Are there really two alt rights?

Are there really two alt rights?

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No. The alt-right is all of those things and the distinction only came about when they started to get press attention.

Really? Even SoA and Blair White? And Trump?



No, pic a just damage control

i don't know, but watching them engage in purity battles is hilarious

Is a "skeptic" run of the mill liberal.

Can't say. Never watched her.

You guys still think he's alt-right? He is an opportunist that used whatever rhetoric would get him into the white house. He's not your boy and will turn out to be a fairly standard Republican.

The alt-right isn't one thing, though. It's an umbrella term for a bunch of different ideologies. That's what I meant when I said it's all of those things.


we could us an alt-right version of this pic

Kek ok, she's a fucking liberal with an edgy sense of humor and that's it.

Stop trying to salvage the term "alt right", it serves no purpose. It was autistic stormfags all along.

this, only real alt right is the neo-nazis and neo-reactionaries

i don't give a fuck if Milo isn't a racist douche himself, by his action he helped them.

its like catching a guy who worked in concentration camps and he's like "b-but i didn't directly kill people, i was just there"

It looks like entering the mainstream is having the opposite of the intended effect.

They're not pushing the center toward Holla Forums's worldview, Holla Forums's worldview is being dragged into the center.

Read about the Nazi Volksgemeinschaft, it is simply egalitarian but only to itself, anything or any identity outside of it is always a subject to be taken as a danger on the organic community at any moment, and to be exiled or removed just like the "jews slavs etc.."

You can't, in right wing IDpol the only way to fix this problem "browns, fags, black, slavs etc…." is by physical removal "genocide" or subjugation "here is your black community you will enjoy living together and be closer to each other you blacks are good at etc…" in order "protect the community and it's egalitarian values",
This is the purist forms of IDpol you will ever see.

This was clear once traditionalists were deemed 'alt-right'

Rightist thought is actually dangerous to the ruling powers of the Western world. There's a reason no modern state criminalises (and in some cases like in Germany, actively agitates) leftist drivel.

When did the German government advocate for the abolition of private property or worker control?

Your ideology doesn't pose the existential threat to capital that you think it does. It's simply bad for globalised profit. But if the choice is to salvage capitalism or be overthrown; porky is going to pick the former every time.

Right, which is why you see Naziboos on CNN right now and there's not a single left voice represented (Dems aren't left)

Only on this day and age of mental retardation 24/7 and a love for mediocrity could such a thing as Milo could be famous.

who the fuck cares user.

paul joseph watson is not on this board.

Truth is, it's just a media invention. Spencer is likely a state agent.


Fuck Spencer, he's a daftie even if he's genuine. I believe he is an agent, why else would he invite the media to see him go 'hail Trump' and do a roman salute?

tbh he could just be a retard, he is a burger after all.


Nope, they're all white nationalists, just some milder than others. And no, they're not crypto-Nazis, they are often openly fascist. They are not egalitarian, and civic nationalism is a failed experiment in their eyes that needs to be put down.

Well memed my friend!

Because he's a retarded edgelord with overblown ego? After some years of Holla Forums one should consider the possibility of some people interested in politics being actually retarded and overconfident due to staying in an information bubble.

I hope so, a divided right is the best thing that could ever happen to the left. Are problem is mostly that there are usually two or three progressive candidates to choose from, so the left vote gets split up. The right just always vote for the big centre right party.

Even better would be a three way split, the actually reactionary moderate liberals, the 'civic nationalists' (lol) and the 1488 crew. That would devastate their reactionary voting block

world filter for socially con.servative why?

No, it's a deflection tactic.

When you have to take people outside of your ideology to do a bait-and-switch, your ideology really is in a degenerate state.

Almost all of the people in the left pic are just Liberals who are anti-feminism, SJW, and idpol but otherwise egalitarian.

Some like the guy in the upper-right believe in stronger gender role adherence but yeah, for the most part that pic is Liberaltopia.

Wasn't Alt-Right just a catch-all term for edgelords on the internet left over from GG, with their farious niche circlejerks (Libertarians, Traditionalists, MRAs, Paleocons and ocasionally neonazis) united by their hate of feminists and "PC" until the media started giving them attention?


The "New Right" just looks like the same old Republicans. Tea Party 2.0?

Yes, but like exposed insects they're scattering now that the media spotlight has been directed toward them. Pathetic.


Tea Party was Libertarian, this is just sad tbh. Ron Paul would've prevented both Hillary and Trump from ever getting anywhere ever, but fucking Obama had to take it. Even Romney might've been better.


No. It's just Holla Forums being cowardly fucks as per usual who will drop previously accepted figures in their movement at the drop of the hat when they become inconvenient. They have no spine, like most other racists, and will never stand by their own when they're in the firing line, but will instead do that insidious shit where they pretend they aren't fascist at all so as to trick dipshits into aligning with them.

Nobody is as "Jewish" as Holla Forums.

Nah, it's more that the left side are alt-rightists pretending to be "normal" people very concerned with how feminists are ruining the grand capitalist system, who then nudge people into going full alt-right or at least ally with them.

being hated doesn't always mean you're revolutionary. sometimes it just means you're behaving like assholes

fug, left the sage in my username :(

Because he's a simpleton who thinks he could get away with it now and Bannon will save him.

Holla Forums's been in a schizophrenic civil war for years over people like Milo, Spencer, etc.