Reminder that only caring about class is literally identity politics

Reminder that only caring about class is literally identity politics.

All those forms of oppression are subcategories of class oppression.

I never understood the obsession with class tbh

"Class is an identity" is my favourite type of Holla Forums shitposting.

This nigger needs to read a book and not just EveryDayFeminism. The problem with the upper class isn't "oppression" its part of the fundamental absurdity of class warfare where the bourgiouse want to eek as much as they can out of the working class and the working class recognise they are getting screwed which manifests as psychology and socially destructive phenomena.

By changing these economic relations you'll remove a lot of the so called oppression. I admit that there will probably be sexism in this new world but it won't be nearly as bad as your white cis-gendered boss restricting literally your only means of survival because he doesn't like you. In short, "oppression" after these economic relations have changed should be trivialised and if these sjw's don't recognise that they are either intellectually dishonest or weren't paying attention during their humanities degree. That's the kind of shit you would learn.

my understanding is that since we want to abolish class, that isn't identity politics. correct?

I agree class is central, I'm just interested how you guys define identity politics

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Class isn't an identity. It describes a material relationship with the productive process.




Yes, identity politics is about bolstering your identity

We don't talk about how great it is to be a prole and how prole culture is awesome and proles should fully express their prole identity

But it literally is. An identity is an aspect of oneself one identifies with.

No it isn't ffs. Class is a relation to the means of production. You don't "choose" or "identify" as a prole, you either engage in the proletarian material function or not.

Identity is a choice.
No one chooses to be poor.

You don't have to identify as the proletariat to be a part of it. It's a material reality.


Black people? Women?

That's like saying that being white is just a fact about skin color and therefor no identity.

Class can be viewed as an identity, but that conceptualization of class is worthless for a marxist analysis. The vast domestic population in the West identifies as "middle class," but their identification does not change the nature of their oppression.



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