I'm a 6'3" white male who makes $75,000 a year as a civil engineer...

I'm a 6'3" white male who makes $75,000 a year as a civil engineer. I'm in a healthy relationship and I have a great work life balance.

Explain to me why I should not be content with the system that is already in place now. I have everything I've ever wanted. Why would I give this up for some socialist pipe dream where communists will come knocking on my door to steal my property and my money and then give me some shitty government job that pays absolute shite?

No thanks. You can keep that shit.

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Good for you and your made up life Holla Forums. Be sincere of fuck off.

Good for you? You're still a prole

So why should I not content with the system in place now? Especially given that in socialism I probably be worse off.

You NEED middle class people like me to join your cause. So explain to me how I benefit. I couldn't care less about your collectivism bullshit btw.



Phew… talk about a strawman

Illiterate dumbass!
It isn't saying that its "good" or not.

Yeah, obviously culture is a spook. Isn't everything awfully spooky in here? [Rated PG Parental Guidance] It's almost like certain people have different beliefs which are incompatible with that of another culture.

I love the way they phrase this. You shouldn't have to "balance" life and work, as if you were undead whenever you were at your desk.

Wrong again Holla Forums
ffs, it's talking about the hypocrisy

You're not middle class. Stop deluding yourself.

You've being tricked into accepting oppression and powerlessness.

This implies you don't find satisfaction in your work

what did he mean by this


YOU RUINED Holla Forums

reddit tier post

Very few find satisfaction in work. No system can fully solve this.

Fully Automated Luxury Communism can

Wow, Opressive height you having going there. I regret to inform you, that you are an enemy of the revolution. A commisar will come by to cut off the last 7 inches of your legs, and redistribute them to less fortunate manlet proles.

Your employer is ripping you off of 9/10 of what you actually produce

If only somebody thought of a system in which automation makes working time very short.

It's cute that he thought to include his height and race

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Holla Forums is cancer tbh

Not a single person has even made a proper argument. OP may be strawmanning but the lack of skills you guys have to awnsering his question shows that you guys will never ever get a revolution. Just pull the reaction (Anger in crisis) upon material conditions to explain him what his boss would do in financial hard times and get his life ruined.

Not a real system.


This. What is happening to Holla Forums
You either sage this because this is stupid or say something meaningful.

And I usually strongly disagree with this pathetic greenie

nice argument

well if I had just called it communism you'd be shrieking MUH HYOOMAN NATURE and MUH 100 GORILLION DEATHS


Is human nature not an argument?

It's not my fault people on this board are too stupid to ask for clarification of
But truthfully, it takes some practice to notice such subtle retardation.


You're basically asking why a feudal lord should care about overturning a monarchy. If you're profiting from a corrupt exploitative system, then there's really no way of winning you over unless you care at all about the atrocities and mass misery caused by capitalism but of course, you're probably a reactionary who thinks capitalism is flawless.

The 2nd component of convincing such an idiot would be to deconstruct the propaganda and lies you believe about Socialism and considering that you were stupid enough to buy the socialism = stalinism meme, then there's really no point in any further discussion here. If you actually want to learn the basics behind capitalism and socialism, I recommend hanging around Leftist subreddits and starting with Marxism. Here's a good lecture for beginners. When you start to have a decent understanding of socialism and capitalism, come back and we might be able to have some intelligent relevant discussion about why communism is preferable to wage-slavery.


I recommend you suicide for being even bigger faggot than OP ever could be.

Reddit has good babystep guides for plebs like OP, Holla Forums meanwhile is full of obnoxious larpers who would rather ridicule people. Take your pick for someone who wants to learn Marxism.

The greatest lolcow of leftypol strikes again

Most people in the US make between 20k and 30k a year, so while OP is a lying faggot, 75k a year is far from mediocre.



