To the unironic naziposters

I'm genuinely curious. Why are you here? What brings you here to Holla Forums?

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probably same reason us lefties go to Holla Forums

debates, shitposting, understand the enemy etc

To observe opposing and potentially better viewpoints to that of my own in order to determine whether or not I am correct with where I stand.
This is becoming increasing harder on Holla Forums as it's slowly becoming a complete echo chamber.
Although admittedly I'm coming here less and less now given that people still use trips and flags unironically with no one calling them out for it and that most of the arguments made by leftists on here are just a specific set of rehashes with little intellectual diversity.

Cuz we'z onta u librul sjw white gene-o-ciders! You'z workin' for dem jewwwwws, man!

Because it's one of the last bastions of rational discussion on economics without IdPol being shoved into my ass.


you a Space Nazi?

this. I believe in racial justice. I believe in rights for LGBT and women. Cops shoot too many black people. Trans people get treated like shit. it's all true.

That said, I have no tolerance for "privilege checkers" and idpol essentialists who believe that progress is a transgender Latina Goldman Sachs VP. I have no tolerance for those who pleasure in seeing the white working class suffer.

i'm one of them but idk what you mean. there's loads of racists among us

You fucking swine are spamming Holla Forums and you have the nerve to ask why people are spamming back?

There sure are. But racists who do not get taken care of by the economy become more racist.

The problem is, and tumblr and twitter are especially guilty of this, is that as Obama/Democrats elevated an unprecedented amount of LGBT, Women, and Minorities into the Porky class, hate for the working white poor has intensified and hate from the working white poor towards minority elites creates racial/gender strife.

The only way to fix this is to create a universal bond for the workers to come together, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or creed. If we can only see things within the context of our immediate communities, we're fucked as a society.

go onto any socialist forum r/socialism, and say that bigotry can't be defeated until the economic conditions incentivizing it are removed, and see what happens. Also don't forget to mention that saying words like crazy, moron, and stupid are fine in normal discussion.

r/socialism is insane.

I get banned on Holla Forums if I suggest that Martin Shkreli isn't "based" or say that taxes aren't a jewish conspiracy and that Bernie was right on a lot of issues
There's just better posters and discussion here anyway

I can't even post on Holla Forums from 3G thanks to the fact that they permabanned someone (not me) from my network for being a "disinfo kike". it has long been an echo chamber. this place is also a bit of an echo chamber although it is not as bad.

If you really want a free market where you can see the basically every argument being made, and size each one up to the satisfaction of your own judgment and sensibilities, use 4/pol/. now there's a free market of ideas. zero censorship and thousands of posters ready to strike up an argument. the downside is that the arguments are usually very dumb and laden with memes, but there's no shortage of opposing viewpoints.

and before anyone says otherwise, half/pol/ is not an echo chamber because of how many fascists post there. if they could ban you or delete your threads it would be an echo chamber. but a prevailing opinion does not an echo chamber/torture chamber/safespace make. you are free to post there and trigger them as much as you like, unlike basically any subreddit and decidedly unlike 8/pol/

but Holla Forums's more stringent moderation makes this a much better forum for organizing projects.

The only genuine racists (true hatred based on skin color) I know are non-white. Obviously there are plenty of white racists, one needs to look no further than Holla Forums to see that, but in real life you're far more likely to encounter a non-white racist. Whites tend to be overly tolerant, and at best lean towards race realism, simply applying statistics in their day to day interactions with unknown people.

try moving out to the boonies. assuming you are American that is

Only have known White Supremacists (KKK). All the men of color I've known were cool dudes.

Actually a black former co-worker got me to goto college. Where nobody in my family (whites) ever pushed me to do so.

in b4 anecdotal even though I was replying to an anecdotal

guess what

both are anecdotal

I live in a small middle class town, not a city. The "boonies" here would be the everglades.

Oh I know plenty of cool black dudes. I interact with them weekly at the range. That said, they have made it clear in no uncertain terms that if push comes to shove, they will always stick with "their people" no matter what. None of the whites I talk to express that attitude, although it's certainly possible that they just aren't as candid as the blacks.


Yes of course, I don't think it's possible to deal in anything but anecdotes in such a conversation.

Assuming this is not internetlies(people do that?), for argument.

This sentiment is what happens to minority, as in the number of them, people after centuries if enslavement, violence and oppression.

I don't disagree, however most of that was self inflicted, and whites didn't exactly have it easy going up against Arab slavers.

statistics are difficult to find. it's highly unpopular research.

Yeah it happens to oppressed minorities. it also happens to oppressed majorities. it also happens to non-oppressed, empowered minorities. and yes, it also happens to empowered dominant majorities

I would agree that it happens to minority. but I would also assert that the process of ethnic in-grouping is a reflexive and automatic process that has nothing to do with oppression or minority status.

Eloquently stated. You seem to have a pretty strong grasp on this, so I'd like to get your opinion if you have the time.

European whites, for example, have largely been broken of of this in-group preference. Do you think this is a net positive, or a net negative when it comes to the advancement of humanity as a whole?

Not a naziposter, but I just pop in every once in a a while to cringe at the OC and "memes" (heads pasted onto cartoons in MS paint) that this board's userbase generates. It's like Holla Forums has it's own unironic 9gag division cranking out EPIC MEMES.

I also get a kick out of seeing "read x" as an argument.


Example please

I would tend to very lightly agree due to selective pressures. However, I would assert in kind, that oppression of a minority group creates a multi-generationally long in-group comradery order of magnitudes stronger then without it.

I would also assert that the effect lasts much less time, as well as less intensive, in oppressed majority groups.

