Whats Holla Forums opinion on the occult/fringe stuff?

whats Holla Forums opinion on the occult/fringe stuff?

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We just had a thread for this. I'll repeat my idea for everyone here though:

Studying eastern, dialectical occult to combat nazi natural law occult

Gay as fuck.


What thread?

Pretty interesting stuff, but I'm just a dilettante.

Alternatively: study whatever the fuck you want. Occult writings aren't intensely political and we don't need to draw a contrast between practices to separate ourselves from Nazis. Most Nazis tend to be shunned from the modern occult community anyways.

Tip tiparoo.

It 🍀🍀🍀mysteriously vanished🍀🍀🍀, but we were talking about how even though feels aren't really more important to address than reals, a lot of dumbasses still ignore just how badly spooks can fuck people up and how much it sucks that leftism has no foothold in this domain

shame but I'll post some pdf for any user interested

Is Christianity occult?


muh mememagic

yes, it took plenty of occult mysticism from pagan religions and Zoroastrianism

What is occultism? All religions have mysticism, so I don't get it.

After reading Kandisnky's about spirituality in art I been very interested in spirituality and occultism but I have not found a good book to keep me on track

i guess we can use it to built some cult of personality or like myths around some regime

well occultism is the study of the unknown that is popularly used for magickal, esp, alchemy and other fringe topics.
It is mostly tied to religion because through history the top brass of organized religion have held the more unknown secrets.
here, this will explain more than I can here

do you browse /fringe/?

Essentially IRL fanfiction.

Intriguingly spooky, fun to read about. Occasional insight.

Taking it too seriously is for the kind of people who walk around mumbling to themselves all dishevelled looking or for women who wear hemp and have a lot of scented candles


i see parallels between memes and myths
its a good propaganda all around
and a way to spread "truths"

those are probably just the merganser from archtypes in the collective human subconscious.
Joseph campbells hero with 100 faces and carl jungs archetypes and the collective unconscious should cover that

*the emergence

It's spooky and larptastic but I love it

I don't understand this meme obsession with bullshit and crazies. It happens in dating too, you retards with your "ironic" love of stupidity. Why not just become a TA for autistic kids if you wanted nonsense all day?

Occult means something that which is occluded. Compare to 'privatized'.
The dharma is open to everyone.

do you have a bias against occult information just because of how it is passed on?


It is Dhamma, you fool. The Pali transliteration is superior.

Also, convert already, you unbeliever!

is anyone interested in satanic occultism?

I remember looking at fringe and discovering one of the mods was a fucking mental 16 year old necrophiliac who cuts himself. Needless to say I didn't bother hanging around.

have you tried fringechan .org instead, btw user there has been a massive change in /fringe/ mods.

if anyone is interested in meditation

No, what about it?

yes, its ok but fringechan is better cause smiley is retarded.
2 fringechan mods I know are satanic and muslim so make of it what you will.

I just strolled through fringechan
Interesting place, I will see if they can help me and what do they think about Kandisnky later on.

Silly, and dangerous to the integrity of the left.

if you want any material bot /fringe/ and fringechan have pdf library's

Study it if you care to. You'll be amazed how much normal philosophy and science owes to occultism as its root.

Gid bless Hermeticism. Were it not for it we wouldn't have science.

I started reading up on Chaos Magic earlier this year. I recall seeing something in a thread about far-right groups using the eight-pointed star of Chaos, which is disappointing because if you look at some of the luminaries of Chaos Magic, they seem like they're /ourguys/.

chaos magic isn't suited for for newbies, it can fuck up your shit fam.

I appreciate your concern and I am exercising caution. At present, I haven't done much aside from read Liber Null & Psychonaut, Liber Kaos, as well as most of The Psychonaut Field Manual and the Principia Discordia. I intend to have a greater body of knowledge at my disposal when I actually start practicing magic.

perhaps you'd like too read IIH

I dabble in chaos magick every once in awhile. Been working with runic divination with the Elder Futhark lately. My ultimate goal is to complete Liber KKK, also by Peter Carroll. It's a program designed for creating your own workable magickal system, basically from scratch. It's perfect for newbies to start with imo.

So to those who dabble:

What are your results?

Jewish mysticism is really the only occult knowledge worth looking into if you're a leftist.

Everything else is bourgeois trash.

stop spreading disinfo

It's true though. The Western esoteric traditions are rooted in Alexandrian Hermeticism, Neoplatonism and Gnosticism, all of which explicitly reject the material world. Hell, even the Eastern esoteric traditions reject the material world. What use is that to a leftist/Marxist?

Jewish esotericism, on the other hand, does not reject the material world.