No, reddit would turn the Holla Forumsack into a hard anti-socialist with their idpol b.s.,something Holla Forumsacks are very sensitive to.
Holla Forums is stupid and larper, but it isn't reddit

Average salary in the us is over 50K. OP is middle class and stroking his own dick as if he's some wealthy capitalist.

get it right, he's working class. the real middle class is small businessmen

what are symbiotic relationships?

We have pretty fine reading lists. But the way OP writes implies is here only to cause bait dem pinkos anyways, so why are you even attempting to """educate""" him?

Average according to whom?
I know guys who are skilled labor with years of experience and they don't pull down that much.
There's far more McJobs out there that pay significantly less than jobs that pay 50g's or more, and then you have to add cost of living expenses on top of that.

You make $75k/yr, which means you earn more than ~85% of the US population. Let's take a look at the distribution of wealth.


Not a currency-based market exchange of non-personal property for start.

Nice moralism you spooked faggot.

Price control. Your $75,000 could go a lot farther and on higher quality projects.

Before someone does it, it's not fair to compare to The Soviet Union because technology and business innovation has come a long way since The Cold War.

You get loans directly from the central bank instead of having the pay all the fees to the middle men.

Lot of different perks I can think of.

Like 's graph shows we can safely just gank the uppermost echelons, redistribute that, and nobody you know(and I don't mean people you've seen on TV) will have to lose anything.

*products not projects.

But dope free shit to go out and do as well. Free entertainment options, how's that sound? Pick up your monthly free sports ball tickets. Everyone just raffles for the box and court side seats.

Think about the collective pressure to pay off a loan when you owe that money to society and not just a faceless corporate entity! Everyone's your bill collector.

Height, race and relationships are all irrelevant to the economic system.

Also nice "Happy-smiling guy-with-thumb-up" stock photo



First off, the middle class doesn't exist. There are only proles and porkies.

Second, even if you are reasonably well off, you are still being exploited by your boss. Market forces have dictated a decent salary to you sure, but no matter how much you are paid, it will always be a fraction of the wealth that you produce through your labour. This has to be the case, because if porky distributed the full amount of wealth produced by the workers to the workers themselves then there would be nothing left in profit. All the wealth is produced by the proles, and porky only gives them a fraction of it back and keeps the rest of profit. They are by definition parasites, and you are defending a system that parasitizes you.

You do need profit though. Otherwise investment doesn't happen.

Your job isn't safe though. You don't control the MoP.

Also the BRIC nations are catching up to you in terms of education. I work in IT and there's a huge push to outsource white collar jobs like yours over there and use high speed internet to bring their dead labor back.

I know for sure finacial jobs will be gone in the next several years, civil engineering can't be far behind

I'm coming for that fucking toothbrush.

wtf is this dumb shit? These workers are free to start their own business and split the profits if they want. No one is stopping them. You missed important details. Porky takes risk. Porky invests money, time and effort. Porky comes up with ideas, or pays someone to come up with idea. Porky makes profit only because someone decided to buy his product/service because he needs/wants it.

This is so emblematic of liberal's total inability to think outside the box.

First off, if you have a planned economy then you don't need investment. If you have a market model, then you simply replace private enterprise with collective enterprise and implement market socialism. In that case the profit motive remains, but the workers own and operate the enterprise themselves so they aren't being parasitized by porky.


Only if they have the capital to do so, which the vast majority of people don't.

And why does that entitle him to a share? Nobody asked him to take that risk. Does everybody owe me something every time I take a risk at something? By that logic if I decide to go wrestle a bear I deserve money from people because I took a risk.

Money sure. Money that is then paid back to him in full by the labour of the workers. So everything porky contributes to be process of production is paid back to him, and yet he keeps taking. He takes more than he contributes, this makes him a parasite.

Time and effort are not something the average porky invests into their business ventures. They just buy stocks and let corporate executives do shit for them. Even in the case of petty bourgois small business owners, what you are referring to is still labour. Labour creates wealth, if a petty porky is managing their business then they are performing labour, but even in this case they are given total control over the distribution of funds, even though they only contributed a fraction of the necessary labour. However the vast majority of corporate wealth is caught up in major corporations where the owners are do nothing investors who contribute no labour.

