Lets make sure Luka doesn't make anymore threads with video game characters in the OP

Lets make sure Luka doesn't make anymore threads with video game characters in the OP

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I've been working on a shitty theory
Now the world will be forced to hear my cry





AP History really isn't much of a challenge at all

All you do is read and regurgitate from a textbook

God gives head in heaven!

I mean hey everyone

I'd buy a god mold fleshlight in a heartbeat

Imageboards!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRIVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it's cool to know things from history that others might not had they not taken the class, it's also cool to see the kinds of effects it had on how things turned out in the world, or in the country.
We also get to do debates n shit and I love that.

You wouldn't want any from this sexy beast instead?

I bet it would feel amazing


bye, headed to dinner c:


she looks pretty hot

Ah, fresh meat


greetings/farewells aren't blog posts, stay salty :^)

I don't blog anymore, was just saying goodbye before I left

I can telll my the size of my dick that i could do with some more speed
If i make it go inwards i'm told i will reach nirvana
Like when a wheel spins so fast it looks like it's revesing slow

Or crazy boring, but probobly not
depends on what god

That's blogging.

This so very much

How's it going Casper?

It's blogging, technically.

Overall it's going to shit, but i can still mend it
my llife could get ground to a fine powder, i'd probobly be able to hot glue it into something really fun anyways.
I'm thinking of trying to get into the graffitti sanitation job for shits and giggles, but i would feel bad about getting a job just to quit after half a year or so.
What abut you?

Shut the fuck up casper


Such hatred...


Fast and busy can be good as long as you balance it out with some low and slow stuff

I wouldn't feel bad about quitting after a short time. You owe them nothing and get paid to do something which is all they really want

I'm doing good tho. Trying to get back into the flow of everything. Doing pretty good so far.

You make me want to play D2

But i'm not waiting for dubs, theese are metaphorical dubs
drug game stronk

Accidentally took a 20 minutea nap

too stronk

You should! There was a ladder reset 3 weeks ago. And it's pretty satisfying to play online again after 13 years. Still a lot of dedicated diablo players after all these years.


Nice, where did you go?
Why did you go?

She say is this casper?



Have you tried Median XL before?

Went to LA a few weeks ago to see my best friend and relax for a 3 day weekend. Was super solid. Didn't do everything I wanted, but was only home to sleep and shower.

wow im a god

No, check THESE

Don't think I've heard of that. What is it?

I looked at it but it didn't seem fun

I prefer to just go to with pluggy


It's a mod for D2. Basically a complete overhaul. New class skills, items, and end game content


It use to be retardedly hard, but they balanced it more. Pretty neat imo
Never checked out pluggy


This wasn't linked to me, therefor theese trips are invalid

Do you drive your bike at ludacris speeds like Ghostrider sthlm-uppsala?

Swedish Fish = Scarlet


Huh...I wonder why I've never heard of this in online play.
I'll download it right now and check it out. Thanks.

Their trap game is not even close


Their blog game is tho

I just woke up
What did I miss

No, but I do drive it like Ludacris
Feels good man

You can play with other on open bnet, but I think D2 has it bugged right now sadly.

Be sure to check out some guides so you don't miss anything
The main low level thing is cubing your statue, hitting level 5, and then killing a "secret" boss. Nothing else until like 49 I think

Yo Soto I have a favor to ask.

I have a favor to ask

ave you seen ghostrider?
On youtue, swe biker


Whats up fam?

A-Anything for you bby

Shut it strawberry

Buy me DS3

Oh yeah and his turbo busa
Guy is fucking crazy
Also fucking cops trying to hit him off his bike
didn't he die?

He is pretty lamesauce tho, likes to tell kids that he is ghostrider lol

I'm thinking about leaving sooner than I planned, and was wondering if I could stay at your place for a while, I can accommodate financially if needed

Make me bitch!

Who is better? He is the only real biker I know. everyone else is a vlogger

Time for sleeps

have a sci meme to appease the gods with

I hate you

lmao are you running away from home or something?

