Why are you guys so noninclusive? Don't you brocialists know that women's rights...

Why are you guys so noninclusive? Don't you brocialists know that women's rights, minority rights and LGBTQFDBG rights are an ESSENTIAL, INEXTRICABLE part of the socialist movement?

Check your fucking muh privilege , brocialists!

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peterdanpsychology.ro/ro/pagina/25/files/docs/black iq gains.pdf

Tell Reddit we say they are dumb

They will lose in a debate everytime

how can those people consider themself stalinist or maoist at all if in their bigoted world view all marxists of the past were basically brocialist sinners?? I mean how could you be a stalinist and in the same time find words such as "dumb" and "retard" to be excellent? What's this idiocy? Stalin is the fucking antithesis of idpol

hey goddamnit, my post now makes no sense

every time someone from leftypol says so on reddit they get banned

we use leftypol because it's the only leftist venue where you won't get fucking banned for questioning the group think

Why will Holla Forums not join other """"""socialist"""""" communities on the battlefield of liberation that is the YouTube comments section?


The days of leddit tier """"""socialism"""""" are counted. After Trump's election people are starting to realize how dumb idpol is.

I wonder if nobody on here having issues with "problematic slurs" is because most anons have been around imageboards for a long time and are used to that. Or maybe reddit just attracts overly sensitive people, I dunno.

these same people will unironically talk about violent revolution bashing the fash

but say "idiot" and it's too far lmao

It's probably a mix of both.

Hey they gotta look after their own :^)

Just saying "nigger" and "faggot" really is handy for keeping the easily-offended pink-haired tumors out.

The part that annoyed me the most was the improper use of 'astro turfing'.

Why would someone have issues with any slur at all? They are by definition "offensive words" and you use them to offend. I'm not a liberal, I'm all in for offending people I don't like.
Saying certain slurs doesn't make you anything-ist. If I'm mad at some guy and call him a nigger, that doesn't mean that I hate niggers and wouldn't sit around them, and smash them on sight and so on. It's all about the meaning we give to slurs, the point you can make is to empty the slurs of that meaning in collective minds.

As opposed to reddit where you get shadowbanned if you dissent to the prevailing opinion at all. We even let aut-rightists post here about Autism Level scores so they can get BTFO by logic.

For all the pomos' talk about changing language, they do seem intent upon ensuring that offensive words always carry as much power to offend as possible.



No true scotsman argument detected.

Just saiyan

you would probably get banned for """"ableism""""



Idpol'rs work under the assumption that working class means white people only.
The neoliberals brainwashed them to think the only way to be a liberal is to support corporate dick suckers who use diversity as a shallow way to get votes without actually changing anything.
So it is very important that a non white male be the one who is drone striking browns and working with wall street to them

This is true, even though you're trolling. No one's been able to explain how racial and gender tolerance in imcompatable with socialism.

This is a straw man, the DNC is a national party and their base has plenty of poor and working class people, including white people.

Bill clinton lost the working class when he passed NAFTA, the working class voted for trump because he is a sumg liberal elitist who thinks the solution to everything is to kill all white people

it's not incompatible and no one ever said it was. the problem is the ideology in the op's pic has nothing to do with tolerance

Ever done it IRL faggot?

Then why did they vote for Trump? Seriously you can't reconcile this without admitting it was because of his white supremacy.

There was zero reason to believe he would carry out protectionist policies, he's a fucking Billionare who used illegals to build all of his building for chirst sakes.

I don't know about you, but in real life, among people I know both in school and outside, using offensive terms to each other is the norm. I've been called a nigger jew chink countless times.
I'm not saying that you can be offensive and no one can touch you because free speech. I'm saying that using certain words is a private matter, and if someone wants to beat me up for it, let it be. If i'm around niggers, I'd better not use that word. if i have a black friend around, i'll watch not to offend him or anyone at all with whatever i know it's offensive to them. But I'm doing so as an egoist, and what I say it's a private matter between me and whoever hears it, it is not a matter of the State, I don't need to be punished and labeled a racist because I said whatever word

What "group think" do you people question? You're pro-homo/tranny/pedo and you cheer BLM. A desire to be seen as edgy doesn't separate you from your comrades in faggotry over on plebbit.

