The last remnant of 20th century socialism is gone and Donald Trump is president...

The last remnant of 20th century socialism is gone and Donald Trump is president. The governments of Europe are turning sharply toward the right while nationalism and fundamentalism are rising throughout Asia.

Where do we go from here?

The """left"""" fucked itself over, because rather than caring about class struggle, they became absorbed with idpol.

Donald won't do much, he's a run of the mill 90's style democrat. Britain is still in the process of leaving the EU (which could take for fucking ever), and the alt-right, led by Richard Spencer is slowly becoming a laughing stock.

Again, now that the """"left""""" has been destroyed, it's time for new form of left wing thought to rise. I don't think the future looks bleak, but rather, I think it looks promising.

watch and laugh as the right fails at adressing the contradictions of capitalism and remind them the soviets won the space race

post on a image board and wait for late stage capitalism to kill us all… oh lordy what do we do now that an old man died?


Nice try Holla Forums, nah, they're not. The alt right equivalent of Europe is shit and weak, and there are strong leftist parties all around the globe. And now that you mention Asia the Japanese communist party is growing everyday.

We rebuild. With the last remnants of Soviet Socialism gone we can hopefully start again without so much gorgillions baggage and get some recruits as the right fails to help workers.

Clintonites supported multilateral free trade agreements.

Hope you get crushed in Austria.

he will too

The most important thing is that liberalism is killing itself, since strong liberalism is much more of a blockade for a thriving left than a rising right.

The right has no coherent unified ideology, its supporters either exist to keep porky afloat or are porkys pawns without realizing it. Thus it has no longterm solutions and will, much like the current liberal elites, lose the trust of the people that right now a rallying around it.

I had literally never heard of this mook Spencer until the post-election hysteria whipped up by the MSM. Also, the alt-right is rapidly being redefined as a narrow neo-Nazi/white supremacist movement, so those rightists who are less extreme (who are also the only ones with any influence) will simply disavow it. People like Trump and Bannon have already done so.

Not sure about that. He's got hardliners like Bannon and Sessions at his shoulder to egg him on, he's not going to fold easily. I think the most important thing to watch is whether his protectionism bears fruit or alternatively causes a recession.

There is no one left to look to, so we must look to ourselves.

The main problem with Donald's government isn't he himself but his cabinet. So far he has nominated only the most insane kind of people.

I think what's even worse is that he won't veto any of the bullshit congress tries to do.

true, his cabinet of loony on the other hand will.

its gonna be a shit show.

Class Collaboration doesn't last, much less so with the rate of profit as low as it is.
If the west goes Fash it will crumble and rot, we build form there.

If they're a laughingstock now, it's more than they've ever been before. Trump's candidacy began as a laughingstock, didn't it?

good point.

i think many of us here are over estimation the average American, what if the avrage American was a moron who can't be reasoned with, who votes based on his feelings and not facts ?

Castro has been out of power for years. What has his death changed?


He can't write aggressive letters shitting on US Presidents and Imperialism anymore.
Seriously, Holla Forums needs to bring Titoism to Cuba before Raul does something stupid.



We're definitely seeing the end of an era. Is funny, a lot of the Cold War lines and alliances are still in place, but is not about ideology anymore, america doesn't even to pretend to be "exporting" democracy, everyone knows is about money. Putin doesn't give a fuck about any real political cause either. Zizek talks about how China's system (strong state control with pseudo-capitalist economy) might be where we're headed.

The US only started exporting Democracy with the NeoCons, remember.
Also all the regime changes since Bush have been against autocrats. The last democracy the US really fucked was Nicaragua.

You have no idea. Thanks to the refugee bullshit they are very strong right now everywhere in Western Europe and they become stronger by the minute. In 2017 we have elections, Merkel will most likely remain in power but the alt-right will most likely get 20% while our only notable real leftist party which is lobbying for worker's interests will lose a lot of seats at best and get thrown out of the Bundestag completely at worst. If the latter happens our parliament will consist solely of neocons/neoliberals, neo-fascists and reactionaries who either lobby for corporate interests or for the interests of the old nobility.
Moreover, said leftist party is getting undermined by antigermans/SJWs/idpol for some time now.

The future looks grim in Europe for the common man at this point to be honest and most tragically it's the commoners themselves who fall again for the most shameless and stupid right wing propaganda. It must be a fucking mass psychosis because i refuse to accept that so many Germans and other Europeans are this retarded.



accelerate the species right to extinction! yeah, that'll show porky

That is exactly what it is. The common man gets scared and votes for a right-wing asshole who will further fuck said common man in the ass and then blame brown people for it.

found the brown person

Found the useful idiot.

The right is absorbed with idpol now. It's going to be their downfall too.

Once Trump turns out to be a massive disappointment, it'll be a race to see which side can create a genuine party of class politics. The left is obviously in a far greater position to do that than the right.

What about Honduras?

You don't understand how easily spooked so many Americans are. Everything they don't like is a Commie-Islamic-Jew-Socialist-Keynesian-Multiculti-Marxist plot.
They look like normal people then when it comes to politics they're so brainwashed it's approaching insanity.
Plus their system would never let it work, look how easily something as shitty as the Tea Party hobbled Obama.

Most American's I know aren't anything like that and I live in Alabama. Most people will get on board when they see a decent alternative.