Please come back

Please come back

He's coming bucko

Who is bestest african leader?

Alberto Barbosa


did nothing wrong

I'm so sorry I ever doubted him.

I'm so ashamed.


Why do you leftist care so much about niggers when they cause more trouble than their worth? I agree with on a lot of economics but defending these savages only hurts your cause

Seriously, what do you plan to do? Spend BILLIONS or TRILLIONS of dollars deporting ever black person back to Africa?

Initiate a total police state and either deport or kill every black person…. sounds like a logistical dream doesn't it..

In the long term it would cost less than keeping them around.



Once you accept Allah knows best your passage through this life will be eased.


Why would you have problem with Sankara? He might've been a bix nood, but he was really based.

RIP Based Sankararara

t. low Autism Level subhuman


Personally I love Nkrumah, his treatise on Neocolonialism really is that OG shit and is rarely recognized.

Senghor was cool too, I think his version of socialism is just a little too much like old geist German Idealism or Evola for my taste, people need spirituality for fulfilment, etc. But still its cool he went from poet to independence leader.

Forgot to include

Can someone give me the honest lowdown on this fella

Speaking of African socialism, how did the ANC go so wrong?


le chicken