It's all over nazis on suicide watch

Holla Forums is dying and everyone is trying to flee over to without letting everyone openly know.

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Holla Forums is dying?

So what, they're getting off of Holla Forums/ 4chan?


Wow, they managed to outdo even 8/pol/, congrats to them

I don't even think the board is hardcore into nazi stuff they even bash it but for some reason everything is actually Jews.

Already dropped a shitpost there

Why though

pro Trump people and those who think he is part of a Jewish plot are fighting over mods banning any anti-trump stuff. It is actually pretty funny to watch.

I hope you're right, OP cause that's some good shit.

The guys at .xyz are still shit, but at least they're allowed to speak their mind. They are right that 8/pol/ has probably been taken over in one way or another. Maybe not directly by the Trump campaign, but by some other group.

Apparently like 2-3 of the mods are known to be compromised or remnants of other groups from previous boards trying to move them into a specific direction.

which Holla Forums? 4, 8 or both

8pol, I don't even think 4pol is even relevant to 8pol at this point

It's imkampfy. Other mods may be compromised, but he's responsible for ~90% of what's happening there now with the mass permanent bans.

Yeah I know one of them bans anti-trump stuff and one bans anti-christian stuff but they might be the same people

this tbh

sudo needs to fix crapcha

Remember when they chased off the ancaps? Now that the nazis are gone all that is left is the bunch of faggots who got into Holla Forums for the memes, learned to hate jews, and never decided on any coherent theory.

comedy gold

they're just clearing the decks for the mgtow revolution

rip pol




really makes you think

the smiley face ancap meme started here though

tbf /furry/ is only popular right now because its being spammed by bots

The Holla Forums board is pretty cool tho, check out all the flags

for what purpose

Shitposting :^)


Does anyone have a reddit account? We should put the link on /r/the_donald

So who will the Holla Forumsacks blame this on? My bets are on freech Holla Forums.

Nazi here, noticed this thread while looking for the Castro Meltdown. If you guys are feeling suicidal, I'll gladly take you on a helicopter ride. happy birthday Pinochet

The anti-trump kikes are D&C shills that have been spamming the same shit since september. They're being banned for a reason and oldfags are not emigrating to endchan.

lmao please do


Forgot my flag

Well you could be right they might be Holla Forums. After all the "anti-TRS", and "anti-alt right" hipsterdom might be them feigning as White Nationalists to creative a divide.

That's my best guess as to what they're doing. Mostly disgruntled anti-trump Holla Forumsacks triggered by some Holla Forums faggot. Their D&C isn't working very well though so whatever.

Also, we hate TRS because they're cucked to shit and have raided us in the past. As for the alt-right, we refuse to call ourselves that because it's Jewish controlled opposition (see Milo, kikebart, etc.) The culmination of which is occurring at this very moment as they attempt to collapse their movement with this "The New Right" bullshit. It's a bit more complicated than hipsterdom, though that is a part of chan culture in general.

That's odd, the last time i used 8/pol/ was back in October 2015. Did some sort of fallout happen with weev? The mods on 8/pol/ are very suspicious since i remember them letting Holla Forums shitpost on April fools day last year.

Something like that, I'm not sure what happened specifically though. I've been on Holla Forums off and on for a few years so I have to catch up after i take a break for a few months. All I know for sure is that TRS has a habit of punching to the right.

The vols themselves are causing this exodus to endchan. They ban actual users (in some cases they range ban) for saying shit that doesn't fit their carefully engineered torture chamber, even if they have good points.

so what, you guys are just going to jerk off to a President Jared Kushner and not tolerate any dissenting opinions about that? embarrassing tbh

How about a little bit of effort to lurk?

Holla Forums is kill

I'm done with them. They keep attacking imkampfy yet whenever he bans someone, they will always defend him. The place is dead and full of cucks.


how did this ever manage to become a thing?

Nazis thought of it first, back then the rules of science weren't set yet. Of course it's silly but so is Holla Forums.

I know the nazi's thought of it first, but it's still mind boggling

It's nothing more than typical far-rightist delusion that dogma can override reality.

The far left had its own in the form of lysenkoism, though not as severely retarded.

It made a really early appearance on chans in polandball, which is why Israel is a cube. It's one of the reasons the nazis lost the war, they deemed theoretical physics inherently jewish and thus never got nukes.


Nazis would've never achieved nukes even if they had a grasp on the theoretical physics of the time (and later on through the war they did abandon the deutsche physik shit being faced with the reality that it was wrong). Lots of reasons why. Resources, for one. Nazi Germany was a resource starved nation through the course of the war. Refining the uranium alone was a massive undertaking that cost the United States many, many, many truckloads of shekels. Oak Ridge was absolutely enormous and that was just ONE facility. 90% of the production costs associated with the Manhattan Project was just to procure the fissionable material.

This was with some of the greatest minds that had been in Europe before the Nazis like Bohr and Fermi.

What did the Nazis have? A bunk heavy water project that was stolen by the Norwegians? Heavy water doesn't get you to Teller-Ulam, and heavy water is useless when producing a fission bomb.

This idea that the Third Reich could have somehow - somehow - managed to win WW2 by getting to nukes first is a sheer folly.

LOL and its not even a joke!

just checked

Good points, I'd never considered it any further than them throwing the idea out at conception level.

I have peddled the nazi germany could have been saved by jewish physics line once or twice, but no polack has ever given me a (You) for it. Wonder why.

Actually, all the newfriends from halfchan are coming to visit. Expect it to get worse for those who dislike Holla Forums posters

Cool, Holla Forums is ours.

Nobody on Holla Forums thinks Jared Kushner is anything other than a kike, maybe you need to lurk more?

It's okay, socialists can take a ride too. Besides, why would I want to spend more than 5 minutes on this shitty board?

Einstein stole other people's work and passed it off as his own. Was he (the people he defrauded) correct? Mostly, it's a decent enough approximation for sure. If Verlinde's paper holds up then Einstein will be btfo.





>reddit spacing

I would indeed say Holla Forums is dying, the mods are pushing some agenda. I myself have decided to quit Holla Forums and just focus on other things.
I wouldn't be too happy with myself yet Holla Forums, I have a feeling him is involved and he won't just let you guys take Holla Forums.


ALEWDya anyone?

The Hades one certainly did though.

It is shit user


That's not reason to be proud of, it's Millhouse tier shit

sounds like a lot of the mods on Holla Forums need to be ousted