Planned economy? Top quality out of the box thinking there buddy. Wonder why I didn't come up with that myself.

The fact that you questioned socialist thought in the context of a capitalist market shows that you are operating within the framework of liberal ideology friend.

It's not hypocritical to encourage ingroup invididuals to relatively thrive (get a job) and keep outgroups outside of your ecosystem though.

not sure if you a troll or retarded at this point. Porky doesn't tell anyone you owe money. Porky offers jobs and services/products, no one is forcing you to take them. No one is forcing you not to resign. He doesn't ask government or anyone to pay him if his project fails. You can copy porky's business model. No money to do that? Invest, take a risk, like proky does (or his ancestors did long time ago) and you might become porky too someday. Or maybe take a loan, or ask your fellow workers to become partners, most likely they will refuse, because like most people, they prefer a safe and stable job. They don't want to take the risk.

If I invest money, time and effort in something that might fail, and it works. I get to sit on my ass and do nothing but watch my bank account grow. If you are jealous, copy me. I make money as long as there's enough demand for the service/product I took risk to make available. It's my own creation.

you do realize that many companies are alive only because they sell stocks and porkies take risk and buy them? there's a risk in every investment. Without people taking risks, you won't have the products and services you use today.

wew lad, this is why we need SJWism.

Not everybody can become a capitalist, and getting a job (agreeing to have surplus value taken from your labour by a capitalist) is necessary to survive.

This is a matter of work or death, and no one is free to choose in such a situation.

Remember to sage bait threads you useless morons.

Funny because the only successful planned economy in the world is capitalist as fuck - China.

Wew lad.


I'm not OP. I didn't say that everyone can become a capitalist. Many people can, but they need to invest money, time and effort. Most people don't want to take a risk, even if they made a lot of money from their job.

Sure they can, but that doesn't entitle them to profiteering off someone else's labour.

Workers get paid, porky makes profit. It's a consensual relationship. No one is stopping the workers from copying the business and spiting the profits among themselves.

If I've an idea for a website and hire a coder and a designer to build a website. Then hire more people to maintain it and deal with customers, I'm profiting from my idea and their work, and they are profiting from my idea and their work. If they think they can do a better job on their own and make a greater profit without me, they are welcome. This indeed happens a lot.


How is that relevant? Communism won't change that

it's really this simple: if you will take the loss if you project fails, you get to keep the profit if it succeeds.

The workers get paid regardless whether I'm making profit or not.

The worker has the choice of exploitation or starvation. This isn't a free choice. Only when people don't have to work to survive will this be a truly voluntary exchange.

Right except for all those multi-billion dollar bailouts in 2008.

So you are actively defending being a parasite? Why should somebody who contributes nothing get anything at all?

Arguable, but if you actively engaged in management and contributed labour, otherwise you have literally contributed nothing. But even when a porky actually contributes labour, the workers build your products, they built your factories, they create your profits. They preform the bulk of the labour necessary for the enterprise to operate, so it is in no way solely yours.

But under communism no one will value his height, putting him at a loss

So the worst thing that can happen to a porky is to be in the same position as the workers. Not to mention that if the business fails the workers are out of the job anyway, so they aren't in a more stable position.

this is why we need 2 kill whites LOL

You don't get it. This is not something that can be reproduced by everyone. A worker who works for you does so because he has to "choose" between selling himself or effectively dying.

Your example is the same thing as usual, and even worse, a defense of intellectual property. In this case you are also doing jackshit and profiteering from someone who has to work for someone who lives off his back while doing nothing.

There is also the fact that if your business fucks up, they themselves may not be paid and go unemployed. They are risking too.

hey Holla Forums, whatchya doin?

that's corruption.

