Welcome home Holla Forums! ^_^

Welcome home Holla Forums! ^_^

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(Rin sita Selium Toshika)

it didn't do anything...



waow... how'd u do that?

There's check boxes in posts now, click that, then hit grab.

didn't do anything.

I don't follow.

It's probably just buggy.


me either


What a quandary.

Hey wait.

such a cute face~

But I just made vodka and I'm noodles.
Wait, that didn't sound correct.

Just saved that a few weeks ago(?)

I'm at the beach for some reason


Sleep deprivation you that does to.

i just saved it from you now~
gimme moar to see! ♥

you download moar new ones pls

I know right?
I'm going to be a dirty normie by Thursday


I don't even know anymore, Rin.

But they're all across the folder.


Don't worry
I'll go back to normal quickly

Neither do I, but apparently everyone's staying up way too late today.
I blame E3.

What I'm trying to convey is that they're in the folder.
Somewhere there.

I don't know what to blame currently.


someone do something fun

It starts with an E, and ends with an Lectronic Entertainment Expo

i'll have to just stick around you till you discover new ones~ ♥
*hugs tight*

Not even watching it.

Probably, how are you doing anyhow?

wow hey look it works again...

oh this works again

Was beginning to wonder if I'd ever come back again



Grab is fucking useless

Grab me

I was watching it with Tokai.

Tokes >>>/bed/


What's it for


not you



was bored, until you saw Holla Forums come alive again!
now i'm happy and not lonely anymore with all of you around!

imma try pre-heating my oven now!

woah! a devil?

xanax is great...



Ohh, well then.


in other news Holla Forums exists again

... I took the opportunity to organize my hentai flash collection


I am





thankfully i was out and about for the most part of the downtime?

Happens to the best of us, Grimmu.

I don't even know how I did.
Sounds good.

It surely does.

Don't play these games with me Tokes.


THE devil

it's 6 in the morning though, sleep time is over

Why are boobs exciting
They're mostly just squishy and I suppose it's fun to play with someone else's but like
They're just boobs


Sometime between the start of Sony's FFXV show, and the end of it, my brain melted.

Tokai can confirm my heroic BSoD

I need coffee. Give me some of yours.

...lewd how?


They feel amazing in your hands~


hmmm... i think i'll sprinkle some rosemary and tumeric and uh... dill on my quatro fromagio

do devilish things!

Should sleep though.

I'm not sure if I want to hear about that gruesome fate.

thank you for the reply

how is the SD?

something about fertility and reproduction, which most of the gentlemanly people here have given up

the contents

*squeezes grims boobs

Just to spite people like you that have to pointlessly question everything.

I'm trying to but HE won't allow me

Doing pretty good, a bit buzzed from vodka though.
How about you?

It was truly gruesome.
I couldn't even think for hours, I just kept freaking out.

And are you really in the position to give Tokai trouble for being up late!?

sure, just open your mouth

I really don't want to wake in the evening

oh yeah... well youll have that

turns out japanese people also like the sex. dont you?




i dont know.

What like sitting behind someone and you reach around to grab their boobs?
Otherwise, going from the front they're awkward to hold and playing with your own boobs is like trying to tickle yourself

Well I guess I don't want or deserve big boobs anyway

Fuck you I have a right to know

I just smashed a mosquito with a book about the crusades.

deus vult

I feel bad for you because of that.
I can do what I want to, I'm omnipotent.

I don't really know what I want to do.

oh... alrighty
this subject makes you uncomfortable doesnt it?

always grabbing someone elses. Either side.

I do not have boobs to squeeze


decent, nights after wageslavery looking forward to more wageslavery tomorrow
also procrastinating when i probably should be doing more productive things

i am more of a flat chest person, and many people are

but yeah, basically most questions about attraction if you look at it in an evolutionary way can be tracked to "can raise and make babby"

Can you turn back time so we can correct our mistakes?

Yeah! Kick his ass!


cool you can disable the annoying useless
checkboxes for [grab] screencap function
just in the settings! ^_^


yes... :(

Well at least you're surviving.
Is it really procrastination or just a pause from it all?

I don't know, but I also added you in Steam.