Dude I'm moving states. But kinda yeah. Would that be alright though? I thought I should ask first because getting a hotel room for a month would be expensive.

Fuck do i know
In the town i live in people come from like good two hour drives away to sit by the haven and eat ice cream, bikers only
they're pretty cool, they don't blog or brag to kids that they're speedy :3

I don't really call the shots here tbh, my grandma does
If it was my old pad where I was living by myself I would def let you move in without hesitation but I'd need to ask my Grandma since its a couple of us here in this house

Why are you even running away?

Oh yeah I forgot about that. That could prove to be troublesome. I'm not sure if I would want to impose on your family like that. I just need a new start man, new place and people to see. Just want to live life happily y'know?


I'm not poor or on welfare. I have a job and steady income.

kys scarlet

Ah that sounds pretty awesome
Kinda wish I knew a place like that in AZ. All the bikers I know irl are douchebags. Back at my old job There was 3 different bikers I'd see on the daily if we were all on time. Kinda miss having them just pull up and waving
Such is life tho lol


If you're moving out of state doesn't that mean you'll be unemployed?

Nah, my job allows me to work anywhere and at any time.

Damn dude, how does that work?
Like is it online?
Sounds pretty sweet

I don't get the ending. Why do they rejoice?

It's not every night tho, wednesdays specifically, but some in the weekends
i live in a pretty small like super old town with some ruins and runestones next to some lake, so it's weird to me they come here, but it's neat non the less.

Nah just transport jobs. Uber and Amazon are really flexible and pay really well.

because they get it.

Imo a nice ride to a small town for some ice cream during the summer sounds pretty fucking amazing.
Are you interested in bikes at all?

who is cananon tho?
I keep thinking it's lewds

I don't wanna kill myself and run away
Ur life seems better though... tbh 🙄💯

Also have income
It's from fucking ur mom's PUSSY

ecks dee

Noo, i like going on pedalbike rides when i'm high off of my head tho, like on molly or psychadellics if i'm daytripping.
Also sometimes when sober, but then i'm usually too busy geting to wherever that i lose my breath and don't take in the sights.

tfw no paddle boat gf

I don't give a shit, you're just some random faggot that nobody even knows.



sounds like an insane reaction to a bit of rain and light,
considering the death and destruction.
where did the hundred-thousand number come from?

M'am please calm down





Shiro you should beat somebody up you are the only legit ripped poster with gains

The total number of deaths was hard to establish, but at least 75,000 died in the first hours after the bomb was dropped, with around 140,000 dead by December 1945. The death toll reached around 200,000 by the end of 1950.

I'll cut you.

Oh wow.

I've never heard of anyone actually getting whiskey dick before.

I can get like half hard. Can't feel anything beyond that though

Fuck I wish AZ wasn't on fire so I could go for a decent bike ride. Bicycles are pretty good cardio if you push yourself. Never rode one fucked up tho

Stop that you

Half's all you need.



chuckled at

Maybe I'm a moron. What did he come for? It sounded like he was thrown into a situation.
if he understood it was a bomb that wiped out 100k, why did he turn to go home, instead of helping the survivors?
seems a bit early to anoint themselves with and go spread understanding.

Again, I could be missing something. I like the nightmarish imagery. Literally walks past suffering creatures. Then leaves to go home?

I will cut you.
I will carve my name into your chest.
I will murder everyone you know and love
I'm the only one you need.

Reported for being nice
Enjoy your perma ban

-bes more nice to-
Your dick is probably the biggest out of any of these fags too lmao

that's okay user, i didn't want to feel good today

that's the gist of it, yeah.

That's fucking it. Called the cops. Skipping trial and straight to death

How've you been?

Hey there cuties~

Fuck the Police
Shiro is a nice person and Bloodchan's true love

Pretty good, I got the play of the game as Reapster :3


spread what understanding? the nature of destruction? that's how I read it.

so I assume this guy leaves to spread understanding,
leaving children to literally burn alive behind him.

seems like a disconnect.

