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Get a job.

so its a new thread is what youre saying...

nah, never found dinosaurs interesting after I was 6, I moved on to robots and stayed there tbh

I am a shitty lock, but I'm a good cocksleeve


oh jeez sorry about that man

If Grim asks you to go clubbing, do you say yes?

its not really for me either...but there you have it

luka how are you dear

it was a real shocker yep, but its all good for the most part. I moved to another state... iso the one i might for to knock the boots with... to some success

im ok

But you're underage.

Elderly ass neihbour parked in our parking llot in front of our house lol
I sort of want to re-paint their car, but i think i might not be entirely in the right if i do so
In the eye of the law i mean, obviously i would be in the right

oh ah yea but
what about the bundles of joy?

wonderful wonderful
stay healthy

then why'd you watch it twice

Let me ask you a question.
Which would you rather eat.
18 year old cabbage?
15 year old cabbage?
10 year old cabbage?
Or day old cabbage?

I get to see them at acceptable intervals for prolonged stays. my youngest just left from here about a week ago.


This is a trap and I can't get out of it.

hi luka

once for myself and once at the request of aforementioned family member



trap implies there's something bad about it

why didn't you just punch her in the dick

lol chode


oh yes i can definitely see the likeness to cabbage with you!

okay thats all right
the bond between father and children is sacred
whats the most important thing your dad taught you?

do YOU go around punching family members in the dick?

the value of a positive work ethic

If you have an older brother, you're legally required to punch/kick them in the groin daily.

Ignore the first link.


yes that's why im posting from my confined cell
hold on i have to take my pills


what the fuck

i love that! ah
listen to this please


I once kicked my sister in the cunt with boots on.. made her bleed. she was pretty pissed about that. she in turn broke a wood hairbrush over my ass which required stiches... #truestory


your quirky tastes in music never cease to amaze...

Alexis youre a fucking bitch
Nobody loves you, you vapid whore

More like I thought it was a girl but I took off her pants and it had a penis.


The only real "violent" episode I can really recall is hitting him with the metal fire poker and it breaking open part of his scalp that needed stitches.
It healed quickly and no visible scars or anything.

lol.. this was relevant to my conversation. well memed

I like lexi and want to do lewd things in her butt... well fuck there goes your bullshit theory

hey that sounds pretty good
sci i forgot you have a good taste in music i think
also do you think im playing games with you

shush you're flattering
do you like it? it's one of my all-time jams
oh and what states did you move from/to?

that wont do anything go to bed

theres no such thing

Why even bring her up out of nowhere and why are you even so salty about her?

non-specifically a bit closer to the mason dixon line. into the american south

Still wondering what has you so butthurt

man.. what spurred that on?

Why is a known CP criminal posting?

i thought tsuchi wasnt a weeb

what do you smoke

three, actually, from what ive been told

but that's a good thing
anyway red, there's nothing to be worried about, I'm not trapping you into anything, just answer the question

what is this

yes there is, you have it

To be honest, I can't really say.
I can kind of remember but I'm sure that was different shit all merging together.
I was like 8 so it's not like I had that much strength behind it. And it hit with the "rod" side where it's just a pole, not the hooked side.

its shitty but I switched from marlboro to either pall mall or rolling my own

probably a heroin party


what good are siblings except to eff with and laugh about it later... you do laugh about it, dont you?

I don't wanna eat something covered in mold so probably the one thats a day old.

theyre cheaper.. i still like cigars tho. those I dont skimp on

i mean i was joking from the start so i imagined you must be too, and also you literally cant do it so that made the case even stronger
but that said you're kind of unpredictable

ive had the menthol ones and they were okay
filter cigarettes aside from menthol is pointless and dumb imo
they're just plain worse
but thats just me

You have no problem with Desu or Boo posting
Why do you have one with Sci?

i could be wrong but i think he's just trying to incite argument
like this post


yeah same but cabage is disgusting so
wanna go to taco bell?

i can't do what
I can joke
how am I unpredictable

Yeah, pretty much.
I still talk to him somewhat regularly, with most of our conversations just being me making fun of whatever he's calling about.

Pall Mall's smell like old ladies covered in perfume and being set afire.