Very few regular posters here oppose that. Opposing idpol is not the same at all.

I'm gay and don't want to bitch about LGBTQIAWTFBBQ9/11+ liberation. My people are the working class, identity regardless.

Trump won because of the states that voted for Obama twice so that kind of ruins the whole "white supremacy" argument

There was more of a chance of Trump doing something protectionist than Clinton. That's all it took for the rust belt to flip.

But no one has looked at these voters voting histories, they are inferring that because some counties that went for Obama went for Trump.

But that assumes the same voters voted. I don't think they did, Trumps racism energized the GOP base that the GOP had struggled for years to contain and control.

Trump used racism without hidding it, which the GOP forbade for years because they wanted to appeal to independents.

Also both parties have the ability to pull voting histories for anyone in their party so it's suspcious to me that they didnt.

Why did people who lost their careers and their livelihoods vote for a guy who promised to roll back the bullshit that ruined their lives? Gee, I don't know. I guess they must just be dumb sexist, racist hicks, huh?

Seriously, the plain fact that you cannot see this is proof positive of the obfuscating effect that idpol and intersectionality has on economic issues. The working class is suffering, and it has fuck all to do with the imaginary patriarchy and transphobia.

But we are very inclusive. Too much, I'd say. Green and Wolffists, I'm looking at you.

It's just rabbiters don't care about actual Socialism, so we have nothing to offer to them.

Again, even a cursory look at Trumps history spelled out loud and clear he wasn't going to do it.

It's material dialectics, Trumps voters aren't stupid, white supremacy give them a material advantage for jobs and other opportunities, Trump's credentials on that are stellar and I and they have every reason to believe they will be furfilled.

Sorry but Clinton lied about being anti TPP and trade deals too but they dismissed her out of hand.


She promised more neoliberalism yes, but she also promised to dismantle white supremacy at least implicitly.

If all your ideology has to offer racial minorities is your willingness to tolerate their existence, that's your problem.
And just because we place less emphasis on race and gender than we do things that have an actual basis in reality, doesn't mean we're intolerant of women and racial minorities. There's a vast chasm between buying into idpol at the expense of materialism and wholesale intolerance of womankind.
Not sure what the democratic party has to do with any of this unless you think our opposition to them is based only on the fact that women and minorities support them, which is preposterous.

Trump got less votes than fucking Romney, you mongoloid. This isn't a fucking show of force for white supremacist woman-haters who couldn't stand the idea of a lady in the white house.
Trump didn't win, Clinton lost.

Well, Marx had a maid who he fucked and impregnated and then when his wife blew a gasket about it he lied and blamed his best factory owner friend about it until finally admitting to his wife "yeah, I did it. So what? Bitches and whores, mop my floors, and my communist cock. This is the TRUE socialist revolution!".

tl;dr Women are useless cunts only good for being fucktoys and slaves and being lied to. This will eternally be their place and don't you dare oppose it or Stalin will bitchslap you from beyond the grave just like he bitchslapped his wife so hard she committed suicide while Stalin was fucking bitches and whores like no tomorrow. Marx, Mao, Che, Stalin, Trotsky, Pol Pot, and Lenin agreed, don't bother them about it. ALPHA AS FUCK


And who started all this neoliberal bullshit. It was Regan homie, and those same cucked Trump voters voted GOP down ticket too.

GOP politicans that support neoliberalism every bit as much as Clinton

Look at Paul Ryan, he's trying to fast track getting rid of Medicare


Everyone could see this coming from a mile away, execpt conservatives because they think their white supmeacy will keep them safe.

The CIA bullshit where class doesn't matter and we shouldn't be actively chasing revolutionary goals for some reason or another, any reason to be honest, is bullshit.