The guy with the long beard and the white robe

I'll never tell you my secrets

sorry Luka... we cant have that

I like you so ill be sure not to bring it up with you moving forward... unless you want

wait do you really want cold black coffee?

my sense tells me this has more meaning, but my sleep deprivation does not.
You need coffee

she dead
I think the women sting


Well I can't do the second and I don't think I should try the first
Lucky me, I'm also a dfc enthusiast

I need more vodka.

tell me more!

just be yourself, i won't be your limiter.
i'll just be me, Luka.

It's like you somehow knew to search Lostalgia and Xuefang to find me.

I was more thinking with a kiss, but I guess that's okay...


Tell me the secret of your secrets

no ur a toho

will do my little sugar boogar


I am creepy like that.

mfw imma toho

both are synonymous i suppose
doesn't change the fact that i should probably be doing some things right about now

what is dfc?


The question is, do you have time to do it later?

dont go all alice about it.. its no big. lots and lots of touhou weebs out there

wake me up inside


Iunno if morning drinking is the best idea.

nvm I did that last tc

I thought that was with closed mouth in first..


you like french kisses


I've been drinking ever since 2 am.
It happens.

Delicious flat chest

I think we're just all a little bit creepy sometimes.

Can I be a 2hu too?

With you...


oh we back
hi guys

i do
but then again

i guess if you can't score on the fertility part of thickness and curvatures go for the youth part of fertility

didn't recognize the acronym- flat chest is best chest though, so i agree

Most definitely.


Hi Booboo~

too many things too not many time.


woof woof

Well then you can binge it later on, right?

Kind of want to type that backwards.



we 2hoes now?

I'll just go for the weird ones
Or no one?
I've got someone I love but it will never be a real relationship...
Read Nabokov you swine

Whilst we're young, I guess it's not that bad.


do you also do australian kisses?




pft fiiine...

*cusses under breath




Oh no that sounds awful!



I feel your pain, godspeed

I thought you were disappearing for a while?

lurking and watching youtubes

I thought you were going to bed.

I-I don't know.
Maybe you should show me what that is?

I don't get to use this thumbdrive often anymore...

hey... do you guys remember when I avatared as chen and you liked me more as chen than sama?

no? good...

youre breaking mai heart...

Happens to the best of us.

No idea where you got that impression Mr. 2 hours ahead of me



what happens if i don't binge it

it's good writing
i just am a lazy asshole

wow ay non
here i thought we were friends but here you go on bullying me...

how am i supposed to live with myself when 8ch is down and i cant talk to you?
chen is best btw

wonderful anthem

it's a lot like a french kiss

but down under

Remember when everyone pretended to be Chen at some point?
Except me.

It's a magical feeling when I find an excuse.


Well played, well played.

You'll fuck it up.

It just reminded me of it.

Whatever the means to use it.

Who is dat boi and what are they not doing?

I don't know, man. I was having a hard time on 4chan myself x_x

I don't like Chen. Like at all.

if it's you...

sorry, didnt have a slowpoke reaction image slow enough

eerbody loves chen :/



I didn't do anything.



go back to lurking pls

I agree wholeheartedly.

I don't dislike Chen.
Be we never really talked.

lol wut


no luka

yay anime!


niggas are all posting tohos now

im triggered man

somewhere I have "the god whispers of chen" pasta. I shall locate and post some

So what's your day gonna be?

Perfect ^ ^

foreign adventures are the best

Sometimes I forget how long MC has been out for.


All chill, you?

Yuri~ is~ pure~



That's kind of terrifying to think of.

You're the best.

I got it when it was still 10 dollars.
Now I can only play it if I have someone to play with.

hi im fat

Translation notes:
Chen speaks in an ancient dialect. It's not always easy to understand her eloquence, so here are some things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the word neko means god. A nekomata is someone chosen by the gods to represent their will. An anyan is a humble follower. A nyan is a kind act, and to nya is to bestow your favor. To wag one's tail is to grant approval, and to honk one's horn is to speak. Chen is often refered to as "The great Chen." This is because she was the first to be chosen by the gods and granted their power. As a faithful servant, she now speaks on their behalf. If asked about this, should simply say that she gave them horns, or in other words, that she speaks, but the words are not hers. It is also important to note that, according to the great Chen, the one true desire of the gods is to save us and allow us to join them. Because each of us may someday join the gods, she will often call us nekos - the term of endearment that the gods use for eachother. It is her teaching that everyone should be treated as though they were a god.