....i dont care for menthol.
i like the taste of tobacco.

Because it's Sci.

youre right, they do stink... ive gotten away from calling my sister an idiot. She has it coming tho

funny as fuck.

you just seem erratic in general i spose

yeah me too but it's refreshing on occasion
just something different

have you tried a vaporisor? I have one but it doesnt do much for me

ice pose

thats disgusting, i hope they kill themselves

i don't know what that word means
my movements are fairly regular, if we're speaking strictly bowel

At least go with like Turkish Gold at the minimum.
Or just go to a proper cigar store and get Davidoff's minis.

i have not because i'm prejudiced against it. it strikes me as being for the hoverboard--backwards hat combo crowd.

regular bowel movements? that's unexpected

Yeah but i'm not driving.

I have a friend that will bring in a case from belize on occasion. my usual goto aside from that deliciousness is garcia y vega... there are a few other brands ill try.. to me one should always pair scotch with a cigar. havent gotten scotch in awhile


Right, Boo molested his niece by Spoilers' standards. : ^ )

Both of those people really posted CP?

its like the thing now...even older people, its crazy.

Its time

why am I unexpected? Usually I just shitpost and give very short replies.

thats okay i love driving

i feel like all the CP posting has been of me


Actually no i'm going to bed.


maybe in 25 years or more i'll switch to it if it proves healthier

what does the [grab] link do?

rest easy


nighty night~

i don't know...


Don't close the window
I'm not done
I'm an expert
In my field
Shitpostology, yes it is real

nothing aside from air you take into your lungs will prove healthy

so far it doesn't do anything

that wasn't a very good poem
2/10, see me after class!

Yes. Desu did the other day and quite a few people were pming me telling me to ban him for it.

It hasn't been.

you mean scatsermology

u dont know!!

yeah that's how it seems
maybe it's a new feature they're working on that will come out later
though i don't know why they'd be doing that when Holla Forums often screws up the most basic functions it's supposed to perform

Why is there CP of you, silly? :3

Lmao. Don't the site's rules require you to ban him?

feels bad man


cause i put it out there, duh!

just small time devs getting in over their heads and focusing on the big shit before they do actually important things like make their website work
same shit with early access games

ill bank on it...

Last I checked I was only required to make sure it was removed. I gave him a talkhe didn't really know either.
As for Boo, he was but only for a short amount of timeI wasn't the one who issued him a ban

oh btw you can apparently get in trouble for having underage pics of yourself. some guy just a month or two ago god in trouble for that shit lol


yeah i know
what happened to him?
was it on here?

oh i forgot tell me what tg is

well we know that water vapor helps asthmatics so i wouldn't be so sure! but hey it could turn out you're right. i wouldn't be super surprised by either case.

Ancient memes, it's all true
I'm an expert, just like you
A lyrical genius before my time
Way after yours, your criticism is the only crime

It'ss al stolen shit with memes plastered over it anyways

I did not, i was on about quality posting, not whatever the fuck sort of farm games you play

lol reported, called the cops, fda, cia, fbi, fsb, nsa, mi6, the butcher, the baker and the candllestick maker


I think he got fined and also has jailtime
No, the dude was completely normal and just had pics of himself that he was showing he wife. iirc she ended up gloating about it with people she worked with.

you dont play farmville? at least tell me you play candy crush

i thought he was gone

lol just smoke real cigarettes

I love subtle more than words can describe

the traditional games board on 4chan

call a therapist cause I'm fuckin nuts!


have you sucked his dick yet?


you're the one who vaporizers not me!


so he was over 18 and had pics of himself?

what's going on here boobles

did the definition of perma change


I think he was in his late 30s maybe early 40s and was married

im in love with gilly
i love her face so much
what do you mean by perma

shall i have them pick you up and take you away to a funny farm?

i own one, dont mean i use it...



who is gilly

sci has a perma ban



why is he back

bebop being inept is not a good enough answer


hm wat




thats exactly it erin
bebop is inept
thats the only possible answer :/

gilly is the actor youre posting
or at least she plays gilly in game of thrones
whats her full name


call the police, i think my mom has pics of me in the tub


im already there
my fuckin house is nuts! The alien in my attic is a tranny!

