Commies start taking up arms

Holy kek

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Nothing new
Reagan pushed through gun control in Cali when the Panthers started their neighborhood patrols.


REMINDER: if you are a leftist and neither own a gun or plan on getting one asap you are a fucking retard.

The ONE good thing about this election is that gun grabbing cunt is out of office and gun prices are going to be cheap as fuck because manufacturers built up a huge supply for a panic that didn't happen, and people panic buying are going to be selling their shit real son.

I work a minimum wage job and got pic related last month and have already bought upwards of 1000 rounds of 9mm (most of which I've shot at the range already) so being poor aint an excuse. Sell your Xbox, quit cigarettes and booze, do whatever.

Plan on getting an AR for Christmas.

If you are a leftist and still believe gungrabbing is a good idea, fucking kill yourself.

It was amazing seeing all the crybaby liberals and Holla Forumsyps get triggered by the picture.

Also as noted somewhere on r/socialism…

Yes I know r/socialism is a shit hole, but it's a good point.

as if you can't still shoot a gun at someone if you're a spooky scary skeleton

Who lefty/fit/ here tho?

are they, dare i even articulate such a concept, our lads?

I would have to hear them speak about their opinions to make a determination but I like what I see so far.

Their Maoists, so they are probably poisoned by idpol. Otherwise I'd say yes.

kek, you'll just have to stick to your video games, kid.

Lenin believed a revolution would never come to Russia in his lifetime.


Okay I must admit I thought the Red Guards Austin were just a bunch of edgy Stalinist teens (according to an user they burned the american flag in a public place for no reason aside from being edgy) but it looks like they are quite serious, I hope they know what they are doing with those guns

When did I say anything about Violent revolution? I'm not one of these black block morons. I'm saying exercise your natural right to defend yourself while it is still being protected.

If a bunch of white pride fags are going to march around with AR15s and tactical why the FUCK wouldn't you want to have one too?


what are some good 5.56 rifles that are very cheap?

I'm not getting one because I'm fucking crazy and will probably shoot myself.

Save that crazy for the enemy.

the first bullet doesnt need to hit you :^^)

No, seriously.
I have delusions and violent thoughts.
I don't trust my impulses.

Told ya this would happen


mein gott this country is truly hilarious at times

You can get an AK74 and convert it for a few hundred dollars.

The comments section of the article is triggered af, seriously there only eight of them yet a hundred people have to state that fact over and over again like they're trying to convince themselves they're harmless

These are the same dumbasses that that support open carry in the first place

when you say convert, what is it im converting?

I live in the Netherlands.

How bad are your delusions?

I have violent thoughts all the time and I'm still going to get one.

Quite a bit of messing and you'll need access to tools, but it's pretty much just sticking another barrel on. There are videos and reddit tutorials to take you through it.

You're getting a new barrel and possibly changing the bolt face. I'm not sure if 5.56 and 5.45 use the same bolt face.

also there's nothing wrong with 5.45 in the first place, don't be a fag

I'm probably going to get an M&P Sport. There are some good deals on them right now, but I don't really have enough money since I have some bills to pay, so I'm going to wait until Christmas.

Don't really care enough to build one. The AR platform is honestly not my first choice in rifles but they are cheap right now and I can take it apart and put them in a concealment case so my whiny gungrabbing roomies, friends and family don't know about it.

I used to think that too but honestly after practicing good gun safety even the idea of pointing a gun at myself, loaded or not is unthinkable.

Just lurk /k/ a lot, learn as much as you can about guns, go to a range with a buddy and try a bunch out until you figure out what you like. Also kick drugs so you can spend money on ammo. If you want to go back to your life of drugs, videogames and depression later you can, now is not the time for that. Now is the time of alertness, vigilance and self improvement.

I suggested the conversion only because of the 5.56 being abundant in America, so if SHTF there's plenty of bullets knocking around.

Ha, typical

As has been discussed before, they're both abundant. I wouldn't say no to using 5.56 but there's no problem with 5.45 either


I actually wish I had a gun just so I'd have a quick and easy way to kill myself. A very sawed off shotgun with solid slugs would be ideal.

So, can you give a rough outline of gun laws in the Netherlands?

5.45 is available but 5.56 and .308 are fucking everywhere for dirt cheap.


Anyone else think this is counter productive? Especially those public flag burnings? We should be trying to ingratiate ourselves to the public, not alienate literally everyone from us.

I've traveled across most of America and spoken with folks from many different persuasions and backgrounds. There *is* revolutionary potential in this country. If we were only a little more savy and tried addressing a lot of the issues that people have with the government we could start the dialogue of how to move beyond Capitalism.

I think Mao is actually useful here. Remember his three phases of revolutionary struggle:
Guerrilla intelligence nets are tightly organized and pervasive. In a guerrilla area, every person without excep- tion must be considered an agent—old men and women, boys driving ox carts, girls tending goats, farm laborers, storekeepers, schoolteachers, priests, boatmen, scavengers. he local cadres “put the heat” on everyone, without re- gard to age or sex, to produce all conceivable information. And produce it they do.

