If we were to reach out and give him literature, could it be possible that we turn him into one of us?

If we were to reach out and give him literature, could it be possible that we turn him into one of us?

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No, I don't imagine you could. He's not the ignorant kind of right-winger.

so he is a nazbol, awsome

how come all nazbols are either methheads or anime villains?

dunno what your talking about?

Nazbols aren't leftist. You have to like all races/ethnicities to be a leftist.

Because you have to be a weeb faggot or really fucked up to buy into it.

shit meme

If you don't hate them then why can't you stand to even be in the same borders as them?

it's about preserving your own. I want them to presserve their own. otherwise erything will mix and their will be one people one culture worldwide and it will probably be some shitty american commercialist culture.
I know anarchokiddies are going to attack me with muh spooks but i don't give a shit, the idea of everything being the same worldwide sounds like an extremely dull and shitty world.
I like diversity.

If the point is to keep the world diverse, if everybody is shut into their own nation who will actually be experiencing the diversity?

wow, spooky shit fam

you can always travel there to experiance diversity.
you don't need to turn entire world into new york city

But the only travel allowed will be some stupid consumerist tourism once a year, right? I won't be able to meet a foreign girl or learn a new language and move somewhere else?

You can travel without being a stupid consumerist, in the first place. And if you really have a fetish for a forgein girl just invite her over to meet you, internet is a big place.

also, nobody stops you from moving to another country it's just that it will have another language and culture you would have to adopt if you wanted to fit in there

This isn't about now, but in some nazbol paradise of different nation states where there probably wouldn't be any internet.

I think there wouldn't be diversity programs, affirmative action or "minorities" (as in people who identify outside of country) in NazBol land, you'd just have to conform to the country you go to if you want to fit in.
Only good thing about this is that (hopefully) they would have leftist economic policies that work.

I'm not entirely sure what NazBolism is even about, I'd have to read Forth Political Theory by Dugin, he says something about "big states" and "multiple centers of power".

Breitbart seeds hate towards third world people. Bannon is a callous slime with a well defined agenda.

you know it's funny because banon has repeadetly said he wants to destroy the republican party and that it had no real conservative movement so he would like to make something new
im not even sure what he wants to do but i agree with ben shapiro when he said that banon turned breitbart into trump's pravda and made it most pro-trump website that isn't owned by trump

well Bannon don't want to bomb third world people so that itself makes him better then 99% of the slimy neocon and liberal politicians

funny that you say that, george w. bush also said he was against nation building and interventions yet he was duped into iraq war by dick cheny

Bush wasen't paeloconservative/"isolationalist".

He pretended he was during his campaing and broke his promise.

Yes, but remember the context. Bannon isn't the equivalent of W. Bush. Bannon is the equivalent of Cheney. He's the one who's going to do the duping.