have the implications of 'it doesnt do much for me' changed??


pics like that aren't illegal though

never heard of it

nah, but everyone always did on the trains a couple of years ago

all aliens are transgender, this is common knowledge

do you ride on trains a lot?


her name is hannah murray

this character is cassandra ainsworth

i actually had no idea she was in game of thrones

nether of them have permas

don't try skirt the issue

enforce the ban

its status remains unchanged

made mah day

define a lot

They have both done the same thing you think they should be perma banned for
Don't try to make me play a bias or enforce a double standard here, it's not going to happen.

youre not the admin anymore erin!!!

well has the definition of 'dont mean i use it' changed then???

to me more than once a week is a lot

how am i going to send my mom to prison then

really? It's the board where people talk about tabletop games n shit. Like Warhammer 40k or D&D. It's pretty cool.

Kill all aliens then.

is there a monopoly general? if not there should be

what are you prattling on about... would it make you feel better if i hit the vape presently?

id prefer to leave it, but if I must

no, i want si banned for the original reason he was permabanned

he flagrantly disregards the rules, and accumulated bans for it until he earned perma

bebop, fuck off with your pseudopolitical non-sequiturs

he has a permanent ban

make the fuck sure he serves it you roach

you must

thats not very nice to the extraterrestrial lgbt community... you should be more tolerant

bebop, counter-argument: don't ban me?

just link me if you agree thanks

she is and shes my waifu
that southern bucktooth thing she has is so fucking cute

bebops off his rocker though i think
desu posted cp a few days ago and he didnt even get banned



there... are you happy?



Maye 2-3 times a week now, whenever i go to Stockholm basically


so we remain at the impasse of me disliking it, yet presently doing it

nope! that's shits gay!
Monopoly is a horrible game.

*shoots 50 aliens*


idea to burn a few extra cals every week
play music and dance on the train ride

do you?

but i like monopoly

also, i am not fine with posting with desu

i ask for desu to be banned basically daily

what the fuck kind of argument is that

do your fucking job omg

whoa whoa waaaaay too soon man. YOU SICK FUCK

counter-argument [2]: dont do your job?


You shouldn't.

Would you like it if I were consistent with all of my bans?
In theory this would effect the other two as well and secure their fate.
which on Holla Forums means 3months which he has long waited out.

You need more than that

Would you like me to stay consistent with my bans and get rid of those who post cp? You are included in this and would mean every time I see you I will perma you, forever.

well stop for the love of god!
im tired of talking about vapes you think of something
or nothing up to you

i'm super awesome and we're like friends and stuff so don't?

vichan + infinity may only enforce a permanent ban for 3 months, but permanent still means permanent, it is up to you to reissue a fresh non-perma to maintain the perma

and YES






dont ban him yet... im mid conversation. that would be rude.

give me like... 10 minutes

nice strawman
i have literally 0 involvement in you leaving cp on the catalog and letting desu keep cp in the threads
thats all you

No, this is not america, there is no need for such awful things


admin vote time

bebop can't do this.

*shoots you*

why not
give me at least 2 reasons

you down to play a little game later?

ive set a timer on your ban so you might know the exact hour of your demise... youre welcome



*runs away whilst holding up pants*

mods are gods

he's like a child with chocolate all over their face trying to claim they didn't eat the cake

why the fuck should we acquiesce to that

Do you? I haven't noticed once.

I don't plan on ruling with a bias here.

pour me a shot

oh someone else did it lol

you mean when I'm not on my computer? sorry that I have a life lmfao
It was deleted. He didn't know the person was underage, unlike when you did it.

Words echoing from my mouth from when you were the admin, I find this funny.


4 minutes was adequate I feel...

i had literally 0 idea ghosties age
youve gone crazy bebop

im always down to exchange nudes with 17 year olds

fucking do your job and stop making excuses, omg, how hard is it to click three buttons

give them admin

you fuckin know it

nah nah nah
I meant smokin up nikka
playin a lil game of that puff puff pass
*takes out the hugest blunt you've ever seen*

the only shitposting i willingly want from you are pictures of your booty

what youre doing rihgt now sucks

and now WE TWERK!