Holla Forums needs to stop trying to gaslight Holla Forums into accepting its cancerous idealism.


my goodness how assertive

If Porky takes this stuff seriously, it probably wouldn't hurt us to do likewise.

of course they reject the material world, we as human must evolve beyond it, if we do not we are doomed to repeat the unconscious to conscious evolution through another universal cycle.

Oh please, Porky doesn't take this seriously. Most Porkies are Protestants.

By all means, study it, learn how its adherents think and operate. But don't fall for its illusions.

Actually, no, we need to redeem the material world. Which is what Jewish mysticism is all about.

jewish mysticism stems from their desire to dominate the material world.

Well somebody has to wrest control of the world from the damn Hiberians!

I have no time for your larping

You're a moron.

Thank you very much comrade.

is that all you got faggot, you won't convince anyone with petty insults.
heres another book for the curious


Is there a way to archive this thread?

No, but there is a way to gulag it. Which is where it belongs.

I haven't see the doctor strange movie,is it good?

use archive.is
this one is a chaos book

Oh you'll love it, since this is how you dweebs literally imagine yourselves.

You know you can hide threads you don't want to read, right?

It's not a matter of me not wanting to read the thread. It's a matter of me not wanting comrades propagandized by this counterrevolutionary trash.


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I prefer scifi tbh.

thats not how magic works you silly child.
you haven't tried it or researched it so of course you'd know nothing about it.
another book



Actually, I was a Thelemite for about 5 years. I was being groomed for A∴A∴.

there's your problem, crowley himself was a good magician, he had some good books the only one that really matters is "Magick" but he was very disgusting in what he did and taught.
so did they sodomize you or what.

Most spiritual leaders and gurus have been degenerate con-men. Crowley was certainly not the first.

No, though I do have plenty of second hand and third hand stories…

My nigguh

no but I'm pretty sure he's the first to slice the throat of a goat while it orgasms in his current girlfriend for magick.
do tell user
btw did the person or people grooming you at least teach you energy work, thats pretty vital for magick

Never happened.

All I will say is that the amount of drama, fun and mania going on inside a typical Thelema lodge would make your head spin.

This shit literally drives people mad, and it's a trap that unsavory individuals like yourself want other people to wander into. Which is why I got out and left for good.

D.egenerac.y word filters to fun, btw

I haven't nor do I advertised thelema nor magical groups/fraternity's
am I to assume you think all magickal practice is like your experiences?

A terrible way of thinking that leads to paranoiac mania? Yes.

strange, sorry user
this is one of /fringe/s library links so there is more chaos books and many other books there

just copy and past it into the search bar

relax user, I'm not some dare I say D.egenerate wizard, I only want to invite people down the path of self discovery and spiritual unfoldment from the flesh.
can't let crowley make us all look bad

I'm pretty into learning about it but not super serious on it. I find it interesting.


After I posted that the pdf wouldn't download, it finally did. Thanks again.

I don't know the man your referencing plus there is nothing wrong with being idealistic.
the universe is mental after all.


archive updated. Also, polite sage(which I regret not doing with most of my posts in this thread and generally need to get into the habit of in any case)

why are you archiving this thread if I may ask?

I dislike the idea of this thread and the ideas within being lost to the void because of the "Stop liking what I don't like" poster/s. I'm not even mad at them.

well user if you want more /fringe/ and fringechan are full of this stuff

this post says it all

Additionally I think the key to having more than just occasional insight is to read myths, stories and legends from as many cultures that you can (e.g. don't be some spooky neo-heathen/pagan and only appreciate the traditions of 'your' culture - there's a whole world of occult philosophy out there) and over a long time the things you learn will teach you to perceive the world in new ways, no spooky magic required.

Some top tier sources include Robert Anton Wilson, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, the Nag Hamadi Library, The Kybalion, Gnosticism in general…

Also tbh a prerequisite for this should be a powerful psychedelic experience - until you experience one you simply cannot understand what it's about and the depth of change it has on ones perception of this reality. Medium to high doses of psilocybin/lsd in a monitored and safe environment are highly recommended for this purpose. The value of these trips can take years, even decades to realize.

Young adherents; stick with it, it's worth the time.

Initially maybe, but in it's current form I would say no - occult by definition means hidden or obscure; Christianity in its early forms was secretive but todays form of the religion is anything but, even being often tied in with capitalistic money making schemes. Not occult whatsoever.

Any semblance of occult or mystical practices in Christianity was purged a long time ago. There were and probably are mystic Christian sects but to say that Christianity is occult is like saying that McDonalds is haute cuisine. Do you identify as a Christian, Nazi poster?

If taken too seriously I would agree - only strong foundations in ones journey will keep it from being taken too seriously. Considering it more of a psychology than religion is key.

