"Meme magic" is the actual process of converting feels into reals. Prove me wrong

"Meme magic" is the actual process of converting feels into reals. Prove me wrong.

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Meme magic doesn't real.

Seeing how meme magic got Holla Forums cucked, I guess this means we're all getting laid.

Except when it does.

Who needs meme magic when you have diamat

materialism beats the spooks; see scripts to get cool numbers

Do you know what else is very real?

Hypnotic regression. Everything you remember really happened for real.

Stirner underestimated the Ego. It is, in fact, so powerful as to turn "spooks" into so-called reality.

The buddhists, of course, knew this.

Apophenia + confirmation bias + hindsight bias =
"meme magic"

don't forget "stealing memes from Holla Forums"

Well crafted or interpreted mememagic then influences other people, which is where the magic really lies.

Stay irrelevant.

and who has Holla Forums influentiated?


Sorry kek.

remember when repeating digits was just shitty harmless fun and had nothing to do with autists worshipping a cartoon frog

you forgot to check these when you said that

the US presidental elections

The Internet was a mistake.

Fuck off, kantbot. You don't understand the dialectic.

That's only consciously created or propaganda though.

Keep believing this; Diebold had a fuck lot more to do with it.

Combine the users of all of 4chan, ~7 million, and perhaps even less than that here on h8chan, and you barely have a fraction of the popular votes that went to Donald Trump in 2016.

Or people were not willing to admit publicly they voted for trump.

So delusional in all things you can't even estimate actual users. And it's not about the fullchan voting directly, it's about influencing minds and discourse.

Not to mention that a good portion of people on 4chan aren't even American and wouldn't have voted in the election.

Your autistic frog memes didn't influence a former steelworker in Michigan to vote for Trump, you gigantic faggot.

You realize that the average person who would even be aware of memes (millennials) overwhelmingly voted for Clinton right? Discruntled blue collar workers (who have been loyal to the Dems for the past 20+ years) put Trump in office, not fucking memes. Holla Forums's sense of self worth is hilariously inflated.

Memes aren't just pictures and faces with words on them, they are ideas.

And ideas of race realism and massive jewish influence are spreading. The people who can't afford anything anymore are realising that the people in control have no interest in them except as cattle and why should they be taxed to pay for Jamal and his buddies to act like niggers.

They really aren't. People who voted for Obama twice didn't suddenly become racists.

You're right, people are slowly gaining class consciousness and realizing they've been cucked by porky. You realize that the majority of porkies aren't Jews right?

That's actually impressive on a fast board like 4/pol/.

If reality wasn't molded by consciousness, I'd brush it off as just that. As it stands, a lot of conscious energy has witnessed that post and internalized its message as truth.

We need our own occult magicians if we are ever to combat the fascists in the struggle to shape the earth, and we need a god to rival and crush Kek, or humanity may be doomed to an existence of genocide, barbaric cruelty and uniformity.

Knowing all the inner workings of reality sucks balls, especially when all the knowledge doesn't seem to transmit much in the way of power. I wish I could have remained ignorant so I could have just lived a happy life, maybe even with a healthy dose of success.

As it stands, though, until I die I will keep fighting the cruel forces of Control that have plagued existence for countless millennia.

Sorry if I'm going full spooky, especially as I consider myself a Stirnerist with an unhealthy dose of solipsism, but as said, it is very possible to turn spooks into reality. It's time we made our spooks exist for a change.


you can't make this shit up

Why not just go for eastern occult aesthetics to combat Holla Forums's western occult aesthetics? Accepting as truth inspired me

Why not just go for eastern occult aesthetics to combat Holla Forums's western occult aesthetics

but with hats like these, how could you not be doing meme magic