How does this make you feel?

How does this make you feel?

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here's the test, I ended up with 39%

I feel nothing. Most people know fascism is far right

scored 37% despite strongly disagreeing with most, wtf

the question about Freemasons was interesting. what does Holla Forums think of them? the USSR stamped them out

Freemasonry is one pillar of international jewry. The other two are high finance and communism. If you don't stamp out all three you will always end up with a system that is controlled by kikes.

Sure thing bucko


The kikes always build redundancy into the systems they create. When people get tired of being ruled by freemasons, they organize communist revolutions, when people get tired of communism they transition into central bank capitalism. You can't win.

Why do you ignore facts?

Because feels > reals

Holla Forumsfag's and conspiracyfag's penchant for not reading a god damn thing is so wildly pernicious and dangerous.

Seriously, just read the basic tenets of Marxism and the basic tenets of Freemasonry and then tell me how the Historical Materialism is somehow compatible with bourgeois mysticism.

Fascism got a lot of worker solidarity, community bonding and related themes from Communist and Socialist Revolutionaires, the Falange webm explains it pretty well.
It got worker's rights and yellow and govt unionism from Socdems (Carta Del Lavoro)
It has obvious conservative appeals to tradtion and romantic nationalism
And still preached an industrial order, sometimes woman's rights and technical progress (see Futurism in Italy) and environmentalism and Germany.
Holla Forums are short sighted bitches.

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Why the fuck would anyone ever support a political cabal of ruling elites who operate under mysticism and secrecy?

it makes me want to drink, but then again everything makes me want to drink now.

I think i just kinda wanna be numb, i dont wanna feel anything from stupid shit on the internet, i don't think its healthy. But it do, its kinda amazing, that these (and many other) combinations of words through the product of ignorance or purposeful retardation just makes me want to drink and be numb to the idiocy i see day after day after fay after day. I want to shout at them, i want to tell them they dont know what they're talking about, i want to have a detailed conversation illustrating exactly why they're wrong, i want to sit them down and shove a book in their faces and scream "READ MOTHER FUCKER, READ" until they either understand or fail to, because then i can feel as if they incapable of learning anything or can actually be saved.

I really do hate the internet at this point, at what point in human history can we have all of the knowledge of human discovery available at our finger tips yet have so fundamentally ignorant people. Maybe its not entirely their fault, fuck if i know, maybe i really shouldn't care about stupid people but i cant stop. The only solution is drugs and alcohol or one day i fear ill walk into a crowded group of people and start slashing people with a machete…….

check outs



Also there's this (It's Adorno's test apparently)

y'all motherfuckers need Nietzsche

"What the German spirit might be — who has not had his melancholy ideas about that! But this people has deliberately made itself stupid, for nearly a millennium: nowhere have the two great European narcotics, alcohol and Christianity, been abused more dissolutely. Recently even a third has been added — one that alone would be suffficient to dispatch all fine and bold fiexibility of the spirit — music, our constipated, constipating German music. How much disgruntled heaviness, lameness, dampness, dressing gown — how much beer there is in the German intelligence! How is it at all possible that young men who dedicate their lives to the most spiritual goals do not feel the first instinct of spirituality, the spirit's instinct of self-preservation — and drink beer? The alcoholism of young scholars is perhaps no question mark concerning their scholarliness — without spirit one can still be a great scholar — but in every other respect it remains a problem. Where would one not find the gentle degeneration which beer produces in the spirit? Once, in a case that has almost become famous, I put my finger on such a degeneration — the degeneration of our number-one German free spirit, the clever David Strauss, into the author of a beer-bench gospel and "new faith." It was not for nothing that he had made his vow to the "fair brunette" [dark beer] in verse — loyalty unto death. "

Replace beer with any drug and just think he's speaking about all humanity and not just Germans.

pic related

I think I'm in the wrong neighborhood. It's too bad Holla Forums is so obsessed with racial and globalist conspiracy theories, or I might actually be able to tolerate them.

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well fascists also stamped them out

that's why i asked


It's dead. The imageboard.

The forum is a little inactive, but people still frequent it. There is a link to it there.