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Why does my whole body hurt
I hate the beach

Hulla, Theseius~
How was your day?

I read this as "I hate bleach" and it made a lot more sense



terrible thread

Bleach is pretty awful but it's not why my body hurts

You're making me hate shrek
I hope you're happy

is the player asian?

Awwe, what happened?

had to walk very far for a long time.

Is it not absolutely amazing?

I am

It's is the best thing

so good that sentence broke

and that one

That sucks.
I usually walk everywhere, so far to me means, like...
to the next town, almost.

I always get so excited watching that.
I just-
The dream.
That guy made it work.

And another one?

Good shrek sucks anyways
Not sure of a better animated character tho


400 text posts
250 img posts


Is her name Lisa?

And how do I know those women are paid actors hired by Trump?

I kinda want to get my ears pierced

In 1986, advertising agency Group 243 was tasked with creating a mascot for Domino's Pizza. Their creation—the Noid—was one of the most inexplicably popular mascots in corporate history. But in a case of branding gone bad, the Noid's rise plummeted when he inspired a real-life crime by a schizophrenic namesake.

JOHN BROWNLEE 07.10.14 1:30 PM
In 1986, advertising agency Group 243 was tasked with creating a mascot for Domino's Pizza. Their creation—the Noid—was one of the most inexplicably popular mascots in corporate history. But in a case of branding gone bad, the Noid's rise plummeted when he inspired a real-life crime by a schizophrenic namesake.

Even compared to the worst corporate mascots, the Noid was a unique grotesquerie. A gibbering, pot-bellied, buck-toothed pervert squeezed into a skintight rabbit costume, the Noid was a Hamburglar-like character wholly devoted to delaying pizza deliveries. Only Domino's Pizza, the ad campaign claimed, delivered pizzas that were "Noid-proof." Avoid the Noid by ordering from Domino's and get your pizza in 30 minutes or less.

The Noid was a strange character to capture the cultural zeitgeist, but in the 1980s, he was popular enough to earn not just one, but two separate video games, as well as dominate a line of toys and merchandise. The Noid's bizarre popularity was probably helped by the fact that Domino's Pizza chose Will Vinton Studios—creators of the California Raisins—to bring the Noid to life through Claymation.
Even compared to the worst corporate mascots, the Noid was a unique grotesquerie.
But as an informative post by Zachary Crockett over at Priceonomics explains, what eventually killed off the Noid had nothing to do with the public coming to its senses, but rather what may have been "the worst mascot PR in history" at the height of his popularity.

On January 30, 1989, a 22-year-old man named Kenneth Lamar Noid walked into a Domino's Pizza in Atlanta, Georgia, with a .357 magnum revolver and took two employees hostages. After a five-hour standoff during which Noid demanded $100,000 in ransom money, the employees in question escaped. But the damage to the Noid brand was done: not only was the headline too good to ignore ("Domino's Hostages Couldn't Avoid the Noid this Time") but it turned out that Kenneth Lamar Noid actually believed he was the Noid—or, at least, the Noid's original inspiration.

A paranoid schizophrenic, Noid believed that Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan had created the "Avoid the Noid" campaign specifically to persecute him. Sadly, the incident sounded the death knell for both Noids. Unable to shake his belief that Domino's had created the Noid campaign to ridicule him, Noid spent three months in a mental institution, and eventually committed suicide in 1995. As for the Claymation demon that drove him to his death, save a brief appearance in a Facebook game in 2011 to celebrate his 25th birthday, the Noid hasn't been seen since.

oh god what happened

Stop thinking and start doing

just feeling sore, relaxing at home right now.

You really think someone is going to read all that?

Nah it's not
Whose Lisa tho?

i only selected a couple of paragraphs and it broke

i'm sorry ;_;

It's amazing, gonna save it.

you smart

as a wise man once said

just do it

bee from bee movie

Ahha, that's always the best part about long walks.
Enjoy it!

You loyal.

i didn't
i was hungry... and thirsty.

I mean the relaxing, and finally getting off your feet.



you a genius

I'm gonna

Did not see that
Saw wreck it ralph last

My sister, she wears goth clothes

I read it... now i'm mentally drained...

oh ._.

yeah... ^ ^;
i'm trying.


