co-operatives.

What are you talking about?

Organizing people is an actual job. So is the term "middle class" (aka Petit-Bourgeoisie).

In Capitalist society.

Since they're just capitalists with enough capital to do what they want and invest in project to gain further capital, hopefully they'll be hung and left to rot.

That's management.

If said entrepreneur keeps working on his business "organizing people", he's a manager ergo a worke.
If he stops doing work on it yet still reap the benefit due intellectual property shenanigans, he's fucking porky and needs to get gulag'd.

In capitalism, "entrepreneurs" are people who somehow come into possession of capital, and are capable of using that capital to make more capital. That's it. Having some money, and then using it to generate profit through business and exploitation of labor, is the usual mechanism.

I don't see why entrepreneurs couldn't exist under socialism, they'd just have to work cooperatively with other workers to generate value, instead of coercing and exploiting them through wage labor.

the left sees no issue with this.

I doubt 99% of people who use the "ideology" meme even understands it

It depends what you mean by entrepreneur. Do you just mean middle men between inventors and access to money? Something of that function would probably exist but not as it does under capitalism.

Yes. Entrepreneur is a subtype of manager.

That is irrelevant. Entrepreneurship refers to initial organization. It is still a real work that has to be done, the one that is distinct from other types of works, and it is useful - therefore has to be rewarded.

See above. It doesn't have to be Feudal-style rewards of patent system, but useful work has to be rewarded.

No. It's Capitalists who possess Capital. Entrepreneurs simply use it - just like any worker does. You don't define workers as "people who somehow come into possession of capital", do you?

Yes, some entrepreneurs are Capitalists, but many aren't. I.e. the job itself has nothing to do with Capitalism (just like accounting, for example).

The worst of them will be punished, but most should be happy they no longer have to live such a precarious life and work hard and make sacrafices. now they're just the petty organizational staff in a democratic enterprise.

We will take their toothbrushes

but then edgy kids in first world countries would tell me that it never was real (tm) socialism

agarianism is beautiful

Management still has to occur at some levels. Obviously most of it will be done by machines for other machines when communism arrives. Again, look up blackstone.


> they just walked away from Capitalism

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Celebrate them for their sacrifice, disciple and intelligence, hopefully.


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