We should murder all the gays~

We should murder all the gays~

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Now you're talkin

...and the french



In hindsight. Those posts shouldn't have been together.
I'm going to go die now.

pls no gas me im 2cute 2 die

lol jk

How do I stop my chair from sliding back when I brake violently?

Let's do something crazy together~

That would mean killing you as well.

Gay people should eat dick


you are not too cute?

lets go shoot up a hetero normative night club...



I couuuld save you, but how would I make the leash work if I do that?

attach a dildo


I feel like that's not up to me.


Too soon

So... a regular club?

Uhhh... sure, we can do that.

Ew. No.

How's my little Welma been~? ♥

That is über lewd.

oh... sorry. i can never tell


people judge me for my open-mindedness towards drugs.

yeh, one for the nornies

Mmmn, I'm pretty okay. How are you~?

*pet* cute kitty!

the ends justify the means

I'm calling them up RIGHT now.

Fuck off

minus this pickle craving brb

Well it's a good thing I'm not people then, isn't it?

I mean I guess we could do that... but wouldn't shooting up a busy swimming pool be more entertaining?

thats nice...

How's that stop my chair?!

Work is a pain in the ass most of the time but other than that I've been rather well.

ive changed my mind... just the pub scoots goes to

you're people. I used to know about you. Not so sure anymore. How's the Youtube thing coming?

duct tape

Did you know that 100% of disgusting normies drank water?

Water, not only once.

[spoiler]J'ai ete une mal fille!
Punir moi s'il vous plait![/spoiler]

Sama too much of a pussy to try


Yeah, alright then.

Eh. It's fun enough I suppose. Hesitant to shamelessly plug my video/s, though.

That's awesome to hear!


there are tactful ways to plug.

build your fucking audience.

according to all those Draw Your Life vids, apparently it's good for your esteem.

Ohh comment le mauvais
Je pense que vous méritez une fessée

That's not a half bad idea.

How goes the pickle-hunt?

He's not talking about that kind of pickle

Just the thought was enough to be scary

If it fails, just use more

I guess I ate my last jar the other day x_x

I have a tiny bit of chinese leftovers atm though.

*sigh* It's just not pickles. These cravings come out of nowhere lol


I never said she was..?

I've got a pink pickle that might tickle your fancy~ ;^)

I'd play it.
Or try to trick you to so you jump into my arms.


Just thought I'd throw that out there

I was talking about kosher dill spears

Gonna go see if OW will let me actually play now. Later.

I kinda like it better when Erin uses that avatar.

Oy vey

Oh shiiiiii cassie fight

I kinda like it better when Erin puffs her cheeks.


Just like your shitty 8-bit graphics :p

maintenant déshabiller

I'm easily scared so you'd get that asap..


I kinda like Erin when she looks like a boxer


wahaha noice





Still a better game than most modern RPGs


Hello user, who might you be?

French will be the phurst to go

We're going to fill you up with lead


Your lvl of crazy doesn't match my lvl

I'm asexual

We should make them eat bullets

No, don't be like Tsuchi, you're better than that

I only played D3.


brb, becoming an hero

jesus... careful with that edge Amy. had to swerve to avoid it

Miss kuus

More like Gay-sexual, ey faggot?

I am as you say. An user. And nothing more.

D3 was ok. Was just ashamed it didn't keep the traditional scary graphics and aesthetics.


Dans ma chambre

jumps onto you

I bought arma 3 only so they'd show of APEX??!


hi am i relevant

Y-yes sir...


You missed me gushing over FFXV.






I liked it a lot. Perhaps because I wasn't a Diablo oldfag trying to compare it to the previous games like everyone else.


Having a fever during summer is true suffering



Bonne fille~

Make the spooks go away..

ohh I'll rewatch that later


don't be like that. You rocked the teenage robot one and Meg really well!

Whoops~ Wait...

And now I'll go be an hero




You too!


Why must you assault my eyes with such demonic imagery?

They were pretty fun and a lot more challenging. I like keeping track of a bunch of numbers by myself without the game changing stuff for me.


It-It's alright, I'm right here.
There there.

I wasn't in the broadcast.
I was just freaking out because I've been excited for it for, like, years.

We should get on VoIP.

Sama says to call you faggots.

*shrug* I'm an uber casual, so it's all whatevs to me.



W-wnna be a faggot with me? Uguu~

I still do, yeah


she totally suits my demeanor doesn't she

Got it, so the first game I'm getting you to play is Fatal Frame.
Understood you perfectly!