Note: Calling the decades of slave trade, decades of institutional discrimination, decades of neighborly violence, and institutional distrust of your in-group despite dire times; most of which a within generational memory, just "oppression" is a little diengeuious.

You didn't ask me but I find it a positive.

>>>Holla Forums
>>>Holla Forums

Meanwhile Holla Forums choppily photoshops MAGA hats onto anime girls.

Africans were enslaving, raping, killing and cannibalizing their own people long before Arabs showed up, and then Europeans much later, and have continued that behavior to this day. Certainly removing them from their native environment and putting them in captivity in a climate they're ill adapted to, exposing them to additional brutalities, and then freeing them has had disastrous results, but I think Africa would be in the same position it is today, if not worse, had Europeans and Arabs never colonized it.
Do you see Europe flourishing under Arabic/African rule, and do you think such a majority would expand upon, or diminish "human rights'?

he's correct, Holla Forums is unfunny as shit

People have always enslaved people in one way or another. Slaves are everywhere today even, the violence is just hidden and implied now as it's more palatable. Literally what this board is all about.

Who the fuck knows what would have happened in Africa had they also been as primed for the many enlightenment Europe had.

in b4 stupid niggers

>>>Holla Forums

I agree, but I find the rate at which this manifests, along with other such crimes that aren't of necessity, like rape and murder, is important.
Yes of course, but do you find it interesting how all of the recent child sex slavery rings uncovered appear to be exclusively (or nearly so) Arabic/African in origin? I have no doubt that there are high-end child prostitution rings ran by European globalist elites, but the sheer quantity of Arabic/African child sex traffickers is statistically significant.

The rate to me indicates that things like _real_ feminism as well as secularizing Africa and the Middle East to be massively important.

I was talking about wage slavery, but sex trade is also obviously horrendous.

There is also the problem of religious institutionalization of all kinds of bad shit in Islam. But into the trash religion goes.

Still no argument here, but how can we accomplish this? To me it seems that all roads lead to lQ, as lQ increases, both criminality and susceptibility to religion decrease. I have ideas on how we could accomplish this on a national scale that would fit in the existing framework, but all essentially boil down to "eugenics-lite". One such idea would be cutting all welfare, and then creating subsidies for high lQ parents (regardless of race) to have children, offsetting, or even completely covering the cost of raising and properly educating children.

Am I off base here? Are there other options?

Fucking ==educate people== and this shit goes away, but not on time scales anybody wants to deal with in the PUSH BUTAN, RECEIVE THING era because it's generational time scales.

wordfilter got me """""""IQ""""""""

Hey nazis, what are your thoughts on this site's moderation on the Holla Forums board?

I certainly think lQ is relevant, but fair enough. I just don't see a long-term solution as viable. Demographics are shifting at such an alarming rate that in my opinion we go with a hard and fast solution and try to solve the lQ/education issue now, or whatever long-term plan we put in place will be dismantled long before it comes to fruition as we become minorities in our own countries and Sharia is established.

I'm here for salt mining.

Rightfully banned, kike.


I am not a nazi but is is very aesthetic you see.

I reject anything that ever gets close to eugenics or state murder of anybody (save for major abnormality screening in utero).

Try reforming and offender, if that fails then cage forever.

Even this though I have qualms about as I'd probably be one of the first to be locked up for pedo-thoughtcrime in any kind of statist political thought left or right.

Can't reform the kikes.

I don't understand what mental gymnastics you used when you thought out that response.

No thanks, 4/pol/ quality is terrible, censorship does exist (the global rules are selectively used), and 4chan is Hiroshimoot's datamine.

What's so hard?

Even your title gives away just how much you are cucks. You call yourselves "lefty pol". Lefty? From the get go you can't take yourself seriously. Of course you can't - as a 'lefty', you don't appreciate that a functioning society does not self-emerge and requires strong in-group bonds that are impossible around:

-Men who refuse to work or create (Holla Forums)
-Men who refuse to fight or compete (/leftpol/)
-Men who do not defend their culture and loved ones (/leftpol/)
-Men who sell out and deny all of man's achievements to prop up incompetent women and minorities (Holla Forums)

I hate this place because it is so obviously a home for men who attack anything and anyone but themselves for being broken. Zero appreciation for man's ability to get things done, and instead a total focus on a non-existent idealized future.

Kill yourselves.

I admire your ability to abide by such a philosophy.

As time passes, I find myself constantly struggling against sliding into depression and nihilistic apathy. I would trade this knowledge in a heartbeat for the ability to live as an ignorant and content wage slave.

Holla Forums

samefag with rotting bait

As always, the leftist cannot even remotely address a post directed at him, and is relegated instead to finding something else to attack as a distraction. Yes, I posted twice. Well done noticing this.


Even your title gives away just how much you are cucks. You call yourselves "lefty pol". Lefty? From the get go you can't take yourself seriously. Of course you can't - as a 'lefty', you don't appreciate that a functioning society does not self-emerge and requires strong in-group bonds that are impossible around:
-Men who refuse to work or create (Holla Forums)
-Men who refuse to fight or compete (/leftpol/)
-Men who do not defend their culture and loved ones (/leftpol/)
-Men who sell out and deny all of man's achievements to prop up incompetent women and minorities (Holla Forums)
I hate this place because it is so obviously a home for men who attack anything and anyone but themselves for being broken. Zero appreciation for man's ability to get things done, and instead a total focus on a non-existent idealized future.
Kill yourselves.

Holla Forums

Since my proposed principles applies almost universally here, is everything on this board just shitposts?
Wouldn't be entirely shocking.

