ITT: we compile a list of our board's frequently used slang terms and concepts.

Communists (usually of the Marxist-Leninist variety or its derivatives) who unironically defend any atrocity perpetrated by self-identifying Marxist-Leninists on the basis of 'historical necessity', 'anti-imperialism' or the offhanded claim that their victims 'were just kulaks'. Will usually wave off any evidence against them as either bourgeois propaganda, anti-communist fabrications or an act of imperialism against Dear Leader.

General pejorative for anarchists derived from the stereotype that anarchists have an infantile mentality and, (usually) unlike Marxist communists, are implied to have little theory beyond just taking down ('smashing') the state.

A person living under a socio-economic system who doesn't realize their subservient position in that system and may even actively defend it, e.g. a slave in a slave society, a peasant in feudal society or a worker in a capitalist society. For the latter, classcuck is synonymous to 'class traitor'.

Short for 'identity politics', which is an approach to politics centered around addressing the superstructural dimension of identity and its categories (race, sex, creed, etc.) as opposed to the basal dimension of (primarily) economic class.

Term coined by Young Hegelian philosopher Max Stirner in 'The Ego and Its Own'. Essentially synonymous with 'social construct', but more broadly refers to any matter which, socially constructed or not, an egoist could seek to either ignore, subvert or master to their own benefit according to Stirner's ethics of egoism.

The 'alt' in 'alt-right' (short for 'alternative') replaced with 'aut' (short for 'autistic'), used to allude to the alt-right's behavior and its similarities to the autistic neurotype (difficulties with social and emotional responsiveness, repetitive and limited use of language such as repeating phrases from television to make up for the inability of learning more, etc.).

The first part of the shorthand for 'nationaI socialism' ('NatSoc') replaced with 'NEET' ('Not in Education, Employment, or Training'), used to refer to the fact that many self-identified nationaI socialists are NEETs living off their welfare state despite advocating for virtuous, self-providing ethics.

'Libertarian' with the term 'lol' replacing the first syllable, used to mock (American) libertarians and their ideology.

Term used for projection against self-identified (American) libertarians to indicate that their ideology is essentially just about upholding bourgeois property rights as sacred and discarding everything else and thus has nothing to do with human liberty. Used also to imply that (American) libertarianism is illegitimately using the term because the term 'libertarian' was originally used by anti-property anarchists in France.

Me, a bundle of sticks.

Add any missing terms.

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Horrible sectarian socialist website (wsws.org/) that puts out once in a while proper working class news. Shilled by titless_asian_pics poster on leftypol.

Insult for social democrats, because they're shit.

Insult for nazis/facists, because they usually act like their stereotypes of blacks or jews and have an uncanny amount of cuckporn saved to their computers.

face of Holla Forums. notable trotskyist youtuber famous for being very well-read and articulate, not to mention pretty qt

Nothing says well read like 9/10ths of one book.

pure coincidende this is yet another shittalk against ML than anything else because you can't hold ground in any debate.

this is a really pathetic attempt to hide your shitposting behind a mascerade of a boards "dictionary"

kys tankie

Can NEETCom and An-Hikis be a thing?

Gud wans.

Derogatory term for Holla Forums regulars that compare them to parasitic, invasive and tumorous polyps.

A bloo bloo. Let me comfort you by saying that OP is a communist most sympathetic to Leninist praxis and that the definition of tankie is just a social experiment.

NEETSoc works because it's similar to NatSoc. Maybe hikikocommie or something but if we just invent and start using the term like this it will feel forced and lose its punch.

Maybe Marxist-NEETist but NEETCom just doesn't work as well. An-Hikis is fine.

You forgot a big one

The representation of capitalism (rich fat pig) who misleads the workers and exploits them.

parody of Holla Forums's obsession with Jewish conspiracies

any more?





How the fuck did I forget πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€themπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€.


A dystopian Holla Forums for me is a leftypol where the parody part of this meme falls apart and we become nothing but pol2.0

Lets hope that doesn't happen


A perjorative for maoists and third-worldists in general

A neo-nazi, characteristic on 8pol

A catch-all term for an intersectional feminist, a post-colonial liberal, an LGBTWXYZ activist, a pink-haired campus "revolutionary" who does nothing but police language, or a reddit """""socialist"""""

kek, haven't heard that one

Pejorative for Trump shills. Portmanteu of lumpenprole and Trump.