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Your guy seem pretty based, only his writing on the enlightment I didn't really understand. Can someone here explain it?

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Adorno and his close friend Walter Benjamin were satanic Jew Gnostics whose writings portray the existing world as inherently fragmented and based on false principles. Both of them believed in interpreting the existing world, especially the notion of "progress", in a reverse manner and advocated a redemption through sin.


I was introduced to Adorno via classical music theory , his critic of radio music and pop music was so good

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so i have to consume my annual amount of adorno and benjamin petit bourg bashing

Benjamin was a better Marxist than Adorno TBH even if he believed in Jew-voodoo.

not triggerred, capitalist degenerate

Adorno actually helped me get into leftism too. I was extremely disgusted by the soulless consumerism and degenerate "art" made my capitalism. Couple that with an increasing amount of alienation at work and among friends, I started reading Marx to try to understand the economics of it. Read Capital and now I'm full blown revolutionary. Only through anti-capitalism can we form authentic cultural ties to one-another.

The Dialectic of Enlightenment is difficult to understand to be sure! I don't claim to have all the answers but I'll give it a shot.

Essentially, Adorno and Horkheimer believe that the enlightenment project, one based around the liberation of the individual and quasi-worship of "reason" as the guiding principal of discourse, has a dark side to it. This dark side was the "dis-enchantment of the world".

The slavish adherence of the Enlightenment subject to "reason" and "rationality" entailed a disregard for meaningful life. What we get is a sort of reductionism: all of life's processes can and should be reduced down to their most basic parts. Understanding these parts will allow us to free ourselves from superstition. The reducible subject is no longer a particularity but becomes an abstraction- nothing more than biological processes. One of the side effects of that was the very destruction of the self that the Enlightenment thinkers were trying to free from fear and superstition. The Enlightenment as a process sows the seeds of its own demise by divorcing the subjective from the objective. Instead of treating the observing subject as another component of his observable environment, he removes himself from the world and labels it object. The objectification of the world creates a cognitive dissonance within the subject. He is no longer *a part* of things but is instead *apart* from things. Relevant quote:

In conclusion:
-The Enlightenment creation of the self necessarily leads to abstraction of the self
-No longer any particularity
-The abstraction of the self leads to the destruction of the self
-The Enlightenment sows the seeds of its own demise by divorcing the subjective from the objective
-Dialectic can only save us

I'd like to interject here for a moment.

The Frankfurt School is wrong on their view of art. They separate art into high and low art but what those categories really are are old and new art. Young art forms require some time to start bringing about meaningful stuff, which the Frankfurt philosophers didn't give them. If you were to nowadays go around and declare everything that isn't opera and theatre degenerate art, you would just look silly, there have been films made that are just as meaningful as old art.

They are also wrong in believing that repetitive formulas being used to create similar products are in any way something new.
We have evidence of ancient greek theatre that had a similar level of complexity to slapstick comedy and was churned out en masse. Most of the scriptwriters didn't even bother preserving the crap they made because their goal was quantity, not quality. Anyone that knows about the hero with a thousand faces also knows that humanities myths are for the most part a repetition of the same popular formula. And speaking of the oh so superior theatre, it was common practice to view the same plays many times, each time performed by other actors with a slightly different perspective, which isn't all that different from watching marvel movies nowadays.
Humans enjoy repetition, it's especially strong in children who will prefer watching the same movie many times above watching many. The tendency decreases in adults but it's still there and declaring anything repetitive degenerate art is just going against natural human tendencies.

Lastly I'd like to remind you that value is a social construct that is entirely subjective. There is no better or worse music, that dimension is pure emotivism when applied to it, there is only music you like and music you don't like.

Romanticism is shit, kill yourself.

Adorno and Benjamin both hated the concept of "high" and "low" art. FFS read these guys for once.


All of these things are diametrically opposed.

Also, you're spooked because you know the process of setting everything in the world in its right place and thereby redeeming it surely means your own destruction.

The most underrated post on Holla Forums atm.

What I don't understand is that you still use the term "alienation" (in an essentialist way) to describe your past experience, while clearly oppose humanism/enlightenment with Adorno, on the same grounds.

IMO, and this goes to OP too , one of the more accessible texts of Adorno is Minima Moralia: Reflections From Damaged Life.

It does. It might be Holla Forumsyp lingo, but it fucking does.

The super ego is a spook

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It is, but an operative one.

How would you know it is always operative?

Benjamin was based. If you want to understand what is happening right now on a geopolitical level then everyone should read his Theories of German Fascism and The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Especially Theories of German Fascism. He wrote it shortly before Hitler became chancellor. He knew what was coming. He also knew what would stop it. It also provides a possible explanation as to why so many radical rightists on the internet today are so obsessed with "meme magic" and "memetic warfare."

Super ego is super real.