I already contributed and because of my contribution, these workers can feed their families. If I use your logic, I would call them parasites feeding off my investment and idea.

they don't lose money. They get to keep all the money they saved and apply for another job once they feel the business will fail while the business owner might drown in loans and lose his life style. There's no comparison between the risks.

He has many employers to choose from. If all the available jobs are shit, he should work on himself so he can get a better job. If a country has a very high reproduction rate where poor people have 6 children and rely on welfare, it's not porkies fault. Natural selection shouldn't be messed with. Make yourself valuable to the market or stop reproducing.

Same thing, selling yourself to a parasite who will leech off your labour or death. Still not a choice.

Guess you can't keep your fantasies in control for a second.

nope, you are not selling yourself, you are getting paid. The market decides how worthy your skills are. If you get paid shit, they your skills are shit or there are many people who share them, move to another place where there's demand for your skills or learn new ones.

Selling oneself implies being paid, you're being redundant to try and circle around your uselessness.

Noticed how you don't deny being a parasite.

read my reply above:

you don't recognize intellectual work, you think the only work that matters is physical.

China regularly announces five year plans and is currently in the middle of starting its thirteenth one.

read marxism for dummies or something - the ideal and material both have a relationship and aggregate demand is created aggregately.

how often?

what does this have to do with what I said? Workers work according to a system designed. I participate in every product they create, even if I'm dead.

*a system I designed

they only scenario where you can call a business owner a parasite if he found a group of workers creating profits, then used force to make them share profits with him. If he created or acquired a business, he's not a parasite. If it weren't for him, there would be no workers creating a product.

creating products

Intellectual work which you do none of, since having an idea once doesn't make you a worker.

A business owner is inherently a parasite because he extracts surplus value from workers, who create value. Workers don't profit, they are paid a wage which covers a small part of the labour they do, the rest going to the capitalist.

Let me put it this way since this is what very often happens, someone is born into a rich family, never had to risk jackshit and inherits a business. What justification does this piece of shit have for his profit?

Nature. I created a business. I get to pass it to my son. End of story. People work their asses off to make their children have a better life. This is the only purpose in life for many people.

Let me ask you a question, if the business owner replaces workers with robots, would you still call him a parasite?

Profit and property doesn't exist in nature, try again.

No, but by all means go ahead, that will speed up the demise of capitalism.

It's called politics. The precursor of Marx's Das Kapital is called "A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy," where economic relations are enforced politically.

The fact that private bankers have such a stranglehold on our economy shows the strength of their political power. This comes through the process of historical events that have taken place over the

We Marxists define who is a porky vs who is a worker by whether or not the state protects a particular individual's PRIVATE access to a specific means of production, wherein said MOP are capable of producing commodities for market exchange or personal consumption, and whether those commodities are produced by your work or someone else does it for you.

It used to be that peasants, right as capitalists production was starting to be widespread, would in lieu of working for a capitalist's factory, rather work public land held in common by the Crown, and to the consternation of the factory owners, have their own access to their own means of production for goods for their survival. Whether or not they engaged in market exchange was immaterial; the Crown guaranteed the peasants access to land to ensure their own survival, and it was pretty comfy.

This wasn't good for owners of factories, since they could not discipline their workers to follow their schedule, but that is irrelevant. The serf/worker could care less since the factory could go fuck itself, he has food and a roof over his head and clothes on his back and the tools to take care of it. This happens less today since most people have been alienated through political machinations of the capitalists.

Unlike most leftists, I don't blame them for doing so; they are only furthering their own self interest. I know that furthering my self-interest would be the overthrow of this system, wherein I could have my own unfettered access to means of production, but the capitalists want to stop me from doing so: I don't want to participate in corruption and the phony inter-personal political bullshit they call market exchange.

In fact I know exactly how to do this and replace the economy with FALC. It isn't hard

Like I said, markets are mass political arrangements. If I can force you to buy artichokes at double the price by whatever means, that is a market exchange regardless of its circumstances. Any sort of non-aggression principle is de-facto unenforcable.

Every five years, Groucho.