It doesn't even hurt and it makes you look dangerous

By yourself a house.

It's always nice to get off your feet after a long day.


watch the bee movie

its like, super awkward. but you keep watching.

i think i'll go play a game right now. brb



.....I'm super glad her name isn't Lisa
She is a goth girl tho
Do you meditate at all?

Ehhhh I have a movie backlog
Got a 4 day weekend coming up tho so I might get to it


I'm not dangerous I'm cute


notice in the video how its way way not enough for a house

put this on number one

No one thinks you're a girl.

Have fun.


We don't know the approximate equivalency of Minerals to Earth currency, so it might be.

This board is bad and you should all feel bad

Oh ohm yeah.
maybe the minerals are meth.
that's mad money.

I do... but the homicidal thoughts flood into my head

Cute people are the most dangerous!

-moves luka out of the way-

I think Luka is a girl

Hi there

imma sleep



Rest well!
Dream sweet!

Fine; on the condition that you don't post her.

Too late I feel fucking amazing

It will be #4
Maybe even lower depending on the mood

Just gotta focus on one thing and let everything else good
Focus on my handsome face~
I started out without doing any mental focus and falling asleep lol

everything else go*
can't believe I did that

I will not post her here

Fine, let me compress it.

Love you


Mourn not their death, but celebrate their Tchernobyl ghost

fuckin scary
what is it

leather jackets are comfy

Swedish B A N K S Y

rip thread

rip in peace

They're for homosexuals.

They are.

Shame I can only wear them for a week before winter ends.


i only used a stencil once

Got a pic of that?

fuck nezi already you lazy goon
make the threads great again

Took one today, but i would have to post it from phone
I painted it something like one year ago tho, little less maybe.
And i only used it on one place

Dicking a poster won't make anything great.

imagine a world where we dont have to put up with his lonelyposting

Ah, dw about it

I used to have a friend who lived next-door, he would graffiti a lot, until he came close to getting caught by police
Then instead he graffiti'd on his own giant wooden boards in the park, until police told him he couldn't do that either

Imagine a world where he's telling everyone about getting dicked, and wanting to get dicked again, and so on.

maybe youre right dude
he's a nutcase

In the park? Sounds pretty lame lol, did he try to fuck underage kids who thought it was hella cool?

So you understand why I don't want to put my dick in it.

Alright fagolas, Metric or Imperial.

As far as I know he didn't try to fuck any kids, since he himself wouldn't have even been an adult at the time ^^'


metric of course
imperial is a joke
imperial is a big fat mess

id understand why anybody doesnt wanna put their dick in nezi
but i guess if its not even for the greater good..

hi subtle ~

Im out for the night
Got gym in the morning
Hope you all a good night/day

Well, that and I'm not gay.


I'm a Canadian.
So both.


Here is, someone tried to remove it by cutting it, silly whoeverthefuck
Also kids can fuck kids






Fuck yeah.

Sort of an inside joke with me and friend about the rapper Stitches
Stitches everything
So i made stitches stencil

Ikarous, look at me.
I have a message for you.

Someone tell Ikarous that I want to tell her something.




I don't even know who that is

What a coinkydick, i have no clue who you are either.


I'm baka! I'm from /lewd/ but it got boring so i came here!
Whos stiches?


Cat just threw up a single straw of grass, i thought it was some crazy ass parasite first

Typical American eating typical American cheeseburger.


He got beat up by The Game's gang and now he's disappeared into obscurity, where shit rappers like him belong

thats horrible calisthenics



kek af

i'm not even a girl

who's the Game.

i love burg

Glad someone appreciates me being here!
But I'm not really random, since I came on /lewd/ first and this and that board have a connection.

Do you still have me on skype or steam?
I was asked to relay a message.

Another rapper
Ali Bomaye

All hail burg

original audio so much better

Master you listen to stitches ?


Gimme your Skype, I can't give you mine because stalkers


All my favorite posters were anons when I first met them, and you seem like a cool guy. I didn't even know /lewd/ was a thing, I should go check if I know anyone there.

