Does anybody here actually read theory?

Does anybody here actually read theory?

What has science done?


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yeah baby I'm readin proudon right now

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I do, not much recently, but I'm trying.




I watched the entire Kapitalism 101 series. I feel like I have at least the basics down, which honestly is more than enough to beat down reactionaries.

Read the communist manifesto and little scraps from other books

Why do people still read the manifesto and consider it a good intro to socialism?

Yes and I fucking hate it.
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I try to read some theory every day. Working my way through Capital right now.

Because it's the work that everyone's heard of. It wasn't until I read a couple other leftist works that I realized how mediocre/irrelevant it was.

Yea, just finished up this. Pretty good stuff.

I used to.

mah nigga. Imo his Collège de France lectures are much better than his official works. If you can get a copy I recommend "Punitive Society" which he did one year before "Psychiatric Power". It's basically about how the working class was produced. It's also the place where he introduces the idea that what is going on through power relations is civil war (somewhere at the beginning of Psychiatric Power he says something like "I'm aware I'm using military terminology to talk about power"). "The Birth of Biopolitcs" is also worth checking out if you haven't already, it's about liberal government and European and American neoliberalism.

Yes. Currently reading "God and the State" Bakunin.

Reading Baudrillard's Fatal Strategies at the moment. So far it's an ironic description of the cancerous stage of capitalism where all things are expanding and proliferating infinitely while history and politics is in complete inertia precisely because of that. It's full of stuff like this:

Very little. I find non-fiction incredibly dull.

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I read Marx's Kapital a months ago. Been trying to read Aristotles ethics recently but he's even worse than Marx

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Currently reading this

For some it's the other way around. Theory states and discusses its views openly whereas fiction usually does it in a very implicit way so you start asking yourself what the work even wants to say. Enjoyable theory knows how to make use of poetry though, I doubt anybody likes to read dry academic shit.

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Def agreed, his lectures are amazing

Well it synthesizes a lot of the ideas and principles of communism and has classic lines like "a spectre is haunting europe…" and "…all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles", but is very much a product of its time. Some of Engel's work or even Lenin's writings on Marx might be a better introduction.

those books are dense though, it takes some time to read and understand it, but it's worth it

His lectures are actually very straightforward and enjoyable, he's not "presenting a paper" like some academic but only loosely following his lecture notes, talking to the students.
I'd say you can totally ignore his 60s works, he only gets good in the 70s when he starts lecturing at College and starts analyzing power from a militant perspective.

Currently reading "Theory of Economic Dynamics: an essay on Cyclical and Long-run changes in Capitalist Economy". It's quite dense, but worth it.

Next on the list is a re-reading of Sraffa's "Production of commodities by the means of commodities"

Didn't want to make a new thread for this but could anyone recommend me some leftist beginner material?

Critique of the Gotha Program( or any Marx besides Capital or Manifesto)
Ego and It's Own
What is Property

These three will give you a better understanding of what half the niggers here are on about, but you shouldn't end with them.

no, theory is on >>>/marx/ only
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reading is bourgeoisie

This thread is pretty good

Recently got a book that has writings from plato to kant to adorno, along with academic prefaces and footnotes. Just a primer to get a simple but solid foundation for western philosophy.

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1844 Manuscripts
Eighteenth Brumaire
German Ideology

all by Marx/Engels, all available in full at

Ah, see that's why I like it. Sticks in my mind more.

that's fine, my dude. just don't fool yourself into thinking you'll learn shit there. It's where stalinbabbies go to succ each other. nothing more


i have only read a few books, planning to read more, but with school and all i have little time