Nice Freudian slip there

I like how you felt the need to include your height, as if it makes you some kind of alpha.

Why don't you try telling off your boss, big man?

Sorry didn't finish

The fact that private bankers have such a stranglehold on our economy shows the strength of their political power. This comes through the process of historical events that have taken place over the years through many series of political deals, armed conflicts, and the systematic surveillance and discipline of the common working people by a class of mandarins who are just now being rendered superfluous by automatic machinery.

If it makes you feel any better, China now has the capacity of mass-producing skyscrapers on assembly lines. We have programs that can write programs that write programs. Rational agent programs on the internet allocate investments automatically on behalf of large corporations, automatic truck drivers are replacing drivers; capitalists are obviating the needs for jobs. Even so-called service jobs are being automated, and your civil engineering job will also disappear; we have the capacity to create drawings according to zoning rules automatically.

Think how long it took you to qualify for that job. Do you have the capacity to retrain yourself every time your job becomes superfluous? That's what we are working against, so that everyone can work for themselves and for each other, not for some assholes who think they know better than us what we need.

Your time is coming. Gimmie that fucking toothbrush.

Your contribution was paid back to you, so you contributed nothing.

Because of their labour they can feed their families. A capitalist provides capital to the process of production, but capital is only created by labour, which means that the capitalist is an unnecessary part of production since it's the workers that create capital anyway. Whatever you contributed was created by labour, even if it was your labour, it was labour nonetheless. Saying that you deserve to keep being rewarded once your contribution has been returned to you would be like a worker saying that because they worked at a company for a few years the deserve to keep getting paid even after they quit. Once you break even on your investment you are no longer contributing to the process of production, so why should you keep getting rewarded?

Except you are the one feeding off them. Their labour is the source of your profits, which means that the workers pay their own salaries, they pay to build and maintain the factories, they pay for the raw materials, and they pay you to sit on your ass and tell exploit them. Workers pay bosses, not the other way around. Also again, saying that because you contributed an idea means you deserve continuous compensation is idiotic. A worker who contributes some of their labour power to get the enterprise off the ground isn't continuously compensated after they stop contributing, why should you be?

The fundamental point in all this is that because the capitalist only contributes capital, and because capital is created by labour, only the labourers are necessary, while the capitalist serves no function but to exploit those that produce. Even with the example of a capitalist who actively managed their enterprise, this is a contribution of labour. But not all owners are manager (in fact most aren't) and not all managers are owners (most aren't). So the role of a manager is a necessary one deserving of compensation for labour, but the role of owner is fundamentally both unnecessary and parasitic.

Business as usual

I'm a Software Engineer. Such programs are shit, and they create shitty programs. Programming is too complicated to be automated.

they are also shit and cause great losses. The richest people on this plant have the smartest people making such decisions, they might use such programs as an aid, but never rely on them 100% because only humans can interpret news (all kinds of news) reports, events, connect them and make meaningful predictions.

Only people who are smart enough to be valuable for the market in the future should survive.

Well at least you aren't even pretending to not be a market fascist anymore. To the gulag/guillotine with you then.

If you genuinely do not care about others just say so, i won't shed a tear when bad things happens to you (that includes gulaging)

Actually believing this is a made up life

Your projected idea goes down one of two paths; either we have a race to the bottom in terms of compensation for skills, or we don't, and history has shown that we have precedent for the former. Stop internalizing the moral arguments of your employers and escape the logic of the market, or you will be a Dilbert forever.

Then why do we still use JavaScript? Why is our code outsourced to India where workers get paid shit and then get back shitty spaghetti code, and why is it still done regardless? Why are CMS's still a thing? Why is windows still more widespread than Mac or Linux?

The point is, programs and code quality don't matter when you can spam enough amazon servers at it. Same goes for product quality in general; when you are an oligopoly, you set aside a budget for production of product that you then spam across the market, and then you allocate another, larger budget for the ensuing litigation with the government or potential customers. When you are big enough that you can do what you want and give no fucks, that's what happens. Markets are made to be broken.

why not show the rich mud people who facilitate the horrible conditions of their working class? oh right, cuz fuk witey mayne

No, because you fall for the "mud-people" meme while they are rich, keeping their workers down, with the rich white capitalists doing the same here.