Well if you ever come to my village then you can nyan with my nekos~ they're everywhere, even as we speak they're hiding in the bushes or behind clouds so they can jump out and nya at everyone in this bread~ We're going to have a nyan fest in here so it might get nya~ When ever I see my nekos I nyan very loudly~ Maybe I should take some of my nekos to see you and the rest of the angenyans~? They might nya at you if you nyan at them~ You never know~ They might even give you a little kiss with their noses~

Notes: The great Chen tells us an important lesson. The gods are everywhere. You need only give them your attention, and they will give you theirs. 

Never bought it, just played tekkit with friends.

How's Nezi?


i better get doing it then
but maybe later



If it makes you feel better I don't have a folder for one.

Just awful

Please stop!


That sounds very nya, anyan~! I nya'd today~ If i get to go through that portal and nya at all of the nekos in the world then my tails will glow a bright orange and then nyan at everyone~ There will be so many nekos around me on the day I do that so it might not be for a long time, but i'm willing to wait if it means i get to nya with all fo the nekos in the world~ Thanks anyan, you're making my future very nya by helping me out with this~


listen here guy
just because i dont check the thread to see when its back up often doesnt mean i dont have a soul
you should be more careful w/ ur words

I like chen because she's cute and i dont know any other touhou
just like you


Same I guess, oh looking outside I do have to fix my bicycle though, maybe in the afternoon.
For now I gotta battle awake.

I can try a Dutch kiss too.

but that one's a little cheesy


alright, sorry breh

honk my fucking cock head, chen

I only played tekkit once because of the community I was in.
I didn't really enjoy it too much.
It felt too... power-creep-y.


W-what's that one...?

As long as you do it sometime.

I recall watching that from my files a few days ago.

It happens to everyone.

How about I hug you?

I actually should change the front tire on mine, considering how it has been leaking every now and then.

I feel like you could possibly have good taste in them honestly


coughing a ton and my tummy hurts

don't know if whatever virus or illness I had is entirely gone

fucking boosted bonobos

literally crying

It's pretty fun, but my friends are trying to get me into the harder version of it with no vanilla crafting at all.

id fix tokai's bicycle if u kno what i mean


yea.. its good pasta. quite stale tho


It should happen to everyone except me.

Give me a list of them and I'll tell you which one I like.

This is he, hello.

I don't know what you mean

I gotchu, one sec



Any idea what sort of a virus you have?

What's wrong?


Everyone includes everyone.


i want to shove my dick in his ass/mouth
does that help

is your mom there

That might be a bit more enjoyable to me.

Though when I mod minecraft, I usually prefer simpler things.
Last time I played, it was with Psi, Pam's Harvest Craft, and... uh, I think that's really it.

Inedibly stale.

Like a french kiss

but somewhat bumpier

I've got a flat tire, I really hope I don't have to replace it. It's stupid work.
leaking water?


If you select all the check-boxes, it'll take a while.

Very clearly, yes

A little


No, she's on the other side of the country. Why?

French kiss my dick.

That kind of sounds weird...

inedible like... years ago

But I am not a 2hu.

*whispers to you*

i need my cocksleeve back

Kind of feel like biting into living things and eating them, tbh.


What the fuck am I doing? batting?

o rly



It's more simple with vanilla things, since they complicated the crafting for things like ovens etc.

Leaking air, very slowly.
Not sure if the vent is broken or something.


Binary sorting, actually.

Just pick the one you like and it'll give you a ranking at the end.

I think it was inedible the first time I saw it...

Kinda same, tbh.


Rolled 2 + 6 (1d20)

some fresh octopus sounds good...

Use a sock you degenerate.
grim has one though, ask him if you can borrow it


I didn't mean to eavesdrop but your first reply made me laugh for a few minutes for some reason.

tha whu



would anyone want to use a fleshlight after grim, i mean


You'll get eventually

It's too early for vampirism

Leeeenks pls.



I hope you dont have to replace it, would you do that a shop?


this is gonna take me a long time.