I don't even know who the fuck you are

He has like one song that I kinda like, rest of it I really can't listen to

It's all failtraps and queers.

imma put cocaine in your ass

That's cool, thanks!
Have you been on animus for a long time or anything?
It is! Someone from here got sick of all the drama and started their own board, some people are on there but it's kinda boring.

you keep saying names but i don't know any of these people

Who would sit in a desk like that?
It's literally just a panty shot.

Was I talking to you?

I miss scene girls....

I'd smash that slag

You're posting on a public place so yeah, you're pretty much talking to everyone.

What the fk

Just google "ali bomaye" then you know who The Game is, it's a song

I'm too ret harded to tell who's real.
So I'll just respond to you both.


And it's Rin, geeze.

oh shit I've heard this song!
It's okay. I don't actually listen to much rap anymore.
I liked Hotline Bling and uh... Yamborghini!


None of them are me

Ruh roh.

I've been on the Holla Forums threads, aneki and animus. However I've only been checking in on aneki and animus to see whats going on. I can imagine, doesn't look like there are many posters. I know thats why I left the threads for a while, we ended up hitting a dead streak after a huge ass ban wave was issued due to some idiot giving everyone a tracking system to find threads and posters which the mods used to find us, luckily I never installed it but the damage was done.

Now I'm just fucking confused.

I'm too exhausted for this shit.


I just.. can't

And now I remember that this guy is 20 years old

There were threads on Holla Forums?
I've only been on animus for a few days now, but I was on lewd for a couple months. So I'm pretty new.
That's pretty spooky.





I just popped a molly

And then Yan posted
and everything was even shittier :D

Accurate statement


Murder. Hi.



don't worry i'm here


Guess I should leave now

hi red


bye cakeu

Yeah man, there were threads on Holla Forums for a long ass time, way before I showed up, which was around 2012, can't really remember the exact date anymore, but we had a fuck ton of posters with new posters coming in and old posters returning, it was a cool time, I came there to shitpost since I was a stupid kid and ended up staying. How has your time here been? I know it's mostly idle chatter but its pretty comfortable. It was pretty spooky, especially when I caught wind of what was happening and tried to warn everyone, only a few people listened.

how about you leave to my room

how are you doing lenks?

Pretty good fam, I'm cooking dinner right now.

I don't speak weeb.

hi idiot



Ah, thats a lot of history. So most people here aren't long time then?
My time's been fine, talking is always nice, especially if you're bored. But sometimes it takes away from vidya.
Good thing I'm too boring for most people here, so it doesn't take away too much!

why must you continue to bully me red

good to hear bro, hope it keeps up

Yeah dude I'll try to, what have you been up to lately?

I'm pretty sure you like it though.

The expression says it all

n-nuh uh
shut up nerd

Why are you turned on?

Only fucking weirdos like you like that though.

n-no I'm not...



i'm still pro~
even tho i was reluctant to play kayle this match.

I honestly don't know, a lot of people change their names often so it's impossible to tell, as far as I know only a handful of people I knew are still here. I know to solve that, I used to hit people up to play video games, I know smash used to be big around here but that died out overtime, what games do you play? Not like there is a crazy amount of excitement going on though, I remember when people couldn't go three threads without having a several thread long argument that usually resulted in someone bleaching the thread.

Grim walks into a gay bar

The bartender asks What Will it be?

Grim replies Free Shots for Everyone

underwatch, life with friends and fam, work and gal friends btw thanks for that stupid idea to drink with my sisters friends, it actually worked out better than expected lol

eats a taco

You seem like a degenerate and a pervert.


I love you so much right now.


Nice! See I knew since you and your sister were close that it would work. Just gotta baylieve.

You tell me

Is it wrong that this turns me on?

Not many games, you can have my steam if you want to check. I have 200 games tho, but I don't do a lot of multiplayer.
I'm trying to get into MMO's with friends but it hasn't worked out too well with the people on /lewd/. They usually push me out of their things.

uh-uhm... I mean I uh... y-you really shouldn't uh... s-say things like that...

thats the best thing yans ever posted i think


Why should I listen to you? someone as weird and useless as you could never tell someone as amazing as me what to do.

I mean its not really a lot to go off of so probably.

I don't have many multiplayer games either, but I'm sure we have at least one in common, never tried an MMO before as most are subscription based and I don't have the income for that kind of thing.
That's kinda dickish of them, I usually only kick someone out if they joined just to annoy people.