It's neat, you have time to think about people if you look at them, it's like i can read their minds, but obviously i can not

What's up, tracer?

it's about dehumanisation. the guy isn't a guy. the people aren't people. you don't get hit by an atom bomb and keep on choogling. you let your kid burn alive behind you and you rub poison into your skin. that's the point of it.

I'm getting drunk.

.......I'm not even replying to this because you're just trolling me now

You main Reaper? Very nice~ I like the dual shotgun idea, but always wiff.

I might have to try it during the winter
What's your drug of choice?

I thought Shiro and Yan were dating ?

I got the dehumanization. They were creatures to him.

just that I imagine the 'spreading of understanding' came sometime after.

seems like the victims of a massively destructive force have less existential priorities first.


=/= real life

Did you do anything else today? :p

Sorry. I liked the story though.

Not even trolling just genuine niceness she confesed to me herself.

Main Reaper...? I dunno. I GUESS you could say that. I already picked up a few tricks with him~

I worked.

Blotter shit if it's not too dodgy, MDMA or ecstasy if it's good, too much shit e floating around.
Or whatever i find stashed in whatever bathroom, it's all good


Ah :3

what would Saishuko do after he got home?

Are you enjoying your nerf?

there is cat bits and pieces all over the house, mad shed

You silly

I started out with Bastion. Moved onto Junkrat mostly, but I'm kinda over the game

Never mess around with any of that
Just weed mostly
Tried shrooms once and was taking a preworkout that was a few chems short of being meth


nothing. characters aren't characters. that's something stupid people think because they don't get how stories work and they can only grasp superficial shit like "character" and "dialogue". there's no such thing as either. you put words together to make a point. a character is a collection of actions that form part of the sentence that communicates the point you're iterating. none of it needs to make sense, it just needs to tell you that this is what reality is like.

do you understand?


oh, what kinda of job do you have again?

I never told you.

Since it's bad to endorse the use of drugs i won't
but i will tell you that it's really fun to dabble in black magic, and you should try it
and black magic is drugs

we judge people by how they respond in situations.

how a pragmatic loner reacts to the end of the world,
is probably different to how a mother with children would.
or even how a soldier or an officer would.

you gave him a name. walked him through this nightmare. he was obviously detached. so detached he made the calculation that soon "there would be none alive, and only the ones that were walking silently would be left."
maybe that's just Saishuko.

Rate my watch

quality kek

Stay mad

Bastion is cancer with Reinhardt or Torb



I did run a cancer group for a bit. 2 bastions, 2 Reinhardts, Mercy, and Mei. Really lame for payloads

None of that matters.


Plugged is nice because if you find some bitchin loot and it isn't for your class you can give it to another one of your characters

for i am en engine
and i'm rolling on
through endless revisions to state what i mean

maybe the destruction felt that absolute.
maybe I'm empathizing with this incorrectly.

Kinda wish Blood-chan would come back....

Rin post moustache

Who gave Luka overwatch?



.///. I like that song too loco
excuse everything, I am drunk


your guitar sounds so nice


oh....you can't tell me ?


I can.

Crack. You gave me Diablo 2 on crack.

what is it?

no lewd in my thread, please

None of your business.

my dick

So no Andy boobs either?

Barb and Necro were my 2 favorites
Forgot which I got the furthest with tho

Hey you with the cute face
How've you been?

Last time I played D2
My skeletons started the Andy fight on us.

no what now~?

... mean :(

prove it~

I am.

What sounds does this ~ even make ?

It's absolutely insane. It'll take some time to get use to the new skill tree too. I'm doing a sourc.

That's why we play the Druid and not the Necro.

Your accent works really well with Jeff's music. I saw him live and it was magical


What spec are you going?

I thought that was why we play bone, or poison Necro instead of summon Necro.