Rolled 9 + 6 (1d20)
i dislike using socks, it insults them
i don't want my penis to be where grim has been

thanks bb
eavesdrop all you want, the more replies i get, the happier i am

i roll to throw you out of the window

That makes sense.
Tekkit's not on 1.9 yet, is it?

after a nap, right?
French kiss -my- dick

I think everyone has basic primal urges like that deep inside of them and they translate it into different acts.

Like "executing" people. : ^ )

Hii~ How are things?

They serve octopus still alive?

It's night here. :3

*fapping to this

guise what if zelda was a girl

Stay focused.

This is cute.

Then use your mouth.


I have no idea what you mean by that, my dear 4m.


in alot of sushi places... its still wriggling.. goes for hours after its been cut off

They're okay I guess.

How have you been?

You can save your progress if it's too hard to do in one sitting.

i can't use my mouth it's immoral

sorry grim, i don't know if you have diseases or not

I replaced the back tire a while ago, and that's harder than the front tire.
Probably will at some point.

I don't know, haven't played in a good while.

Even my very semen imparts the boon of pure judgement.

Admirable to admit that. We should converse more often.

22% though

What about you too?

h-hi red

is that a disease tho

eh? you think so? Never thought of it that way, thanks though!
Yeah! I love talking to new people!
Just not having to start the conversation...


yew got dis

I didn't get my hand slapped when I did that to someone (outside their clothes) last night.



read: boon

Damn slavs though.


yeaaah sure
I'd gorge profonde votre bite

Looks like your neighbours are gonna get it

I guess true, gotta keep it maintained
especially if you use it much

because mouths are for chewing, not fucking

i don't know what that word means

Hello baka


What is wrong with people and not wanting to start conversations. That is some high and mighty tier stuff.


The whole "AAAAA" dealio.

Yeah, it's pretty much what I do instead of leg days at gym.

thats enough chen for one night. all hawnkd out


Oh. Shoot.

After getting used to 1.9 mechanics, I've fallen in love with the Elytra.

Are we talking gibberish, or am I too retarded to read that right?

skynet.explain: boon;


I fuck mouths daily.

just feeling edgy af tonight excited is all



30% touhous sorted

women are gay anyhow.


one that kills the nezi

Boon may refer to:

It's in your subject field. :3

Oh, a muscular reflex like a chicken running with its head cut off, then.

Fine, had to give a speech tonight; I think it went well. Has anything happened with that guy we talked about like a month or something ago? ^^

I just need to get into hunting. That should help.

Mouths are for fucking.

hello great red spirit

well, I'm not too sure, but I think it's just cause it's hard and people are worried that they won't say the right thing
I'm usually worried about the person not wanting to talk, I've met too many people that shut me down immediately if I try to talk to them. That might just be highschool kids though, I'm not sure.

what the fuck robots

i'll fucking punch YOU in the mouth


brb anime

Never heard of that.

Oh, I felt like you went on all full despair mode.

Sleeping well though?

You can punch your mouth with my dick.

supar ghey

a guy? no

I've been dating this chick though so that's cool I guess.

What was the speech on?

It is more fun than other leg exercises.
you actually go somewhere

probably not a good sentence, I needed to google.

Arrêtez résister à une arrestation s'il vous plaît

aand bite in them after you shot em?

did you just tell me to suck your cock

Nah I'm just excited.




I'm a dog and they call me that for a reason.



Yeah but if I told you that I'm not the type to do that and always love to talk, you wouldn't change your stance.

It's a vanilla item,
equipping it in your chest slot lets you glide, instead of just falling.

I'll try again, then.




Fight my dick with your tongue.


hi clifford the great red dog

got a problem lil nigga?

Yeah, it would take more than one person telling me that to change my mind on it.
But I am glad you said it! Cheered me up!
I like to talk as well, so much to talk about, so little time.

I'll fucking suck your cock clean you floopy goober motherfucker


Doing the whole moving out thing currently?

That's odd, usually those diseases make people tired as hell.
Seen a doctor?

Fite me first.

Sounds a bit weird.

why is thread so boring
drama pls

Its the BIG red dog you idiot.


We should talk out the clock into overtime and then keep talking.



Slowly, and over the span of a month.