DON"T SHOOT!!!!!!!


You a Wu man?


Yan you stole that joke.

I don't ever make duckfaces.

I want someone to hate me and think I am the most disgusting and vile thing on this planet and then fuck them while they still are constantly slinging insults at me.

I'm glad Grim doesn't have my digits when he wants to go clubbing.

I don't want free shots.

oh that explains it

I want someone to hate me and think I am the most disgusting and vile thing on this planet and then fuck them while they still are constantly slinging insults at me.

y-you can have me...

Yeah, multiplayer games usually aren't my thing, as I'm not good at them, nor do I want to sink the time into them to git gud.
Don't worry, I don't make any money either, I go for free ones, but most aren't good. I usually just place legacy WoW.
Yeah, it's usually because I'm not good enough and drag everyone else down...


you are a mess


yeah, I am. I need help. that's why I'm going.


just kill yourself instead you mutated freak


They call me Gan Ning of the Bells.

Is that why you want people to hate you?

Anyone can

Bad dog.


y-you're not my master

rape me

You're right.
You're just a worm.

Bad worm.





hi grm

I feel ya man, most of my experience and practice comes from when I was younger, I just don't have the drive to practice anymore. Yeah I heard a lot of those free MMOs are quite the shit show. I don't see it as dragging people down, one more man on the field is one more guy they don't have, ya know?


{sinking ship}

Doesn't seem doable.

desu come to AX so i can kick ur ass pls


Worms don't deserve love.

Unless you think you're more than a worm?

We skype every night before he goes to sleep and he tells me he loves me and falls asleep on mic with me......

haha yah seems you were quite right!


If you come to Ax, I might end up kicking YOUR ass.

keep linking me pls
not grim


you would literally be the easy tutorial boss of my AX fighting quest

i would first try you

See you at AX

Never thought I'd see someone who plays dynasty warriors here. Good taste!


Nah, no one really does it in a sexual way here. It does make me happy when people hate me though

More like my self esteem is too high! I need someone to articulate their disdain for me . It is like I am too perfect right now

I feel like Grim's the last person I'd want to fight.

He might shoot me then kill 49 other fags.

funny image swap

What if it was a knife fight?

Ah, I never practiced much when I was young. I played CS1.6 when I was 13 but I only played Jailbreak really.
Yeah, but some of em can be okay for a time. I remember this one game "Ascend: Hand of Kul" was great, I think I got to 100 hours in it even. I suppose, but it still feels like I should just sit out instead of getting killed a lot.

Hi. Whats the haps pap.

Eh? Why not!

I've been playing it since I was like 12.


Who brings a knife to a gun fight?

That just sounds like a bad idea.


You would never had a moment of "no stop I don't want this" and it would always just be youtube.com/watch?v=s75OryIKDxE

God I want to lick Youmus feets so bad, I bet they taste like sweat and candy

whoa, i got linked...

Procrastinating again. This habit will fucking kill me one day.

What kind of candy are you eating...

bbq flavored sunflower seeds

Procrastinatin on what?
Thankfully I'm out of school, so the only thing I'm procrastinating on is being a useful, or even worthwhile human being.

oooooh sick burn

Hi Boo.
Bye Boo.

I'm going to head to sleep now,
have a good night, threaders.


Stop that.
I don't have to upload the folder.

white trash pls go back to the trailer park

Studying for a final in 1.5days.

Have a good night, Rin.







Break into his already broken window and SMASH.

I'm always right.


Oh wait. That was the dubious looking shed.


I played CS but only source, it was mostly my brother shooting me in the head from across the map, though I had better luck online with a pray and spray shotgun. Somehow I never came across those jailbreak servers nor any of the other game types like that. I spent most my time on tf2 when I was younger, miss those old servers.
Never heard of Ascend, what did it play like? Apparently the PC version is losing online in 5 days, sad when games go offline permanently.
Best thing you can do is follow another party member, shoot whoever he shoots and watch his back, even if you get killed from behind your buddy will notice him.

stop enforcing booxrin otp
i dont even want this

lol wut


Sci is asking for unban

Murder, Sci said hi


for what purpose

I think you may have a terminal case of the autism.
I'm terribly sorry. There's nothing modern medicine can do for you.

just give me my HRT pills already then

what the fuck
That's fuckin gay.
What the fuck are you in school for?

