The working class will continue to get fucked and cucked under Trump...

The working class will continue to get fucked and cucked under Trump. Why should working class scum be given anything from corporations when someone more desperate is willing to do the job for half the pay?

Nigger tier whining desu.

try not babbling like a retard when you make a thread

nice argument comrade

it's been so long since you've made one you can't even recognize it any more

Jesus you talk like a faggot! And the working class are supposed to coalesce behind you people? They would sooner starve on the streets while foreigners take over their jobs.

I would love if all the bourgies started acting like you do, no longer pretending they care and are compassionate, they would be all dead or working full time in confy gulags.


One day we will get a large truck and pick up some Somalis Muslims and MS drug gang members and deliver them to your gated neighborhood. Locking the gate before we leave.

That is how it works in the labor market and why the labor market should be abolished

Why should we prioritize the well-being of corposhits?

Job creators, not like you'd know. Movers and shakers looking to better their situation and by default the situation of others who want to work with the same vigor and pace.

You see this PC that you are typing this stuff from ?
It was made by the workers.

Perhaps white collar types. Blue collars? Nah lol.

It's not a matter of if they should, but corps steal surplus value, everything from scientific progress to crime would be better if workers kept the wealth they create.

What justification do you have for maintaining such an inefficient system, if you say might makes right please remember there far more proles than people who own corps.

Also if leftist ever get enough solidarity among the proles there won't be more desperate people to work those jobs



The Trumpster already stated he could shoot a baby in the face and nobody would do anything. Hes right too.
(Hyperbole about the baby part)

I completely agree that borders and nationality are spooks.

The correct (short term) solution is a universal basic income to give everyone a basic standard of living, then let corporations hire the cheapest labor they can find. It would give people a much more even bargaining position than they have now.

The long term solution is communism, but that will be a lot more difficult to implement. I don't think we quite have the necessary technological basis to do it just yet.

They dug up the minerals and built the factories.

Still workers

I guess I should have idpoled harder to distinguish the white and blue collars. My bad comrade. White collars are by far more tolerable and valuable and are in fact part of the upper class more often than not.


We should destroy the corporation.

They're wage workers, they're still proletarians.


Name one thing a rich person ever did to you.

Rich? idk, Bourgeoise? mantains a shit-tier economic environment that does not let my ego roam free'd

Never ever said it would be easy, gonna require addressing gasp idpol and 3rd world.

Fight me

We're going to take it.