VoIP means Voice over IP; Skype and Discord come to mind.

yams da real MVP for capping her and sharing


I wish I didn't lose the Meg folder :/

I remember my brief cassie folder

First reply decides my name for a week.
Second reply decides my subject for a week.
Third reply chooses my avatar for a week.



McCunty Cuntface


denzel washington is the avatar

Your avatar for the week will be... Joey Essex of The only way is Essex

Neither of these function as avatars-

I hate you



mah nigga

for avatar i was gonna say an actual homo van, i was hoping to get all three in a row

Omg please no, I looked up a screenshot and I already flinched

hhuwm I'm still in a call, maybe later

You didn't specify that the guess had to be your avatar, only that I got to choose it.

by some wizardry a pile of washing i have had out of the dryer for about four hours is still really warm at the core


By the mutton chops of Robbie burns

what the heck man


it's blowing my mind asunder

I actually googled homovan to try.
But the results are way too inconsistent.

Grim beat you to it.

I just-
I hate you all.

I'm so sorry I did this, please put up with me for a week.

O-oh, okay, enjoy your call then!

How to deal with stress

The guilt has set in already. Do naps help with this feeling? I don't like this feeling.

No. You are a fraud. Fraudulent cock fag

I want you to see my heart.

attack problem head on


You're posting here, aren't you?


Well, shit. I'd never cut you that deep x_x

;~; *cuddles*

A test huh, I can take on any and win

I'm no stranger to 6-9 hour calls..


Guilt? For why?

tfw gay noises fantasizing about hetero interactions

Guilty Soup


gay noises

a caravan of homos?

Even the gayest of gays can't resist the boobies

I just- I'm going for a bit.
I need to build a folder apparently.

I'll be on steam/skype.

What's the thing you use for a persistent subject field.

I used to have consistent 8-12 hour calls with someone.
I'm going to leave to make this folder now, apparently.

I'll be on steam though!
Je t'aime!


From lesbos


Disable CSP
To do this on Firefox:
Go to "about:config" in the address bar and okay the warning,
search for "security.csp.enable",
once found, double click it so it's value becomes "false".

pastebin.com/raw/gZ6hFw1R#.user.js on greasemonkey

They are so fun, like living with others.
hehe have fun.

je t'aime aussi

that's rin

Same difference

Kanra isn't as flirty

Maybe not with you

In general, nig

Whenever I buy things I feel guilty for having things.

Yeah kanra is not a whore.


ever get that feel where all the sounds you've heard over the last quarter of an hour all play it your head at once and it's deafening and you go blind very briefly then it stops and you forget what's going on and where you are for like a split second


Sounds weird

Lexi got the Play of the Game like three fucking times in a row.


just me?

Too bad you weren't at that club.

She wants me to mention she was playing as Tracer and carrying the whole team.

Lexi talks a good game.

Tell her nobody fucking cares and to asphyxiate on a dick

What the fuck Grim
don't put so much salt in my curry

Sounds silly tbh

My dick

it feels a bit like when i got alice in wonderland syndrome when i was little, except then it wasn't sound, like, the room would expand to be infinitely large, and the sheer stillness and silence of everything would become deafening, and it would leave me super disoriented

Oh, sorry - Please tell her that nobody fucking cares and to asphyxiate on a dick.

Not even surprised tbh

I've had something kind of similar before.

I thought you were talking about Tracer Bullet at first and I was about to agree.
Mercy or Soldier 76 seem the most fitting.



well, y'know, not good

but if that was exclusively me the cause for concern would be much greater


Nobody knows who I pick


you pick me

Seems fitting.

Yeah, I guess I can see that.

furry guro


Oh there's shitloads of it dude


Duly noted.

Get the fuck out
are you too lazy to even remove shitty website banners from your images?

if i did that it would mean i actually care about post quality...

Islamic Theocracy makes swedes lazy

Say you don't care is contradictory by it's nature.
You care enough to say you don't.


I fucking love it.

I've seen that OC around a lot on tumblr

if the purpose of me saying it is about something else than pointing out that i don't care im pretty sure that makes it non contradictory.

I cannot tell if this is supposed to be a dude or a girl. Androgyny is disgusting.


Well fine then logic police. I actually do care.

Cyber police notified

That's my joke!

You're under arrest for shitposting

Boom headshot

How about you arrest yourself.


What if i said doots had committed the crime of faggotry?

The British thought police would've have already arrested him for dissenting thoughts.