Ah, when were you playing? For me it was 2012/13, so maybe there were just more around then.
I never used the shotgun much, always went with the classic m4 / ak. Though in CSGO I always do really well with the sawn-off. Maybe I should play with that more.
It's just a hack and slash with some simple combos, but you can also use magic.
Fuck dude. That makes me sad as shit, I don't have an xbox so I can't even play... Though I had some rough stuff happen to me while I was playing, I feel like it might muddle the game and make it less enjoyable. But it was really fun while I played, gettin new l00t, fightin people online, killin goblins n shit.
True, I usually work with someone and they get killed right away though. But then again, I haven't played with many friends.

Wanting to be a genetic mutation
but why

Calm down, Swedish.
You'll never even be a girl.

Goddamn, I accidentally clicked on that shit.

He was posting last night though did you ban him?


except for when you arent?


i dont have control of that and maybe he shouldnt have posted cp

I don't have steam on this computer and I'm not even going to bother with it on this. but when I do get my computer it's amyvictoria hit me up fam

no can do, that would hurt people and I am incapable of doing that.

I'm sure nobody would notice and the ones who did would be relieved

google gremlin d.va
and save moar to post here!

Pretty sure no one would care.
Just try it and see if anyone cares.

comp engineering

murder, i also say hi

why are you so insecure/angry with traps

he actually has a cute face
its the fat thats the problem

2007-2008, the custom servers probably weren't widespread at that point. I always wanted to be able to use the M4 but holy crap I am bad at aiming, so I just took the shotgun that does the most damage and ran around shooting anything that moved, I killed hostages every once and a while but I was pretty helpful. Hack and slashes are great, I might have to look at some gameplay videos of it. If they get killed right away I guess you were the better player eh? Or at least better at surviving, which is the true test. Some say its easier to set up plans with friends, but usually that lasts all of 5 minutes and then the enemy does something that causes the plan to explode.

Traps are boys who dress like girls, trannie mutants are suicidal freaks who take pills and play dress up and think it makes them a girl

which is never

It's the "everything" that's the problem.

i have what i have yo

apparently! gotta ask you about lottery numbers sometime lol

dude I WISH

youre angry because youll never be passable?

He's not a trap, just a queer.
He can be a queer without wanting to pretend he's a girl.

get moar~

Comp? Computer?
That's pretty cool dude, I'm actually thinking of going into Mechanical Engineering myself. Or at least, going into welding first, then engineering...
Sounds hard as fuck, I couldn't even understand java.

Yeah. Hey, maybe we should play CSGO or 1.6 together or somethin, eh?
Eh, with 5 days left and not being able to register due to every name being taken, I wouldn't bother. But it was a fun little game.
lmao, thats what I'm going to tell myself from now on so I don't feel so bad about dying right after they do.
Yeah, we usually don't set up plans, just kinda run around and shoot shit and go "OH FUCK SOME SHIT JUST SHOT ME" into the mic. And generally just try to annoy each other. It's funny.

I'm not some freak who wants to be a girl, I just want to suck subtles dick

He is baiting you, just ignore him.

i get that
i just dont understand why he's so angry about traps
every post involving a trap he attacks
theres clearly some insecurity

i was kind of wishing too

ill get them when i get them


Or maybe he just doesn't like them.
I can hate niggers and other lesser races for reasons that have no component of insecurity.

Sure, I got both though I haven't played in an eternity let alone a shooter, so I'll be pretty bad. Which one would you prefer?
I suppose, though the single player could be enough for me, plus I am sure it's pretty cheap these days.
It's the best way to do things, I've found that planning actually screws you up more than it helps. Chaos is the true path to victory!

its way too spastic and dedicated just to be a simple dislike
it's obsessive

i aint no slave

The funny part is Dva is the worst character in the game

most trannies do seem kinda....insane though

I don't like how everything they do and say is some sort of cry for acceptance and attention, the disgusting almost bragging about how many disabilities they have, how they think they're girls even though they have a dick and are born male. I don't give a shit if someone is a tranny and doesn't make everythign they do and say constantly remind people that or talk about their fucking issues all the time but the ones who do can kill themselves

