What do you think is the right way to raise a child?

What do you think is the right way to raise a child?

In a multi-generational household surrounded by a strong and tight knit community

you let the democrats raise it for you xdddd

The right way.

Obviously through Clockwork Orange style re-education instilling adoration of the great leader Soros and fealty to his global Soviet state.

Literacy should be a top priority. My mom read to me when I was in the womb as well as within a half hour of my birth, and regularly thereafter. As a result, I had the rudiments of literacy down before my first birthday.

raising a child doesn't matter at all

all that matters is that both parents are under the age of 28. the kid will be successful no matter what under those circumstances

yeah i'm sure unmarried teenage parents are going to provide stability and opportunities–hey at least they aren't elders approaching 30!

jesus christ you people can't even keep your own bs straight

Poor kids have more sex than middle class kids. I would have traded my life for that any day.

To school them on the emotional level to be the most compassionate and discipline person they can be.

It is to give him the truth about the meaningless and absurdity of life and to remind them that suicide is an option not to be ashamed of.

Buying them few books is always a good thing

Within a tight knit community where the kids have more people than just their parents to look out for them.

sounds spooky

Poor nazi. There's still time, you can drop the redpill bullshit and just try to be a real person.

free-range kids / unschooling


I know you're memeing but I'm glad my parents taught me to read before school did. I learned to read at 4 while everyone else had to learn to read at 6 in school.

IMHO the most important aspect of raising a child is to make the child care about knowledge and the pursuit of it. What it is, how to spot those who would lie about it, to respect the power that it has, and to question those who say they have it. Socrates truly is the best teacher for the youth. It's no mistake that he was killed by the status quo in Athens.

le chicken


This topic -amongst many, really- is incredibly perpexling to me. I am an anti-natalist but, I do intend to adopt a child sometime in the future. I don't think I could provide an answer I'd feel comfortable with 2 minutes past posting. Though, even if kind of spooky at parts, this post is quite decent; I tend to agree with the feeling behind it, mainly the second paragraph. Also, if the user who posted that is currently reading, care to share the source of that image? That'd be lovely.

In a basement with plenty of rape.

define the right wat


this tbqh familia

Raise them to think morality is a spook and see what happens

Have them read catechism every day until they like it.

Abort them before they are born to save them from suffering.

Although, I'd probably wait to tell them, like people do with Santa Clause.


But my material conditions are doing that already.

A lot of love, affection, and very lenient attitudes towards letting them do what they want. The only time a child should be "punished" is when an actual wrong is committed, and no strict ideological tendencies should be enforced.

This. Read to your kids every day until they can read themselves, then make sure they have regular access to books until they move out.

Best way to make your kids grow up smart.


In fact, punishments in general are a poor substitute for carefully explaining what the child has done wrong and why it is wrong.

Exactly, strict parenting models can be incredibly scarring for a child.


The issue here is that this dumb autists is serious

Actually, that said, I definitely had a bondage/domination fetish when I was still a young child. A spanking might have been fun in the right setting and with the right emotional support.

I mean, I did as well, but do we really wanna make our kids into as big of perverts as we were fam?

just eat them

My parents never indulged my fetishes and I ended up a huge pervert. If anything the fact I felt ashamed of my fetishes growing up only made them stronger.