Look at what Holla Forums is up to

Look at what Holla Forums is up to.
Archive this.

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Many such cases!

Forgive me for a little hijack of your thread.
This is another thing they are up to (pic related).

I posted a few replies in this thread, always civil, not calling names, not making fun, not insulting, clear that I have the intention of good will. I am rewarded with a ban for wanting to learn about the right. An absolute joke.

I thought that banning people for this shit was just a stupid meme. Fuck me.

What are they hoping to accomplish with this?

Meme magic psyop. It will get out of their hands and they are found to be killed by their own members.

lol what is the point of this

are they really THAT deep into their LARPing?



One is the original-poster.

Perhaps this is not worthy of attention, but this is again, the relevant website created: leftreality.com/.

They are not very good at their masking.

Think about what is going through their minds.

tfw I agree with this

Looks like the site for me.

how do we fight this before it gets worse?

at the very least they're smart enough to realize people are pissed with the DNC. especially pissed off berniefriends who were told to vote hillary. And so I suppose they envision the "alt left" as a reaction to normie left-libs in the same way the alt-right was a reaction to normie right-libs.

I suppose the goal is to fool these disenfranchised sucdems into accepting a shitty platform that will be easier for aut-rightists to argue against.

The website's platform plays into the whole cultural margsism meme and liberals are actually leftists meme so it basically plays right into their hands. Too bad no one will fall for such thinly-veiled-autism.

Frankly, the simplest thing you can do is save the information appropriately as evidence.

Also, this link was posted on another thread, but this "Alt-Left" nonsense can be seen more now: thealtleft.com

The lack of self awareness is astounding.

it won't. they don't even try to hide their spaghetti. And yet deep down I hope it does.

The disinformation kills me inside
What does that even mean? Are they aware that Marx was early to recognize that globalisation, which is implicit in capitalism, not only destroys the heritage and tradition but it is incredibly unstable, as it operates through a series of crises, and I think this has been recognised to be all the way to he end of this particular era

Why is Holla Forums doing the job of cointelpro ?

Holy shit. They're more retarded than I could have imagined.

read that a couple more times and realize the truth.

If Holla Forums goes down the shitter, that is bad for us. That is where we get a serious amount of our newfags from.

bit late dude

Not only that but it would be only a matter of time till they need to find another spook be it evil "Nazis" or evil "Communists" the average person still runs on fear mongering from the Top.



Why is our propaganda so shitty. These videos make me cringe.

Because your political ideas are, too.


It's a shitposting you dip


Why are all trump supporters more salty about Bernie than they are about Hilary ?

We're going to win so much we'll get tired of it as our Glorious Leader said.


you wait white boy me and my homies are gonna roll up and smoke your ass fool.

your homies are a spook


If you use the word "Alternative" in referring to yourself as a leftist you've already lost.

Holy fucking shit what a bunch of retards.

This would be like us claiming the alt right were all secretly globalist wall street bankers, their inability to attack anything without somehow making it just the reversed mirror of themselves is astoundingly hilarious.

If any Holla Forumstard is here for the sweet screencaps of assmad lefties, get this through your skull:


The only thing we clash on is where oppression comes from. You blame races, we blame affluence.

Most of us also have no interest to support either side of your war on fun. We want to remove the system that created both you and the SJWs, and then let every person live their personal life as they see fit. Hate the gays? Great, get back to work. Just became a woman? Great, get back to work. We don't care, just keep the community economically strong so you can reap the rewards of your labor. A stronger community is a stronger you, and playing identity politics only weakens everyone and shoots yourself in the foot.

We would see humans conquer space, you would see everyone die in a great purge since nobody is pure enough to be allowed to live under the rule of eugenic cleansing.

All that being said, ya'll nazis some dumbass motherfuckas.

I can't believe people are still pushing this meme after the media had to full reverse their narrative when it turned out, actually, his cabinet really is full of racists.

Success and the people you include are mutually exclusive.

trump is gonna have so many of my niggas up your ass you will be more black than white.

They wouldn't even be able to fake being left, they've never read a fucking book in their life

What does this have to do with things like Obamacare or the corporate lobbyists in his administration?

Nothing the screencap is untrue.

And really, since when was the mainstream media's narrative of choice a sensible barometer of truth?

Me and my homies suck each other off.

Yeah fucking bigots those ppl don't read our gay romance novels. Which are, btw, the only real books worth reading.

You should look up my book called "African Queens" It is about 2 gay slaves that are separated but through all the suffer and hardships they find each other again.

And twilight.

psst, i get that you're making a joke but the problem is that the joke isn't very funny and is just bumping a shitty thread about Holla Forums assuming that since they can trick apolitical nerds into being fascists that they can do the same to people who actually give a shit about politics

I only made 2 post

3 now*

the second one had its good moments.

Every time we do something you tell me Holla Forums will do this and will do that. …I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about Holla Forums pressure on Communism. We, Holla Forums, control Holla Forums, and the global admins know it.

That is a very pretty sentiment, person, but you need to stop.