Friend, if your talking true nihilism then I feel for you, and hope you find purpose once again. That dark has found me before unawares.

As a silver lining of sorts for you, I have found a modicum, just a smidgen, of wisdom with aging. For me, wisdom is just deep empathy and understanding for others and it's experience of prior outcomes to weight cost to benefit. I'm assuming your younger, so excuse me if I'm offbase, but know that if you at one time felt strongly about leftist causes it will return. Just don't let the apathy and nihilism consume you.

God damn this motherfucker is triggered, or just bored late night trolling. v0v

Your safe space
>>>Holla Forums
is that way >>>

You try so hard to sound clever but you ignore any post that successfully attacks you. The leftist coward truly characterized.

There are plenty of good threads in the catalog, but yea discussion in this place is suffering the same amount that I bet pol has been. halfchan leaking.

You have no viable discussion in the first place. Your movement is dangerously retarded.

Still samefagging and still triggered I see. I'm glad you have a board you can get out all of that anger on. I just wish you'd bust that nut you're working so hard for and go back.

you need a tiny anonymous imageboard to hide on, because your rotten opinions can't even be memed for they're so bad.

Holla Forums

Still samefagging and still triggered I see. I'm glad you have a board you can get out all of that anger on. I just wish you'd bust that nut you're working so hard for and go back.

better point out where I'm samefagging instead of addressing the slow-motion trainwreck that is your life

Your measure of the value of an opinion is whether is can "be memed for." Now that's what I call pathetic.

Still samefagging and still triggered I see. I'm glad you have a board you can get out all of that anger on. I just wish you'd bust that nut you're working so hard for and go back.

Don't feed trolls

Yes, that is a perfectly accurate statement and you're dumb:

Stop pretending to be above it all when you've achieved nothing and your board is a laughing stock

BTW, I'd gladly have a discussion with you if you stop with the anger and namecalling

Holy shit Holla Forums getting BTFO

You were the one who originally did not want a discussion. Another leftist tactic which repeats itself time after time again: avoid the discussion so long as petty name-calling works, then pretend to take the high ground (They go low, we go high!) when those insults fail. Not falling for it.

1088888 get

off by one

See you CAN post like a human.

I was having a great discussion with a few people in this very thread until you came barging in with unrelated stuff. Now if you want I can treat you like an adult, and not my 3 yoear old having a fit, and address the points you had before but I'd bet you'd just get angry again.

Do you want me to address ?

I'm coming up on 30 soon, and I actually came over from the Nazi side. I really do want to help people, but man that feeling of complete impotence and inability to truly make a difference is just crushing. I've avoided anti-depressants as I don't want to threaten my CCW/gun ownership, but slipping into a chemical haze sure does seem appealing as the days go on.

It's funny, if someone had told me a few years ago that leftypol was where I'd find the most fulfilling and stimulating discourse, I'd have laughed in their fucking face, yet here I am. I really do appreciate you guys

Objectively false, left wingers throughout history have held jobs and invented.

Example: AK-47 created by Soviet Union, and the Tachanka

As opposed to Holla Forumsyps who want the day of the rope, and class cuck themselves for a system of economics which can be used to impede on innovation.

Nice spooks.

I personally don't. But at least we don't deny achievements made by other people who don't happen to be white :^)

keep telling yourself that

wew, there's those wordfilters again. natsoϲ

36 here.

I think literally 90% of people are like this, they just get lost in ideology and bad information.

Read up a little on Nietzsche, then try to empathize a little, that old adage "put yourself in their shoes". Find a common ground that you and the subject of your empathy have, you'll find your way. Just don't simply listen to others' solutions. Not even your past self.

intelligent discourse brofist

Then you're implying the more you're able to popularize an opinion, the truer the opinion is. That has to be one of the most laughable statements ever made. It's even self-refuting: SJWs have been more successful than Holla Forumstards in popularizing their views, ergo SJWs must have the better opinion.

I wanted to add, I understand about the CCW, but dude a man is not an island, you gotta talk to somebody, even if it's just a friend. And fuck meds if you don't want them.

nobody will argue with you if your approach is to misinterpret your opponent's argument as much as possible before addressing it. The point was that your movement is humorless because there's no innate truth to it.

Oh boy this is going to be good. Can you show your working?

Has it dawned on you Holla Forums draws the vast majority of its humour from shock value?

I find it's less humor filled because it exposes a reality that is not black and white.

That's said, there is tons of comedy about worker's getting shafted by their bosses/companies or how companies are literal fucking monsters. See: Bill Hicks routine about PR and Advertisment

You can't make memes because you are a collection of dishonest individuals. When you try to share in humor it only reveals your lack of grounding and integrity. This is why you can't make memes - you are people with nothing to share.

So what's "cucks filled with hate pretending to be humanitarians"? Is that an example of you trying to understand an opponent's position seriously?

Leaving that aside, memeability is no standard at all. It's just the ability to popularize the ideas through image macros and spamming (in the case of Holla Forums). That's related to popularization of the idea, but it has no bearing on whether it's true or even interesting.

For example, you can't "meme" topology, even though it's both (mathematically) true and important. There's no humor in it either. Once again, this standard for truth is ludicrous.

You haven't defined "innate truth" or posited any connection between humor and "innate truth."

I have a more fundemental question, why are memes so important to you?


that is an absurd argument. There is no disagreement over topology to make memes about. There are no deep-seated complexes or cultural clashes about math. They are not commonly discussed topics so they won't be the subject of memes to begin with.

Truth in mutual creativity, not bitter (and useless) individuals

non-partisan statement of fact: leftist memes do not spread far because nobody really agrees with them. You leftists cannot make compelling arguments in any form, including via humor.

one exception to be noted: You're very proficient at growing your movement by spreading a feeling of resentment towards success and community.