These same mud-people own private armies trained and funded by the first world capitalist nations, usually staffed by ex-specops from Russia or the US depending on the client's alignment. They have more money than you could ever hope to earn and could erase you with what they would consider chump change.

These are the same mud people Instagram models get flights for to play hop-a-dick and a meat toilet to some of the filthy richest mud people (who also fund terrorism) on the planet. Go on tagthesponsor.com and see for yourself.

Capitalism is what allows this to happen. You have more in common with a brown person trying to escape the CIA-backed dictatorship in his home country than any porky capitalist here. Get out of your basement and meet people, you will see more than just dailystormer and Holla Forums

Why would we do that?

I like you Christfag

Explain to us why we need your consent.

You have 10 seconds to explain how communism would stop it. Go!

you wouldn't be here if you were

If you are employed by someone that means they make money off you, which means you get paid less than the value you make and your boss is stealing from you.


You don't need to be jobless, dumbfuck.
So? Are you implying they are going to fire upon civilians an masse?
ok mate

Most people wouldn't be willing however due to loss of financial security.
If it gets to the point where tons of people are being killed in the name of an uprising, then yes.
Elaborate then for me how you propose that a coup would be possible.


Can I have a summary for the purpose of conservation?

Nevermind, I looked it up and it's specifically about general military coups.
How would this be possible when applied to the US given all the safety measures put into place to prevent this from happening?


The whole idea of a coup is to work around these safety measures. You can't protect a system that is fundamentally top-down from having the lever pulling person being replaced.

Ok I work in the military and honestly it wouldn't be too hard to destroy a gov building. I mean the pentagon has a subway system running underneath it which could be bombed and you would take out like 20 officers alone even if the blast didn't even touch the actual building.

The white house would be pretty hard tbh, even then there aren't missiles and things that just pop up out of the ground and fire down planes. If the revolution had literally one thing in the air that could fire missiles you could do so much damage in a short amount of time. Unless you were trying to attack some sort've military complex then you would be totally fucked cause those bases actually do have things that pop up out of the ground and fire stuff out of the sky and launch planes all day that could arm up in minutes.

The biggest thing you would need are people just boots on the ground to storm bases. If the revolution captured a base OHHHH fuck would that change the tide so quick. Imagine access to an entire armory of weapons and planes, armored vehicles out the ass.

Not many people in the military are trained for actual combat besides basic fire arms so if you had some combat trained soldiers you could storm an airforce or navy base/ coast guard pretty easily. The only people that would stop you are the police on base and there should only be like 30-50 of them depending on the size of the base.

Source for all this is I've worked on several naval bases repairing avionics equipment and near DC. I have been taught about weapons systems and general ongoings.

I asked for a summary of what the book was specifically describing.
Also the Coup d'état Wikipedia article manages to summarize coups pretty well in a small amount of text.
Good luck doing that outside of shithole 3rd world countries.
There hasn't even been a single recorded attempted military coup in the past century in the US.
Enjoy sitting on your ass forever waiting.

You think the US will last forever (unlike the USSR, Nazi Germany, the Czarist regime, all its fellow feudalist regimes, and pretty much every regime throughout history)?

The military-industrial complex already de facto controls the government. Coups are unnecessary when the power of the President is circumscribed by the interests of the deep state, which is to say not only the Department of State and Defence, but institutions like Lockheed-Martin. Official separation of powers failed decades ago, of which Presidential executive orders are symptom.

I'm completely serious. Where do you think the President gets everything they know, everything they use to make a decision? The state apparatus – the deep state. All those advisors, czars, experts, lobbyists, intelligence reports, and so on. And the deep state exists regardless of who is in the hot seat. With a President like Trump, as with Bush jr. before him, the deep state will be calling the shots more often. Just you wait.

