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whyd he shave his eyebrows tho

because he got cancer from your gulagposting

I bet his wife left him because he cant grow any hair

Kill yourself.

I'm a fan of Lupus Dragonowl's body of work on identity politics actualyl

show us your body of work toots *wink*

i just wasted 15min of my life. this guy is a retard. so people working the land themselves and keeping all the harvest is capitalism?

to me it sounds like the people seized the means of production.

capitalism would be some fuck owns the land (the capital) that you work. he gets 98% of the harvest while you only get 2% at most. and if you bitch he'll throw you out and put in place a poor bastard that is worse of than you without a land to work on (let's call that natural rate of unemployment). They (the land owners) purposely keep a bunch of these guys without land to work on so you keep in line and don't complain about being oppressed.

He was being Ironic right? It was just me that didn't get his Irony, right?

Show me your unshaven dick & balls

I saw the Holla Forums approved youtubers you guys posted recently. You fucking commies can't come up with something better than some spergs mumbling incoherent shit about spooks into their 10$ headset while the right absolutely shines in this regard.

ere u goooo!! :DDDDD

I have literally never seen a youtuber that talks about Stirner

However, Holla Forums, please. Please. None of you are old enough to be 18, don't even talk about how this is the average for you. The average for you at best is fucking Davis Aurini's balding toy skull having ass

Why do I always hear a soft feminine voice in my head when I read an an-fem post? Am I sexist?

Yeah, I'm 10 years old and even I fucking laugh at you.

LOL. Except that those people that came to america were peasants that lived in communal land. Except pre-industrial England had for centuries a communal land system that served much better the need of the people than the industrial system, that came after and caused lot uprisings. But historical context isn't important to /muh pol/ is it? The only thing important is to push a ridiculous narrative that they will agree without even think, because all they need is ONE well-articulated person that will say what they want to hear.

from the natives


You just have mommy issues like your boy

what's your thing with him?

Not her
But come on the guy is cringe given form

you guys keep your youtubers, we have intellectuals with doctorates and this things called books.


I get that, but she mentions him constantly

He's pahtetic, yet hilarious.

He is the go to example of the worst parts of every bit of ideology from that side come to bastard human form

Nu-Atheism, Tip toe white nationalism ("I'm a white nationalism on paper), ripping people off, and trying to piss off people busy in universities

He's like the fucking less successful so he eventually became a birthday clown version of Milo

so capitalism confirmed not real

"I'm a white nationalist on paper" I meant

Hate posting mobile

who cares about the elites?

Holla Forums when they cite

I didn't think Holla Forums ever cited anyone with any education

Apparently this chucklefuck has never been
because then he would know about this thing called the


this dude is a fuking manipulating cunt


He didn't actually imply this did he?

Someone on facebook keeps sharing this video about how the pilgrims were the "first socialist" society from Praeger U and it's basically this same bullshit. It's so riddled with hilarious crap that it's hard to put the effort into doing anything but laughign.

Molyneux uses fake accounts to pose as young women and make these long, fawning comments about his own videos.

I seriously think this guy has a personality disorder.

If only leftists as strong a community of theorists as Holla Forums.

That's the thing with the "look how capitalism has made the third world wealthy-argument.
Do they think starvation is the default, that was only cured a few decades ago?

- Aurini explaining his sexuality

Wow. AFAIK Alex Jones is putting on an act but this guy is having problems.

I always thought there was something genuinely creepy about him.

Holy shit these read like the reviews of The Room that Tommy Wiseau wrote himself posing as other people.

Stefan also mad the hilarious claim that the bread dole, which was created about a century before Caesar was even born, and the reforms if Diocletian which favoured localism and "more bureaucracy" was what caused the fall of Rome even though both pretty objectively saved Rome from collapsing even earlier, since the former quelled plebian uprisings and insured the loyalty of the military and the latter is credited with ending the crisis of the 3rd century.
This guy is clueless.

All top quality m8

Also read Stirner and get despooked fam

is he autistic?

Get naked both of you


Rare video of molyneux

Anyone got the graph of Zizeks as a unit of measurement for ideology with PragerU videos ranking very high?

Fuck off you turd. Don't you ever give attention to tripfags, even that post gave that tripfag a raging ego boost that he/she masturbated furiously afterwards.