❤️Big Brother

oh boy

mental health team in 12 hours ( ._.)


hi friends ♥

I said Get Him Scoots, ffs

-closes eyes and fires taser-


theres 2 people besides me and theyre both autistic retards

why even bully the subject


nini x

I feel bad honestly
I might respond out of pity


there are two individual posters by the time i made the first post and the second

do you think because there are 3 posters they must all be unique?

or do you think if you dont link it makes you win the argument

either way if you didnt bully for no reason you probably wouldnt end up with a crazy 'man' from all the way over the world

Wow now he's sperging out over nothing
It's like he's mad

lol nice



hi desu ♥
how are you

Full from dinner, wbu


Who turns into a fucking maniac over some lame insult like "you can't count" like this?

i just got home
feeling kinda sad tbh
idk where you can be where its dinnertime honestly
i was gonna listen to a song but whenever i post theres some autistic nigger in a community who wants to 'argue' with me
its so annoying actually

what did you eat?

do you think lexi ever deserves any of the bullying we did to him?

im not trying to turn grim here but 'she' really is a sweet 'girl'

Boo no less

Well idk if you'd call it dinner but I didn't eat today before it and it's all im gonna eat so I call it dinner. I made chicken and pasta and gonna watch some e3. why sads ?

Is he still going on about it?
Dude needs to let shit go and not be so mad.


its a long story tbh dont worry about it

why's that all your gonna eat?
havent watched e3, i hate the whole thing now a days

Iduno I just don't wanna cook

oh same
i dont eat if i have to cook either
too much work for too little of a reward

can you give me a summary of the E3? i know there was gameplay of the new battlefield and a fulltime gwent game
nothing else tho

oh baby bf1 looks so good

King Bob
King Bob's Beepers

Illuminati confirmed

King Bob heroic


Cook for me


y-yes sir

What the fuck did you do? I ordered my meat RED.

What will you cook?

Anything you'd want me to make you, but I'm good at making pasta dishes or fish and chicken

Right, here you are, my apologies.

holy cow

This bro team e3 drinking game was a mistake



Don't forget

Lol gay

I still hate you, Grim.

I told you to stay safe, jerk.

RIP Tokes

The more I look at the gay club shooter the more he looks like Grim to me

And Grim wants me to meet up with him? Fuck outta here


But you ain't gay so



drink for me


It doesn't matter, he'll kill anyone for no reason

The gay club shooting wouldn't have happened if the U.S. just outlawed homosexuality.

Checkmate libtards

What'cha got?

I wish we were more like Russia

Steam still giving you troubles?


ikr? Why stoop to Canada's level.


im glad this thread finally understands political correctness is killing the country

but who runs the PC movement?
the jews

vino de espagna

I-I was downloading

Ah, vinho.
Pass it around.

shur up kike

Putin would've just carpet bombed Florida and claim a win.

do not be mistaken by appearance
the kikes are both of our enemies

I am your enemy

i don't want grim to kill me... i love him... i know he's only nice on the surface...but i hope he doesn't kill ppl for no reason

i dont care about you enough for you to be my enemy scoots
i dont even have a problem with you
youre a little spergy and cringy sometimes but thats the only space in my brain i can allot to you

I am the Jew. I am the danger.

What am I

I hope Trump closes the door on Israel

i hope you arent actually a jew
that just makes the memes against you more promising

you cutepost and have squinty eyes
i dont really know anything else...
maybe that youre too scared/anxious to fuck tokai?
i know fortune is

It wholly depends on his butts' smoothness.

IKT has a huge dick

Fine but I also want some vodka in return

This needs to stop.

tfw i dont have tokaibutt in my nude folder
id totally share if i did though

b-but.. the eyes...
h-he's... asian...

Do you think Rem x Subaru is going to happen?

i'll stop if you promise not to kill me


i am about to start a new character on rs2007 does anyone actually play this game

I used to

then I beat the game
maxed out
completed all quests
bought a red phat

i'll take grim's silence as a no

Yup. Naps don't work.

Who is here now?

do you want to play with me i really want to get back into it

halfway here ya
wassup welma


Meet me in lvl 40 wildy
Bring all your expensive stuff

Not much. In bed.

What's up with you?


nommin on some biscuits
about to study n shit


Get some nuts



What had you embarrassed, Welma?

Deez nuts?


I'm also in bed.







Told you.

Can I pretend yesterday never happened?

welcome back

there sseems to be a new [grab] functions now?

the page source says' it's for screen capping?

It caps selected posts, apparently.

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