WTF I hate Lenin now…

WTF I hate Lenin now….

"All this shows how mistaken you are, comrade Lenin, in alleging that we, the anarchist-communists, don't have our feet on the ground, that our attitude towards 'the present' is deplorable and that we are too fond of dreaming about the future. What I have said to you in the course of this interview cannot be questioned because it is the truth. The account which I have made to you contradicts the conclusions you expressed about us. Everyone can see we are firmly planted in 'the present,' that we are working and searching for the means to bring about the future we desire, and that we are in fact dealing very seriously with this problem."

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Nice fanfiction

When do we get to the LeninXStalin part ?

This is why I hate Lenin to be quite honest.

Though, Trotsky is far, far worse than Lenin. At least, Lenin TRIED negotiating with Makhno. Trotsky just wanted to butcher everyone.

Don't talk to me or my Anarchist commune ever again

State capitalists btfo once again

Ah yes, Makhno, the anarkiddie master of vicious hyperinflation.


He should have listened to Lenin and done capitalismNEP instead of sharing the wealth liberated from the banks.


this is the platform on which the ""marxist"" stands

Lelnin BTFO


That's not how you economy, silly


Didn't Lenin almost immediately dissolve the soviets once he got into power? I like some of his writing but Lenin went way too far trying to consolidate power within the party.

Any good literature on the Free Territory?

Volin's "The Unknown Revolution" covers the Makhnovistas
Michael Malet's "Nestor Makhno and in the Russian Civil War"
"The Russian Anarchists" by Paul Avrich

fuck you file size limits

Good post OP.
Reminder that Leninism was a right-wing deviation of Marxism and set back the socialist movement a hundred years.

Thanks, now I know I can skip reading Makhno's biography. What a dork.

statists """"""""intellectuals""""""""


that's not how money works

Pic related is prety important for 20th century anarchism, but also (and perhaps even moreso, despite having a more comphrensive theoretical basis) 20th century (Marxist) communism.

Makhno went smashie smashie and found himself without a proper post-smashie smashie system. If you read accounts of of Free Territory political cohesion (e.g., you'll see that Makhno was not only forced to form a state-like body to oversee it, but created a system of labor camps for political enemies and an intelligence service to scout them out and even hired a personal protegé of hundreds of men using currency from any source (Russian roubles, White Ukranian hryvinia, etc.) but his own territory's.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that Marxists had a plan, their plan either did not last or failed to deliver so tremendously that a return to a form of capitalist production became a necessity.

No. He presided over several years of war communism, which was the period of Dual Power (class party controls the state, decentralized universal militia and Soviet worker's councils have control over production and distribution). Abolishing the Soviets (or rather, diminishing their administrative muh privileges and thus relevance) happened years later and was motivated by Lenin and the central committee's desires to implement NEP and modernize the Russian economy, which was ill equipped for more than incredibly basic subsistence post-WW1 and it was deemed needed to be prepared against the threat of the still active Whites and the rise of fascism.