Wtf i hate elections now

wtf i hate elections now
how will leftypol react to this injustice?

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Yeah voter disenfranchisement is a huge deal as far as I can tell. But that begs the question, why don't Democrats bring the evidence before a court?
Is it because the claims aren't substantiated it because dems are paid off and don't care if they lose?

Or because*

Or because the Dems did the exact same shit during the primary so they can't bring it up

did you eat your steering wheel?

Any proofs that crosscheck is heavily biased against democrats? Enough to sway the election, where Killary fucking lost most of the battleground states?


I just want to say that the fact that Trump could still "lose" the election while he's half-way through assembling his team is utterly ridiculous. This system is a joke, and I don't even mean that in the "dude fake democracy fuggin porkies" sense.

it's not me fam, found it on 4chan

Yeah, it's meme as fuck. Most of the oddities result from a contradiction between the envisioned model of our government(s) and what eventuated by turncoat cucks.

I want to see Trump lose, so that all the Trump voters go double protest and stack killing people. The left is already riled up and causing havoc as well… Who would win? All 60m people who voted Clinton or all 60m who voted Trump in a war?

Trumpets are already armed. Not even a contest.

Yeah but would they fight, every conservative I see that talks about fighting always assumes it will be them holed up in their home fighting off hordes of commies for their toothbrush instead of the reality of them being meat shields for porkys MoP

both parties rigged but the dems rigged harder

What the Dems have to realize is that they DESERVE this humiliating defeat, they deserve Trump and everything that comes with it, this is their fucking fault for bringing forth such a godawful candidate (most Trump voters voted not for him, but against Hillary)

they rigged the primaries against Bernie and disenfranchised ANYONE who actually cares about economy and not identity politics

I would give a give a fuck if the alternative wasn't that walking piece of shit HRC.

Trump is literally causing the left to mobilize, everyone is starting to call out idpol, why would you want him to lose now?

An attempt at revolution by alt-right nationalists would be the worst possible outcome for leftism. If the pot boils over at the wrong time, with the guns pointed at the wrong side, we're fucked, permanently, forever; there's no more fuel for the fire and Porky has every excuse to "pacify" the nation.
In this sense, Trump's win was a godsend. The American people are already pissed at centerist liberals, now they need four years to remember that the right wingers are no better.
Worth noting, you guys shit on the DSA, but their total membership has by risen over 30% since the election. That's less than a month. Left-leaning people across the country are waking up and organizing. They may not be aiming for revolution yet, but they're publicly embracing left-wing ideology.

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The idea is that minorities are more likely to have the same name, which will crosscheck them (and minorities vote democrat, natch). This mostly applies to asians though tbh. I'm also not entirely sure if crosscheck trashes votes or just sends them to provisional ballots.

The dems would have a big advantage being urban dwellers teeming with lumpenproles to send to die for them with control of all the ports and international support.

lol, you're implying people would go to war for trump and clinton kek

I need to watch Palast's new documentary already.


For what it's worth the Greens finally seem to care a little.

Not biased against Democrats, biased against the poor, blacks, etc. They do tend to be be Democrats, but also tend to be to the left of the technocrats who head the Democratic party, and therefore Hillary would very much like them to shut up and go away just as much as Paul Ryan wants them to.
Sure, they lost this election, but it would be worse for them to lose the party .