It wasn't me. lol

You said you knew after the ban though
You even went and posted it another time since then too
get the fuck out lol

He's banned now if you hadn't noticed.



neither of these things ever happened...

I know... its alright.

Aw. Well I like it, I'm having fun!

I don't have any twerking gifs.
I'm sorry.
I've got this gif though, I don't know what it is.

that kinda works I guess...

he will say anything to excuse his total lack of performance.

and, i'd wager, will never admit it and relinquish admin.

we'll move board soon enough, until then, just rely on the mods.

why go to bed when you can just stay up all night watching anime since you can't lay in bed without crying :^)

Heard you were talking shit

Keep getting a flood detection

he's just making up stuff and assuming everyone will think its the truth?
wtf lmao

youre migrating?

Bebop is a terrible admin,.

I saw.

When we last talked about this you admitted to it even, also said you didn't want to argue a whole lot because you were high but then continued to try to.

tbh I don't think we will erin


if bebop keeps this shit up, yes, obviously, it's what we do when a terrible admin won't step down

oh, is THAT how it happens lol

We didn't change when you were admin lmao

why would you save that?

yeah i said some shit, so what bitch!?

brb watching more youtube.

Admin and Mod team are useless.
Endless CP.
No ban for Ui.
No ban for Kroni.
Atleast Moogs did the job.
WEhat is your excuse?
"Nah, later man...ill do it later".


Hell nobody wanted to actually move from the last board until their precious was banned. "the final straw"
uncuck yourselves


that was ill advised.

for the same reason i might save this

ruind mah day


pm me if he evades



oh, so under thread of being left behind, NOW you will do your job?

what the fuck bebop, fucking grow a pair

nothing gb2 utub


Whatchu finna do?

masturbating to?

...or something

He's banned now, if he evades then he's evading. If he wanted to be unbanned he should have written a proper ban appeal for the person who banned him to see.

If you want you and everyone else can add me and message me on steam when someone breaks a rule and nobody is around to take care of it.

Stab you the fuck up

Don't worry everyone, I'm here to save you all from yourselves by not actually being here when you need me.


pretty picture

never send a little boy to do a tranny's job.

no more shit mods


fuck you, nigga, i fuckin dare you


Down with this tyranny


The savior we need but don't deserve


heil das thermal hand!

♥ Mei

Why thank you. I love me some goths

Save the day!

Who are you

Say it orange haired anime guy

Well I'm neither of those.

I wish I knew what you meant.

moar please~

ban neo-kanra

Hi I'm baka!
I'm from /lewd/, or at least, that's what everyone wants to know immediately!


something something the goddam batman

You have failed your country

With pleasure.

Elections when!?
When will we finally have the Moderation and Admin we choose.
Admin and mod shouldnt be a Monaerchy and Royal court passed around like some secret club.
The time is NOW.



I wish I were the one.

Nice to meet you, no clue what /lewd/ is.

Same, mate.

Which one?

post your bench stats so we can have something to talk about for 30 seconds...

What put you in such a loving mood all of a sudden?

Both sides of the neutral zone.

185 for 6 flat and decline
used to rep 225 but muh cut

"You know where bad little boys go? Bad little boy island."

What did Boo post? Was it really just that niece thing again? I was joking.

who fucking knows mate


aaand thats time... man that was nice. go team

200 for 8 get on my low gains level

That doesn't fucking answer any question.

oh thank god, some people dislike you if you're from there
it's another board on Holla Forums
hi nice to meet you!
what would you do if i punched you in the dick?

hi lenko~



I peaked at 315 for 5 two months ago. FEELS BAD MAN


Keep it in your pants. I'm not a piece of meat for your amusement.

Your in Korea! You should know what I'm talking about! Or are you actually using a proxy?

Well I don't know shit about Holla Forums, so I won't hate you for now.

But I'd probably throat punch you.

im not sure what to say right here... thats good?

w-whats up

if you could touch me
you don't even posses a fraction of the skill i do


Amuse me~

I don't think the "I'm not a piece of meat" thing makes sense. Most people aren't interested in fucking literal pieces of meat or even recently deceased people. They crave your soul.

not loli

What, I'm not in the DMZ you fool!