That's not the maesure of truth though.

Also, see:

Still waiting for the part you explain intellectual honesty makes funny memes. Seems pretty counterintuitive to me so I'd like you to explain without changing the subject.

As opposed to what? "My memes are better than your memes, therefore I'm right?" Please.

So what you're saying is whether you can meme for something has nothing in itself to do with the truth of that thing. There are so many caveats in that list that it's evident you're backpeddling.

A meme is an attempt at sending an indirect message. When that message is understood and appreciated, the meme is spread or copied. Let's look at this failure of a meme: . There is zero reason to agree with it. Nothing about it accurately depicts anyone or provides a useful argument to be advanced in future discussions. Hence, as it lacks truth, this meme will simply die.

But that isn't what I'm saying, 'lefty'.


This will be my closing point: nobody wants to argue with you when you're intentionally dishonest. The whole essence of the left is to lie to others about how hard life is, to grow resentment as much as possible, so that all the hard work of real men can be torn down in your name.

You're making a false comparison: yes, bad stand-up routines attacking any subject exist. Their spread and influence has been non-existent in comparison to the memes we are actually talking about.

Right, but grinning trader nose guy isn't based on inherent truth, and I imagine your confirmation bias along with this meme is the crux of your entire idea. Jews being behind everything ever isn't an inherent truth, it's a joke stemming from one of the older conspiracy theories popularised by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was confirmed as a hoax before Nazi Germany even existed, making everything you believe in hinged on dishonesty.


Yes, he is! And that's the whole point - thanks to memes we have very quickly and easily spread the truth about Jews. The key is that memes are spread end edited and vetted again and again and again. That's why the more memes we make, the more accurate they become

It doesn't apply universally, but it's dishonest to say that majority of the world's ills doesn't have a strange amount of Jewish connections.

Assuming you were the one serging out erlier, I'm glad you got your nut off.

It's not a lie, it's trying to get other to place blame where it should be.

FYI, I have a full time job and go to school full time.

I hardly think comedy from some of the most recognized comedians in recent memory, bad standup.

Again I ask, why are you so focused on memes?

You said earlier:
Is "a perfectly accurate statement."

But now you're saying that in order for it to be memed, there must be "no disagreement" over the topic, "no deep-seated complexes," no "cultural clashes," and it must also be "commonly discussed." Finally, after all these conditions have been satisfied, you can make a meme out of it, assuming it also satisfies some "innate truth" which you have yet to define or connect to memes.

All the conditions you had to list don't comport with the original definition you gave, however: that the value of something is based on the ability to create memes for it. You've contradicted yourself. I'm convinced you have no idea what you're even saying.


What you've done is subverted 4/pol/ with propaganda, stormcuck.

Nice to see you've dropped your original point, though :^)

Wouldn't disagree, but the entirety of them involve capitalism.


It's the first place I found with regular traffic that's full of actual leftists like me. Having a concrete place where there's an obvious difference between what the media considers the left (idpol liberals) and the real left is really refreshing and it helps me clarify this distinction to others irl.

I've seen the same shitty infographics for at least 5 years. They don't get better, they remain visually ugly and full of cherry-picked examples.

The first example includes all of the biggest media conglomerates, if one was to go off that basis alone the point still stands.

*first infograph

The only thing your meme infographics get enriched with over time are even more JPG artifacts.

Same reason I browse Holla Forums, to watch people pretend to be retarded.

Theres nothing wrong with nazism. Its the only form of socialism that can actually work.

Your own stupidity.
You think you have it all correct, when in reality you're walking in the dark without a torch.

Plus the whole pizzagate thing really destroyed any hope I had in the left.

This place still denies the natural selection of memes.
There is no spoon.
But how do you eat without it?

Stirner is right, but also wrong. If we don't have a moral recipe - this planet explodes.

Then read you imbecile


Nietzsche himself said commie propaganda was there to make the people not believe the truth about communism.

Meanwhile - Holla Forums looks into all facets of history to reinforce their arguments.
You're living a lie and you know it.
Fuck you.
Take the red pill you cuck. Your own ideology is a spook. That makes it contradictory.

Holla Forums is the Fox News of imageboards and new media.

Looking through MILLIONS of facts around the world is far more accurate than a crappy manifesto written by a jew whom was criticized by the spooky man himself. It aimed to eliminate the spooks. And BECAME a spook.
And that's why it is bullshit. It's an explorer lost in the dark that threw away his only torch. The torch was crap - but at least it was a torch.

You also seem to believe that Nazism is the same it was in the 30's. Truth is - it's developing further because there are new circumstances learned.
Why do you think I come here user? Just to fart?
It's goal nowadays is to seek the truth. The scientific truth.

What does communism do? Literally subverts the truth with complete falsifications and nothing BUT propaganda.

If "truth" is propaganda to you - you're a moron. There are facts that allowed society to build (at least to a degree). Then there are the anti-pattern to this which is not only going dark, but repeating the mistakes that destroyed society.

Well done left, you're a destructive cult.

Also who pushed that meme?
Oh was it the competing msm orgs trying to discredit them?

Well done, you've proven yourself a moron.

Only one solution to that malady, user

Except for those you disagree with. You are perfectly happy to quote "science" unless it fails to reinforce your worldviews, which is why you'll go to such extreme effort to scour the Internet for every last white-supremacist or climate change blog to find "data" to back up your views, but ignore the overwhelming abundance of contrary information which appears right in your face.

Through spiritualism, feels > reals, and spooks? kek

Builds off centuries of Western philosophical tradition in order to analyze and critique capitalist and other societies.