We should be starting to cultivate these lines of intelligence, bringing people to our side to act as informants in the case of conflict. This can be done through starting charitable organizations that have a political message attached to them. By presenting the true face of communism/anarchism/leftism, we can start to deconstruct the ideology and propaganda that has kept the majority of the folks in America in a thrall to the capitalist establishment.

Not everyone is cut out to me a guerrilla or militia member. The folks that can't do it but want to help, should start to build these networks in Appalachia, Maine, Cascadia, and other hard to reach rural areas. I have more theories on the revolutionary potential of the rural American, I can expand on this and the praxis involved if y'all are interested.

Not him, but I think it's pretty much porkies only (must have land for hunting) and you lose your license and get in trouble if you shoot an intruder. Cucked af tbh fam.

Least here in the UK you can blow people away like Tony Martin and be a local hero.

On the one hand kek, on the other hand it's fucking frustrating that the same people who don't shut up about how open-carry should be allowed, moan "how is this allowed?" when someone they don't like does the exact same thing they advocate everyone to do. How do we get rid of this idiocy?

But don't you have a full handgun ban?

There doesn't have to be a revolution. It may be just to protect yourself from an increasing part of the population that styles itself after Nazis. The brown shirts are coming. Do no go quietly into the night.

I live in urop and I don't give a damn about the american obsession with firearms. Outright ban them. And before you argue that "weapons are needed for safety" I live in a country with a tenth of the murder rate of the US, despite being a shithole.

I don't disagree, but I don't think this incident alone is going to have a significant effect. If it were emulated as a strategy across the country, it might be counter-productive, but as a single incident it is not going to have much of an impact. No more than sixty years of Cold War propaganda.

I believe that for propaganda reasons American socialists should make every effort to appear to be "wholesome Americans". Play on New Deal nostalgia if necessary. I understand the policies implemented then were far from socialism, but if you can conflate the benefits of the New Deal - employment, infrastructural development, etc. - with socialism you will have an easier time gaining an American following.

Nigga, where i live (in Europe) we have about 30 guns per 100 residents, and not only hunting weapons. We still have nearly zero gun violence. Now, I don't live in a complete shithole, though.

Can you carry them outside? Where I live you can own guns if you get a permit from the police, and you can only keep them inside your home

Only for pistols made after 1953(?), and if you want to shoot it you need to keep it at one of the few designated facilities. You can apply to own a 1911 and keep it at home as long as you don't shoot it, for example. Can't remember if revolvers fall into this rule or not.

You're also allowed semi auto shotguns and .22s, and even 50 cal bolt actions. You do of course have to meet up with a firearms officer to show him you're responsible and not completely fucking mental before being allowed guns, with pistols being a step higher and requiring more checks. The ban is mostly propaganda.

Tony Martin is a guy who pretty much massacred some gypsies with a spas 12 for trying to rob his house. You aren't allowed to shoot burglars in the back while they're fleeing here.

You can only carry them if there is a reason like transporting to and from the range. Guns are strictly controlled, but not outright banned.

My point is that gun killings (like the US is a prime example of) has to do with material conditions which create violent confrontations. Content people don't kill each other.

Are there excemptions to the ban for practical shooting sports, like IPSC?

who /crossbow/ here?

Same here then. But although you're right, some guy with a gun might go nuts over some bullshit and kill someone. I know some friends of mine that lose their shit very easily, and I know for sure if there were gun laws like in the US, I would be dead by now.


Not sure, don't own any because I'm happy with a machete and not having cops poking around. I may get one when I have a family though, I hear saying "I have a firearms license" when calling the police drops your response time astronomically.

I think we do have contests, at least we used to. They're very likely held at the designated sites I mentioned.

Yeah, that's basically what Breivik did. A somewhat interesting thing though: His success as a spree killer is thanks to Norwegian gun laws, stating that except for hunting you are required to actively participate in recreational shooting with a club and learn how to use and handle a gun properly in order to own your guns. IMO under capitalism guns should be controlled because of the hostile social environment capitalism creates, but full ban makes little sense as it disarms the proletariat and denies them some very fun activities.

*blocks your path*

*teleports behind you*

how about banning them but getting them anyway ;)

They're both about 20c/round from what I've found.

no firearms no revolution (and for burgers no liberty).

Yes, and especially since they are Maoists, they are much less likely to entertain dissent, even less than tankies. Remember the ecological disaster the Eradication of the Five Pests became, as well as a complete lack of regard for dialectics and technical development. It's a movement away from Bukharin in the completely other direction.

Honestly any AR-15 platform can be converted, and there are so many aftermarket parts, its like another newegg

have an air rifle but thats it