Well I'm pretty well versed in combat, silly.
And I'm a pretty big guy.



Shiiiiet. i should've stuck with Diablo poss.

Are you not entertained?!

There's no such things

That was. The fucking. JOKE.

playing one piece game

nite homo


See ya

*CIA voice* For you.



*CIA voice* For you.

I miss Uiharu......

remember years ago when she used to post all those deserts in thread~ ?
making people hungry.

I am!
so i appreciate you, by hugging you and loving you and giving attention for all your needs while you make me happy!
love for cuteness~

how big r u

yes, sonata does that to me now. its both nnice and not nice. broharu was a good bro

Well think of a 5'9 180 guy on bulking season since he broke his hand. das me

Well, I did sorta ruin it. I forgot it's called the demilitarized zone. I dunno where neutral zone came from.

Well how very sweet. If only the kindness of strangers was more prominent here.

You know what I mean. The mind. :3

Who are you and why does Luka have such a girl boner for you, anyway?

squat / bench / diddylift?

i can bench 70
youre all lightweight bitches

I sometimes wonder how all the old gang is doing...
where they have gone.

Some bored people online here, tend to find unfortunate depreciating ways of pass their time.

but there are good people too! being kind to each other and talking about stuff~
it's an effort for some to stay nice online i guess. :(

sadly we can only guess for some of them my dear Luka

I just didn't get what you were going for about the DMZ, maybe I'm dumb.

Lenko is more stronk than me if I remember correctly
225/200/the fuck is a diddylift? My deadlift is 180

all those are 8 reps

Wew, those are some pretty good stats there~
You work out often then?

Those are horrible words to interchange!

I don't know haha. I just went from posting Diablo stuff to posting goths and succubi, and then along came her.

I can see that.The struggle for getting admins to listen to non-admins is real. Such anarchy. ever been there yourself?


6 days a week for about 2-3 hours a day depending on the day

I've been there, and inside NK. I'm military, so.

Izaya, we've got to talk more!
So you're really a Korean, eh?

at least you're still around to keep us company~

meh, it's just a monthly drama posting.
nothing i really pay attention to.
I fine with how things are.

:O youre that devil poster? you could give yourself a kewl name if you like!


of course... keep forgetting im here forever.


Oh my. How'd you get in and out in one piece?
I guess it really is American tourists their more interested in.

I'm not very creative with names. Especially when it comes to trips. I don't have the processor for fancy schmancy trips.

Well, yeah, technically I'd say the "soul" is the center of the mind that illuminates the rest; the essence of the self and consciousness. I guess the word does usually also carry the implication of an immortal element of the person, but we don't have to get into that and I mainly like using words like that for stylistic reasons. You should understand if you're that person who was posting Diablo and praising the "dark lord" earlier. :3

I see you've adapted into being an anime girl.


Who would do that, Lie on the internet?


I mean 1 hour of it is mandatory crap calisthenics.
The rest is just lifting/running.
I'm not a bodybuilder by any means, closer to a low-level bear mode. Not korean, American military man.

It was more of a tour actually. We make a game of their antics.

i don't understand what you just said.

oooh~ look at her dress.. such nice floral patterns


Are you trying to make me blush?
So you were deployed there or somethin?
Lotta gooks around there though, don't you ever get sick of em?

something konata said once... its not important right now

hakune matata

I do, I was just going for some playful banter. I wouldn't care if you really did believe that stuff. I get enough juicy religious debates from Holla Forums anyways.

I've come to like this community a lot more than the furry community, honestly. A lot more close and personal.

There ya go. Show that fat stubby chimp that you don't take him seriously.

I'll have to think about it more. But in the mean time, I do value my anonymity. And =, of course, find more pics you guys like.

I mean, if it's working, sure.
I'm just stationed here. Not really a deployment. It's lovely here, and I love the people. Koreans are great, kind people.

His own people don't take him seriously.

taking off... up earlyish



*comforting internet hugs*

New, pretty pics are always welcome!
they sometimes cheer some people up and make them smile.
Take your time, come back any time you like~