You do realize that Holla Forums is full of actual, literal pagans - right?


In case of neurotics (and the broader neurotic civilization), it most certainly is. Cultural studies, anthropology, theory, and clinical cases clearly point this out.

How do I free myself from the super ego and the Id?



Ah, there's that Christian boogeyman again.

You can deaden its effects by passing through your fundamental fantasy.

Holla Forums has them too. I'm an actual, literal pagan

that sounds like right winger when they talk about islamic-jewish-communism

and by that I mean, word salad.

like, try to realize my sexual fantasy to become dissapointed?

You do have libidinal attachment to your fundamental fantasy. You don't "realize" your fundamental fantasy, it is already there, working against you, giving meaning to the unsymbolizable of the Other.

What do you think he would have thought of anime?

Daily reminder the Frankfurt School are the literal cause of everything evil in western culture today.

This blissful lack of awareness is cute and disturbing at the same time.

How miserable must your life be to need moeblobs to fullfill your social and emotional needs

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Nothing we haven't said 100 times already: consumerism, escapism from the turbo-capitalism and so on and so on.

Daily reminder of who the actual fuck cares about books like that by some dr pro-life kangaroo

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Will reading rather than suicide help me pass through?

Literally every time.


Nearly all the institutions "Cultural Marxism" is charged with undermining the Frankfurt School sought to defend. Adorno and Horkheimer defended the institution of the family as a zone of resistance against totalitarian forces; Habermas sought out the Catholic Church as an ally for his project of making modern multicultural societies work; Axel Honneth, the Frankfurt School's current director, stresses equality before the law as a precondition of human flourishing and individual autonomy. Yes, Habermas does hope for the dissolution of the German state in favor of a European-wide polity, but chiefly because this former Hitler Youth fears a return of the kind of evil nationalism that thrived in his homeland between 1933 and 1945.

The Frankfurt School deserves to be freed from its detractors, from those who have wittingly or otherwise misconstrued its works for their own ends. It also deserves to be liberated from the idea that it has nothing to say to us in the new millennium.

The leading thinkers of the Institute for Social Research would have been surprised to learn that they had plotted the downfall of western civilization, and even more so to learn how successful they had been at it. But then they were mostly Holocaust survivors, and as such they knew a little about how conspiracy theories that serve psychic needs have disastrous real-world consequences.

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What do I do then? Be concrete, cigar man.

1997 → 2007 → 1995


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Looking back at my Holla Forums time I can't believe I was so wrong about cultural marxism.

tbh, his works are mostly about psychology, not Marxism.

I hate this guy so fucking much.


For the dummies ITT

We should always be skeptical of information we get solely from the internet, especially YouTube videos with spooky music in the background.

I hope one day all Holla Forumsacks will learn to read.

Or have the time/motivation for it. Most of them are teens dragged down by a dysfunctional education system, some actual wageslaves, and some hopeless.

The world would change overnight.

The world would change more if everyone could afford to use a toothbrush overnight, tbh.



Religion, opiate.

Yeah, yeah. I know.

Muh intersectionality!

Benjamin was Messianic but he was certainly no Kabbalist. He used allusions to Kabbalah to make a point about his critique of historical materialism (ergo, Marxism) in Theses on the History of Philosophy (his final work). These allusions do not exist in any of his earlier works. And truthfully, the only reason why Benjamin was interested in Kabbalah was because it was proto-literary criticism.

Why don't you Holla Forumsyps actually just fucking read primary/source material?

Intersectionality is shit. Fuck off.

Sorry I suppose I was being a little cavalier with my words. I should have said something like I was beginning to suspect a lot of the contributions of positivism, something I had studied exstensively in undergrad, to be shaky or somehow contributing to our poverty of discourse.

I understand the semantics behind the term "alienation" and fully support the anti-humanism and anti-structuralism of dialectics.

There is literally nothing about my post that implies feels>reals. Can you please help me understand what you saw that made you say the things you did?

Benjamin believed that within the catastrophic wreckage left in the wake of modernity, progress and bourgeois culture there are fragments of hope which, if retrieved by the historical materialist, have a transformative capacity that allow us to to imagine an alternate, redeemed world that we can willfully strive towards instead of succumbing to, say, deterministic nihilism. This idea is analogous to the Lurianic Kabbalah in that Lurianic Kabbalists believe that God's divine light was stored in ten Sephirot but the light was too powerful to be contained so the Sephirot shattered and the remains of these Sephirot became the Qlippoth, or all that is malevolent in this world; but these Lurianic Kabbalists believed these Qlippoth still contained sparks of God's light and could therefore still be redeemed, and that redeeming these sparks was the secret meaning to our existence.

As said, it's entirely allegorical within the context of Benjamin's theses, and you should really read primary source material instead of watching YouTube videos.