Comrade, I fear for your safety.

Because it isn't necessary. All through the Cold War the US military got so much funding it ballooned to its gargantuan size and pivotal role today in US foreign and domestic policy. Everything faces cuts – terrible cuts. Not the military. Specific areas might be cut, specific programs, but overall spending is orders of magnitude higher than any other country on earth, even China, and that's just what's made public.

This book doesn't give a short definition of a coup you dumb idiot, it describes and anaylses several coups and what factors were at play.

When he is a loser without a job? OP is doing fine, just like the rest of normal people that would never join your 'revolution'


" I fear for your safety."
Are you saying this b/c they might be looking at my posts?


because that post was pretty autismo

Honestly I wouldn't worry about posting revolutionary statements in the military unless you do some cliche explain your entire master plan shit.

I'm not planning on doing anything anyway, I'm a pussy.

WTF? Everyone can become a capitalist. That is the good thing about capitalism, everyone gets a fair chance.

We can go with both, but mainly the former. They seemed pretty pissed off after Manning and Snowden blew their bullshit wide open.

Sure think OP.

I don't see how successfully being able to capture a single base or even successfully damaging the Pentagon would lead to winning a revolution.
As soon as that base was captured all other bases around the country would immediately be on lock down and they would have far more firepower.

I don't think it will, but I doubt its fate will be at the hands of a communist revolution.

How would the deep state get completely overtaken by communists?

It's funny because I deal with classified info and I mean even that's really not that hard to sneak out like you can just take some pictures when no ones looking and they don't have cameras in the work center so no one would know.

I'm a little scared to post this one but I SWEAR I'M NOT GONNA DO ANYTHING I'M TOO MUCH OF A PUSSY

That's why I asked for a summary for specifically right now since the book is going to take hours to read.

this 2BH! gotta equally distriubte that melanin to all peoples!

OP, if you would read that book, you would know that you don't need "most people" to join. You just need most people to not do anything one way or the other, which, considering the increasingly involvement and trust of the populaiton in politics in the usa, is becoming more likely as time goes on.

Your communist revolution will be crushed by the state and fascism will take over.

It must be dismantled brick by human brick. It would be a vicious, NKVD-style intelligence operation on the part of the communists, combined with seizing control of material assets. The biggest issue with this is the sheer global scale of US operations, which are unmatched. The biggest priority, in my amateur opinion, would be getting control of the nuclear weapons system so no "patriot" would nuke their own country to keep it out of dem gommie hands. After that we can go hunting for counter-revolutionaries.

I'm sure you could, but, much like Manning, your life wouldn't be worth living afterwards. Besides that, there's different levels of classification. I don't know what you deal with – and don't tell me – but it's probably not as crazy as the shit they're actually worried about.

Ok man, if you don't want to have a conversation you could have just not made a thread here.

see what happened during the LA riots, a multicultural society can never have a communist revolution, people of different races will fight between them. that's what porky (jews) counts on, that's why they flood white countries with non-whites.

He didn't tell us his penis size, though.

Do you have a small penis, OP? It's okay. I'm sure your girlfriend loves you anyway.

If you are implying that we support multiculturalism or mass immigration, you are wrong. It is detrimental to the workers.

What a Pakistani Muslim thinks of multiculturalism.

You're a little bitch that shitposts. Or even if you are that - majority isn't, and they will change it.

what is russia
what is cuba
what is korea
what is china

Aren't those socialist, not communist?

In this case "communist" refers to ideology rather than economic system.

You would work less and/or make more money under socialism. Quality of life in general would be higher. Technology would develop faster. You would be engineering marvels of contemporary infrastructure instead of the same shitty roads and bridges that porky will reluctantly pay for just so they can ship things.

we are not talking about code quality here. We are talking about "programs that write programs" such programs are for very limited and very specific purposes.

no amount of amazon instances can run an O(n!) algorithm if n is big enough.
You need humans to write non trivial software.