They did, with their blatant dishonesty and agenda-pushing. Fox News is distrusted for the same reasons your movement is, because it's based off appeals to fear and emotion rather than any sort of fact.

To clarify I'm not saying other MSM outlets are better.

Depends on why it's disagreed.

There is an obvious conflict of interest when it comes from a suspicious resource.
Besides - you disagree with ALL facts.
So whose the bigger idiot?

I did, just now. Wasn't aware it was part of yet another grand conspiracy against you, poor thing.

The oppression of nazis really has gone too far. It's tragic the amount of hate and lies thrown their way.

No. You take off your sunglasses first.

What is "Truth" to you?

Kek, you're a living, breathing meme.

Oh come on - why did marxists reject spiritualism in the first place.
BECAUSE of feels.

Nope. The meme was pushed on Holla Forums actually, because back then they still trusted other sources of media.
The other sources of media that obviously disliked faux news in the first place.

Then you call Holla Forums the same?
Do you see what you've done?
Exactly what that MSM media did through Holla Forums - demonise them.

Meanwhile, Holla Forums literally found links to CP. And you continue to demonise them. They're the only media at the moment that looks into it.
So I now have to question your personal ethics for still continuing to demonise them.

THAT'S YOU who do this.
You do nothing but play the "ism" cards. It's YOU that do that.
YOU are faux news. Not Holla Forums.

An estimation of reality.

I obviously wasn't asking for dictionary definition you retard. What is Holla Forums's "truth" to you?

A better estimation than one made up spontaneously in the 1800's by jews (who are the same people today that continue to try and subvert societies through media, financial systems, governance, etc, through the oath they use).
The same people that established abrahamic religion in the first place. Funny that. Furthermore the same people that tried to genocide not just one race, but many races due to their "chosen one" mentality.
That oath was not broken in the USSR btw - because clearly Jews still controlled it (somehow - even though they were MEANT to be irreligious)

That is why I cannot trust either strict adherence to religion OR the complete rejection. Because we don't know what is the most correct method. Both failed and were likely subverted.
But through memetic interpretation we can understand where our moral boundaries are most likely to lie and what direction we should take our philosophy - what goal we should aim for.
Lastly, the left ALWAYS leads to apathy. Apathy destroys society.
Right now we are on a finite world.
And that means the left is inadvertently becoming destructive to it.

I choose life. I choose establishing a goal that most people can at least strive for.
Then you can mope in apathy all you want when you are not shackled to this world.

That wich can be feasibly and empiricaly proven, its how we develop ideologies that actualy work. You should try it sometimes.

I saw this thread on the front page.

Have a few nazipics.

Oh and the last part - you try to debate a leftist and they run away, tail between legs.
At least on Holla Forums they argue through their teeth.
If the logic stands, the logic stands.
Here if the logic stands, run.

I just came here to learn, but every time I see people run.

you came here to shitpost about jews

fuck off back to whatever fetid hole you crawled out of

Here's a guide for communism
Communist Manifesto:

Value, Price, and Profit:

Capital:Chapter I:

Critique of the Gotha Programme:

Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith:

The Principles of Communism:

The Myths about Marxism:

This is your biggest thorn. You have jews amongst your doctrine that makes jews want to cover this fact up. It's now exploited by jews for their own personal jewish needs.
That is why you're losing. If you got rid of the jewish connection, your movement would be much more successful.

But that connection is the only thing that established it in the first place.

That's the red pill.

Have you tried not being an annoying cunt? In business this tactic is useful for retention.

A lot of it is already in NatSoc but it still differs greatly.

Whoops. Only one of those is a nazi.

Here's a better selection.

That all Jews are all evil and conniving is falsely implied in every one of your arguments. You cannot make something true by asserting it over and over again.

If this means we lose the stormkid vote, fine by me.

But I would like PDFs if you've got any.

I think it's time we stopped running and discussed the issues between the doctrines.

I hope the jews kill you and all your family

because you are too stupid/arrogant to discuss ideas and arguments and want to ramble about simplistic caricatures


China now has the most number of Millionaires. It's not jewish control, it's capitalist control.

Take off your sunglasses

History begs to differ. I reread the bible and I already am beginning to see how apostles like paul tried to use it to subvert Christianity - did you know he randomly had a flash of light and a vision of jesus, became baptised, but still went to synagogues not for christians alone for what he claimed to be "preaching"

The nature of jews is also infer-able from their natural selection. In a sad twist of fate they found themselves having to lie low. Most would just give up their values, but because they were the chosen ones they couldn't do that.

This is why I'm skeptical of them. They have to let go of their meme and prove it by joining another religion.

Simply discarding it is not good enough.

The Jewish people in our political groups are mostly atheists you retard. You are accusing swaths of people of being liars with no proof.

Jesus was a jew.

Not a full christian btw, just a memetic analyzer.
Here's the thing, there are two types of oath:
1. Explicit oaths (e.g. baptism, ritual, literal oral oaths)
2. Implicit oaths (through the subtle inferences and connections made through cultural/ethnic identities)

Here's the kicker - try removing it and there will be memetic residue from it (i.e. they will remember their identity.)

That's why it would take them to literally become christian in order for them to remove this residue.

Now you can see why I think there will ABSOLUTELY be conflict here. No way will jews accept that.

Therefore - Nazi masturbation fantasy.
Other races are fine, they haven't had the natural selection to do what they do.

very funny.
Note - we don't use filters on Holla Forums because that would be rather biased through subtle satirical inferences.

Anti-semites usually have a nuanced view of the Jewish question.