What? Stalin had homoshits EXECUTED. Homosexuality was punishable by DEATH in the Soviet Union and rightfully so.

Plus he knew damn well how to keep women in their place. You're not a true prole unless you can manhandle women. There's not a single poor or working class man in history who doesn't make sure women don't know their place the way nature intended.


Some retard fuckers on Holla Forums think their right-wing idpol isn't idpol and that only liberal idpol counts as idpol, and it's somehow not idpol to want ethnic nationalism, or hate minorities, because they're fucking stupid.

Whatever you want. Head on over to imkampfy's personal nazi LARP torture chamber and post anything that goes against his narrative, no matter how well sourced, and you'll get slapped with a permanent ban. Holla Forums is SA/neogaf/reddit for nazi LARPing useful idiots. Hilariously enough, Holla Forums is one of the last true bastions of free speech left.
Those are Holla Forums false flagging shitposters

Stick around and learn to filter through the shitposts and you'll find some great content.

fuck off Holla Forums

And who continued it? Bill "NAFTA" Clinton and Barack "TPP" Obama, among others

According to three former top administration officials, President Clinton was strongly considering the partial privatization of Social Security prior to his impeachment in 1999. The revelation was contained in a paper delivered by David Wilcox, an assistant treasury secretary, Douglas Elmendorf, a deputy assistant treasury secretary, and Jeffrey Liebman, an aide with the National Economic Council, at a Harvard University conference last month.


Nice strawman, couldn't give a fuck less if people hate other people, stopping people from manifesting it into material oppression like police burtality against black people is what I'm against.

I'm not even black but I do know elementary statics, and every number shows police beat them up way more than anyone else.

You guys on statistics simple fucking math literacy are as insufferable as STEM dickweeds talking about Marx.

not to mention gays and leswbs and transes

Choke on a dick and die idpol man. There is literally nothing wrong with gays, trannies, or anti-police movements. Your identity feelings are shit and bullshit.

I'm not defending liberals. Liberals fall for the same trick, Democrats promise policies that address idpol but not class for everyone that's not white cis male.

The difference is that LGBT Tumbr style idpol isn't drenched in blood, rape and genocide, so they have alot more reason to be triggered by it than hokies crying about affirmative action.

redditors will be the first to die in the revolution so don't worry. there will be plenty of bullets left for them and a tank for good measure.

Damn didn't see you cited cato, haha get out of here an cap

Wait, wait. Are you saying that BLM and LGBT movements aren't textbook idpol?


There's multiple sources indicating that Clinton was moving towards privatization before he was impeached.

But hey, feel free to smugly dismiss it because you're a fuckwit that knows he's wrong

You got that right. People who voted for Obama and his "hope and change" wanted nothing to do with the incompetent corporate stooge who promised them more of the same.

Bullshit. Trump got fewer votes than either Romney or McCain got. He did not "energize" shit. What happened was that voters could not bring themselves to put a mark next to the name of another goddamned globalist capitalist neoliberal. The election results had far less to do with Trump energizing racists, sexists, and transphobes and a whole hell of a lot more to do with damn near everyone being completely disgusted by Clinton.

Trump did not run as another Reagan. Clinton did. After five successive incarnations of Reagan, folks are sick of him.

And look at you thinking that there is a difference between the two American parties! Actual socialists can plainly see that they are nothing more than the two masks over the same face.


They wouldn't last three seconds in a real revolution.

They'd have a heart attack the moment they hear gunfire.

I'm saying that.

You're just picking out the parts of movement that have been co-opted by porky. You might as well be a Gamer Gate cuck for doing that.

BLM uses idpol in an anti-police movement and that tactic seems to be working.
Pro-LGBT movements tend to be anti-anti-LGBT idpol, to fight against idpol is not idpol. To denounce those for resisting idpol becuase their identity makes you uncomfortable is idpol.