Yes, they are sensitive and ban rather quickly, but this ban is more deserving than yours: postimg.org/image/7ulygmzab/

It's shitposting, dickhead


Holy shit.
They actually believe that's what we want?

apparently, I'd hate to disabuse them of their prejudices, just to see the narrative they come up with on the forums.

James you cheap fuck private domain registry is like $5. Either your shit is now on file at the FBI or you've invalidated your claim to the domain with fake credentials.

Registry Registrant ID: Not Available From Registry
Registrant Name: James Hancock
Registrant Organization: None
Registrant Street: PO BOX 23041
Registrant City: Seattle
Registrant State/Province: WA
Registrant Postal Code: 98102
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.5097101679

Somebody give him a call, I'm sure he'll love a nice chat with his local sleeper cell of cultural marxist NKVD enforcers.

Jesus christ the autism is real

Is this an intellectually honest, funny and original Holla Forums meme?

It won't work but isn't it interesting that we've got to a point where people are openly discussing psy-ops on a chinese cartoon forum?

holy fuck i am laffing.


This is just a sad excuse for a false flag. They don't even bother to hide their mocking tone.

Hack it.
ddos it.

So this is what people who hallucinate cultural marxism believe cultural marxists are up to.

From their "groups" page:

This is a new meme to me.

Holy shit, the autism.

This is what Holla Forums means when they say our memes are bad.


I know this is the wrong place to ask, but how would you word it differently?


Give me a bit guys.

I'm gonna ddos this shit into the fucking ground.

got your screenshot, Holla Forums?

Nobody gives a crap if your half assed site is online or not.

Not only must it not die, it must be preserved for all time so that it will forever embarrass its creator.

Somebody archive it before they pull the plug and blame global marxians.

Holla Forums is retarded, I'm done with them, actually done.

They can burn in hell. At least you lot are generally more polite and try to engage in debate.

Me too mate. I mean I will always respect Hitler and what he did but I Holla Forums's a lost cause. No true Nazis there no more. Just opportunists looking for their own self-interests, and everyone at eachother throats. I don't know if Holla Forums would accept because of my respect towards Nazi ideas though. It doesn't matter anyway.




All the evidence added

Holla Forums seems to be full of LARPers who constantly fellate Hitler, attack anyone who isn't pagan, and they spend all their time attacking shadows by shouting 'Jew' whenever someone has a dissenting opinion. And when push comes to shove, they'll defend the very mods that are proven to be compromised.

Brought to you by intellectually honest, righteous, logical winners who are Not Cucks.

It's a falseflag. They pretend it's a legitimate leftist website, then point at it as proof of gultural margsism and hand out red pills.

Of course it's retarded - normies will instantly catch up that it's satire or something made by a crazy, and for people already leaning towards their camp a picture of a Roman bust with a caption saying how margsism was invented by jews is enough, so it's wasted effort.

It could actually work if Holla Forums had a smidgen of self-awareness, then they could use Holla Forums memes and talking points with some shady shit here and there instead of putting their retarded conspiracy theories to paper and making fools of everyone involved.

Woah, Holla Forums's right! They do make the funniest memes.

I don't know man, I don't think the Nat-Soc culture was a bad thing, but once the pagans and LARPes latched unto us it became insufferable. But one of Holla Forums's biggest faults really is their Mods. Can't trust them, when they don't ever post or respond any questions. They are IRC circlejerkers that don't talk to the community but still shit it up. If they were doing their job right, there would be no need of Holla Forumsmeta and all the other Holla Forums alternatives that have been created, they also wouldn't be universally hated.

Not necessarily, (I'm not Nat-Soc) but it attracted too much LARPing and a tendency to almost worship Hitler.

I agree, the mods are compromised and have been for some time. Problem is, Holla Forums will still defend the mods whenever they see something they don't like, which is a lot of things nowadays. Good threads and dissenting opinions get deleted, while non-news and Trump/Hitler-fellating is allowed. Even Endchan is slow as fuck and not that great.

There's also the fact that the massive shilling Holla Forums suffered turned them into a paranoid mess, and the Trump victory has made them so secure they can't criticize Trump in any way whatsoever. Yes i'm still with Trump, but i'm not all that happy with his picks, playing it safe or not he could at least drop some hints that he will follow through with some of his promises at least. The most important to me is persecuting the Clintons, but if he doesn't Holla Forums will somehow justify him and ban those who dare speak agaisn't it. But i'm getting ahead of myself, I'll wait till he's actually on the white house to see how he'll interact with the American public and if he really does intent to follow through.

This. They were right to be somewhat paranoid but they really take it too far.

As for Trump, they got carried away. Many have forgotten that he's only a step in the right direction, and you have many saying that he's 'pretty close to WN', which retarded, never mind the fact that WN is not the way in the first place.

Come to Brit/pol/ if you like. We're somewhat accepting of yanks, and we're the final redpill.

I'll give it a visit, but how have you guys been faring with the brexit stuff? How are you handling things without Nige to guide you?


They are so utterly obsessed that they cannot think beyond it.

these are teenaged kids who talk like 1950s backwoods Baptist preachers

So basically

as long as you guys keep your irrational hate of other types of people at a non-sperg level, it's good that you're here and we're not a total echochamber


How do you feel when the promotion and indoctrination of these ideas in white countries and only white countries results in only the removal of the white race, while leaving every other race still divided and seperate?