When combined with psychedelics; new perspective unequalled by any other experience on this planet.

troll, but…

there is value in that system

All of this said, probably 90% of stuff you find on the subject is absolute trash. If you're not a fucking retard you'll find your way eventually, just don't fall into any traps of absolute belief or buying 100% into anyones bullshit - general agnosticism is the path.

I mean I believe christ was real but a wizard and I believe that the judo-chrsitan god is real but is rather an entity than the one true god.
I suppose not.

All CIA/FBI spooks and informants


Got proof?


You're on the right path then, other than that lol-tier flag you're posting with.

it does goes with my current mind set.
order for the flesh, anarchy for the spirit.
plus I hear that race could be a manifestation of spirit, any thoughts on that?

'Spirit' transcends flesh, this vessel is hopefully temporary no matter what color or other attributes it has

I've never heard of this but I consider race to be just another stat in this great hyperreal holographic simulacrum that we exist in. What is the idea behind ones race being a manifestation of the spirit?

Well I just heard it around a bunch of anons around fringechan, I haven't really taken it too heart though considering don't know whats the logic behind it.
I was just wondering what you though of the concept

got evidence to back that up?

Will occultism help me contact the greys who abducted me?

actually it might

Wow this is like the 5th or 6th thread I have seen on occultism, I guess I will repost this


Isn't that wrong for a someone posting with a Freud Cigar to say?

Every leftist should read Simone Weil.

Magic doesn't real, even if you spell it with a k. Kill yourselves, faggots.

This is the first time I hear about this. Care to explain what it is?
I found some old school website made by some member talking about meditation techniques, it seems interesting.

well from what I've seen it's basically a pagan "cult" since they refer to their version of satan as enki an ancient sumerian god.
They believe that the christian god entity is alien to mankind and hostile, that it enslaved mankind to it's will and concealing other human gods as demons and such.
You could probably find more from this
a /fringe/ thread on their experiences with it
or from Alpam, he's the satanic mod at fringechan and follows this type of satanism

Well, we definitely need to battle the power of the tulpa Kek. Since consciousness molds reality, and a large chunk of consciousness has hiveminded into Kek, we must either create our own metaconscious being, or find a way to destroy the grip Kek has on the right wing.

What a cruel fate it is to live in such an insane world with such staggering heirarchies of power and effect, to achieve human equality and freedom we must take on not only men but gods as well.

now you boys are getting it, too understand kek you must understand what he represents, he is the trickster archtype so you should look through mythology and see the nature of the trickster type characters.

What do you mean? Anyone can join. Btw, how did you type those dots?

Stay spooked.

I find that a little hard to believe.

Firstly, holy shit, sauce?

Secondly, what about other Trickster deities? Could we take on Kek with, say, Loki? He appeals to nordism while defying traditional values, after all, not to mention he's a fierce egoist What about Eris and her chaos discordia? Should we pit the egyptians against each other with Set?

What about the strength of all three combined?

I loathe to use the more authoritarian deities, as oppression in such a world would not cease to exist.

Or are you saying not to use deity tulpas at all?

the webm is of dr.steel he is gone now but I hear his work has been archived somewhere
user, I'm not sure kek can be stop in this year or the next one, the trickster often is involved in transitions of power.
But if you want to find an entity to oppose kek you should find the archetype of the entities that are the usual opponents.
additionally Holla Forums and other rightwing people have taken to kek while Holla Forums lacks the numbers and perhaps the anons that believe.

Gods, Angels, Satan, all were just Ayy Lmao, depleting our planet of Mithril, Arcanite and other magical resources and using us humans as cheap labour.

Once the resources ran out, we no longer had magicks :( and they fucked off.

Remember burning precious food? The flames are just the replacement for UFO teleport beams. We no longer need to feed them, but we still did that, because we didn't knew it any other way.

It's cancerous bullshit that makes you waste precious lifetime for things that simply aren't real and radically lessens your ability to make sense of the world. Has no redeeming qualities other than satirical value.

Nice to see good doctor after a long time.

this is pretty erroneous larping

The best thing about the occult is that you have absolutely no way to prove me wrong.

there is, there is nothing to suggest your disinfo is legit.
your just what people would see as a disinfo shill

Thankle happy merchant meem logic doesn't rely on proving people wrong and instead relies on providing burden of proof.

Now argue me this: There is an invisible monkey taking over your brain every time you shitpost on Holla Forums and you can never realize it.

Prove to me the monkey doesn't exist.

Oh damn, I forgot Dr Steel existed. 10/10

My fringe is much better than yours,
My fringe can walk right through the door
With a feeling so pure..
It's got you screaming back for more.