Then why did they vote for a goddamn globalist capitalist neolibiral carpetbagger a la Trump?

The motherfuck was a life long clinton supporter for christ sakes.

Because he was the first candidate in who knows how long that criticized globalization, instead of the usual "those jobs aren't coming back, get used to it, btw we need even more free trade tia"

So idpol is okay, just as long as it's used to support your beliefs? Gotcha. I suspected as much.

Porky give money to idpol movements so porky can divorce those movement.

You're obviously a bootlicker for pretending you didn't know that, I suspected as much.

m8 fuck off you're a retard. To fight against idpol, while technically idpol, is fine, okay, and even good. To prevent a genocide, because that genocide is idpol, preventing the genocide is still idpol, inaction is worse its silent acceptance of the genocide-idpol.

*can divorce those movement from class

You don't do that by changing language to fight racism. You do that with revolution.

What do you know! Holla Forums bases their belief system on the same mathematical formulations!

The fuck? No. Just no.

But guies he SAID about being anti free trade, THAT'S why they voted for him. They tottally plugged their ears when he talked about that icky racist stuff.

Also all those proles are too poor to have the internet, but they all got Fox news somehow.

Yes, it is, as any resistance to idpol is idpol.
You claim LGBT movements are idpol, these people demand equal rights, equal rights for the faggots is idpol, but non-equal rights is also idpol, denouncing these movements is support for the oppressive idpol.


None of you conservative cucks have explained why they believe Trump on his anti free trade when he was a life long Clinton supporter all the way up until he ran

wew lad

The mental gymnastics you're going through right now to try and justify your spaghetti-tier belief structure is astounding. You really need to take a step back and reexamine yourself.

Are you fucking serious?

We are simply pointing out that Trump knew what buttons to press. People want the economy to be like it was in the 50s/60s which will never happen.

Not really fam it's pretty simple and you're an idiot.
Cops kill a disproportionate amount of blacks = idpol
Black communities retaliate = idpol
Denouncing only BLM idpol = passive acceptance of police-racism idpol
Assisting against the police = active idpol in support of anti-idpol

You're the one jumping through hoops to justify oversimplified Holla Forums memes.

Only americans care about SJW shit, and SJWs are always americentric as fuck.

Liberal rubbish fam eat a dick.

That's actually not true. Blacks commit more crimes, thus have more interactions with police. Police actually kill whites at a higher rate than blacks when adjusting for their respective crime rates. I'm going to discard the rest of your post until you address these facts.

Many black communities are poor, the feds have been assuring this, they introduced hard drugs to the ghetto to de-radicalize as many people as they could.

Oh and poor people commit more crime.

Idpol does love it some statistics, doesn't it?

And? The personal lives of politicians often differ significantly from their actual political positions. Social conservatives have mistresses and gay lovers, liberals that complain about "getting money out of politics" have corporate backers, and avowed anti-racists live in 99% white/NAM neighbourhoods.

Trump differed only in that the media couldn't stop itself from outing his dirty laundry every night

You are both wrong, police brutality is a growing issue for all American citizens because of a trend of unprofessionalism and jingoism among cops. Blacks aren't the only victims and they sure as hell don't deserve it.

Damn it, meant Asian not NAM*

That does not address the fact that you started with, and I quote, "Cops kill a disproportionate amount of blacks" when the exact opposite is true. When your foundation is fundamentally broken, anything you build upon it is equally broken.

Yes, as I've said, race is the best predictor of lQ which is the best predictor of criminality and income.

I never said otherwise.

blacks in texas have higher Autism Levels than whites in the balkans

Never said they were the only victims.

Fine faggot replace it with cops kill a lot of blacks.

my sides, based BO

What did I fucking say. I said he was the ebin idpol man.

It's not disproportionate though, it's simply a growing issue. Though crime rates are falling faster among blacks IIRC.

Still an issue. Still an anti-police movement.

Police are also becoming more militarized to guard against the threat of insurrection that has been raised by an increase in poverty.