It's possible to believe that elite Jews connected by the bond of their shared heritage conspire to control the political activities of other groups by subverting their nations thanks to their control of the money supply.

It's obvious that the Jewish dentist next door is only indirectly involved in the activities of his elites.

The problem with giving the means of production to 'the people' is that it's a fantasy. You can give something to the people collectively but it will always be managed by individuals. Those individuals essentially become the new capitalists.

Socialist agitators seek to use the peoples' resentment of capitalists to transfer ownership of the means of production to themselves.

More pics of socialists incoming.

Jewish is an ethnicity.

So you believe in SJW "white muh privilege" but reapplied to Jews?

And Holla Forums use word fillters because of too many influx of Holla Forums trolls

Exactly, you lie through your teeth.

Proving my point. Your whole ideological meme is based on lying
And it's created by Jews.

If everything we say is a lie then why do you even bother having a discussion? Do you expect us to say "oh shit the goyim know, time to become white loving capitalists"?

I know, yet they didn't try to force a holodomor on the Jewish ethnicities did they..

Actually, that might not be correct cause I heard stalin tried to do such. Which is still insane.

Quit moving the goalposts. You cannot just redefine what Jewish means on a whim.

Thank you, KEK for these sexy trips.

In the second paragraph, 'possible' should be 'reasonable'.

no. Most Jews are not part of the elite cult and they occasionally get shoah'd because of it. Their elites don't care about them.

Are you dense?

I never denied that the concept existed or was socialist.

I'm telling you what the actual result or trying to implement such a thing is.


No, you use satire, mudslinging and general rhetoric rather than just the facts. That is the lie.

That's how lawyers get criminals off. Infer so much against the criminal action that it's plausibly unidentifiable, even when a multitude of facts are given.

I haven't done such user.
All I've said is their religion established that ethnic identity in the first place.
But I will say this - the ethnic identity cannot remove the religious memetic residue. And that is a valid goalpost movement. Because that is provable by the fact that jews do seem to make connections with more jews.

I hate this crappy propaganda.

You mean the fake Taylor Swift quote, the Japanese Nazis, or the Arab Nazi?

All of it is tacky and gay as fuck.
Where's the class? The aesthetic? Or the anti-aesthetic?

This is why we need to take it further than hitler.

I want something that says "21st century" not 1930.
But I don't like the current modernist styles, I'd like something partially influenced by the empires and religions and likewise of old. But also influenced by the new understanding of the universe we live in.

Okay, if we're so dishonest then why argue with us? Same point applies.

But this isn't true.

Well somebody has to manage the concentration camp.



Because even when you spin a lie, there are subtly truths said. Things that are logically deductible said in something trying to twist the logic that is either accidentally said in doing so.

And when those are pointed out, the cement in your mind is cracked.

I'm amazed they last more than 2 years, let alone almost beat russia.

That's fair.

Coming up with new culture is the way to go. You seen the retro future fash threads?

Yet I am more convinced than ever that fascists are ideologically bankrupt retards. So, try again I guess.

Come on mate, inspiration is what creates things.
That is the cement cracking.

I don't see what you are getting at.

Read a fucking wikipedia article if you're going to hate books so much.

I'm more of a LOTR and grunge fan strangely.
Not very facist I know.. but it's those things the right needs right now, tap into lost ideas.

Otherwise it will become nothing but groupthink.

what a surprise.

You gotta break your conditioning.

You've spent a hundred posts talking about Jews and nothing else. You're brainwashed.

There were a lot of Socialists policies. It's just not your Marxist Socialism.

were you talking about the population?

They certainly are a major point. If not the greatest point.
Most of your points seem to be about us pointing out the jews. Funny that.
The other is inspiration which is lost on communism.

go back to fetishizing roman and medieval things, it's what you guys do best

Every retort:

Yet you're not self aware that YOU are like this?
Sounds rather selective.

I have to ask, are you perhaps a semite?

This is every conversation everyone has with you. Go subscribe to netflix and take a break.


Now you're talking shit.

How can you misread that mutch Nietzshe. He really hate the concept of truth

LOTR is aesthetic. It's also a good vehicle for subtly priming people to think about race differences. My only beef with it is that it's not futuristic.

I like that the future fash stuff is aspirational, giving people goals to move towards like spacex and aesthetic cities.

Thanks for the compliment.
gas yourself

If blacks are like orcs, which race are the marxists?


I know the "fascists are neckbeards" line is cliched, but you really aren't helping your case.

Sauron is the ultimate Jew

The Shire during the Scouring

I forgot the best part: Tolkien himself was quite openly anti-racist in a time when it was highly taboo.

Then you better get back to Holla Forums so you can get their sweet, sweet reactions to Trump devolving from fiery populist to establishment puppet.

Did you not see the overnight change that happened after he won? How softspoken and sedating his rhetoric became?

The jews used their sorcery to control him, it happened to Obama too. Better go soak up neonazi tears as their dear fuhrer becomes just another cog in the Rothschild machine.

I went to sleep in the middle of a discussion but this thread still interests me.

I'm tempted to say that it's too early to call whether or not the white European tendency to reject ethnic in-grouping is a good thing or a bad thing. to me, multicultural societies seem to be an ongoing experiment

I'd love to see your evidence of censorship on 4/pol/. although I agree that the quality is low

right off the top of my head? blacks under Apartheid. or ethnic Indians under British colonial rule. or Shias in Iraq under Saddam. you could argue non-Alawites in present-day Syria. the Sunnis certainly seem to think they're oppressed. I'm sure there are more historical examples but I'm not that well-read

is there evidence that oppression creates a stronger ethnic identity? could you do anything to quantify the claim that, say, American blacks have stronger in-group camaraderie than Han Chinese, or ethnic Poles, or Jews in Israel?

