/r/socialism ftw

/r/socialism ftw

we really need to make them more receptive

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Fuck no we don't. Half of them are NSA, and the other half are pink-haired liberals.

we should fucking raid them

YES! we should. Fill the front page with threads calling them fake leftists.

Nah, when people get banned from their torture chambers eventually they find us and our power grows. Reddit, revleft, to a lesser extent libcom and other sites going idol is a large part of what fueled our growth. Plus, annoying as it is dealing with tankies, socdems, and the more poorly read anarchists, having a multitendency board will be helpful uniting against our real enemies. Already seeing a surprising increase in unity among the left.

We should stay the fuck away from them because it's a typical plebbit cesspool populated by easily offended retards

Reddit is trash

If anything we should bring their dissidents here. Of course we need to do a better job instilling imageboard culture in our newfags.

so raid them for making a name for ourselves?

I agree.
Today I posted in /birdswitharms and people complained that I should have posted the image in r/peoplewithbirdheads. What is up with these autistic overly specific subreddits anyway?

I remember when I was in middle school too.

As much as I hate tankies and some of the anarchist flavors I would NEVER want them off this board.

I'm grateful I actually share this board with these people cause they prevent us from becoming an echo chamber.

good point
we loove our tankies

I agree, that's why I said despite them being annoying I am in favor of a multitendency board.

To tankies!

Let's not forget about Nazbols!

i wish i had wine

Beer is good enough for me. To nihilists!

Nah, nazbols and other fascists wearing red should be purged.

plz yez

I'm down for a raid assuming we can get enough people to do it.

make it more productive than the /r/israel "palestine face" raid

dumping anti-idpol memes with fitting titles would be productive


also, what a reddit raid thread needs:
1. basic info on registering (you don't need to provide a legit e-mail address, but you won't be able to post that way just every 5 or so minutes)
1b. link to email service you can use to register to reddit quickly

2. basic instructions: what we are doing, how we are doing it

3. OP posting memes to submit to reddit

4. users linking their own submission for others to upvote

… basically that's all

oh, and do it at a time when most users are active, so probably weekend, accessible EST time


Of course there are genuine leftists on reddit you absolute mongoloid.

Crowned heads, wealth and muh privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite!

And that's how you lose.


i like browsing some subs like r/vexillology

also the porn subs are good

what thread is this from?

Fuck no. We don't need that horrible cancer in here. And I don't want to "raid" them either. That's how something awful got a sjw problem and 4chan a white supremacists problem.

anyone notice they're now holding mod elections?

who are you supporting? who is the most /lefty/ candidate?

Anyone that regularly goes on r/socialism or knows any of the mods on r/socialism is complete cancer and should fuck off back to reddit

I'm sure you've made this exact post before but it always makes me laugh.

To tankies!

No, we shouldn't we should leave them with their delusions and hope they don't decide to come here to fuck with the decent community we built.

ESPECIALLY We shouldn't do this, I suspect this poster is a shill.

Just got banned from it.
Triggered some mod by saying that the new "anti-ableism" rules smell like COINTELPRO.
Might have touched a nerve.


that is not how you sage newfriend