I love that word filter.

Who cares if it is or is not disproportionate? The problem is not that cops are killing some people at a higher rate than other people. The problem is that cops are fucking killing people.

Yes, there are also a few tall chinese people.

Okay, that's better.

It is implicitly deeply triggering and problematic.

Black people being extremely vocal about it clearly justifies the police actions because being anti-cop is bad.

No, it is not an issue. Cops killing people is the issue. Fuck the ethnic demographics of the people who are being killed.

Exactly so why are you against BLM, the policies they want would keep cops from killing white people too

Then fuck the support of those communities.

because anti-idpol is bad since it's technically idpol :^πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

Every half politically literate asshole knows about those buttons, doesn't get them into the white house.

Sure, but the BLM libshits aren't helping. If anything they intentionally defend obvious cases of criminal behavior to stir drama when actual innocents are getting beaten up elsewhere.

They protested for a month over a street thug, but barely deigned to notice when some poor black kid got inexplicably rekt by a schizophrenic in a uniform.

Bullshit, they're becoming more militarized because American police are cowards with a messianic complex. Property and violent crime has been going down. Note how none of this militarization happens in the few places where the opposite is the trend, i.e. skid row in Chicago.

Porky has the US military and NSA to defend itself. Police are just another customer.

No True Scotsman. Autism Level as the magic sociological number is utter nonsense even from a hereditarian perspective.

True, but Trump lucked out: he went against Clinton instead of Sanders, and Clinton pissed so many people off that she made herself unelectable.

I intentionally defend criminal behaviour, my friends all sell drugs. Illegalism a best. Laws a shit. Criminals are the only people with any self respect when faced with silly things like rule of law.

What the fuck are you on about. I said idpol movements start out grassroots and incorporate class.

They gain serious support because proles understand idpol, and then get taught on class.

Porky intervenes, gives money to idpol leaders and they stop teaching proles about class.

You're just a bootlicker that gets triggered by people complaining about white suppremacy cause your white.

You care about class cause your poor. You and pretty much everyone on leftypol is intellectually lying about your motivations and the average prole can see it.

Oh BO, you so silly.

Because it's a globalist funded, militant Ι‘nti-white hate group with a little bit of anti-police rhetoric thrown in to get the "fuck da police" edgy millennial crowd to show up.

Show me a movement that is purely focused on de-militarizing the police, and I'll be in the streets with them.

Nah, just the Bell Curve. I await your handwaving on that one too while you google it :^)

Hahah my sides! If you think BLM is militant deeply triggering and problematic cause they accuse racists ass cops for killing black people cause of racism your candy ass isn't gonna be anywhere near the streets during the revolution.


peterdanpsychology.ro/ro/pagina/25/files/docs/black iq gains.pdf

Which policies? Generally speaking, BLM is just Porky-funded liberal garbage, but they probably have a policy or two that we agree with.

Guess what? Having different ideologies does not mean that people have polar opposite interests. You will find a hell of a lot of support for the Black Rock demonstrators here, even if we do not agree with any of their "sacred land" bullshit.

triggered Holla Forumsyp detected

We have a Facebook group?

Jesus christ.

None of that debunks the bell curve, all you're seeing there is the simple fact that you can slightly raise lQ through proper nutrition.

Not fooling anyone, Holla Forums.

And you call anyone else Holla Forums? You the same faggot who thinks the law should be respected?
Fuck off Holla Forums.

Confirmed for unable to read.

I am not worried that such rethoric is going work, as it won't, what I am worried is how fucking stupid you have to be to try to pull it off

They accuse blacks cops of being white-supremacists if they shoot black criminals. They're not shit because of their tactics; they're shit because they're idiots.

The difference is that the DAPL protestors are all explicitly against porky and their useful idiot "peacekeeper" forces. This is based as fuck and worthy of support even if some of them are a little spooked; BLM is too deep in bourgeois interests.