I don't really understand what you meant by this. disingenuous how? should I have called it super-oppression or something?

also I'm new to any 8ch board not to called /cuteboys/. how do I flag

I literally don't see how the first picture is "Fascist"

Aut-rightists, taking after their leader's failure in art school but begrudging ambitions in architecture.

beneath the reply form there should be an arrow that says "show post options and limits." You can set your flag there.

Well gee I fucking wonder why they would hate white people, it's not as if white people didn't shove them into ovens, gas them in showers and make furniture out of their skin or anything.

I'd need to give that a few centuries for the wounds to heal before I stopped hating white people too. Just like it's taking a while for blacks to stop being angry (their legal, social and economic situation doesn't help either), it's going to take a while for the Jew to get over it. Injustices aren't just swept under the rug with a pat on the back, after all.

Since you're all about equating architecture with ideology, what kind of architecture is this?


ur wrong, people like virtue signaling but true empathy is learned, and today it isn't.

I tend to agree with this guy. if you look at it just kind of comes off as self congratulatory and defensive. [insert autistic reason here] doesn't actually indicate any particular flaws in the reasoning. if you're going to assert that someone's reasoning is autistic and bad in order to make a joke, then the punchline needs to be the actual flaws in the reasoning, not just "he is angry and dumb".

most Holla Forums memes that I've seen suffer from, shall we say, a surplus of earnestness?

If you want a meme to stick it absolutely needs to be funny. it can't just be a totally transparent attempt at defamation, it should seem like a good joke first and a good point second. any points being raised by the meme (if there even are any) should be contained in the context, implied by the joke or wrapped up in the presuppositions that make it funny.

most people don't want to preach the gospel, but they do want to share funny and interesting and relatable tidbits. by wrapping your message in the container of a self-propagating and self-replicating vehicle, you get to have random proles do all the work of dissemination for you. it's not enough to just make something that Holla Forums agrees on and then say "okay guys we're going to post this everywhere." the meme needs legs of its own.

meant to reply saying thank you.

not for foreigners they aren't.
/r9k/ don't expect /sp/ to laugh at their memes so why would we expect you to laugh at ours?


Way too many Holla Forums "memes" are of the I AM SILLY comic variety, which often come across as totally butthurt.

They weren't until you faggots started posting them here . They were a deliberate response not an attempt to create something new.

Are you now saying I'm not a Holla Forumslack because I do not appreciate the forced attempt humour often seen on this board? I'm not saying Holla Forums is height of comedy at all, but I can see reason why those shitty counter-signal maymays from Holla Forums are better than

We have threads with over 200 replies with people who actually want to debate, you came here to shitpost and didn't get the attention you wanted.

We don't want you to be one, much less so because you were convinced by memes.
The memes here are by Holla Forumsetarians for Holla Forumsetarians, if you want to be convinced you can make a properly written thread or scroll through the ones that already exist.

you've gotta be kidding. memes have huge international and cross-cultural appeal. they bleed freely across national boundaries. pics related

/r9k/ and /sp/ definitely do laugh at each other's memes. funny is funny

Sorry honey, I've been posting on Holla Forums almost from the beginning and I've been on chans even longer than that.
What the fuck are you talking about?

Memes are popular not because they are tailored under certain demographic but because they are able to naturally arise and perpetuate themselves in a given environment, but Holla Forums (and modern Holla Forums too) does not get it because retards like you dismiss the critique of unfunny jokes as they supposedly coming from the Big Other, which allows the same mistakes to be repeated again at again. I guess this is because memes are treated as a "political tool" that can be artificially created rather than entertainment for the sake of entertainment first and foremost?

It's time to let go of the hatred.

It isn't.

Architecture doesn't have to be explicitly ideological. The form and function of a building are both ways to shape the culture and a reflection of the current culture.

Second pic is a secret Nazi research building in Antarctica and the third is bubble city in space. Not sure what's in the first but it's not as great as the others.

They entertain us. The most common critique we get is how they're obscure and unaccessible to outsiders and I say that's the whole point, they're semi-elaborate in-jokes for depressed commies and that's all they'll ever be, we're comfortable with that.

This, memes are supposed to be injokes that needed lurking to properly understand, otherwise they are and attract reddit cancer.

Just look at
Four shitty images from non-english imageboards, with little to no deeper context.

If that's all your memes are, that's all your movement will ever be - an obscure, semi-elaborate in-joke. I hope you're comfortable with that, too.

I'd rather convince people with ideas than with funny pictures, yeah. (It's already happening by the way, fucking Salon is now denouncing IdPol, it a matter of time)
People get tired of "muh cuntry" "muh culture" really really fast, even more so when they lack food on the table·

nothing wrong with flags :DDD

t. benis boaster ::DDDD

Every single fucking meme is a semi-elaborate in-joke, as neither nor are not really understandable to average person. However, there is either a history and okay content behind them that provides some entertainment once you know it or it's just a fucking crude picture of laughing bear with Sweden and Finland as its genitals.
On the other hand Holla Forums's """jokes""" are in vast majority unfunny since they are forced shit.

i thought you guys were just pretending to be part of a group, sorta like teen wolfs
don't tell me this board is filled with millenials, for the love of fuck

I hope you don't expect me to take this post seriously


we like them. Maybe our sense of humor is just different or you're intellectually biased.
They really aren't, you aren't aligned with our board culture so they seem forced to you, we could take a nazi picture and change the swastika to a sickle and it would still seem forced because you've learned that one is familiar and jokey while the other is foreign, genocidal and deceptive, you're arguing perception and trying to come off as universal.

the intellectual left is not dead but as a Holla Forumslack, feels the left lost its bite in the obama years.