You're in a minority. Tell me why I should care about minorities

the future belongs to high Autism Level individuals. If you can't make something that a robot can't, why exist? make room for superior humans. Let the human race evolve, don't interfere with natural selection by welfare and such shit. Be valuable or stop reproducing.

No I'm not white and I'm not talking about killing niggers or anyone.

high I​Q. Nice filter you got there.

No one believes you, see

You fucking idiot

ITT, non-whites and drug addicts that can't produce

using words like "fascist" and "parasite is not an argument. If you are not smart enough to feed your self in the future, why do you think it's people's responsibility to feed you? your genes should die with you.

I don't think you know how natural selection works. It's not something you "interfere" with, it's something that's always occurring. Why the fuck shouldn't humans try and liberate themselves from work? No ones forcing dumb people to breed, but poor material conditions breed dumb people.

Kill yourself illiterate fuck.

I'm sorry you're so pig ignorant that you didn't know that the vast majority of countries, especially those that fostered socialist revolutions, were multicultural.

The rule of capitalist crisis means there's no private job that's safe over time. In a couple years in the next recession the company may decide you're not worth the money.

so he finds another company that values his skills or moves to another country or tries to acquire new skills that are on demand. That's acting like an adult. Demanding gibs me dat just because you exist is very childish. Make yourself useful to the market or stop whining.

Communism eliminates private property - there's no reason to outsource jobs to India when the industry is owned by the workers who would be getting fucked over by outsourcing.

Whatever cuck, keep bending over backwards for the """job creators""". If all you're going to do is engage in Ad Hom attacks about how workers who don't like capitalism are just le lazy and useless then why don't you go back to Holla Forums or /liberty/ or whatever echo chamber you came from.

I'm from /politics/. The only reason I'm posting here is because it's dead.

You're a pretty shitty person by the sound of it, I don't really need people like you in my movement anyway.

Do you not understand how recessions work? Wages and opportunity goes down.

no one is even talking about welfare atm faggot

Ok first off as another STEM fag I just wanna take a moment to laugh at you for being a civil engineer.

Secondly, no matter how high your wage is, unless you yourself are a CEO, you will ALWAYS be earning less than your work is worth. This is the principle under which all profit under Capitalism is made. That's your incentive for Socialism - to earn more.

We would all be guaranteed our own tools and supplies to build WHAT WE NEED, i.e. a livable house, space to grow enough food for 2-3 harvest cycles to prevent famine, tools to maintain the prior two, seeds and animals for food, machine tools to produce/repair more of the tools, and internet access. Some tools are not used as often so they will be held and maintained in common by several communes. Much of the farming and tooling can be automated, leaving us free time to do what we like. I estimate a 10-hour workweek per person to maintain the entire operation and you are subject to only your own discipline. Accumulation of means of production at the expense of your neighbor is outlawed.

Strategic industries like mines or steel mills or weapons plants will be run by the government and be sufficiently cybernetically enabled to allow real-time audits. This is basic operations in a modern factory plant; every house can be run sufficiently and cheaply like this, to minimize waste.

Easy: If a girl realizes she doesn't need to degrade herself to live a comfortable life, she won't engage in degrading activities. Same goes for all wage-labor; If I can provide myself with my own necessities and defend it, I don't have to go to work anymore. It's easier when we can band together and do it.

This starts by liberating property, starting with intellectual property.
I can print parts for an AR-15 courtesy of the work of Cody Wilson. The more you design and release into the public domain, like through the Internet, the more capable our system becomes. DO IT.

I can see why - if the post on /politics/ are anything like yours the board must be pretty poor quality.

No, you're just a liar. Also if you had a relationship if you had that much money you would likely have that girl with you for your money not you and if you were married they take half or more. In socialism you wouldnt have gold diggers.

Parasite isn't a random attack, it's statement of fact. A capitalist takes without contributing, so they are by definition a parasite.