It doesn't need to, it's a shitty non-peer reviewed book full of ass pull reasoning. Feel free to read some actual scientific work. I have a few more if you like.

I'm 12 and this is sozialisms

so easily baited ;)

stay the easiest to troll board on Holla Forums /lefty/


Even if you were (you weren't) that itself is something worth calling you a faggot over.

you didn't bait anyone, they rightfully called you a retard

good puppet, now keep entertaining us with your sperging

Whites > blacks


If you were actually trolling you wouldn't be boasting about it

Why are you being so low-energy and dishonest? Did you already forget posting and trying to hand-wave it all away as "poverty"?

First paragraph is affirmative action, inflated SAT scores by race, preferential enrollment. Can safely discard the rest.

Nah, you do this shit in every thread. You shoot your mouth off about shit you don't understand, and then when someone breaks out facts and stats you invoke le epin Holla Forums bogeyman to try and frame Holla Forums as an irrational, emotional hugbΞΏx. Frankly it's fucking tiresome.

You don't either, the difference is I am not an impotent liberal that tries to coerce force n others basedon pseudoknowledge

Now go ahead, keep digging your hole deeper


"Those communities" are not isolated victims. It is not just their issue.

Using the military to put down public demonstrations creates dangerous unrest. The cops can be dispatched immediately with very little in the way of public outcry. That is why they are always out in force around every demonstration. Porky will have his politicians call the military in to deal with a situation only if the cops get overrun.

He probably is. You probably are as well. Too bad you are too fucking [identity] to concern yourself with your material interests.

I completely agree. Those injuns are fighting the right people for the right reasons. We should give them as much support as we can.

If it's affirmative action and SAT scores why don't African-Americans receive the same statistical benefit?


Being pro-LGBT is pretty standard on the left. It doesn't have all that much to do with economics. As for BLM, Holla Forums is in support of their theoretical goal of stopping police from wantonly killing people regardless of color. The problem Holla Forums has with BLM is how they make everything about race instead of class.

But when you get to talking about pedos, you find a discussion littered with corrupted terminology and disinfo propaganda in much the same way that the meanings of economic terms have been poisoned. I don't merely support lowering the age of consent based on feelings. I understand from a scientific, biology-based point of view that 18 is absolutely fucking retardedly high and was created by feminists to artificially prop up their sexual market value in concert with the desire of the wealthy elite to retain exclusive sexual access to the most desirable mates. This would get you labeled a pedo in dumbfuck reactionary countries like America. There are some others here who believe this, and have been ruthlessly attacked for it by supposed "progressives" who frankly just aren't very damn smart or informed when it comes to this, and the "education" they think they've received makes them too fucking full of themselves to admit it. The so-called "academic literature" that American psychologists have produced on this subject would mostly be laughed out of a discussion on anything else for insufficient sample sizes, lack of reproducibility and more.

TBH some forms of idpol have more justification than others. As pointed out in such a flagrantly false flagging, subversive Holla Forumsack fashion, Stalin had gays executed. If Holla Forums or the modern left in general does anything wrong, it's failing to recognize that the workers seizing ownership of the means of production won't magically make spooked, anti-science retards stop being spooked, anti-science retards. Idpol does sometimes have to be addressed independently of class. The problem comes when certain groups try to exclude class from the discourse entirely.

Falseflagging Holla Forums trying to forward the ad hominem that all leftists are pedos detected.

It's easy to tell because you're trying to force idpol down our throats.

then the means of production were not seized, as the Ideological State Apparatuses are still in place

Read Althusser

Already addressed that. See

I assumed you were misguided, but it's clear now that you're just baiting/shitposting. You've had enough (You)'s today from me.

Because non-white legal immigrants from the third world are typically in the top percentile for lQ among their countrymen, and receive a disproportionate benefit from any SAT inflation or preferential hiring practices.

So why do their children receive the same benefit despite not being in the top percentile for Autism Level?

