Was he, dare I say it, our guy?

Was he, dare I say it, our guy?

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ia801305.us.archive.org/6/items/GermanyTomorrowOttoStrasser/Germany Tomorrow - Otto Strasser.pdf

Our goy, haha, yes! A very useful idiot.


Definitely. A true hero of the proletariat.


National Leftism is the best Leftism. Down with Hitler. Down with Trotsky. Up with Stalin! Up with the Assers!

Down with Je… I mean Zionists!

he was only against rich jews ffs bro

Isn't Ba'athism technically a form of [email protected]/* */? Same with Juche?

Alex, I'll take what is politics for 200.

its not an ideological grouping, but its generally agreed that they're all part of the 3RD position.

Not exactly subtypes of Asserism, but yes, they are all turd positions.

So what's the difference?

So… Kibbutzism and Labor Zionism ho?

yeah they're not exactly the same.

Baathism and Asserism have a lot of different aims and policies which is understandable considering that Baathism is an Arab ideology.However, the Baath is closer to the Soviet model than the Asserist one.

pretty obvious, stroasser wanted a european federation like switzerland but bigger with guild socialist economics and elections

juche is a totalitarian ideology and ba'athism is arab nationalism lol

Yeah, in that context he's different from Baathists, they wanted an unitary Arab State while Sttrasser wanted an european (con?)federation

tbh if you want insight into Asser's thoughts on a lot of things read germany tomorrow, he talks about his ideas there

Aren't those two left-wing nationalist ideologies?

ia801305.us.archive.org/6/items/GermanyTomorrowOttoStrasser/Germany Tomorrow - Otto Strasser.pdf here

Kibbutizm are Ashkenazi supremacist shitholes.

I believe that the Ba'athists defended the right to private property within a mixed economy. However, the [email protected]/* */'s were much more critical of private property and might have even called for its abolition, or at least, for the state to control all property within a guild style tripartite system.

Ultimately though, owners and managers would have remained.


they might be more open these days bit non-ashkenazi jews got a raw deal for most of kibbutz history

also post tits

Wow, no.

it's not communism though. they're reactionary as fuck. utopian bs

and no that isn't what I want, Palestinian and Israelis workers need to up and kick all capitalists and religion out

Um… Who cares?

The reason for workers of the world unite should be strategic coincidence of interests against the bourgeoisie, not muh morals/humanism. There's nothing about communism that implies we have no choice about who we live next to.

Even in a society without private property, freely associating communes necessitates exclusion. The collective authority of the workers in a particular commune should be able to decide who joins them, same as the collective authority over the factory decides who will be allowed to join in the work. This is closer to the stateless ideal of free association.

Under communism, if someone kicks you out of one commune you are free to go freely associate and join another. There is a whole "free market" of communes for you to enjoy.

The Kibbutzim project was just ahead of the curve.

Not even trolling. Actually maybe a little, but mostly not.

sounds pretty shit for people with no social skills

wow rly makes me think ::DDDD