I grew up in Portland with gay bars to my left and "all age" dance clubs to my right. the city itself (used to be) is no merit of the Left. i eventually made my way to WA and enjoy my mixture of hwite friends.

Portland Education Camps also got me to appreciate Shakespeare, fostered more thespian and poetic endeavors, and it really is the heart of my Romanticism-driven will for a better world.

I dont think i could have gotten that from the current right. Just as the right gets autistic about the intricacies of /real/ nationalism, you chucklefucks are still arguing about what your plan should be while the 🍀🍀🍀alt-right🍀🍀🍀 are already out of the gate and about to lap you on the political field.

its that 80% success but ready to go; over 100% success and never finish finalizing mentality. Memetic, metaphysical, sorcery, whathaveyou, Holla Forums is gonna have to get a new propaganda machine to compete these next coming years

at least you dont have worry about your board constantly diving as oldfigs just lurk and candy-asses never knew any rules to begin with

so cuz you don't know the history and in-jokes you assume they're shit?

it's funny that you don't realize how little that matters

Likely, there are way too many normalfags here.
I've already told you I'm a left-winger you cretin. Stop trying to interpret it through political lens because this mentality is exactly the reason why Holla Forums memes are so bad when compared to other boards, be it /sp/, /int/ or something else.

I perfectly get them. I am addressing why many of them suck. For example Posadism is for example pretty okay since it is absurd, which can be a source of entertainment. But those Hades pics I see being posted here and there? They are completely hollow on their own.

you'd rather. but the question remains - in the war between the cogent argumentation you would rather use, and the memes being used against you, who wins?

if Holla Forums memes aren't any worse than Nazi memes then how come Nazi memes dominate 4/pol/? after all, it's Holla Forums and Holla Forums, not Holla Forums and /rightypol/. left-wing radicalism was basically shoo'd out of the board by the community over the course of the last four years.

The hades memes are just reaction pics.

because there's a lot of nazis on 4/pol/…are you retarded or something?

when the current capitalist order breaks down and people are looking for answers, what's going to provide the theoretical basis for action and organization, funny internet pictures or actual theory?

More like Stormfront shoo'd out both conservatives, libertarians and leftists off Holla Forums and took over the board for themselves.

therein lies my question. how and why did that happen?

the failure of libertarianism, reaction against liberal idpol/sjws, shilling from stormfront, newfags being incapable of understanding irony.

But why exactly that given set of reaction pics? did not see rise of "neutral" Hades reaction pics which caught on and naturally started to get edited after getting popular, but rather a number of edits of a picture posted in the OC thread from get-go.

so? does it matter? reaction images can be literally anything. people use freeze frames of shows and movies all the time, it was an easy template to manipulate, someone recognized that and decided to make edits for their favorite forum.

what do you mean when you say Stormfront was shilling? (note that I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, this is just an examination)

Because it was not a reaction image that was got popular and spawned edits, Instead it has no inherent value on its own and the only reason for it getting posted is that there were pre-made edits in OC thread that were in some way related to this board. It's forced.

I mean people from stormfront and other right wing hubs posting on Holla Forums


I suppose you think Milhouse isn't a meme too

The original Hades pic has hardly(if any) value as a way conveying some kind of an reaction on its own. I didn't see anybody using it.
Millhouse is not a meme etc etc etc

reaction pics don't have to be popular. in fact the rarer the better, in my experience.

The reaction itself is either "Consider the following" or a general expression of lecturing a frustrating subject.

Not if you're attempting to make it a "meme"
So it is remains unclear? Explains why the original pic hasn't been used at all.
Same applies to too

Who are you to read into our intentions? OC is just OC, and we use what's created in the OC thread however we please.

It's called ambiguity dumbass. Many reaction images are like that.

That one is pretty evident. He's basically saying "this is the right way"/"the future is this way" the fact that I have to spell all this shit out for you doesn't bode well for your meme literacy.

I'd argue creation of edits implies the desire to make the overall OC used.
Give examples of reaction pics showing a human face that are as ambiguous
In what context "this is the right way" has it's usage as a reaction?

The american elections essentially became the new chanology and attracted enough cancer to push anything else.
Around 2013 Holla Forums was far more varied, you had lolberts, ancaps, some christfags, and even some transhumanists on the "space elevator" threads, now it's /r/the_donald with unironic nazis.

that doesn't make it a meme

here you go

That one isn't a reaction image, it's not the same image we've been discussing.

I guess I used too strong word. My point about trying to make it popular to some extent still stands
Doesn't seem to be used a lot, even on this board. Let's not even mention having edits.
So what is it? In what context would you use an unedited pic for?

There's no gulag cold enough for everyone in this thread

Now THAT is a funny meme.


OC thread would be less shit if it wasn't for le maymays, but for yuri of Alunya and Rodina.

Who the fuck cares

Gulag yourself

Yes because sporting out about how da joos control everything on every single board REALLY helps, doesn't it

As opposed to

sasuga sabotfag

it's perfectly emblematic of the communist mode of production, lol

Stopped reading there

Your post is shit but this is gold.

Holy shit this is perfect.

Normally memes arise spontaneously from the tons of shitposting and (in case of Holla Forums) they are later used as "weaponry", which contrasts the retardation of Holla Forums OC threads trying to reverse the process by churning out edits that stop being posted after a month.

You inspired me.

bretty gud


stay mad polshits



But you can put communities in charge. Thiriart writes about communitarian economics.