Thanksgiving Pain

Who /suffering through reactionary relatives' idiot opinions/ today? Here's a thread for venting.


My family has a strict "no politics around the dinner table" policy.
It was a godsend this year.


she's got a point. Fuckin splitters.



I'm not American, but last Christmas I went to a family friend's Christmas thing and I met some 18 year old who I swear must have been a Holla Forumsack.
His fucking lumpenprole uncle was telling him he was a retard for supporting Trump for fuck sake.

You aunt sounds like a dipshit.

Is anyone who is not a communist a reactionary?I don't get it.

feels good man.

The only times politics was ever discussed in my family, it was when my great grandfather (socialist) and my grandpa (fascist) would fight for hours. My grandfather has passed.
My grandpa is also head injured and fucking insane.

She is; she's also a christfag and despite being a pharmacist she actually thinks homeopathy is real.

General consensus is that Trump being elected was the last shot at making America white again, but that realistically we're too far gone, and that at best he can just put things on pause for 4-8 years before the next asshole fucks everything up and sends us back into the death spiral.

tfw I was hoping hillary would get elected so I wouldn't have to wait another 4-8 years for the collapse and possible nuclear war

i'm not American but I was sat behind a guy on the bus the other day ranting about "scroungers" on the dole.


My father -a builder by profession- was, allegedly, a communist during his earlier life but gradually transformed into a socdem (SYRIZA supporter, we are Greeks). Whenever the discussion goes into politics, we have huge arguments and he is casually BTFO by me or my brother. The weird thing in our situation is that, despite the heated discussions, I can feel that, deep inside, he is actually proud of me being a well-read Marxist and he enjoys, in some weird masochistic way, being destroyed by my argumentation.

I guess that, since he raised us to be class conscious and critical to capitalism, he is satisfied by his work as a father although he himself, knowing that his active years are long gone, resorts to low-risk reformist politics in hopes of enjoying a relatively peaceful retirement. Another reason for his reformist tendencies might be that he just got tired of fighting for a cause that was never really clear to him (due to his limited educational background) or just proved to be, from his narrow viewpoint, fruitless.

You sound like an absolute shitstain, kys yourself.

i went to sleep on the couch until someone told me food was ready, then ate, then drove away. didnt have one conversation.

the superior christianity is Tondrakianism

You sound like a fucking 15 yrold

Someone's angry.

That's pretty sad user.

it's a meme, comrade, don't take it too seriously

There's a difference between getting a bit annoyed by an opinion and insulting your family members over dumb shit. Also, I'm the second one