So? Who cares if they are not forcing their morality on others by wielding significant political and economic power?

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Well, we do all hate cops at least.

lol how many of the alt right "turn socialist"

Is this a thing

They actually don't. They do, however, receive the benefit of being raised with proper nutrition which increases brain size and function. A distinct advantage over families that don't feed their children nutrient-dense foods, which is a common trait among low-income families as they also tend to be low lQ and don't understand how to fit in said nutrient dense food in their budget, frequently opting for processed garbage (see: obesity rates in non-white communities).

pretty standard left stuff there

Can you fucking read, idiot? Go back and try again, specifically this part:

Obviously not all of the left agrees with me on this. The ones who don't are wrong, of course.

I love how the thread was bumplocked right about now, too. Mods triggered much?


Please explain why the children of native blacks out compete the children of African Americans and are comparable to the children of whites in educational attainment.

The alt-right is mostly classical liberals/left of center libertarians. Nazi LARPers/stormfags aren't alt-right.

This is a slow moving board, who gives a fuck if it's bumplocked? Not like you can't carry on your shitposting discussions.

Already addressed that with the nutrition gap + SAT inflation/preferential hiring/enrollment and "comparable" is a weasel phrase.

wonder how we got here

Though I agree that police and state power has gotten out of hand, I think it is absolutely NOT a racial issue, despite the fact that blacks are doubly over represented in police shooting deaths.

Consider this: suppose there are overzealous police out there with itchy trigger fingers, but not a racist bone in their bodies. Interaction with them in their professional capacity carries the inherent risk of feeling their wrath independent of race. Then suppose that there is a racial demographic that over-commit most blue-collar and violent crimes at a rate of 2 to 5x. They would necessarily have the police called on them more and, therefore, have more interactions with these few, heavy handed cops. Thus we have our dead blacks without the need for racism.

Am I in the wrong here?

Concerted derailment and subversion by Holla Forums. People should just learn to ignore them and stick to the original topic.

There is also the fact they make up the majority of urban poor while the rural poor are usually white. Police can in a couple blocks of city police more people than in a couple miles of country. Of course this is tied to a history of segregation. Not to say race isn't a part of the equation in all of this, but it tends to be overstated at the expense of other poor people.

Stalinists don't. Maoists don't. In fact, I would posit most non-anarchist ideologies would prefer a police force.

Why are you lying? Already covered that here:

I'm not pro-cop, and I'm not anti-black. In fact, I would bet that most of your beliefs on the subject perfectly align with mine. However, easily disproved statements like that do nothing but hurt credibility, as if you open your argument with something that the person you're trying to convince can immediately verify as a falsehood, he's not going to listen to anything else you have to say.

To add on this, the "hands up don't shoot" meme did nothing but destroy any credibility BLM had (and by extension, most left-slanted media) with your average white American, as that situation was a completely manufactured falsehood that one quick google search could blow the fuck out and expose it for what it was.

Now, you could say that the "porkies" who fund BLM knew exactly what they were doing with that, and encouraged it to use the movement as a wedge to divide and conquer whites and blacks, breeding more racial tension/hatred, and I wouldn't disagree.

I don't know how to fix this, though, without starting from scratch.

I'm not one of you mentally ill faggots myself, but I just want to point out how hilarious it is that hard leftism is succumbing to the identity politics virus. Actual Marxist-Leninist states as they existed had nothing in common with American feminists or modern West European SJWs. They considered people who act like liberals to be mentally ill or criminals.

Anyway, please continue destroying yourselves and pandering to psychotic women, loser minorities and sexual freaks who will hate you no matter what you do save for killing ourselves.


you can count with one hand percentage of women in true prole labourings

when the women labour equally hard as men in the mines paving roads and streets or smashing rocks and bourgeois oppression by middle and upper classes with great hammer they may have their place in the revolution of workers against kapital

so grab shovel

grab pickax

grab cement

grab caustic industrial chemicals

grab hammer

grab sickle

and WORK