There is no such thing as "the white race."

Can't handle the hurt-chamber that is Holla Forums? You'll fit right in here, cuck.

Feels bad. Racial identity and bordercuckery should be eliminated all across the globe.

gaid gais
I just got my conservative grand papa a netflix subscription and a Melany Martinez Album

How do you feel when you realise multiculturalism and immigration are the tools of the capitalists you support for the suppression of all people along class lines?

Even the most liberal scientists will tell you you're retarded.

Yes then we can all be 3rd world

Macho as fuck, can't wait to see you studs on ropeday tee hee x


but the third world is where tribalism flourishes

It's quite clear that they don't know jack shit about open source distribution

I can't dance but I would like to try dancing with her anyways, source?

sure faggot

ok kike

and where white culture dominates and subjugates the inferior

From a genetic point of view, race doesn't exist.


We're reaching Latin levels of macho.

I agree, the correct term is sub-species

this is a necessary premise of your bullshit and even it isn't true lmao

why isn't it?

Other human subspecies are extinct.

Even then, the differences in DNA are negligible.

If you think multiculturalism doesn't exist in non-white countries, you are incredibly naive and sheltered.

differences in DNA are negligible, but differences in phenotypes are very significant.
FFS, the Shepa people are the only ones to be able to breath Himalayan air without long period of adjustment, because they were selected for that for hundreds of generations!
If you believe in Darwinian selection, you must believe in the adaptability of each peoples.

the differences in DNA of sub-species of crows is negligible but they still propagate different behavioral tendencies in different environments.

How about you look up the demographic forecasts for the next 50 years of non-white countries versus European countries and then try and reconcile your argument.

people aren't crows retard

the entirety of modern genetic science says you're fucking wrong

not that you'd know because you've never read anything about it but pol memes


Evolutionary differences in biology are everywhere, but human cognition doesn't work that way because all human environments select for the same beneficial mental traits.

European countries will still be less diverse than many developing countries.

That's not what "multiculturalism" means, by the way. The UK, solely among the white native populace, is multicultural, for example.

Sassanach go home. Return Celtic clay.



They are the same. Disgusting foreign invaders from the continent. Paint the Emerald Isle red with the blood of the sassanach. Death to Elizabeth. Death to all Windsors. Éirinn go Brách.

No, the entirety of modern genetic science does not say the white race does not exist. Race is only a more PC and Marxist-friendly word for sub-species.

Your first sentence is complete bullshit and you know it. Less diverse does not mean 'more white people'. Not to mention the UK is well on the way to becoming a non-white country even with the white "multiculturalist" immigrants.

Percentage arguments are worthless. There are more white people in raw numbers than there ever have been in any other time in human history. Proof?

325,057,779 x .62 = 201535822.98

738,849,002 x .86 = 635410141.72


Let me point out the entire total population of Europe and the Americas (not just the United States, the Americas), was 889,547,886

There are almost as many white people in Europe and America today as the entire population of the entirety of the Americas and Europe in 1950.

Where is your fucking anuddah shoah?

Also, there's more than one species of crow you retard. Species. Not sub-species. I know biology is hard for your fragile brain to grasp, but do try harder.

This has nothing to do with what I said.

There is no "white race" because there is plenty of biological diversity both within and without it. No one is arguing that everyone is magically the same–in fact, you sort of are.

They also do not divide humans into "sub-species" you dumbass.

Absolutely pathetic. Of course there are more white people now more than ever. There are more PEOPLE now than ever in history. Jesus fucking christ, I can't believe I'm arguing this. Why can you not look at demographic forecasts for white nations taking into account CURRENT trends of immigration and birth rates.

This is the part you are ignoring.

going to repost this and shove it in every stormfag's face from now on, thx :🍀🍀🍀))

Ivory tower pseudoscience predictions of the future.

Go look up historical projections from 1945 and see how "accurate" they are.

not to mention

that doesn't help your position at all?

Yeah, they don't take into account immigration acts and policy changes. I only hope these things change to render the current forecasts wrong. Why are you trying to rationalize the idea that Europe will remain white to me?

because Europe will remain white, and you will cry about it in 50 years because your chance for le revolution kill all le kikes will have passed forever

Am I back in 2004?

No ones stopping you from having 10 pure white kids user

If it remains white I will not cry. I do not push for a revolution against Jews I only wish their deeply triggering and problematic rhetoric in the media and political views would fuck off to Israel and stay there.

based wordfilters

like an onion!

this does not save Europe by itself


While poorly organized, and at first may overwhelm you with all the different and often opposing views, Holla Forums is a great place for brainstorming and debating your thoughts… just don't expect to accomplish anything while you're there.

Why do so many threads get derailed by this "race" nonsense?

Because polcucks have no theory so they have to try and use pseudoscience to win the argument.

What did they mean by this?

Because Holla Forumsacks are fucking morons and will never think about anything else.

I'd rather have the cunt tbqh

Wew, here come the anti-lulz police

Holla Forums is dead.