To distill it further down, essentially bourgeois culture, bourgeois ideas of progress and bourgeois modernity all promise redemption from the world rather than the redemption of the world itself. It's up to the historical materialist to rectify this situation, but they cannot do it without also thinking theologically.

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How do I into Adorno?


That guy invented Blues, Rock&Roll and Metal.
How am I supposed to be mad at him?

I had this really fucked up dream where this became so real I almost felt it. In the dream, I was a Catholic priest who stumbled into a meeting and found myself surrounded by men in suits who told me that ever since the proclamation of the death of God and subsequent gradual abandonment of religion there was no real religious experience to be found by the people in order to control them.

I naturally balked at this, but before I could say something they went on to say that since there was no God they would create one in their image, and through a device that uses the process of quantum teleportation of quantum entanglement, trigger specific brainwaves and activate intracranial neural patterns, causing mass hallucinations that would be interpreted as religious experiences, for their own benefit. It was called Project Datastream.

They told me there would be a new age of manufactured religious experiences, even more potent than the Spectacle; since the vision was happening inside their minds, with no discernible device causing said hallucination, there would be no way for the subject to tell what is real or inducedh

Then I heard this song and it scared the shit out of me.

With the onset of quantum computers and quantum entanglement, and when we can now transfer quantum states of diamonds the size of a few hundredths of a carat, I believe something like this could be built. This is the singularity everyone was worrying about, where rational agents could simply take over the population over the network, and we would have no way of knowing what is real.

I am talking about remotely induced hallucinations here.

Will the Capitalists try to build something like this to control the population? There is a precedent for technology developed for obviation of labor or population control? Help please

Satan is just an anagram of Santa

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There's no telling what sort of nefarious shit Google's R&D department (Google X) is up to.

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Literally nothing wrong with these terms tbh

if we can get a pollack to read there's hope even for Muke

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I'm a big fan of Michel "power is war" Foucault but I don't get how Judith Butler is worth reading at all. She seems to pander to liberal idpol and pacifism, she's more nuanced than them but not really antagonistic, and she's obsessed with the same shit. From a yuropoor perspective it's obvious how American academia distorted Foucault into saying what they wanted by ignoring his hatred of idpol and purging him of his military language, as well as basically ignoring most of his work. But Butler seems precisely part of this cancerous burger phenomenon of distorting philosophers from across the pond.
"Euro-centric" really is a stupid term though, mostly used precisely by western(ized) liberals who would in practice be among the first to shit on political potential of other cultures and religions because it doesn't conform to their pacifism.



haha every historical source I've red stated that Frankists followers were extremely pious and did nothing of what they were accused of. I guess for stupid christian going beyond the traditionnal law means "choosing the wrong side" of this law. It's like not knowing the difference between amoral and immoral.
The kabbalists were right about many things.

And then you read those who've adopted their 'Critical Theory' and you realize there's something to that whole claptrap of them destroying modern civilization, however unwittingly (though Marcuse could be argued to have been an active cheerleader of it).

Frankists have a bad name not because of Christians but primarily because of Ashkenazi Jewish Rabbinical sources. By all means they should be applauded by "muh cultural marxism" type guys as they did not agree with mostly anything Talmudic Judaism believed.

Gershom Scholem did not like Frankists, he and Buber idolized Chassidim instead

This is true, but that's my point. Even Scholem who criticized Frankists admitted what they were accused of was all lies, and that most testimony describe them as very calm and moral families, even after the public end of the movement.

Have you even read any bit of those texts by the Critical Theorists? Why is modernity a sacred cow for right wing ideologues? It's kind of funny- this worship of modernity while simultaneously adopting loads of pagan and premodern iconography and wishing for a return to premodern social roles.

Have another Holla Forumsnaref shitposting

here is an archive of the thread
If you're aight with rambly bullshit, this is an aight video on it

Shut up. Do you even KNOW how frum women are actually treated, or what the kabbalah actually says about the feminine? Fuck you.

They do, every so often. We convert far more Holla Forums than they do of ours. I've only seen like three people drop leftism and dozens of people come here from there.


Bump for more Frankfurt School?

I hope you're kidding.



While we're on the topic of jews…

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They're pagans anyway, nothing wrong with laughing at pagans worshiping their fictional goddesses while wasting away in the real world, kaffir.


He was a Marxist. Just because he thought historical materialism was incomplete without theology doesn't mean he wasn't a Marxist.

He also wrote the best critique of fascism of the 20th century and had he finished The Arcades Project the world would be a different place.

Show some respect.

What the fuck even is "the current world"…? Aren't they supposed, as Holla Forumstards, to also be against that "current world"…?


Contemporary anime is reactionary as all hell dude

But authoritarianism is pathology, user.

Damn, did I cross over into the timeline where Trotsky was never born?

Trotsky was a Rockefeller stooge.

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Only the parts they personally dislike.