'Sup Elmers?

lol naw

I guess that meaning got deep

Lingo est pas un bon jeu

Is it? You don't sound very enthusiastic about her. Or you're just being shy about it. :3

It was a mock introduction speech. I pretended Paul McCartney was the next speaker and I was introducing him.

Just cook and eat them. :3

I can't actually regress to the exact actions of whatever evolutionary ancestor did that, no matter how much it wants me to. Eating wild animals alive is a health risk. Probably not very tasty, either. :3

I almost didn't post. I wanted a more violent environment as well.

Alright, so what's the "AAAAAA" thing about?


never again


Suce ma bite s'il vous plaît


It's really neat.
Someone made a map that was just all Elytra use, so I ended up getting really good with it before actually using it in vanilla.

I- UM, YEAH...
M-moi aussi...

hold on
first i gotta smoke up, nigga
*takes out a 12 inch bluntaroo*
*takes out gold plated diamond encrusted bic*
ooooooohh boooyyyy
*lights that fucker up and inhales the whole thing in 30 seconds*
*holds it in for 12 minutes (a minute per inch)*
*exhales it right into your fucking face*

i don't think you can do it
hey hey hey, did you do anything fun today?

Great Red Spirit: The Large Red Dog

*sucks the fuck out of your dick*

oh good i thought we had a problem
get the FUCK off my block lil nigga



Not a whole lot man. Just feel pretty down and stuff. I should be sleeping for work tomorrow but I'm not. Ugh.

How are you?

She's pretty much perfect. I just don't want to get my hopes up and feel crushed or whatnot.

Oh, that's kinda cool. I hope you used his Sir title~




I"m curious if it'd taste better if you took em yourself instead of others.

yuuh all those bacteria's are no good

Donc, vous faites parler français!

Cela devient excité me

what about them burgers


I am currently in no fun mode until tomorrow night so I can't say yes because I am descending into madness.

I don't really see the connection to edgy, it seems like more of a cry for attention.

Oh, that does clear some things out then.

Like now, how about knives?

That sounds pretty damn horrible.
I screwed up my sleep schedules due to one EDM festival and birthday and vodka.
Shit keeps on happening.

Please rate my 2ho picks


what does no fun mode mean?

Oh yeah work the shaft you whore.

I don't speak spanish.

That too. I'm excited and bored while waiting for this league match.

Only my bottom half is dog.



Yeah, that'll do it. :/



i will knife fight you right now

*works the shaft while sucking on your head*

do you have a knot?

a royale with cheese?
you mean a quarter pounder with cheese?


It means I have tasks that require doing in the background.

No Remilia/Hinarin in top 10 / 0

Doesn't sound half too bad then.


that post you made sucked


Oh yeah, don't forget the balls too.

Mhmm, indeed.

le metric system

Mais... c'est seulement pour vous...

It's actually kind of fun.
I still want to make a world of complicated vertical cities because of it.

kback what I miss

Myes, quite. Jolly good


nice opinion
others seemed to enjoy it

*actually puts your whole reproductive system in my mouth*

the what?
fuck europe

what is boon



I don't know how to take that.

But what about this?


I don't even know who the last one is.

Probably best, since you haven't been with her for very long. :3

I did a few of the times his name showed up in the speech.

It makes sense that they would, or at least feel better to eat.

I wish I had relatives who are into hunting.

Don't let it out until I'm finished.

murica used to have it... lol

That was nowhere near immediate

But you know, always got to look on the bright side of the life.

I feel like there's another way too.

Hopefully it all goes with no problems at all.

I just feel like making another coal-based factory for the heck of it.

Not sure at all.

My 2nd favourite 2hu

I have a huge dog penis with tow knots in it.


oh good...

I don't speak Somali

Vous êtes le seul que je veux

Like a satisfaction feeling.

looks like you gotta start to get the family into it

good advice

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I don't think I'll have that much of a headache.


I said I have to study
it's way too late to retain information so I'm gonna do it tomorrow morning and afternoon


hey hey hey, what have you done for fun today?

I stopped liking music like this like- 3 years ago.


Nitori is based but the rest are garbo


This is mine

noun: boon; plural noun: boons

a thing that is helpful or beneficial.
"the navigation system will be a boon to both civilian and military users"
synonyms: blessing, godsend, bonus, plus, benefit, advantage, help, aid, asset;