They have gone mad with the pain of knowing that "draw a girl, call it a boy" will never be real.


really nigger
how about all of them


Hm... GO would probably be better, less hardcore oldfags that have a million hours in game and will snipe you in the face immediately.
Don't worry, I haven't played a shooter in a long time either, so we can just be shit together.
True, the single player was all I ever played. It's actually free to play, so no need to worry about monies.
Ah, I've found that preparation never helps me, not with tests, not with games, not with presentations. I just wing everything and it works out. Especially since I'm a DM, so I need to be quick on my feet.

They are.


I was trying to be at least a little nice.

You ignored my other post asshole.

desu is literally no different from a trap poster honestly

not that i can tell


I'm not sure weather or not to be offended by that statement or concerned you know what a trap poster is like

nuh uh
I would go "ah oh no don't rape me nnn"

sorry, this board moves fast and I'm not so used to it... I'm also just having fun talking to anonymous right now, so I kinda missed it!
P-please forgive me onii-chan...

good evening ^-^

hi nazi

i love traps almost as much as girls
ive been with a bunch

your posting style is the exact same as any other bit rate trap
casual attentionwhoring, blatant sexualizing, lack of conversation skills, etc

I'd say my lack of conversation skills stems from a lack of interest more than being unable to communicate with people

That's true, GO it is, I will gladly follow you to the bottom of the leaderboard. I'll go get my steam name and all that stuff, its pretty damn long so I'll just post it here.
Free to play? I'll check it out tomorrow, always up for a free game.
Same here, usually I just end up overthinking it, DM? As in pen and paper games dungeon master?

thats cool
i'd say different

everyone and their mom disguises their issues by saying 'i just actually dont care'

how are you, baka~?

Desu isn't a trap poster. This is a trap poster

I mean, for the first month you knew me you were flirting with me why would I want to keep that going


I'm gonna be able to forgive you for this one.

You crossed a line that you can never get back over.

I mean I'm NOT

i thought we were having a discussion not just an insult war
good talk desu

why do you have different filenames?
the last one of yours I saved had the filename MAN

lexi is buying me overwatch friday let's play

wait disregard that murder im retarded

You can just have mine now, Pizza_Migoo
Ya, free is best.
Yup, Dungeons and Dragons my dude, every Friday with the boys.

fuckin cool as FUCK
as per usual
suh witchu bae

nononono pwease forgive me!
I'll do anything if you forgive me, anything!


I thought it was both

Oh yeah I would love to play with you some time.

nice joke



when do u get to see some more raw boo pharah/reindhart action ban

shut up i figured it out





red pls

these are the only feels i truly cant handle
i want to break down and cry


Oh, wait. That's still happening.

I dunno I might play today if my eyes stop being gay.

You're gonna have to say goodbye.

So you're just gonna follow me around and heal me right?

I'll yell at you if you fuck it up and I die.


okie dokie

just inv me whenever my dude

Much easier! Now I'll just figure out where I find people on steam and send an friend request.
Damn man, I've been trying to get into DnD but everyone keeps killing the game right before it starts, never actually played a pen and paper but it always sounded fun.

i wish he wouldve gone through with it so everyone in that shitty house of yours would be dead

I wish you were the one oding on heroin instead


Eh? What do you mean killing the game before it starts?
Do you play online?

Pull the trigger faggot.

Blowing your brains out might be the only thing you're good at.

o k

Even locally, they just call it off right before it starts, its horrible.

I actually main healers...


wow what a surprise

You told me before.

I imagine Desu would play nothing but Soldier 76 so he can just spam ">Soldier 76's grey hair".

haha just kidding im not that obsessive haha really
Also please forgive me, I'll do anything you want, videos, pictures, messages, I'll humiliate myself right now in front of everyone!

Seriously? What the fuck? Do they just not have time or is it usually for no reason?
Sounds like you need to find a different group.
D&D is amazing, probably the only game I really enjoy playing anymore.

