Stop hating Varg

Stop hating Varg.

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stopped watching right there

Stop being a useful idiot.

wtf i like varg now

what/who is he?

k, if you say so.

I just don't agree with his hatred of other peoples except Christians muahaha and fierce nationalism is all.

Norwegian black metal dude who stabbed someone to death and lit a church on fire.

First day on the internet?

kill yourself



Is he turning into Gollum?


He isn't a native English speaker.

Euronymous was really more "our guy" honestly.

There's a reason why Varg offed him.

Was Euronymous the archetypal tankie?

it's true tho

the founder of satanic marxism leninism

He was an interesting type of an edgelord for sure

had a cozy talk with varg felt good tbh

Varg and euronymous were like both super edgy as fuck, varg chose to become a pagan nazi and and euronymous was really into communism and was so edgy that he intentionally supported pol pot and stalin.

Then one day varg stabbed him

Euronymous was definitely the edgiest man I've ever heard of. I didn't even know "theistic satanism" was a thing. He saw a band member blew his brains out and his first instinct was to rearrange the corpse and take pictures of it, and use it as a cover album.

According to Varg he intended to torture him to death and film it, which is why Varg stabbed him.

He killed his bandmate, photographed his corpse and the band used that photo as a cover later.

Oh yeah man, i love reading about relegation and the occult too, laveyan Satanism is a crock of shit, lavey just ripped off ayn rand and called it satanism, the modern church of Satan are just humanistic liberal trolls.
So of course other types of satanism are going to pop up, more theistic and mystical.

Read into the order of nine angles

His idea of communism was the one under Stalin and Pol Pot.
He also admired Ceausescu, so yeah pretty much.

pol is literally full of communist threads because of him

Mein gott what a fucking faggot i'm glad varg offed him

I figured that would offset all the edgelord accusations.

But no I really do hate Christians.

Lel, really?

This is the most absurd thing I've ever read

he still probably read more theory than you

Please no

Pagan tribalism is the real solution to capitalism, comrade.


Not surprised. He's basically an anarcho-primitivist with some racialism thrown into the mix.

top fucking kek, this guy was a genius

Varg "White man is savage" Vikernes
Varg "Primitive man" Vikernes
Varg "Stop watching porn" Vikernes

Not really. He's fine with technology.

He just wants an agrarian lifestyle, which can work with advanced technology.

Primitivists want to go back to hunter-gatherer lifestyles.

With a small population

Minus the whole nationalism thing, the female depowerment thing, the anti-lgbt thing, and the whole racism thing, tribalism is not that far from communism. Everyone works together for the benefit of their communes, and if possible, neighboring communes as well.

wtf i hate varg now

varg is retarded

He's a filthy pagan.

No, that picture is Dead, the vocalist of Mayhem who committed suicide because he had cotard delusion. Varg killed Euronymous, the guitarist of the band.


He's referring to Euronymous taking photos of Dead after he killed himself. (Except he thinks Euro killed Dead. It is plausible, but there's no real evidence of it.)

Euro also used Dead's skull as a necklace and, according to Varg, threatened to torturemurder Varg.

Reminder that Euronymous was a fascist stalin lover who was into Communism to be edgy
He deserved what he got tbh

Euronymous attacked someone at a bus stop with a broken bottle for looking at his girlfriend. He was a 30 year old man who put on a fake personality to impress teenagers. He never said "go burn this church" but he encouraged them. Varg started burning churches specif cuz Euro was too chickenshit to do it himself. He also ripped off bands by putting their pay into making records for other bands.
If he was alive today he'd be ecen crazier theven Ol' Varg

He actually read theory, includinng the bunkerman himself.

Euronymous understood that full communism was in fact stateless , he was just highly misanthropic.

Varg is right about everything in the video.

If you take out the retarded Odinism and primitivism, he is a pretty sensible guy.



he's not a fucking primitivist

he's not an anarchist either, he's just a neo-tribalist
he doesn't even care about nation states, lol

wew lad.


It's like a portrait of the inner workings of an absurdist porky's mind