I always assumed adding a ~ makes you sound like Roswaal-sama

I honestly just assumed it was some kind of gay noise.

You should vocaroo it for me so I understand more.

i don't think i'm wrong about the characterization.

if they're just semantics to the bigger picture that is an entire generation of Japanese moving on from this tragedy:
where does the rejoicing come from
what did he 'understand this was'

they were baptized.
how did Saishuko or anyone know it was the beginning of something? don't we only know that in hindsight?
after walking through a city of death and destruction, was the rain and light that cleansing? that redeeming?
and why/how? or does that not matter.

That too. I don't have the patience to wait for the skeles to kill shit at low level.

Lightning and cold...although the first cold skill sucks.


What do you want me to say?
Is "Onii-chan" good?

when was the last time you got a hug from someone?

Yeah I guess onii-chan works.

6/5/16 1600

i wish it weren't 2am so I could grab my guitar and we could go back and forth in real time.

this is a nice moment here, Murder. we're pretty alike.


I think my first, like, every level was dedicated to masteries so my skeletons were actually useful.

And then I could have just not done that
Since I was also putting points into bone necro

Quit posting my pictures molefacedfaggot


but you need 8 hugs a day!




Yeah that doesn't seem too good lol
One of my friends did a melee sorc
Just a screen of swords

Have a good night/day everyone

Evidently not.

Probably not, but you know. Live and learn. Have a good one.

Stop making me feel bad ;__;

Maybe we should jam sometime soon though loco. Just don't turn me gay. K?

saishuko understood that it was the beginning of the age of non-humans

The people rejoice because they're missionaries in spreading the word of the atomic age with their deaths, which is a decidedly non human attitude

the rest doesn't matter, spot on, you get a gold star

i promise not to put it in you if you don't want me to.


thank you for explaining. maybe it's because I've been playing a lot of Fallout, but you mean 'antisocial sociopathic' non-human,
and not irradiated ghouls because this story is part of a larger one where they're ghouls. right?
and the bomb caused the dying, screaming figures in pain, to rejoice?

they're dying. burning. in pain. rejoice seems like a hopeful response.
why they heck are they experiencing rejoice?
is the existential importance of their death in the greater historical perspective something they're feeling then and there?

the last part just seems so existential.
seems unreal, not just surreal from saishuko's perspective.

do it!

you don't want hugs?


s-so that's a no to letting me hug you? :(

Fuck no.

Saishuko walked home. And the people died from the radiated water and their burns. It hurt alot because they didn't have access to painkillers. No one learned anything that day the end.

fixed it 4u gn


Never happening, sorry to break it to you

It looks cute though

Hey threaders~

Hey you!
How're things?


Saishuoko looked up from the podium at his audience. Rows upon rows of men, delegates for nations and their translators, translating his final words to them. Watching them. But the room was silent.

Things are okay. Feeling better than yesterday anyway.

How's your night going?

That is not a compliment even if you meant it as one


I woke up two hours ago after staying up all night.
So, good!
Still kind of exhausted somehow, though.

I want to taste it :c

Just got home from the work. Relaxing in bed like always^^

What's up, user?

Ugh, all nighters are brutal. They tend to give you that lingering groggy feeling for a while. Maybe I'm getting too old for them or something haha.

Glad you're doing well~

If you are then I must be too, hah.
The worst part is that I lose my already miserable sense of time.

Likewise- glad you're doing well as well!
Get much done during the day?

I recently discovered the joys of playing Diablo 2 on a mod that makes it more fast paced and difficult. Can't say I like the new skill tree tho.

That seems anticlimactic

Maybe you're right. How old are you?

I worked, so I guess so?

I think you may be obsessed.



I could go into /full/ detail if you want

Hey, what's the [Grab] link do?

But is it an unhealthy obsession?




Well, it's vidya, so I'd be inclined to answer with a yes.


I'm turning 24 in a couple weeks,
oh god I'm an adult.
How about you? I don't think I ever learned your age.