In battlefield and tf2 healers are my most played don't fucking OPPRESS ME

There's nothing wrong with being a support

I wanted to play mercy..

everything i imagine anything about desu i can only see his eyelashes

I kinda love having a car. It's only a 10 min. drive instead of a 45 min. walk

what even is wrong with my eyelashes

every sissy bitch 99% of the time mains/only plays support

it makes me never want to


apparently you have full jurisdiction over it

Is that another thing you're stealing from Lexi?


oh yeah some other people posted cp but were only banned for like a day desu(?)

bebop really wants his pick at those eyelashes it seems

I'm just gonna yell at you and treat you bad instead.

Write "ban" on your forehead and post a picture.

I wish I could ban people ironically because of my name.

Chen and bane are my favorite supports in dota

lexi plays mercy ?

They start arguing about what is and isn't allowed. I just wanted to kill goblins dammit.

When it boils down to it, bebo just doesnt want sci to post

and hes the admin so whos gonna stop him

holy shit

i dont care

I love cars mayne.
P gud, gonna get an application to some place tomorrow.

I think so.

Grim, can I haz cuddles~?

Well you can, at your board. Let's move there.

I'm sweaty. Maybe after I shower.

Every time I die its because you fucked up.

Let's be honest: no one really wants Sci to post.


I don't remember the password.


I got you a present.
It's a reply.

I'm kind of frustrated and disgusted. Pls halp.

Honestly if he can get over his obsession over some people he's fine

i think everyone here hates that autistic brat

But you, my friend. You get unadulterated sweaty, hairy hugs.

Come to papa


Wanna play dota with me


nobody wants him back either

stop it

For like a job, or...?

Yeah, it's gonna be a rough couple weeks money-wise, but in the long run it will be totes worth. Such excite, much wow.

Oooh, yes, please do that~


What happen??

ignore that


Would you let me thank you for letting me heal you also ?

That black dude seems really nice. I might be in trouble x_x

I had to carry really hard in my overwatch games...

He hasn't spoken to Limes in like a year and a half and he's still autisming about him.
So unlikely.

Every time you try and seek my approval I'll like you less and less and treat you worse.

I can understand the frustration part, but why disgust?

Seems a bit much for a reaction to vidya...

im updating desu
5 min

I played overwatch with Limes and Lemon like 2 days ago.

How long was I snoring for last night, ban?

Well maybe I just have autism then.

holy shittttttttt

what the fuck would and wouldn't be allowed?
Just roll your character and play according to the rules.

Yeah, a job at an oldfolks place my friend is working at.
Worth what? The car? You payed for and bought a car?


Perhaptually ;3c

oh my god


The moment I heard snoring I yelled "are you fucking sleeping!?"


haha have fun washing that off.

You kind of looking Harry Potter had sex with a goblin and you're the bastard spawn of that unholy union.

are u fucking serious baka

you embarrass us /lewd/ posters

fucking shameful

Oh no what if I was really autistic irl
I was singing and doing stupid shit
Oh nooooo...

oh jeez

*look like


didn't think you'd actually do it

why would I not?

It was so sudden.


Ah, what exactly are you going to do there? I heard doing the cafeteria stuff isn't too bad at those places. Dealing with the smelly old people could be a drag though.

Yeah man, I own a car again after a dreadful 15 months without one. This is my 4th auto I've had :3

Tsuchi, plsssssss x///////x

I kinda want him to bench press me. He's super buff lol

You didn't seem that bad irl...

And your serenading was great~

idunno, having self worth

but people drift off into sleep!
was I talking one second and snoring the next? god damn

Oh no, I'm being pitied for my disability...

I'm just really good at tucking people in.


Thank you very much red...

OH COME ON. I didn't mean it like that!!!!


Hihi Boo~

Como esta tu noche, amigo?


Dishes maybe, they've got the place split into two sections, one is the "sane" side and the other is the "insane" side according to my friend. Going to try to serve on the insane side.
Yeah, I dislike old people but if they say weird shit then it'll be cool.

Toight, I'm going to get my dads old car in 2 months, maybe sooner. I'm hyped as fuck.

I do have self worth!
Why would posting that mean I have none?

no se que sabes espanol
cuando aprendiste?

Call him your chocodaddy.

kinda implies that

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You're rating is going down.

I never thought you wanted in on this.