The other day I was the only one in thread who could see it and no one knew what I was talking about.

I don't think it does anything

26 in August.

With not a whole lot to show for myself. Oh well.

Eh, adulting is pretty cool though. I like it.

Well I think you're biased because you're not a gamer.

When I fiddled with it before it was kind of borked
but it takes a capture of the selected posts.

Hes gonna smack you with his dildo arm thing.

Yeah, doesn't seem like it does much.

I thought I saw someone talking about it but had no idea. *shrugs*

I'd still kick ur ass in Mortal Kombat~

Holy fuck

Trump just started building the wall

Not surprised your mind would immediately see tentacles like that.

Perhaps. Never really liked those kinds of fighting games. No one ever wants to learn all the moves. They just want to stick with two and be a cheap shot.

I can see the grab link now what


At least i'm not alone anymore.

Why? It doesn't seem like a very good weapon.

That's an unfortunate truth.

That's why I rock Reptile though. He has so many moves^^



that was like 1.5h of masturbation, time well spent

What would you have given him as a weapon?

The last best mortal kombat game I remember was deception. The single player story mode was pretty well done.

Just make sure you don't crush me.

A huge axe.

Server maintenance is a bitch, i thought it would be done by now

I strictly do ladders. Getting stuck with any type of non-skippable story bullshit is one of the main reasons I don't game. It really grinds my gears.

I can barely crush a soda can so I think you're safe~

How about 4 abnormally giant axes in each tentacle.

Really? There's not ONE game story that caught your interest?

Well i'm also an unbreakable wall of beef.

No just one huuuuuge one/

I've been working on a unified theory! If i make it through tonight, then everyone is going to hear me out!!

But that's dumb. He's not just a common demon. He's the final boss!

Why would I buy luka the overwatch if he's being a shitlord to me

Why would you fabricate lies about me you piece of literal flammable garbage

Maybe like God of War.

But still, if the cut scenes aren't skippable, that's a huge turn-off for me.

That sounds disgusting lol

Grim, pls calm down~

I will fucking end your existence on this very plane lenko

Don't fuck around

Lexi is buying me overwatch

[7:13 PM] Lenko: gotta go
[7:13 PM] Lenko: bye
calm down lmao

... Is Lenko even here?

You just want instant action only, huh?

Fucking bitch


Well, I guess you could put it that way, sure. If I'm gonna sit there and play a game, that's precisely what I want to do.

Calm down, dude. What even happened?

do you search for your name in every thread? lmfao

"Who bought Luka overwatch?"

At least, IIRC

Night thread is hostile

oh wait i bet you got the hookup with Erin
lol talk about paranoid

Dark and full of terrors

I have notifications, you fucking aspie

Good job retard

Seems like a dumb reason to get his undies in a twist x_x

I'll twist your undies and make you gag on them

what's got you butthurt today?

But it's already morning.

I'm not wearing any

Its very hard to find clothes

Yeah but when you kill him the axe has a 1% drop chances.

How come you haven't shot up a tranny meet-up yet?

Fair enough...
I think I'll post sexy demons and succubi from now on.


OH Is that like what Lady Gaga wore that one time?

Prove it

Are you coming on to me?

I mean I could send you a text if you want...

You have to prove it to everyone welma


Well, I mean... Why would you wear undies with pj pants?


You know I had no idea this was a thing and now my eyes hurt.

You are welcome~

My sphincter clenched with the force of a tectonic plate when I think about how people shove things into their anus
literally how is that pleasurable
Bebo you fuck yourself with 50cal ammunition right?tell us

I suppose that wouldn't be a bad trade off. But the stats need to be really good.

I'm not seeing a risqué picture of your pajamas pulled down at the side of your waist yet

Are you so angry right now because that gay club shooter kinda looked like you?

Lotsa nerve endings and hitting your prostate is fantastical.

Why are you so grump? Did you fail your uiz or something?


My final went great actually. I should get a really nice grade in the class.

When people make up shit about me I fucking lose it

These sins demand punishment.

No its total shit but it looks super cool and you can make other weapons look like it.

also only ten per sever

Simmer down now. That happens in life, baka. Why get mad (off the deep end at that) at shit you can't control?

That right there is the problem tbh

Don't work in the gaming industry. Ever.

I can control it if I beat his ass tho

Yeah I don't think anyone could handle my great ideas anyways.

I think the Grab option is meant to screenshot something for people
There's also a new 'Pop' button too that sometimes loads in for me on youtube videos, it's just a popout thing.

Sleep attempt 2.0, because screw being up at 6 am.


absolute horror

Ikr, bright outside even, pretty nice
Sorta want to go out for a walk, but i don't know when people will go up from bed, it could be any second.

We could make a killing.

♫♫Every time I look in the mirror
♫♫All these lines on my face gettin' clearer
♫♫The past is gone,
♫♫It ran by like dusk to dawn
♫♫Isn't that the way?
♫♫Everybody's got their dues in life to pay
♫♫Yeah, I know nobody knows
♫♫Where it comes and where it goes
♫♫I know it's everybody's sin,
♫♫Y'gotta lose before you know how to win
♫♫Half my life is in books' written pages
♫♫Lived and learned from fools and from sages
♫♫You know it's true, all the things come back to you
♫♫Sing with me, Sing for the year
♫♫Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
♫♫Sing with me, if it's just for today
♫♫Maybe the good lord will come and take you away

Rest well.

I know one killing I could be making right now.

I will break your face.

Beating his ass in AZ from NY.


You and what army?


I think I'm going to to back to sleep for a bit.
Good night, lovely threaders.

oh yeah, forgot to post the associated question

what are you serious about, Holla Forums?


Sleep tight

If you could see me flexing army 1 and 2 you would be so scared right now.

Trying to attain self-sufficiency.

And which chips and energy drink made them grow to such grotesque proportions?


lol oh lawdy



pats do not compare :3

So are you actually going to show up you ass.

Azns have a lot of money to throw around....

Semen mixed with protein powder.

Its a proven way to bulk up.


Get on the "midnight train".

why do you waste his money?

what led you to that point? i tried the whole hermit thing myself, but then i realized without people, i became a little wonkier than i already am

what family? also, i guess somewhat generically, what led you to being serious about that stuff?

This only the second gift he's got me... it's not going to waste, i'm going to play the SHIT out of this game when school is over

And suddenly, my will to want to go workout has dropped sharply.

Tell him he's a dick.

I dunnooo.

He'd prolly break me in half lol

Probably the whole being homeless thing. Rebuilding my life from absolutely nothing has been an overall dramatic success so far and I'd like to keep it going in this direction.

Bloodchan sure likes to spite people that told her she goes through masters like a something that goes something something casually and fast.

my e-bfs never buy me anything but I always buy them stuff, hmmph

e-date Luka and get him Overwatch.

You wouldn't of don'e it anyways.

That's ridiculous you don't have E-bfs

My parents and my two younger brothers
Not sure, it's just what I figure is important in my life when I examine things from a distant perspective

That's a lie

Buy me something, Nezi.

someone got him it already


Can I help you?

pol is a mess right now lol
i love it

we should play together

You're expendable. That is the harsh reality.

Would too...as soon as I move to a better place.


how so?

That's not very nice

Kanra as been my master for a year and 5 months already

Messed up, I'm broke and even I get stuff for people

Ofc, whenever you want... as long as it's during the daytime

opinions were like kittens always giving them away

sounds like an interesting yet possibly touching experience

hmm, i suppose, i don't see it the same way with mine though, even if they did a good job raising me

i'm assuming you love them

I hardly sleep. when are you out of school?

Who even is desperate enough for that "girl"?


I want to see Nezi buy you a thing.

Well whatever then.

I'd rather walk to the gym than drive. That's the main problem.

But hey, no hard feelings. The same thing has happened to me before too.